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sulamani Come on I'm sorry cats everyone welcome back to put on 3430 have did a lot of blur I mean, we're getting now to just 24 I want to remind everyone shout out before we get into it to please inshallah, consider automating your last night's donations or making a contribution tip in these last 10 bit the lightoller as well as the resources that we have at your penis to.org slash on Milan, avail yourselves of them insha Allah and we have none other than the one the only a shift of the tour. Omar Hussein. He was he wasn't a doctor last time he was he was on but hamdulillah lycopene fast tracks people's PhDs

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you don't have the pleasure to be here. I get to see it on

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yours. It's your last time I love it. I love my doctor always he has a straight face man. You never know. He was like last year what he said is like it's a pleasure to be here quarantining and dealing with my brothers inshallah

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you're like, so you're like on the download really funny guy? Oh, you're super funny man like so. So he's so Mashallah chef Homer like, like, maintains that like,

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but then like the types of messages that you send to the team every morning? I'm not sure I read some of those messages that you sent to that you're late morning jokes.

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what's your What is your cut? Because you you have a natural thing for comedy as well. Michelle? What's your favorite Knock Knock joke? Are you joke with your kids?

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Favorite Knock Knock joke.

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So I used to kind of be into yo mama jokes but I don't as I've gotten more mature I'm just being real as I've gotten more mature

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I don't think it appropriate right i think he really value of your mother and you know

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things like that. So So knock knock you know that's I can't even remember I was like

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what second or third grade? I don't think I what's what's your favorite joke with your kids? Do you have a joke with your kids or anything in particular? Well mine is is led up to in June in sha Allah so I can pretty much do anything and he'll he thinks I'm the funniest person in the world. So

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Allah bless you and preserve your show. Hello, how you doing man? I'm good. hamdulillah hamdulillah last week of Ramadan hamdulillah escuela tawfeeq and I just got to go hard, you know go a little harder than we did last 20 days. Absolutely. I mean, what's the funniest joke chef has ever told you?

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Oh, man, you're just not as funny as we thought you were That's all it is.

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Easy these like yeah, you if you don't even know, you know that. I can actually answer on behalf of chef Abdullah. If he doesn't this will. So this one he actually sent me a voice note and he was just laughing just uncontrollably. I had mentioned something in a chat or something like that. I think we were talking about working out and I talked about you know building muscle or ABS or something I was like, but remember at the end of the day there for metrum eyes only at Oh, and he sends me this. She's just laughing.

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even speak

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so that's that's gonna be the thing for my eyes only.

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I know we get something on the plane Bismillah AR di let's go ahead and get started with just 24 Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela. So now we are actually in Surah lawford. And sort of foresee that I think we're going to be reflecting together in the night on a quite a bit on full setup. And this is a portion of the plan that speaks to the early motivation to the believers in regards to Darwin. And somehow I want to connect it to something that we had spoken about last year in particular, which was the presence of the angels and that this is a

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portion of the Quran where the conversations between the angels and the believers are frequent. That's something that actually transitions from the previous chapter of the Quran as well. And there is such motivation that what you are doing is a value right as early believers in Mecca who see very little to be optimistic about at this point, right your The doors are shutting right and left upon you. And Allah subhanaw taala is encouraging you not just to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but to appreciate the light that you can't see right now, which are the maniacal, the angels that are surrounding you and the fruits of your data. What are the seeds that you're planting with your

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data with that are to bear fruit? And so Hello, I was just pondering upon like some of the scenes of the setup of the companions in particular about

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How much they loved the hat means the how I mean, we talked about this last year and I specifically remember actually said he asked me beautifully if you go back to season one just 20 for a membership, he said find me happy, the hola who will be coming on inshallah

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speaking about these narrations about the how I mean about the Hemmings and I've been through a lot of data, and we're mentioning that the example of the Quran is like a person who sets out to find a place for his family to stay. And then he comes to a place where there's rainfall. And while he is walking about, he then comes about these beautiful gardens. And he said, I liked the first traces of rainfall. But this is even more beautiful. So he said, the first place is the plan. And then these beautiful gardens. They are the family of the how I mean, in relation to the rest of the plan. And even above, so the law of town who said that this has the essence of the whole and is the family of

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housing. And so I was thinking about this Hello with Mr. Valenti a lot of time. And one in particular, he was one of those early Muslims who was persecuted, who read the Quran publicly before everyone else would, and saw sort of the the way that this was developing, right. And this is a sutra that basically says stay the course there's light at the end of the tunnel, and there's the light of the angels surrounding you the entire time. And so, we get into this, this sutra, in particular, where Allah subhanaw taala calls out the disbelievers on some of the things that they were not aware of. So they were thinking to themselves because remember, they're sort of feeling the

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profit slice on out, they knew they were going to oppose him whether he was a prophet or not. But at the same time, they want it to feel out how much power this revelation was actually giving to the messengers of Allah who it was. And so they meet together and they say that, you know, do you think that Allah can hear us? Do you think that there is some sort of, of supernatural being that is conveying our news to the Prophet slice on him because it seemed like the Prophet sly son was always aware of their plans. And Allah subhanaw taala revealed verse 22 in relation to that, whether the conversion Nakula v one and two and V Rob become are the icon for us back to middle ha serene, and,

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you know, what used to conceal, you know, amongst yourselves, it you know, you had this, you had this this fun, right, this feeling? Well, kinda levina cafaro I'm sorry, I'm going too far ahead. So Allah subhanaw taala heard, the, the, the, the najwa the, the secret conversations that she used to have, and those things that she used to try to conceal amongst yourselves to kind of let it all becomes there to you. And so, we go to verse 22, and Allah subhana wa tada mentions about these things Sorry, I went too too, too far had those verse 23. So verse 22, Allah subhana wa tada mentions that you did not know that that which used to conceal amongst yourselves, and yes, Hi,

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Daddy, kumarakom summer come that your summer, your your, your hearing would testify against you while the slaughter come, and your your eyes would test against you, and your Jew, your skin's would bear witness against you, but rather vedantam and Allahu leya animoca Thiele, I'm in that time alone, you thought that perhaps Allah does not know a great deal of what used to do. And then a lot of parents I mentioned the next verse that and that was the love of the thought of your Lord, that led to your ruin, and you became amongst the loser. So Allah subhanaw taala, informing them that he hears them, and Allah informing the Prophet slice of them that he will continue to expose them to

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him sallallahu wasallam and so this was to really shake them to understand like, Look, Allah knows what you are doing and Allah subhana wa knows the tactics that you are employing to try to, to deflect and then you go to verse 26, wauconda, Medina cafaro lattice mehrauli had put on that the deniers of truth used to say, Don't cause or don't listen to the Quran, don't let anyone listen to the plan, and cause interruption cause interruption. So cause basically, you know, level cause all sorts of noise when it is being recited that I'm not comfortably worn, so that you will gain victory, so you will gain upper hand. So this is really interesting, because it speaks to the early

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tactic now of the Meccans, where when anyone would start to recite the Quran, they would immediately have people on demand to go and interrupt. So they'd either start making lots of silly noises or they would say, you know, they'd have someone else stand next to their site over the quarter and, and start reciting all of these stories of the past to say look, it's just a southward Olean it's just the stories of the past the fables of the past, they recite some we recite some so the point was they actually had an interruption model when anyone would start to recite the Quran and you can imagine how silly this actually made them look okay, but they would make loud noises and they would

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try to this

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rupt you know, telling some of the outsiders to put cotton in their ears so that you don't hear the poor and this would make them look very silly and very insecure. Right? As opposed to the profit slice and I'm who recites so dignified, you know, they come to the profit slice and with all this rudeness with all this lewdness and the profit slice I'm responds with what a dignified recitation of the Quran he doesn't even entertain it. And so Allah subhanaw taala speaks to that demeanor. In verse 30, in the livina, pilu, grabone Allahu semestre, como touch unecessarily him Allah iica to Allah to hafele. One to has no abbacy robola jannetty Lottie quantum to those who say that a lot is

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our Lord and they remain steadfast upon them, angels descend, and they say, Do not fear Do not grieve, and receive the glad tidings of Paradise, which you were promised. And so you'll find them a festival in saying some, you know, some of them saying this is revealed in praise of a blackness of the equity a lot of time as well as the profits by selling, of course, first the profit slice on and then we'll get close to the equality alone. And some of the early callers to Islam who just remain so dignified, and despite all of the interruption, we're able to bring many people to Islam. And of course, Rebecca will be a lot of time on who was responsible for a large group of the early

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converts. Part of that was the dignified approach of a pullback, it will be a long time. He never became lewd or rude, or responded in like manner. So if you are in McCann witnessing the scene, right, you've got these people that are clearly foolish, clearly, you know, insecure, acting in a certain way. And then you've got these people that are dignified believers sticking to their message living by their message. And so Allah subhanaw taala says, To them, what, you know, do not become like them, right? When testa would have said no to what I say, Yeah. Good and Evil are not equal. It's fabulous to hear accent for either lubaina kobina, who I doubt and can't know, what do I mean.

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And you will see that when you repel evil with good, instead of responding to evil with evil, that those that you had enmity with would become your closest friends, they'll actually become widely on HMI so they will become your defenders, they won't just become your friends and your supporters. They'll also become your allies, your advocates a means of your protection in society, as opposed to a means of your oppression in society. And I know she homered her saying and she was going to speak about this a bit in Charlottetown. But I want to just mention the backdrop of this. You know, for the first few years of the Genoa, no one no one from the powerful was accepting Islam, it was all

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right, a certain portfolio. And when I say the power class, those that could actually give power to the Muslims in society, okay, power in the sense of force. So you had, you know, people that were wealthy and people that were notable and reputable, that were accepting Islam alongside the majority of the people, which were the big dogs in the hubs of the world. But you also did not have anyone that just came with just that strength, right, that could Usher a new era for Islam and society give way for it to be read publicly, without any type of harm without any type of harm or hardship coming from the Meccans. So why is this significant? Here? They are. And I'm not saying that this verse

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came in response to the Islam of Hamza bin Abdullah or the allow Tana and when Hamza became Islam became Muslim. It was like, wow, okay, we have hope. If Hamza will the alongside who embraced Islam, right, that now we have some sort of thrust in society, he's the first one that could just walk up to avoid jargon and smack him, right, and get away with it, because of the strength of hematology a lot of times. But they said, so this was a response to the Islam of hemsedal the A lot of times, and then a Bushra, a glad tidings of the Islam of Amara hapa below the line here to come, where the Muslims would then be able to walk out and they would be able to recite their poor on behind almoner

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and hopital the law of town, I'm home. And that was a victory for the Muslims. And of course, that really the point here is stay the course stay dignified, don't become like them. And look what will happen as a result of that. And inshallah tada with that, I will turn it over to folia to decode Ahmed Hussain Shah, to pick up from there

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is that the law firms rely on manual hand handling later on better let me know salatu salam and also here karimabad.

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So, finally, this year, I got around to watching a documentary with our own dear chef, Dr. Omar Suleiman called the United States of hate. It's about five years old now. So in this documentary, they talk about people who are concerned like Muslims are going to take over the US or something and they are armed and they are literally preparing for it. So in that there is a he's a young man. And he has, you know, kind of bought into this, this hype that this is going to happen and he actually read

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To run for political office, I don't know what became of his political career. But he registers and he's followed at the, towards the conclusion of the program.

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He has a conversation with with Dr. Ouma right. And so you know, Dr. Ouma Suleiman, Mashallah, he's a country bumpkin. Right. So he has kind of that southern hospitality and naturally is like that, Mashallah. But, you know, that kind of adds to it. And he's, he's speaking to him.

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And as they're sitting and talking, and this man he's talking about, you know, I believe that, that, you know, every every immigrant coming here is a refugee, they're a threat, and all kinds of really outrageous claims. And,

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and then they are, as they're sitting there, they look, and there's a little girl who's hopping around, because her legs were blown off what a bomb was dropped in or home.

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And, you know, Shama looks at this man and says, you know, is this, you know, something like, is this the threat? Is this what you were you were talking about, and he can't really respond.

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And then later, he does kind of in an off camera segment,

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or not together, if I remember. And, you know, he says that, if someone like that came and said, You know, I'm trying to escape a war torn country, and,

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you know, I'm just, I'm seeking refuge, literally, I don't think you could turn them down and said, you know, the word to use was, you'd have to be heartless to turn them down.

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So I'm mentioning this because I think it's really relevant to understand when when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in fact, the lady here asked him for either Lady beynac, Albania who are down with one can no one even honey, that repel that which is repugnant with that, which is better. And you may find that your worst enemies become close to you, or support you, as Dr. Armin was saying.

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However, I think sometimes we think that Well, there's just, we get into this like fantasy like, well, if I'm nice to someone, they're going to say, you know, the Shahada or something, may Allah guide this man and guide us all.

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But what can happen is that there can be a shift in perspective. And I don't know, maybe, maybe they can do a follow up, you know, to that now. But there can be a shift in perspective so that someone can go from maybe being and actively working against Islam to maybe at least becoming a little bit neutral, or even saying something positive, it doesn't mean they're going to start coming, coming to the masjid and supporting us and anything like that. But at least we have, you know, kind of put out some fires, because of this person's sort of, you know, ignorance or hatred or, or whatever the case may be. Now, what Allah says, in fact, miletti here is and repel that, which is repugnant. When that

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which is better. There's a there's another point here that we need to understand. If you're repelling that which is evil or repulsive with that, which is better, it means you're actually taking the time to have a conversation with someone, it means you're actually in a position where you are going to repel something evil, because you have to face it in the first place. In that documentary, The producers shirahama, they decided to have that conversation, that that didn't have to happen. And we see, a lot of times, you know, nowadays, we have this sort of strange phenomenon of like, if someone says something a little bit off amongst Muslims, or even way off, it's just

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like, we're just not even going to have any conversation. We're not going to listen, we're not going to give benefit of the doubt. And that's it, then, it's not very difficult to have a conversation when you're speaking to yourself, or when you're only listening to two people that agree with you. That's what this verse is encouraging and telling us that if you live in reality, there's going to be uncomfortable conversations. But you have to take the upper hand when you do them. So even even our best he comments. He said that this means a sub rule and the hubbub. So to have patience when someone is angry, so when someone is all in your face, those are the difficult times. That's when

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it's really easy to lose it. That's the test right there. Right? He also says it's a helmet in the jail, to be forbearing in the face of ignorance. When you see people shouting slogans and doing all these things, it's out of ignorance everyone doing that does not. They're not aware of what they're doing. And then they have a plot. Some are others are just ignorant and they just been riled up by the crowd. So to have forbearance. That's why the problem

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Some a lot of sentiments described as Scott lemon as he was the most forbearing This is a

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incredible prophetic quality for us to have to not just get all riled up and excited about everything, whether it's on a keyboard or whether it's in person. And then he says an awful Endesa

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to pardon when someone wrongs you, all of these things are repelling that which is repulsive with that, which is better. And the result of this will be in best case scenario, you will have someone become your defender and actually join in May Allah guide anyone who whose heart is open to that. So for example, when we look at the Sierra Abu sufian,

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he was actively harming the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the beginning of the message. But he did finally accept right all those years of facing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam his character, it all, you know, it meant something at the end of the day, even though if you asked anyone in that beginning, they would have said this is not even a chance for it to happen. But the Prophet said Alana is sometimes constantly repelling evil with that which was better,

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eventually got to his heart. And then of course, Khalid bin Wali,

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the Great General, who has a beautiful story, which I encourage everyone to read. But just you know, very, very briefly, Khalid bin Walid he narrates himself, he says that when the prophet SAW them when we were, you know, in battles, even though he was this great general and war genius, he said, I really never I always knew he was going to be victorious. I never really believed that we were going to be victorious. And so when when the Muslims returned,

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for for Hajj, the year after the Treaty of Abia, he actually went into the mountains, because he was kind of confused. He's like, I don't want to go become another faith because that doesn't appeal to me. He's like, but then I can't just go and submit to the Muslims. And so he kind of went off in the mountains. And his brother wrote him a letter, his brother's name was Walid and kind of saying, you know, like, how could someone as intelligent as you not have become Muslim yet. And so he goes, and there's much more to the story. But he goes to the prophet SAW, Selim was, of course delighted and welcomed him with open arms, who would have thought that Holly had been worried in the beginning of

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Islam, whatever, embrace Islam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Muslims character in general. You know, it wore on him. And it got to him in the end well, hamdulillah and now he is one of our, you know, our great heroes and hamdulillah. So, continuing to repel that which is evil. With that which is positive without which is better, particularly in our social media age, where everything is just responding quickly. So not being forbearing not thinking it out, not even waiting a day. This is one of the reasons why I got off Twitter A while back. And I would recommend to just not engage in that online debating I don't know when the last time when was the last time someone

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actually won an argument doing that there's just far more harm than good. And it's just not it can really get us out of our character, particularly when when we're able to hide behind something. So Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us in this verse, and then finally he says, One minute, aha, he lived in a Subaru, or maybe we'll call her in Lago Helen are lame. The people that can do this are those who have tremendous patience.

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And only those who do it are those who have been azeem which many of them are festival mentioned basically a person of Jenna, a person who is able to repel evil with good, who is able to hold their character not you know, not go low, when others go low. They are the ones who will have ultimate success. There's a lot of incentive certainly and motivation for us to do it. And when as you're watching the series on our beloved Prophet sallallahu Sallam this month, that's every single episode that's what that's what you see it's constantly being better than the other person. And so this is something we should inshallah aspire to in these last 10 nights as we're getting more sleep

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deprived, and you know, the hunger is kicking in and we're kind of looking towards a then you know, a lot of things are going on in sha Allah these are the this is the true test and so May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those who have exemplary character in the path of our profits that will not honor him.

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Local broker from really appreciate that property local law, I think, um, you know, one thing I've had a lot that

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I won't carry the discussion now but I think that there is a tension at times like even by though even that documentary was made, like oh, you know, the whole, the good Muslim, bad Muslim thing and apologizing for her faith and condemning and stuff like that, that we have to constantly condemn. And some of the critique was valid to be honest with you. I commend reflecting on my playing in

00:25:00--> 00:25:43

Just sort of that the narrative that then gets packaged into CVE prevent, like policies and stuff like that of good Muslim versus bad Muslim. But I think that the the, the prophetic way is that we don't relinquish you know our cause in any way. Nor do we whitewash the hatred that comes towards Islam and towards the Muslims, but at the same time, just demonstrate dignified character throughout, right. And so, I think that a lot of times, there's a fear that if you're too nice to the opposition, and those that hate you that that necessarily means that you're not just empathizing with them, but you're going to rationalize their pain for them and sanitize their pain, which is

00:25:43--> 00:26:12

rational, bigoted, sometimes racist, right? And just be like, like, yeah, we understand why you hate people, but we're not all So the reality is that the fine prophetic line was the profit slice on was uncompromising on his positions, but at the same time, the profit slice on them was as uncompromising with his character right to panela that I'm going to remain the same person throughout this and his heart was not unforgiving. Like that's the beautiful part of it. Like

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he was able to accept these people that did so much harm to him after it was all said and done. So does that feel like a beautiful reflection really appreciate that very relevant? And that story of how little the Aloha was definitely one of my favorite about a person just seeking out spirituality because they're the narrative is that you know, all the people that became Muslim later on just did it out of force. Right? And that's like, like no there's a journey for each one of them's panel on how to deal with the law I'm definitely had his journey there. Yeah, that's it's very special to me. I was searching you know a lot when my son son was born but that was kind of the turning point to

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where I actually named my son when he was like after the Waleed family overall, it's just brother wrote him a letter that this is too good

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that's a beautiful story that I didn't do it justice because at the time, but you should give it a read and shall encourage the audience to inshallah inshallah maybe we can have you record that story and challenges released as a separate lecture inshallah time

00:27:13--> 00:27:16

is that good luck of the drama chef Abdullah, take us away my father.

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He was a woman without my bad.

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I love hearing the stories of the companions want a lot at him, because, you know, it really paints a picture of their humanity. And it shows how they are the best people after the prophets, Anakin was set on being that, you know, with their personalities, their different personalities. I mean, you have Holland married, and you have a bulldog as a father, you know, the Allahu anhu. And we say Robbie Allahu anhu. But when you learn, see the personality of a Buddha, he was someone that was very rough, Michelle, lots about a cola. And that's how Allah spent Allah created him. But when it came to the message of Islam, the message of truth, the message of prophethood, some allottee, or

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some of them how misaligned it was, some of them you saw that he fell in line, and, you know, even with the companions would want to learn how to him, you see their different personalities, I was seeing this is very, very encouraging, you know, to be honest, because you realize, sometimes, we may think that we're not worthy enough to be a good Muslim. And you see this a lot with the youth and people that may have converted to Islam and they look back at their past or someone that Mashallah is trying to do the right thing. But shaytaan plays with them and annual, you know, causes them to think about their past to the degree to where they'll have despair, or at first the sadness,

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which could lead to despair, and can eat even worse than that. But when you read the stories of the companions upon lots of beautiful thing, I mean, he mentioned the verse and also that's where, you know, Allah says, you know, what, the whole feeding under come totally boring a portion of the verse where you told them, you know, the people in disbelief that don't listen to this Quran and cancel it out, you know, or do level or have some, you know, speech that would drown out what they're saying what they're reciting. And, you know, the companion to faith and I'm gonna dose he was known as Luke with nothing, you know, he was known as a companion that had two pieces of cotton in his ears

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because he was told when he was on the outskirts of Mecca, don't listen to this man. And Muhammad SAW Cena, you know, he's a superhero. He's He's all of these things. But Subhanallah Sheikh Omar, Dr. Omar San Antonio, not doctor or Dallas, Dr. Omar San Antonio, we got to give y'all some acronyms man, you know.

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When he went to Panama, he came to Mecca. He started the conversation, as Dr. Omar San Antonio mentioned, you know, breaking the barriers of not having conversation, as Dr. Omar Dallas had in the documentary what happened and I think it's very, very important for us as Muslims to to break those barriers and to welcome the uncomfortable moments that will only be moments but it will be something that is long lasting for the person that may have the bad perception of you or you as a Muslim having a bad perception about the Catholic or non Muslim right. Having those

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perceptions and allowing those perceptions and realize that it was something that really had no strong fabric to it or, or we say, religious fabric to it or you know something that has validity in our religion, rather, it may be the opposite. So those are very good points to mention, I'm going to touch on something that ties into something a little more broader in regards to the goodra of Alaska, kind of without his ability.

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It was a narration I can't remember who mentioned it, but Subhanallah I hope one of us in the shell on the comments will enlighten us with the title or one of the doctors here of when one companion was asked about, you know, when last month out, I mentioned how can people walk on their faces? In the Day of Judgment, he said, is it not the one that caused them to walk on their feet able to walk on their faces, you know, the purpose of the lie there was some gives me examples with the coffee. So making an analogy of that which you may perceive is impossible or unfathomable, that reality does not exist with a lust pattern with data impossible does not exist with Allah subhanho wa Taala,

00:31:03--> 00:31:08

everything is possible with him because he created the concept of possibilities. And

00:31:09--> 00:31:46

initially, but that reality is for us as human beings with a lot that does not exist. So Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about in the chapter of full sila chapter number 41. In verse number 19, after speaking about the believers, and speaking about Subhanallah, the punishment that he gave to to add, he talks about the certain levels of punishment that he gave to the different nations. And then he mentioned how he saves the ones that were believers, what can we get to on one agenda, Latina Amman, what can we get to a point in verse number 18 and we save the ones that believe and they were the ones that were mindful of a lot they were the people that had tough overlap, but then

00:31:46--> 00:32:28

he does its effect and then in NC factors, he turns the other page or the opposite side, the dark side and a lawsuit kind of without it does this a lot and you study this in what they call bulevar you know, for lack of better words rhetoric or loss of kind of what data will show you the good and then he will bring the other side for you to get a full picture and understand to where the goal of that is to stop and say okay to get the book and to close it and to say Well, where do I find this? Where do I want to be? may encourage you say Allah make me from those habits you mean? So lots of kinda with me from the people on the right hand the people that will be blessed and saved inshallah,

00:32:28--> 00:32:43

Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 19, where he says after the elimination on regime well you only show that Allah He in a Natty for whom he was our own. Allah says and remember the day when the enemies of Allah will be gathered to the fire then they will be driven

00:32:44--> 00:32:48

so the first thing Allah subhanaw taala is doing is he's telling us about the future

00:32:49--> 00:33:14

this day that they were your shadow your shadow you tomorrow that they will be gathered even now. So this is a confirmation that they cannot exist the fire exists well whom use their own room use their own then they will be gathered to the fire and be driven fourth driven fourth had to imagine who had shahida at him summit room whatever Sato who was rude to whom demand can we got many Allahu Akbar, Allah.

00:33:15--> 00:33:57

Allah Allah says after the fact that there will be the enemies of Allah, driven to the fire of hell. And the enemies of Allah here scholars have mentioned that it can be those that voluntarily consistently disbelieved in a law when they passed away, or those that were persistent on their fisc their open disobedience or disobedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala these are the ones that have been considered the death of Allah because that is the opposite of Olia and they're the ones who are living like Ave what can we add to whom and the opposite of a man is Cofer. The opposite of Tacoma is Fisk is disobedience, opposite of belief is disbelief. And the opposite of mindfulness or fear of

00:33:57--> 00:34:16

Allah subhanaw taala is this obedience, consistent disobedience. So here are lots of kind of what Dahlia is saying. After that, when they'll be driven to the fire hut. There'll be driven until they reach the point that jell o when they get to it, shall he dilate him, summer home, they're hearing

00:34:17--> 00:34:26

what else pasado home, they're seeing their sense of seeing what you lose to whom and their skin will testify against them

00:34:27--> 00:34:58

will testify against them, your own body parts will testify against you and Allah mentions three of them. So here are lots of kind of what data is saying that these body parts will testify against you. It's like when you get closer to something, you know, smile. We were talking about some vacation sites before going here. You know, if you go with your children, you know to a waterfall and you're about to go on the slide. I remember before I went on a ride, it was a slide when I was very, very young. You know, you want your friends, you walking up the stairs that you have, we're going to do this when you get there.

00:35:00--> 00:35:23

Maybe next time. Let me let me let me think about this. Yeah, you know and your friends will come on let's go. When you reach that final frontier, that's when the real you will come out. That's when the fears will come. Allah subhanaw taala saying here when they get to that place, their own body parts will testify against them and Kadir, the one that is able to do that is Able to do all things.

00:35:24--> 00:35:33

In our last dollar starts the dialogue. He mentioned the dialogue that will take place. We'll call Lula julu De Lima Shahid to Marlena. They will say to their skin.

00:35:35--> 00:35:41

Why did you testify against us? Babu on top and Allah who led the undock akula shake.

00:35:43--> 00:36:26

Their skin will say on top and Allah Allah made us speak. He is the one that caused everything to speak, or who will hold up a comb. Oh, well Mr. Ratan, what led you to janome and then there's your own skin will remind you of the creator of the skin and his abilities and your reality. Based on those abilities. Allah subhanaw taala will say your skin will speak and they will say Allah causes to speak, the one that caused everything to speak. And he is the one that created you in the beginning and to Him you will return what you lay he toward your own, you will be returned to actually what is so beautiful here is the verbs that he uses is called the passive tense where

00:36:26--> 00:37:03

you'll make your shadow towards your own. There are lies in ultimate control, the day when the enemies will be gathered, they will be gathered and the day that you will be returned. Allah is an ultimate control in this time brothers and sisters. So it's important for us to remember that Allah has ultimate control and on this day, you will absolutely have no control. Absolutely have no control over your own senses, over your own body parts. And a loss of kinda without it is having your own skin reminds you of the greatness of your Creator of its creator, your Creator.

00:37:04--> 00:37:49

And Allah subhanho wa Taala is reminding us here that we will return to Him. And this is what is so beautiful and the verses continue once upon love because of time. You know, I highly implore all of you to read these these beautiful verses as a reminder for us in these last 10 nights and the following nights as well. But use this as a catalyst. Let's use Ramadan as a catalyst for a new spiritual habit, primarily with regarding these verses to sit at a time with ourselves and hope to have regret, because the regret is a form of redemption. Let's have these last seven days to sit alone with Allah subhanho wa Taala and have redemption to where we think about this day that will

00:37:49--> 00:38:00

happen. And we ask ourselves, what have I been looking at? What have I been touching with my skin that will testify against me? What have I been listening to?

00:38:02--> 00:38:05

online? What if I pressed with my fingers? What have I done?

00:38:06--> 00:38:08

And where do I want to go?

00:38:09--> 00:38:39

These are questions that the one that is the most and the one that holds themselves accountable before they will be held accountable as they're running the club used to say this is the one that insha Allah will be fortunate for us on this day when there is no return. And we will be with Allah subhanho wa Taala and with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam inshallah Tada. So we lost Fatah to make us of those that have continuous reminder remembrance and hold ourselves accountable, looking at ourselves before looking at anyone else radical.

00:38:41--> 00:38:49

However powerful check from the law. Dr. Omar San Antonio, do you have anything to for sure. You know, when?

00:38:50--> 00:39:33

When you think of that imagery of of your own skin bearing witness, and sometimes people say things like, you know, this isn't fair, why did this happen to me or God isn't fair? I see just the opposite. I think that is as fair as you can be. There is no hiding what your own body did I mean, that is ultimate justice. That is ultimate fairness. And inshallah that's a mindset that we have as believers and hamdulillah due to people saying, during the craziness when sometimes we're trying to seek justice in this world, and that doesn't always turn out as it should be. But to say that Allah is not fair, is just totally, totally false. Allah is the most fair. And he to me shows us that over

00:39:33--> 00:39:37

and over again, it's very, very powerful verse.

00:39:38--> 00:40:00

Allah, that's how it connects them, you know, to the whole the whole Tao apart, right, well, my Quinton test that your honor and Yashoda alikum summer kimono Allah slaughter calm. When Angelou calm. You thought that your ears your eyes, your you're seeing your sight, your skin's would ever testify against you. Right and that was in regards to the things they were plotting.

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

against the prophets light Salaam. But here this is very personal for each and every single one of us on the Day of Judgment like you never imagined your actual limbs your skin your eyes, your tongue testifying against you and a reminder to everyone you know.

00:40:14--> 00:40:18

You know, let it be that be the night I have these organs testify for you on the Day of Judgment.

00:40:19--> 00:40:46

I Latasha from the law talks about the opposite of Allah the nominal will tackle the opposite of the man in taqwa in crowfoot. And Fiske the opposite of belief and piety being disbelief and open rebellion disobedience. For every bad that we find in the Quran and the Sunnah bad quality about a people there's a good quality that we are called to instead and for every good quality, there's a warning on the other side of that and so

00:40:47--> 00:40:49

we can become very paranoid.

00:40:50--> 00:41:15

We should be pious, not paranoid about these things right? We should be thinking about how to guard our limbs guard what we have to not use them in ways that are just pleasing to Allah pantai and in fact, transform that into say, you know, I want I want these these limbs to testify for me on the Day of Judgment, I want my time to testify for me on the Day of Judgment, my eyes to testify for me, so we asked a lot of parents, that would be the case for us. I mean,

00:41:16--> 00:41:28

Zach malaco and Dr. Omar Hussain, our head of instruction i have been under expanded learning and from that and not and I know that people have missed you and inshallah tada we will be seeing you soon good enough.

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You're not too far away from us. I don't know Do you like being called Dr. Omar San Antonio you're still California right? You're repping California all day right? You can take the Cali out of our house.

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Boy Yeah.

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I'm pretty sure that's okay. That's

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Imagine an Islamic school teacher. Imagine her curious students imagine her teaching a concept as she usually does. Imagine a student raising his hand and asking a question.

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But that question is beyond her scope to answer and she doesn't know how to address it.

00:42:43--> 00:43:14

in mind, imagine that teacher has a resource has a place to go to that gives her a teaching tool that not only simplifies the process for her, but gives her the chance to answer the very real questions students ask accurately. Imagine the confidence with which she can deliver. Imagine how she can break down a big concept in a visual way. Imagine the impact and the positive change that confidence will inspire in her students. Imagine how satisfied and motivated he'll feel.

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Know that you no longer need to imagine