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The speaker discusses the importance of knowing the Quran and engaging in Islamic lectures to purify the heart. They emphasize that the time spent on the internet and reading the Quran is a time to refresh and improve one's understanding of the language. The speaker also mentions that the time spent on the internet is a means to improve one's understanding of the language.

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101 in Bonn Amin on how Cuba to tahina, la muslin Davis and I'm about to cut the cord to silicon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was so happy to send them to see him and Kathira so Hamdulillah we are counting down now days till Ramadan, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to allow us to live to see this blessed month and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to allow us to be forgiven through its Lama. I mean,

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we've lost many people in these last few weeks and panela many people have passed away, and had hopes for Ramadan. And, you know, were active and planning for Ramadan, but they didn't get to live to see it. And that shows you that what the Prophet SAW, I said, I'm taught us that our, our hopes always extend our lifespan. And so our, you know, we might have dreams and we might have goals that we never realized. And we would never imagine as we're alive that we wouldn't live to realize those goals. But Allah subhanaw taala has other plans for us. So just because we're only a few days away, doesn't mean that we've necessarily gotten there yet. So still increasing, you're asking your wife's

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parents to allow you to live to witness Ramadan. I wanted to address an issue inshallah Tada, as we have many Ramadan issues coming up, not necessarily from the filthy perspective. But now more from the spirituality perspective. You know, when you read in the lives of the right amount in the past, you find that the the soul of the pious predecessors, they didn't like that a person engages in memorization in the time of Ramadan or engages in learning in Ireland and these types of things. And you might read that and you might wonder why, you know, why is it that they they abandoned at this time memorization, and they abandoned their circles of primarily, they still had lessons Halaqaat on

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the fifth of Ramadan, actually, throughout Ramadan, there's some, you know, there's documentation of those types of holidays going on. But just generally speaking, it was a time of worship and not necessarily a time for knowledge. So you'll find people that will say, Well, that means it's my crew. It's disliked or detestable to memorize Quran during Ramadan, for example, or to listen to Islamic lectures. But that's not necessarily the case. Obviously, those those statements are made in a certain context where people already have an understanding of the Quran, they already have a solid memorization of the Quran, they're engaged for the rest of the year in Islamic lectures and

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knowledge and things of that sort. And so now they're in Ramadan, to time to really refresh and review. The idea is that Ramadan is a time to engage the hearts, not necessarily to engage the mind. So for example, when I'm reading the Quran, am I reading it with the intention of memorization? Am I reading it with the intention of learning, finding out some new things about it, exploring it? Or am I reading it with the with the intention of purifying my heart, and Ramadan, the greater goal is to be reading it with the intention of purifying my heart. So when someone asks a question, they say, Well, you know, is it better if I finished reading the Quran? Twice? Without any understanding? Or

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is it better if I read it once in Ramadan, with its Tafseer, and with its understanding, honestly, if you don't, if you're not understanding the words, then it's better for you to read with the tough see it, and with the, with the translation, so that that way, you have a greater appreciation for it. Because again, you're reading it for the purpose of Tuscania when these imams in the past used to read it, you know, at the frequency that they did, which sometimes seems unbelievable to us, you know, once or twice a day, they were reading it with an understanding of it, as they were going through it, they were spending the rest of the year studying its meanings and teaching its meanings.

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So it's a different context altogether. So you know, if listening to an Islamic lecture is going to keep you away from something that's that's less desirable, ie the World Cup, you know, or something that's not of no benefit to you than an Hamdulillah you know what engage yourself with that. If memorizing the Quran if you find that Ramadan, you have more time to memorize the Quran and you know, it's a time to catch up maybe salted moniker so that you are seen or some of these important soldiers then by all means, do so. But the point is, is that there should be some time that's dedicated to reading and studying only for the sake of purifying the heart. And that's the purpose

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of Ramadan Ramadan is a time to come close to Allah subhanaw taala use what Allah has given you as a means to come close to him and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to do justice by the Quran in the month of Quran Allah Amin questions

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and questions

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Zach more homeless particle. I'm from the shadow ley line that stuff we'll go into a week or so I want to eat