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I recommend Rahim so the this year in Hajj just trying to recount obviously as anyone any judge anyone else here that went for Hajj that we have mashallah, there's my head's ready it's my first time seeing him brother photo mashallah Thai Where are you from? Which city are you from? I'm from Columbus, Ohio Masha Allah so Weatherford mashallah actually was one of someone in my head group at hamdulillah and he brought his nine year old daughter Mashallah. She was the life of our headgroup at handling a lot of ramen, is she here? No, you're here by yourself. So please do make sure you say salaam inshallah Tada and also invite him to move to our community as well in sha Allah, like

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everyone else that comes here. But you know, this was a year Subhanallah that was, in many ways, had many different things take place, and obviously every year has its own sweetness and Hajj, and SubhanAllah. You know, one thing that that really in this house in particular, there were quite a few people that passed away and hatch quite a few people Subhanallah that passed away and hatch from the US and from Canada and from the UK. And I think that's, that's what really stands out to me most although I didn't witness any of that. In particular, in front of me, no one from our group at home that passed away. But you know, subhanAllah just when you go to Hajj, this idea of you're going to

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the Archaea or you're going to death, you're wearing your arm you're going to Allah subhanaw taala has been put down with our human life beautifully said that when you go to the to the carrabba It's like you're going to meet Allah subhanaw taala it's not a matter of truly is a place of us. It is like the place of assembly on the day of judgment. And you really don't know if you're coming back. And we had a from from the US we had a 47 year old brother that passed away And subhanAllah this brother, let's look at how he passed away after he finished off it with that. As he was walking back to Isaiah.

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He collapsed on the street. He looked up he said La ilaha illallah two times he said Lubbock Allah Homina baik and he passed away Subhan Allah and this is this was a brother who reverted to Islam from what I'm told five years ago. So Allah azza wa jal blessed him Subhan Allah with this beautiful death right after throw off it would die to where he would meet Allah subhanaw taala with a complete Hajj. The other one which really struck me the most.

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And this is on my way to hedge. I have a routine, I teach a class in the UK, dropped my family off in Jordan, go to Hajj, go back to Jordan, spend some time there with my family and my in laws, pick my wife up and her family go back to the UK teach a class and come back which is why it's always a really hectic journey and I come back as you see me beat up and not knowing where I am for a few days and disoriented a little bit. Let's have Hanalei taught my clients within Maghrib Institute behind the scenes which is based on matassa 100 Possibly and actually biting them Kodama, Rahim Allah, and the last chapter of that class is on Hajj. And there was a family that was attending that

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class we had the Emir of the Kabita, who was who was in charge of the chapter the and mclubbe Chapter over there, brother, his name is Ahmad. His parents were attending.

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And you know, he's young, he's in his 20s, early 20s, perhaps, and he had his parents there as well attending and they're all going for hikes this year and so Powell, he's the one organizing class and, and he's also going so obviously you can see the excitement in the room when we finish the chapter of Hajj a week before Hajj starts. And on my way back, I'm teaching also in the UK and Subhanallah in Hajj this year. With his father you know there's a special practice in Medina Anna and anyone who goes to hajj needs to do this practice. I tell everyone this is going to the book here going to the graveyard and particularly walking with the janazah after this allotted budget I

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tell everyone that that really when you go to Medina as the prophets lie some said Minister bottom income and your motif in Medina Fela file whoever amongst you can die in Medina let him try to do so. Because whoever dies in Medina gains the intercession of the prophets like some and Medina special. And Medina you know when you leave Medina people are just so they're overwhelmed with sadness and overcome with sadness because they don't even feel this that special tranquility in Mecca that they felt in Medina Mike has a lot busier and rougher and things of that sort. It's not like a mad he his father

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57 or 58 years old. I know he didn't reach 60 yet is between 55 and 60. He did this every morning. In Medina after Hajj. He went to the bulkier every single day after fajr he went with the janazah because he was in the class and he knew that to do that. And subhanAllah he comes home the last day while they're in Medina comes to the hotel and he tells his family I just

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reserved my spot in the mophir Hey, Tom, what are you talking about? So I just reserved my spot in the book here. And they said, What are you talking about? He said, I just asked a lotta let me be buried and bulkier. Would you believe that this man had a heart attack at 10am that day

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and died that day. And they pretend as on him and also that day and buried him in the book here, the same day,

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what a death after tilaka after the completion of Hajj

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and to me that is the ultimate testimony of Mina Momineen Adi Donalyn Sadako and I had to learn that there are some people that are truthful to the covenant they made with Allah subhanaw taala is just as some believers when they make a promise to Allah, they're truthful with it, Minho, mencoba and some people they their promises fulfilled right away, or men who mentored them and then some of them it takes a while for them to fulfill this promise, well known but they do have data but they never change their resolve the resolve stays the same for that to happen is that I have from Allah subhanaw taala and honestly, it's a sign from Allah subhanaw taala and obviously his family is

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between happiness and grief. I mean, they lost a perfectly healthy father six kids may Allah make it easy for all of them in their family Allama I mean, but just knowing the way that he died is very very special and I think comforting for them as well so they're kind of between this and that and to see them once again some harmless some of the family actually in the class that I just taught this weekend. Then we got to the chapter of Hydreigon municipal diamond coming in waterfront Medina fine yeah, fine. Whoever amongst you can try to die in Medina should do so. It was really really it gave me goosebumps in a way that that I can't even explain. I can I mean, you have goosebumps hearing the

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story. Imagine me I saw the man took he took the class on hedge a week before hedge with me. And so and then I saw his family so I can't that that has been the overwhelming dominance image in my head is the image of that family Subhanallah and I ask Allah Subhana Allah honestly to grant us all death and Medina Lama Amin to allow us to die after completing Hajj and allow us to be granted death and Medina and to be buried there. And if not that Allah subhanaw taala still grants us the Trent, the intercession of the prophets lie Selim mean. And other than that, and hamdulillah the Hajj was, as usual, smooth and beautiful, and I had his experiences and every year is unique. And there were it's

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funny moments and it's sad moments and it's moments where you're tranquil and close to Allah subhanaw taala. One of the most special things about it, obviously for us this year, was in Ottawa, we had with us, I ran into actually I ran into rob the roof, in Ottawa out of all places. I didn't even know that he was in hutch, and I ran into her that that was nice. Michelle on time you see someone there in autofab before the day starts, it's like you're getting ready for something special. So I saw him before auto fund after Ottawa. And I think he posted pictures on Facebook like every single trip, every single part of the trip, Michelle lots a lot of color. But we had with us

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Sheikh Hassan sada who was actually the imam in the masjid and Alaba in Egypt when it was burned down he was actually the mount he was leading the salon there lost quite a few of his family members. So he was actually there he led us in Salah and he made the deal which was very powerful, very touching. So I think that was probably one of the highlights of the trip for me personally was having having that person there and having someone make dua you know, some people make do out with a beautiful voice but some people make their out with a beautiful voice and their heart is so into the you can hear it through the DUA so it was beautiful to have that experience of him that in and ask

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ALLAH SubhanA wa to accept from me and from everyone who made Hajj this year and I ask Allah subhanaw taala to write us all down except that hajj and a death in a way that's pleasing to Him personally down and hopefully in Medina Lama I mean any questions

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You said that said

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how can we die in Medina the profit slice on him he what he meant by that is a person should try to spend as much time of their life and Medina as possible. That's the meaning of the Hadith and monkshood minute Hadith and you're interested in Medina

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Yes, I'll never know how Pablo the Allahu Anhu actually used to make a dua Lama in the local mo to feasability Bella Dena B IC. O Allah asked you for death in your path martyrdom in your path in the city of your prophet. And these it's all modeled the law and how would you die so he didn't. Medina there are no wars, no battle in Medina, almost all the law and was that a philosophy? It's not

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Once it's happened it will happen and Subhan Allah He died Shaheed in the masjid of the prophets lie Selim and was buried next level so last night. So making dua to Allah subhanaw taala for that is any other shape MK loop that's what their intimate say it's something that's that's good to actually ask a lot to die in Medina is a good thing. And to spend time in Medina, as much as a person can is a good thing. Also loss Isom said there would come a time and people would go to Yemen and they'd say come to Yemen and Medina is better for them. And only they knew and they would say go to a sham and Medina is better for them if only they knew and also lost my son mentioned various places of the

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world. So Medina is the home really it's the home of the believer when you go there you feel like you're at home. So that's the the meaning of it is to spend time there to ask Allah subhanaw taala for death there and and you know to acquaint yourself with the city.

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Anyone else?

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For the photo if you want to share anything?

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You're good. Your hair grew back. Mashallah.

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Zach Mullah Hayden, it's good to see you all again.