Angels in your Presence #28

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Episode Notes

This is episode 28 in the Angel series of Ramadhan 2020.

This is a unique time for Muslims globally. A time when the masajids are closed and we are relegated to perform our salah in our homes.

So now what? Well, turn your home into a place of prayer, of barakah, of blessing which is inviting to the mala’ikah and shunned by the shayateen naturally.

Invite the mala’ikah into your homes where Allah is worshipped often through the performance of  your salah and recitation of the quran. When you pray, in actuality you are surrounded by the angels sent by Allah; an angel will pray to your right, to your left, behind you; angels the size of mountains they are.

Thus take comfort knowing that notwithstanding the closure of the masajid, the angels are not barred from you.

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So as the massages have been taken away from us, even if temporarily, it's dawned upon us how special those places are. But we also have our homes. And what you want to do with your house is turn it into as much as possible a place of praise. The prophets lie Selim, he said, Don't turn your homes into graveyard. So always leave some share of your soul awesome share of your prayers for the house, even if you pray the congregational prayers in the messages so that your homes can also be places about a cup places and blessing places of prayer.

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And, you know, somehow and people are always talking about how do we expel the shale theme from the home? How do we expel the gin. And the reality is, is that you invite the melodica into your home with the recitation of the plan, and with the presence of prayer and remembrance, and those things naturally, would expel the opposite of them, which are the same thing, which are the devils and so you want to have a strong share of your prayer for the home and you want your home to basically be like a Masjid in the sense that it's a home of praise a home where Allah subhanaw taala is worshiped frequently, and you want to have an allocation of that. Now, one of the things that's that's very

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powerful when you're thinking about the Menaka, when you're thinking about the angels, is when you pray at home, you're not alone. Okay? So even if you're not surrounded by rows of people, you're certainly not alone. And Satan will say about all the A lot of times he narrates that no one goes into prayer, even if they're on waterless desolate land out of the Fela, which we'll talk about, but you're praying all alone, except that an angel would pray to your rights and angel to your left, and angels would pray behind you. And third, Luigi bad angels, the size of mountains are praying behind you. Can you imagine you're entering into Salah, you're entering into prayer in your bedroom, in

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your living room, in your you know, in your dining room or your office, wherever it is, and you think it's just you. And there are angels the size of mountains that are praying behind you, as you're saying, Allah Huck, but wouldn't that cause you to think a little bit more, instead of going, you know, to actually think about the way that you're reciting. And to take more seriously the moment obviously, the most serious element of it is that you're standing before Allah subhanaw taala. But as you're standing before Allah, you have these angels the size of mountains, that are praying behind you and there is something special to praying alone. And what that denotes in terms

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of floss in terms of sincerity. And so you find these two ahaadeeth one of them from Oh, sorry that hold rattle the law. I know that the prophets lysozyme said that the prayer and congregation the prayer in jamara is like 25 times the individual prayer and then the profit slice and I'm sad and solid that is in Fela, in in the middle of nowhere, okay, which is the best way I think you can translate fella in the middle of nowhere, is like the prayer of 50 times the reward. Okay, so it's like twice the reward of the jamara. And another headache. The prophets lie Selim, he mentioned that yunju Rob, welcome. Your Lord is pleased with a shepherd and the mountains all by himself, who calls

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out the man who does the comma. And then he does the prayer all by himself and a lot sometimes out of calls the angels, and he says, look at the slave of mine, look at this one. Look at him. He's all alone. He calls the other he calls the comma. He makes the prayer out of fear for me and left for me. And he says to the angels tapana, what's Allah Padilla thought to the Abdi was held to hold Jana, I have forgiven the servant of mine, and I entered him into paradise. Why, because of the sincerity of this person in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. And if you haven't had the experience of calling the event in the mountains, do it on your next hike and shot wattana it's it's

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really an incredible feeling. But you know, the idea that this man is all by himself in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of the city, and still finds that clinging to Allah subhanaw taala and announces themselves alone. So does that mean that instead of coming to the masjid, I'm going to drive out to the country and pray and I'll get more of the reward? No, these two ahaadeeth are talking about a person who happens to be in the middle of nowhere, not a person who goes and seeks the middle of nowhere for that prayer. And there is an implementation of this beyond just the sincerity of praying alone and the angels that are like mountains, praying with you, you know, when

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you're on a journey, or you're traveling and you stop at a rest area, or you're praying, you know, in a place that's, that's really, you know, foreign that's a way and you're doing that out of sincerity and it's just you and Allah subhana wa Tada. Right. It's a very profound expression of the sincerity and Allah will not let you pray alone, but Allah subhanaw taala will surround you with angels the size of mountains that would pray with you and Allah would announce to another group of angels that he has forgiven you for your sins and entered you into paradise.