Angels in your Presence #30

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This is final episode 30 in the Angel series of Ramadhan 2020.

When Allah loves someone Allah calls to Jibri’il and informs Jibri’il that He loves this servant and He instructs Jibri’il to love that servant and Jibri’il will inform all the angels that Allah loves this servant and all the angels will now love this servant too and love is then placed in the hearts of men for that servant of Allah s.w.t..

There are a few things to keep in mind in relation to the above:-

  1. The love of Allah s.w.t is the only love one should seek unconditionally. If you gain the love of Allah, it follows that Jibri’il will love you, the angels will love you and the people whose love is worth having will love you.
  2. Next, when you are beloved to Allah s.w.t., Allah will then put that love in the hearts of other men who are beloved to Allah, and you will be loved by righteous people for your righteousness.

Thus, henceforth do all you can to seek and attain the love of the only one that matters -your Creator and Sustainer. 

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Too often we equate fame with the love of Allah subhanaw taala. And it could be that a person traverses this earth, unknown to people but loved by Allah and the angels. But what then do you make of this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam where he said that Verily, if Allah love someone in the law that I had back then when I love love someone not that Djibouti, a lot calls Juba de la de his Salaam, and says Yaga buried in the Boolean Algebra I want you to know that I love this person. So you should love this person also. jabril Islam does not need to know anything else about you except that Allah subhana wa tada loves you to love you as well for your hibou Djibouti, so

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Djibouti loves you as well. And then Djibouti Radha his Salaam calls all of the Malacca and he is their master, he is their chief. And he says in Allah, you have befallen to the inhabitants of the heavens, Allah loves this person. So love this person. So all of the inhabitants of the heavens love that person as well. And then a lot mentions you'll want Allahu kaaboo fill out the prophets lie Selim says that acceptance is then placed in the hearts of the people for that person, love is placed in the hearts of the people for that person.

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Now, there are a few things to keep in mind here. Number one, the love of Allah Subhana Hosanna is the only love that a person should seek unconditionally and do whatever it takes to gain that love. And if you gain the love of the loss of Hannah Montana, then anyone whose love is worth having is going to be transferred to you as well. So if you gained the love of Allah subhanaw taala Djiboutian it, his Salaam will love you, the angels will love you, and the people whose love is worth having will love you as well. So that's the first thing to establish. The second thing is that the love that the people have the view has to be of something that is actually a view and so sometimes is it

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no Josie Rahim Allah says that if people are impressed by you know that they're impressed by the hijab, the cover that Allah subhanaw taala has given you the veil that a loss of penance Allah has given to you because they don't really know you. And the reality is that people have to love you for a righteousness that is actually true of you. And so you're loved by righteous people for your righteousness and that righteousness is authentic, right? So it's not talking about likes online, or how many people follow you online. But people who are beloved to Allah subhana wa Tada, hug them in your book, The love of those that love you is transferred to you as well. And when Allah loves you,

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and Jabra, his Salaam loves you, and the angels love you, and Allah subhanaw taala puts that love in the hearts of the loved people to him, the beloved people to him subhanho wa Taala then nothing else is worth pursuing. Because if Allah loves you, then who else is worth pursuing after that? And I really want to just hone in on this point when you're thinking about the angels and you're thinking about this extensive creation around you. The value of the creation to you is only to the extent that it brings you closer to the Creator. And that is true, even of this mighty creation of the angels. May Allah Subhana Allah make us beloved to him, make us beloved to God, make us beloved to

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the angels make us beloved to the prophets make us beloved to all of those righteous people who follow the Prophet salallahu Islam and gained the love of Allah and the angels as well. And may Allah gather us in that station of love in the presence of the beloved sallallahu alayhi wasallam in general for those were those special angels will enter upon us regularly and say Salaam and we could look up and we could gaze at him day and night somehow know what's happening.