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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of testing individuals for their chances of receiving more verifications and the negative impact of people reacting with negative comments. The segment also touches on tests for believers, including tests for sincerity and purifying their sense, as well as negative impacts on people's political and financial health. The segment ends with a discussion of the NEMA and its means of punishment, including Subhan calculations and a need for people to respond in a positive way.
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monoterpene Allahumma salli wa sallam robotic Arabica Rasika Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While early he was happy with Selim to see him and Kathira so we spoke yesterday about sort of Doha and we talked about, you know, some personal experience with our brother Mohammed suzlon. And on this idea that Allah subhanaw taala never abandons his servants and Allah subhanaw taala never forsakes and Mal with their cattle Buka when our caller tonight the surah that we recited, who knows what Surah recited by the way.

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Al Fatiha Good job.

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All right. And Fatiha again. Okay. So Tila Anka boat, okay, Allah subhanaw taala says ensuited Angkor Wat hassy Manasa youth Rocco Kulu mana wa whom lived and will do people think that they are simply going to be left alone, that they see that they say we believe and then they're not going to be tested, while Ocado fatahna Latina man Cobley him for a lemon Allahu Ladino Sadako whether Yharnam and ketamine and Allah says we've tested the people that came before you. And through that Allah subhanho wa Taala distinguishes the truthful from those that are lying. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah goes through you know a very beautiful discourse in this regard. But there is a very

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interesting concept here. Allah tests those whom He loves a hassy Manasa Utako and Yaku Munna homelife Allah test those people that he loves. Now, the idea here is that well does that mean that by increasing in belief that Allah subhanaw taala is going to increase my trials? Is that what this means? Is that the concept here? Come to the masjid more often so that Allah can send you more tragedies Is that what this means?

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Somebody give me a good reconciliation of this concept yeah

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you have higher standards so you need less from the dunya

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so you get tested more often.

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And you get closer

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closer you get to a lot

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the more Allah loves you, the more the more Allah loves you the more tests you so does that mean that if you come to the masjid more often expect more tragedy in life?

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Not necessarily alright someone give me a reconciliation. While you're thinking about something I can see in your eyes. Still thinking it still needs to be expensive so expect some tragedy expect some tragedy and Mr. Barnes Allah hvalur Alright, the the the price of Allah's paradise is expensive, so expect tragedy muddied.

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And he's successful at it. He remains patient, that means there's more. Okay, so when a believer a difference between trial and punishment, when a believer goes through trial, that means there's more reward behind it. If it's successful, like you can test the trial, or if he's successful,

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worst punishment out there.

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Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and cut you guys off from now in sha Allah Tada. And let's talk about this idea for a little bit. And the nominal claim Rahim Allah Allah Allah says, There are two types of tests that Allah sends to the believer, two types of tests that Allah sends to the believer, okay? Now the reason why to distinguish this because there are many forms of EBIT Tila fitten.

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Last Panama to Allah refers to them as our OD or the profit slice and referred to them as hindrances, tests, purifications, all of these different types. But particularly here, we're talking about the context of Allah testing a believer, either ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah, through that test wants to test your sincerity, and wants to see whether or not you're going to remain close to him. or Allah Subhana Allah to Allah desires through that test, all through Increase your status and purify some of your sense. So what type of test is so I'm going to repeat that again, there are two types of tests Allah sends to the believer not to his believing servant, either it's a

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test where Allah subhanaw taala wants to test your level of sincerity, or it's not really a test, it's more of a purification. Allah subhanaw taala wishes by that to raise your station and purify your sense. Which type of test do you think is being referred to inserted uncovered?

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Which one? The first one? Because Allah subhanaw taala says weather Yeah, lemon Hola. Hola, Dina. Sadako wala Yharnam Anelka been through that Allah subhanaw taala makes it clear who is right to servants are and who the hypocrites

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Are Alonso just says this later on in the Surah as well, Allah subhanaw taala says, Amina Nassima Amen Billa there are people that say that but they believe in Allah subhanaw taala for either who they are for now he died a fitna to NASCI karega Billa. Well in Jannat Salman what Becca Leia coluna in Kona Americom our lease Allahu Vianna. We refuse to do rely on I mean, there are some people that when times are bad when there is fitna, okay, Jana fitna tenaska Billa instead of taking responsibility for the hardships and for that for the trials that they brought upon the community and for their own mistakes, they blame bad things upon Allah Subhana Allah to add Giada fitna to

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nurse cada Billa they make the fitna of people the punishment of Allah subhanho wa taala. They blame Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, they deflect all blame from themselves, right and say, Why is Allah doing this to us? Why is Allah putting us through this? Why is Allah doing this to me? Why is Allah doing that to me? Whether India and Nasrin min one beaker layer kulana in Kwinana icon, but when the help of Allah comes from Allah subhanaw taala from your Lord okay and notice Eliza just says Ben Rebecca lamb and rugby him as a means of February the law is distancing himself from these people from your Lord when help comes to you from your Lord. They will come back and say hey we were with

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you the entire time. Oh lace Allah we animal enough He saluted I mean, do you really think Allah doesn't know what's in the tests of all people? What people can conceal? Filling Allah mandala? Alladhina amanu whether your elemental Munna 15 And Allah subhanaw taala makes it clear through that who the believers are and who the hypocrites are. Now this is very powerful last panel to Allah number one. He said Jana fitna ternasky Abdullah, these people took the the corruption of people and the hardships that are brought upon a community and brought upon a society by people themselves. They attributed the bad to Allah subhanaw taala and they completely deflected all blame from

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themselves. They completely took all the accountability away from themselves and just blamed Allah subhanaw taala. But then when the help of Allah subhanaw taala comes? They they say in Hakuna American, what is the implication of saying that we were with you? What are they doing by that? What are they doing when they say we were with you in Hakuna America, that we were there through the hard times, as well as the good times. Right, we were there. So they're taking credit for the good, but they're deflecting the evil, that in and of itself is a sign of failure. That in and of itself is a sign of failure. Your attitude when Allah subhanaw taala tests you is a sign of whether or not you

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are is the sign of whether or not Allah subhanaw taala as purified you by that or punished by that test. A lot of times people asked how do I know if Allah is testing me? And how do I know if Allah is punishing me? You're never going to have access to the knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah to be able to get a clear answer on that. However, your response to the test from Allah subhanaw taala is assigned for what it truly was. If you responded with a sense of humility, and with praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah with attributing that only to yourself, Okay, as the prophets like some says Al hydrocodone, it will be a day where shall release it like that all good is to be attributed to

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you, Oh Allah, and evil is not to you evil is to be attributed to our own actions because of what we have earned. When you react that way to a test in a trial in your life. It's a sign that this test is a means of offering Rajat. This is a means by which Allah subhanaw taala wishes to elevate your status. If you react with nastiness, and you react with questioning Allah subhanaw taala. And you react by saying, Why me? Why is Allah doing this to me, then that's a sign that you're failing the test. That's a sign that you're failing the test. Now, why would Allah subhanaw taala test the believers in the first place now this is very significant. So total ankle boots was revealed towards

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the end of the murky period, the beginning of the Madani period, it's a very it's a it's a very interesting time for the believers because their situation is really up in the air and it's going to switch from really bad to really good all of a sudden, it's going to go from being really bad to really good. So it says if Allah subhanaw taala saying, watch how many people jump on the bandwagon now watch how many people come on board and say we were there the entire time. We struggled the entire time when the victory of Allah subhanaw taala comes when the injured and also on the mob Becca Leia coluna in Hakuna Matata come when victory comes they'll say hey, we were with you. You

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know the entire time. We were with you the entire time. But Allah Subhana Allah to Allah knows what you're concealing and Allah subhanaw taala knows how you're responding to the test that he sends to you. And Allah azza wa jal we also learned from this by the way that he might send a test to a group of people. Some of them are being punished and some of them are being purified.

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Because notice this fitna here came upon the entire Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Amongst them were the believers. Amongst them were the hypocrites. So for example, if a tragedy happens, a disaster happened somewhere, you know, people start saying it's the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala descending upon these people, you don't know what Allah azza wa jal is bringing as a result of that tragedy. For some people, it might be a means of punishment for another group of people within the same tragedy. It's a means of purification. It's a means of Allah subhanaw taala, elevating that individual or elevating that group of people and taking them to the next level. And

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we also see in the Quran, Allah Azza just says Wamena Nassima Nia Abdullah, Allah have there are some people that worship Allah subhanaw taala upon an edge, meaning what if things are good, they stay on. And if things are bad, they jump off the cliff, right? And this was referring to a group of people that also came in this very, very, you know, tender time, in the call of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they became Muslim. Then they went back to their people after becoming Muslim. And instead of great things happening to them, they were expecting that we become Muslim. So now, Allah is going to shower upon us all of these great blessings and so on, so forth. Instead,

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their wife started having miscarriages. They started suffering in regards to their business, things started happening to them, and they said, What kind of religion is this? We don't want anything to do with this. They jumped ship right above the law and who says they forsake their religion? So what this means is, it's not necessary that Allah subhanaw taala is going to send you tribulation and trial. When you believe and when you do good things because Allah azza wa jal says and sort of newer know how to his salaam when he calls his people for people to start with Robert come in who can have a thorough go to citizen I recommend Laura William did a combi and Marlin webinar where janela calm

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Janet and I like him and her, that if you come to ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will bless you in regards to your children will bless you in regards to your wealth will bless you in regards to everything Allah will put baraka and what he's given to you. And so how do we reconcile between these two things that seem to be opposite? And this is something very significant, and the monumental claim Rahim Allah to Allah so this first type of test that Allah subhanaw taala gives to you, is a temporary test, meaning Allah azza wa jal will pinch you with it in the beginning. And when he sees you slacking, he might send you another one to pinch you again to

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test your sincerity. But it is not permanent. Whereas what no hallelujah Salam was guaranteeing his people if they became Muslim, and if they repented to Allah subhanaw taala was something that was everlasting. So the trial is short, but the Nirma is long lift. Whereas on the other hand, when you turn away from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, the Matera, the pleasure is short. And the trial once Allah Subhana Allah, Allah sends that trial to you, it's long lasting, you guys see the difference or not? Okay, so when the believer turns to Allah subhanaw taala Yes, initially, Allah is going to send you a pinch, right? And it might be a really hard one to test you and see if you're sincere. And every

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once in a while law sends you those reminders. But Allah azza wa jal will eventually put baraka and what he's given to you in sha Allah to Allah, and that will be long lasting life will not be perfect, but Allah will put baraka and what he's given to you, whereas on the other hand, the one who turns away from Allah, Allah might open the doors of goodness to him and he might think everything's great, then Allah subhanaw taala takes it all away from him. And that taking away that is long lasting. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah that we be amongst the believers and that we be amongst those that are loyal and that maintain sincerity and certainty in the face of hardship

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and trial and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to allow us to be amongst those that respond to ease with gratitude and respond to hardship with patients Alana Amin questions

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suddenly, they've got this person

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to be testing doesn't doesn't mean either loved him

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in his life, no, nothing major normal life. That's a very good question. Subhanallah you know,

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the question here is, if a person is not being tested, does that mean that Allah doesn't love him? You know, sorry them in a job aid? Well, the A lot of times I know he said something very beautiful.

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You know, he, he said that? Allah Subhana Allah to Allah tells us we don't test Allah.

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What that means is, we don't ask Allah for hardship. We don't ask Allah for tragedy. We ask Allah subhana wa Rabina attina for dunya Hassan will ask you Lottie hasna Latina adda Banagher so we ask Allah for the best of the dunya and the akhira. Okay, so we don't go to Allah and say, Oh, Allah, you know, my paycheck is looking really nice for the last two years. Can you send me some financial hardship so I can know that you love me? Because that's so avant biller? That's expecting evil of Allah

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subhanaw taala instead, Allah azza wa jal says when blucon The Sheree will highly Pfitzner we test you with evil and with good. Both of them are fitna. So when Allah sends you good things in life, he expects a response from you, as long as you're giving that responsibility to other than your favorite. And if Allah sends you bad things in life, Allah expects a certain response from you. So that's the point here that you constantly respond in the way that Allah Subhana Allah Tarhana wants you to respond, but we don't say no, you know, Allah must not love me because things are hard upon me now are too easy for me right now, even though Subhanallah there's no doubt that when you look at

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the self they they used to fear a narrow, they use the fear of being in too much ease on probably a lot I know he used to fear it because he looked around the ease that they had the goodness that he had, and he feared that it was to launch semester radio home in Haifa, dang Alamo, Allah azza wa jal reeling a person in right, meaning what this NEMA is a means of punishment and that this NEMA is a means of a person being reeled in for that great punishment that comes next. But still, you don't assume that of Allah subhanaw taala just say Alhamdulillah when you're in namah, and ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to preserve that namah upon you.

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Anyone else?

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Okay, Zachman la Highlands Subhanak lamb ham to consider Allah in Atlanta stuff look at what two would equal cinema equal antelope recounts

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