Shady Alsuleiman – Do’s and Dont’s of Fasting

Shady Alsuleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during the month of Guinea is discussed, including the need to renew intentions every day to avoid overwhelming the system and avoid disrespect. The speakers emphasize the importance of making intentions one way before others, renewing them every day to avoid distraction, and keeping intentions in mind. They also emphasize the importance of avoiding drinking during fasting and not drinking during meal times. The segment emphasizes the importance of fasting for gaining rewards and avoiding problems, and provides tips on healthy eating and taking water before eating. The segment ends with a reminder of upcoming events and a discussion of missed events.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah say the NaVi now Mohamed

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Salah Mandela payment from the noble alameen wa sallahu wa Salaam Allah say you know Habib Ahmed Radha led was read my rubbish roughly suddenly wasting the MD of the Tamil listen the fo ODM about el presidente Allah subhana wa Taala and please be upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I testify that there's no god except alone and autistic for them how much is the problem the Messenger of Allah

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my respected sisters in Islam I greet you all with the greetings of Islam and I say to every single one of you as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and ask Allah subhana wa tada

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the one that has blessed us for this month the month of Ramadan to make this from amongst does the wish of Allah Subhana Allah Dinah's and CD in this listen mouth to acquire the greatest of rewards and we'll all know the way in a blessed month of Ramadan and these demands are not this the sweet Chateau Ramadan and lady who's in a poorer Hotel in su Reina enacting Buddha word for the month of Ramadan is the month the last panel Allah Allah Karim in and it is that month the last panel tada business with fasting yeah you and Edina mn o catabolic Lucien will come up with

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that one Oh, there's a believer last panel that I described upon the fasting the way people in the previous nations before you say would acquire a tablet and the month of Ramadan is the month of fasting. And therefore Allah subhanaw taala prescribed upon us fasting in the month of Ramadan, it's not an option. It's an obligation and this is something that year I had grown up has grown up in always understanding and knowing that fasting is an obligatory act upon every single Muslim and Muslim and the moment you reach the age of puberty becomes obligatory

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and the problem how much Allah was lm says that the the Islam is based on Islam is founded on five pillars and one of those five pillars is fasting in the month of Ramadan. So your fasting or fasting must be in a month of Ramadan other monkey can get choose in other month

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is going to be the month of Ramadan another month and Allah subhana wa Taala Allah azzawajal

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Allah subhanho wa Taala discuss with the month of Ramadan to be the greatest month, the last panel has chosen to be the month of fasting.

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And therefore sisters sorry about this. Okay. And therefore sisters in Islam, it's important for us that when we fast we fast in accordance to the way of the problem palmata lohani will send them the way the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam taught us how to pray and it was Allah also taught us how to fast and a lot of kind of Allah had mentioned the obligatory act of fasting.

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And the problem Hamas Allah Allah Allah was Allah is the one that had shown us how to fast and like with the Salah, the last panel to Allah had to date upon us to pray, but it's the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, the hedgerows how to pray, and therefore sisters, when we fast, we must fast in a way that isn't according to the web, the problem is a lot harder to send them. And that's why one of the things we shall be talking about today is to talk about the do's and don'ts of fasting and to make sure that when in fact our fasting is correct, because I don't want to put this time and effort into fasting and fasting is incorrect. Now when we fast inshallah faster make sure that fasting is

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valid, in which Allah subhanaw taala accepts this fasting Allah subhanaw taala wrote us with this fasting and all starts with the intention as the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the holidays enamel Amala miniato equilibrium and all the data and actions according to the intention and allows of parallel data gives you a quarter toy intention.

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So it starts with the intention. What's the intention here we're talking about the intention to which the problem amatola lohani was another talks about sincerity. So the intention is about sincerity that when you fast and fast for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada for Allah azza wa jal as the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam makes mention, Masai Mara Malala email and whoever first a month of Ramadan sincerely for the sake of Allah. So intention means that you pass sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala which means that you're fasting for Allah, you sacrifice for Allah, you abstain away from water and food from dawn to dusk from tomorrow is also for the sake of Allah

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subhanaw taala others say, You've got no other reason for you not to eat or drink. Why? Because you're doing that for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala so sincerity. Number two as part of the intention is that you are determined in your fasting so you fast

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undetermined in your fast insane past for the sake of a loss of panel data to uphold a loss of panel data is obligatory act upon me to uphold the last panel doctor's orders upon you. So you need to acknowledge that this is an order from a loss of autonomy, which allows panel data. And therefore you first to fulfill a loss of personal data schema. Also more system, when you fast you have to have the intention before pleasure. In order for your passing to be accepted, and you're fasting to be in Dublin, your intention must be there before present because your fasting starts from physical to mother. And therefore you must have an intention for fasting before visit. And the problem,

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however, does not make the intention before further than the fasting is not valid, that fasting is not accepted. When we talk about physical we're not talking about necessarily to be just before physical visitors at five o'clock, you get up for 30. And you make the intention anytime before physically full. Before 4am before for the thread before for the tour by me. You know what, before you get to sleep that night in Sharla, at o'clock at night before and after Asia.

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As long as you make the intention, then your fasting will be valid. Why? Because our intention is what differentiates between our habits, customs, our normal, everyday actions and our event that because some people donate from physical to limited, they just want to be able to buy it for example, what's the difference between someone who's dieting, not eating and drinking from tomorrow, but someone who is fasting for the sake of Allah. And Allah differences, the intention, the only difference is the intention for that the problem haematological salaam says, The whoever doesn't make an intention before further than the fasting is invalid. Okay, we go back to another point

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here, it does not mean that every single night you have to make the intention, some of the scholars are of the opinion that you make the intention, every single line, yes, some of them have their opinion. But the majority of the scholars say that you could make one of intention from the very beginning of the month of Ramadan, and he say allotted to us every single day of the days of the month of Ramadan for your second CD for your site, awaiting the results from me. And that's it, you just make the intention. So you know, I'll make the intention that I intend to post and presumably,

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if nothing comes and stops you from your regular fasting, then you just continue with the intention. If however, as I sister, you made the intention at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, and then halfway through the month of Ramadan, a few days after multiple times throughout the month of Ramadan, you get you Mrs. lamezia counterparts for seven days, or 10 days or whatever time or duration it is, you need to renew that intention once you start fasting. So that's it that that first intention that you made at the very beginning of the Moto formula is invalid now finished or it's not like invalid, it is valid. But that's it after you get your masters is no longer valid. And

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then you need to renew the intention once again, once you are pure. And once you are purified and claimed, then you renew the intention once again say a lot in the past the present day, from the days of the month of Ramadan, or whatever left is from the month of Ramadan.

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Get an apostle Paul is also an intention that we should get off for the predominant who gets up to 8am for example, for 38. So just to get up for the phone, that's an intention on its own, to get up and drink water before because it is also intentional on its own. So any act that alludes to you wanting to fast and then that's considered to be intention. So the number one important thing that we need to do is that we need to make the intention we don't show every single one of you has made the intention. However, it's recommended that you renew the intention, you renew the intention every single day before you go to sleep or every single person before the another puzzle, just renew the

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intention a lot to be on the safe side and to acquire the rules because the last panel dollar was put into the intention

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when it's backup as a whole. Now obviously, it is one of the recommended acts in the visa lottery was that not recommended the support

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and the problem hamata line it was said eat the dog meal, okay. And the problem with la salatu salam also said that Malaysia is in goodness as long as they continue having the freedom. Now obviously when we say the predominance of the soul, that doesn't mean you have to get up an hour before slot and pestle and make a huge feast and make a huge meal, drinking water that will satisfy the predominant

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eating a bowl of food or even one day that's satisfaction that will suffice. The predominant the predominant was not necessarily to be a big massive meal. They eat eight could be anything just to get up and just have a sip of water yet fulfilled the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam because it's all preparation for

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The first thing and it's all about putting the time and effort on the last panel other than a lot of time effort for me to acquire your the rewards and also for me to fulfill the obligatory act of fasting. So the intention is the number one, that's something that we need to always keep in mind. Keep in mind that the intention is very, very important. And as I mentioned, it's recommended that you renew your intention every single day. However, making one of intention from the very beginning of the month of Ramadan, and there is no disruption in between, then that's a sufficient, that's good enough.

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The membership is of the view, they should be renewing your intention every single night. But that's not the opinion of all the scholars Mr. panicle says that one intention from the very beginning of the month of Ramadan to the end, that should be sufficient, and they should be good enough.

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Going back to the other do's and don'ts. So the intention is number one, number two is that we refrain from eating and drinking what nullifies the fasting from pleasure to mother. I never would say that with pleasure. I know when we say the word first, the first thing that comes to people's minds is that I'm sick. And if you look at the calendars, most of the calendars you'll have to timings, one timing before fettered, which is the insert and then you've got the topic of physics. So at first it was a proper clock, then you usually have in sec 10 minutes before further, in which you'll find on the calendar they'll say 450 is in sec, and in segments holding off from eating and

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drinking. Now in sec, that's only there for cautionary measures that's only there for cautionary measures that wasn't put there. By the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was an act that's been implemented by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. wasallam was one of the alota scholars in this day and age for for the purpose of just to be in the safe side, just to be on the safe side, in case you know, there's a bit of timing delays, or maybe the timing of the puzzle and you can just five o'clock, maybe reality is 458, just to give people that heads up for them to prepare themselves for fasting so someone gets up. And so often federal officials pop a clock

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and they get up at 455, no one can break. Just that 10 minutes gap between pleasure and insect just it is it's just the just to prepare people for failure to prepare people for,

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for the fasting. So the insect is not a practice that's been put there by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam de la da, da da, it's just the practices to get people ready for fasting. So we start our fasting from other physical are now one of the common questions that people have been asking is that

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when that is being called, so first, it doesn't pop up clock and then it starts to call a law, what a law. What is that the time that you stop, or you stop at the end of that, and then you stop at the beginning of the and then you stop at the beginning of the other? So the moment the very remember that, that says a lot about money stop. Again, other common questions that people ask, what about people? mouthful of food, and the wife is calling a lot about a lot. But even though some of the scholars won't say you can swallow it, I would say no. Just be on the safe side. This is your past thing. This is your bigotry. So what I would recommend sweets for yesterday's video. So if you

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bought a mouthful of food, and the mother had called for the amount of salt because of Allahu Akbar, he spilled milk and make sure that your mouth is clear because you want to start your fasting from the very beginning of the alphabet and make sure that you commence your fasting, and you start your fasting on correct grounds and valid grounds in a way that pleases Allah subhana wa Tada. So you start your fasting, progressive, all the way to Muslim, what are the things that you are allowed to do? What are the things that you're not allowed to do? Now obviously, this is our topic today and is a common thing that people constantly ask. There are three main things there are three main things

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that the scores always focus on. When it comes to

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fasting when it comes to nullifying the past. Now we all know intentional eating, intentional drinking. So if you eat and you know that you are eating while you are fasting, and you drink and you know that you are drinking away are fasting, then you nullify your fasting. Now following the fasting, the nullification of the fasting is one thing, the sin on top of that on top of that is something else. We're not talking about the since it's a major simply to break and fast. without a valid excuse. It's a major sin is a major sin one of the major sins of Islam. It's like not praying, not praying is a major sin. I'm not fasting is a major sin.

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And one of the requirements of a valid fasting is that you don't eat and drink from tomorrow. So if someone intentionally eats and intentionally drinks, then they're number four, they're fasting and they also gain series.

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Since they'll also record on themselves major scenes while I was intentional because the problem

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is if someone eats or drinks while they're in the state of fasting or forgetfulness, then they just continue and pursue the fasting as a loss of Coronavirus.

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And so for someone that had forgotten, you know, the wake up, they used to the first thing they do is open the fridge or drink a cup of water once they wake up from their sleep early in the morning, that's the first thing they usually do and someone is not used, it's almost like a stressful, especially at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the first three days of the month, still not used to fasting. So someone went and drank or someone went and ate after they really made the intention. So before the main intention, they're gonna pass and they're gonna die, but then they wake up, they forgot that we're fasting and drink out of forgetfulness. Well the problem hamato

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Lawson said continue with the fasting nursing only you did not record or nothing has been recorded on you as the same. And your fasting still valid, a loss of paradigm is the one that gave you that freedom Allah gave you the one that's out of forgot from diseases continually we'll have to make up that, because it's unintentional. But if you eat intentionally and you drinking tension and knowing that it's fasting, and you are in a state of fasting, then not only it's not only that, you've just received things, but you also know for the fasting, you have to make it up. On top of all this, you have to continue fasting, you can't just say that, you know, I'm breaking up breaking the law, you

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have to continue putting in some of the scholars of the strict opinion, like a mechanic who says you have to even make an offer 60 days, that's not the majority opinion. But some of the scholars have a strict opinion saying because you break it fast, he intentionally and deliberately have to make a lot more fasting 60 days, like when someone has a TBC or a couple have lunch with one another in the month of Ramadan, intentionally. Their expiation is that they have to fast 60 days.

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So the number one

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number one act that nullifies the fasting is deliberate and intentional eating and drinking. Okay, the other one, which is the third common one, sexual intimacy. Again, I don't want to go too much in the depth of that we're not talking about sexual contact, we're not talking about touching or kissing or hugging. We're talking about sexual * and absurdities the word but sexual * that not only nullifies the past thing, but there's also an expansion and expansion on that. One is that both the man and the woman, husband or wife must compensate for the wrongdoing in the month of Ramadan by fasting 60 days. And we're not talking about a 60 day 60 consecutive days.

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So that's another act that nullifies the first thing, the other act that offers the first thing is intentional vomiting, intentional vomiting, so you gotta force yourself to vomit, for whatever reason it is that someone would that ate, or this other, they got forced themselves to vomit. So if it's an intentional vomiting, you do break your fast, and otherwise, you're fasting, it's hard, again, because you did it intentionally, and deliberately. And also not because you passed it. But if someone was supposed to vomit, you know, someone feeling unwell, and someone feeling sick and are forced to vomit, something, you know, like, I say, no worries, we'll get through those from time to

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time, my last panel data protect us law.

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So you are forced to vomit. If you are forced to vomit, and it's not in your hand, then he doesn't allow for fasting and fasting still valid, they continue with it. What nullifies it, when you force yourself to vomit, you put your hands in your mouth, and you post it, so your fingers in your mouth and you force yourself to vomit, you push your stomach, and you force yourself to vomit, for whatever reason, at the end of the day, as long as you are not forced to vomit, as long as it's not something Yes, but if it's something that's in your head, then you fasting is still considered to be valid, and you just continue with the fasting that day. But if you force yourself to mama, then you

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nullify your fasting. Okay, another thing that none of us are fasting. And this is like the common thing, obviously, once a woman gets her period, so let's say she started the beginning of the day with fasting, then midday, she starts to see blood or she starts to see bleeding, and I'm sorry to use those terms. But just to be clear about things, she got her period, the very moment that she gets a period that's it, she can no longer she can no longer continue the fasting she can't continue with the fasting anymore. And obviously that's why the house is not the one that had chosen to believe in the month of Ramadan or even believe in a dialogue. And that's what the problem from

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what's the last item said, it's not something that's in your head. You just continue without being without fasting that day, and then you continue with fasting after you're clean. Okay, after you clean

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Alright, so these are the major things that really break the fasting

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These are the major things that really break the fast.

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The things that don't break the fast thing, but you have to be conscious of in which a lot of people ask the question, okay, questions like, Can I brush my teeth?

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Or can I have a shower, can I swim, things like that, things like that. First of all, you don't have to do them. You could do them before fuzzer, you could do them after murder. No one is supposed to, you're supposed to do them right in the middle of the fasting. But on top of all this, you can do that. However, if you make a mistake, and you swallow in all of it, fasting is simple to. So for example, brushing your teeth, which is one of the most frequently asked questions in a mountain road.

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system, brush your teeth before you brush your teeth after moderate, I'm sure it's not going to be a big job, if you don't brush your teeth in between pleasure and murder. But if you do go ahead and brush your teeth and you just swallow something, then you have known for the passing and you're a sinner, because you're not supposed to be doing that enough to do that. If you didn't brush your teeth, and it does follow anything and nothing gets past the throat, then you're fasting is valid. So brushing your teeth on its own is not an issue. It's about swallowing something. And whether you swallow it intentionally or unintentionally, and sometimes you might slip make a mistake and you

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swallow it, then you are not afforded fasting and yet.

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Likewise, having a shower, for example, you could have shown almost any problem in the state of fasting, you can have a shower. But if you have a shower and you swallow water while you're having a shower, then you have not afforded fasting because you could have a shower before shower after you break your boss told you to go and have a shower that time. But end of day, if you do have a shower, and he does swallow anything, the issues, but if you do, then you are liable, then you become responsible. Another common question people ask, okay, swimming, cannot swim when I'm fasting. Yes, you can, as long as you can secure, I guarantee they're not gonna swallow anything. And if it is for

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anything, you have invalidated another for the fasting and you're a sinner, because nothing has returned the time. As long as nothing gets past the throat, so nothing gets past the throat. If something goes past the throat, then you become a lot more responsible.

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These are some of the common questions that people ask, okay, medications,

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you've got a number of medications, direct medications that get directly to the stomach from the mouth, okay. 100% is going to nullify fasting, what about if you have to take it, if you have to take it, then that passed, you can't just go and take pills and say, you know, continue fasting, you don't have to just pay an expiation if you go by and experience and then really fun. You

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know, one of the debatable topics right now is the ventilators or talking about the asthma conference. I believe that you shouldn't use it in the end when you're fasting. And if you have to use it that fast. I'm not telling you get up, put yourself in the hardship not enough if you have to use it. A lot of penalties to enter too fast.

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So any medicine or any medication that goes directly into the stomach, okay, then that none of us are fasting, what about our drops on E drops, those drops do not notify you fasting, even if you taste it in your throat. So that's according to the scholars. So our drops in a drops, even while you're fasting and you put them in the ease or you put them in your eyes. Even if it tastes the taste of the medication in your throat that does not nullify your fasting because there's not a direct link to your stomach. Then, as the scholars say there's no direct link to your stomach and the scholars mentioned okay.

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injections. Okay, there's two types of injections. One injection, which gives you nourishment gives you nutritions gives you power gives you strength. You've got some of those injections like they've fed you. That's top of injections. 100% now if Are you fasting? Those types of injections 100% nullify

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the other top of injections which are medicines that then give you nourishment, thank you we nutrition and then give you food. Thank you. What else if you'd like in a locker replacement of food, they give you energy, then those types of injections do not nullify your fasting that also includes a common question that people ask.

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Do a blood test

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blood coming out of your body doesn't another form of fasting. But But if you intend to go and do a blood test, and you don't have to do it in the month of Ramadan, if you have to that's a different topic. But it's like you know, I could wait till after the month of Ramadan where you know, the chef said that

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taking blood out and doing a blood test doesn't breakfast, say no. And yes, the nurse or the doctor whoever it is that the blood out of your body. Your fasting is still valid but after he started feeling drowsy and tired

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And fatigue and you ever felt faint. And then what happened he, you have to drink water you have to break your pastor has to drink juice as they usually give us a cup of juice after you give blood or after you do a blood test, then you are laudable him, yes, you have to break across because you're going to find that actually, I was not going to play in how but now unfortunately again on the blood test in the month of Ramadan. And because you did the blood test in the month of Ramadan when he didn't have to do the blood test in the month of Ramadan if you have to do it. Again, that's a different topic. But since he didn't have to do it, and he ended up doing it. And because he did the

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blood test, you were forced to break your fast, okay, you break your past, understand you break your past and should understand, they break it fast, and you have to break it fast, but you're alone, you're a sinner, because no one taught you something that you could have done

00:25:46 --> 00:26:22

without talking about situations where you have to go and test we're just talking about Okay, now it's a choice between doing a blood test now or blood test after the month of Ramadan. So you know, again, do the meeting and do the blood test is everything's alright. But then after you're circulating and tired, you're less you have to break your fast and therefore you're breaking fast. But you are seen at the same time you have committed a sin so you didn't break your fast and understand the boy breaking fast. But what did you do a blood test during the month of Ramadan when he didn't have to do your blood test in the month of Ramadan? That's not understandable therefore,

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that will be recorded upon you as a sin. Yes, that will be recorded as a sin.

00:26:29 --> 00:26:39

Other questions that people ask is copying hijama Can we there is Yama fasting? Yes, you can. But if you're fasting and then after you did the Java,

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you feel fatigued and tired and exhausted. They're about to collapse and then you have to break your path you have committed the sin because not only do you either have to get the jump between first and then we could have done after

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though any of you can do after the month of Ramadan. What did you have to get into what are you passing in between present and moderate? And then it resorted to lol resulted to that you had to breakfast? No.

00:27:04 --> 00:27:04

No thought again.

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Another common question that people ask is rinsing the mouth and nose while you're fasting. Yes, you can rinse your mouth and nose while you're fasting. Yes, you can. But as long as you don't swallow water. And if you're unsure, if you're going to reach your mouth or nose and you get a small order, then rinse your mouth and nose just keep away from it. No one had forced you to do sir, no one would force you to sir. So keep away from it. So rinsing the mouth or nose, you can let this slide. And if you do swallow and you know that you shouldn't lie, you know that you have the option two then you become liable. Alright, the other thing that people ask about the month of Ramadan and a common

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question that people ask in the month of Ramadan.

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And I'm sorry to say this, but it's a common question people saying that swallow this alive and some people say no, sometimes, like a parlour up in my mouth and swallow it. This is in your mouth. No one's gonna tell you or no one's gonna stop you from doing that either. Some of the scholars have mentioned that it's not recommended to do that it's destroyed. But it's something inside your mouth and no one's gonna stop you from doing so. Okay, now these are some of the questions that we usually I frequently get asked with regards of fasting in the month of Ramadan, and what are the things that you can do in the month of Ramadan fasting. Now the other thing that's recommended while you're

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fasting is that obviously committing to normally fasting, okay, it's not recommended, of course, it's harder for you to come in. But while you're fasting committing the Hara, even though it might not it even though in my even though it might not nullify your fasting, but you still commit a sin and use the rules of fasting. So for example, if I'm fasting and I'm looking at the huddle, I'm listening to the heart. I'm fasting, I'm looking at the heart, I'm listening to the huddle.

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Now there's another form of fasting however, it makes me lose the rules of fasting.

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So if someone's listening to music, for example, the first thing the first thing is correct, they get my rules. On top of that they also get sins, they commit sins. Why? Because you're committing Hello, as the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said whoever does not abstain away from the evil doings of the evil sayings or laws of Canada is not in need of them to keep away from the federal order from visit to monitor. So committing the scenes, not all scenes, nullify your fasting but they're making you lose your rules of fasting. Not all sins, nullify some things.

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Then our for your fasting. But most things did not nullify your fasting your fasting still correct and you get that tick they passed on that day, however, you lose the rewards of fasting

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One of them is a common question that people ask is that can I fast?

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While I'm not praying?

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Okay, fasting is one thing, right? If something goes, if you fast and you're not praying shuttling and fasting is accepted, where you get no rewards because you're committing a sin by not praying. Another sister asked the question also, can I fast and not wear the hijab? Yes, your fasting is correct, and not wearing the hijab is Hara. So that's something for you to start working on.

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And inshallah I hope they actually did get rewards for your fasting. But definitely fasting is valid, but not wearing the hijab is seen and taken on the street in the month of Ramadan is not the best of things. And that's why I encourage the sisters in Shabbat to make a change in their life in the month of Ramadan. Not wearing the hijab is the opportunity, this is your opportunity for you to make a change in your life. Also, when do you break your fast you break across the very moment the mother says Allahu Akbar for mother. Likewise, you stop eating and drinking the very moment the mother says a lot with feathered you break your father very remember the mother says allow it. But

00:31:08 --> 00:31:44

for mother initial delight in the base of laws that have said my alma mater nation is in great goodness, as long as they continue delaying this and making the break of the fast at the very beginning of matter. So nothing will I'm going to give another five minutes and get extra rules. It doesn't work that way, the very moment, the mother makes another fuss about the mother of the tea, your fasting has ended. And it's recommended that you start your meal with water and date as the problem homeless on a date that needs to price a lot of money. So to break your fast with the water, and then you dig into your food or something off here. molars have handled tablets in the family and

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also recommend to make glass before you break your past as the problem tomato lots of them said, the daughter of the one who is breaking the fast is accepted. So that time they are waiting to break your fast. And that moment they are sitting down around the table or waiting for the mother to call for a lot of money directly passes the Laws of Power that exists the law. And this is specific to the problem homosassa Mr. Say, upon breaking his fast and it's also recommended to feed the fasting people because they get the rewards of the fasting clip. So let's say in politics

00:32:16 --> 00:32:52

he can't do that now. So just to be clear, not during the restrictions that we've gone through. But let's say they invite him to leave wherever you donate money towards feeling completely naked, there was less 10 people 100 people get the rewards of those other people's problems. Look at generals a lot of allies in the month of Ramadan. And it's recommended that every night you pray the pm which is the pm praise the Lord for praise of the problem Hassan is established and Arthur with praise and only allowed to be prayed after you have prayed some of you can pray that away prayers because of the nature. A common mistake that people used to do last year they used to come to the masjid for

00:32:52 --> 00:33:03

example, after the missile Health Division and joining the map was a lot lower than the price of admission after that's wrong. So lots of therapy must be performed after a lot of Asia after a break.

00:33:04 --> 00:33:08

So a lot of Asia so you can't write throwaway praise because a lot of Asia

00:33:09 --> 00:33:35

also it's recommended that you revive the days and the light of the month of Ramadan, the recitation of the planet green that's one of the things that we've been talking about encouraging us to continue reading the book of Allah subhanaw taala in the month of Ramadan, and it's also recommended that for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was always generous and more generous in the month of Ramadan than any other month. So any donation and contribution they give for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala is commendable in the month of Ramadan

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remembering Allah subhanaw taala on your tongue, the month of Ramadan is about being in a state of wishing, wishing me the last panel palette 24 seven so it was during the day, last panel calibrated in the evening, and you continue remembering the lies are also in the days of the month of Ramadan is about being in a state of wishes. 24 seven, and Panama is one of the beautiful things that was in the last panel before and then you've got the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan, which is another topic that inshallah we'll be covering very soon. We'll talk about the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan, and what's recommended in the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan, and what the problem

00:34:11 --> 00:34:42

was that I used to do in the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan. So sisters just wanted to cover quickly on some of the do's and don'ts of fasting in the month of Ramadan. What are the recommended acts, the Prophet Muhammad SAW the last set of recommended what are the things that the Sharia had recommended, and the chat Allah we will continue to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala and this this month, more importantly after this map, see a lot of people get it wrong because they just focus on this month. They just want to get closer to the last panel during this month. I just want to connect themselves to the product and interest in this month. And they do yes, they get a lot of time and

00:34:42 --> 00:35:00

this month and they connect themselves to the product even this month, but after this month, they detour away. Why? Because that was your plan. That was the intention. They detail why? Because that's their plan intention they intend to follow to connect the Alliance this month and they did and their intention was to connect to them.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:26

Ironically in this one and they did and they attempt to get away from the * out of this one lady, but the intention wasn't for after this month so why because well this month and the end everything with the intention is very important. Very important. That's why the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam used to always emphasize on the importance of the Nitya intention, it's not like Oh, no wait almost suddenly our workouts are hot and also on our wedding night our intentions and our determination and sincerity,

00:35:27 --> 00:36:04

acknowledgement, determination, sincerity and acknowledgement, they are determined in your worship, you're sincere in your worship and he acknowledges worships for lots of pelota sisters let us all inshallah renew in my last planet, our awaji honor it's been a bit of a challenging etc. With the month of Ramadan coming to the massage allows us to make it easier on us, each of us it's a matter of time that the massages and the centers in particular you may will open again and we'll have your wonderful company in Sharla here the domain and shall continue remembering the last panel to Allah and getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala my laws or laws are exempt from me, Allah subhanaw taala

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mycorrhiza Allah Hydra for joining us and be with us in sha Allah every single Saturday at 1:30pm here on the AMA, online platforms, social media platforms and every single line 7:30pm so every single night 7:30pm we've been live streaming all the different tools from the UI on all the different social media platforms and specifically inshallah we'll continue with the system lessons and programs will be set by 1:30pm on the Euro my sisterhood, Facebook page and other social media platforms once again for being with us except for me and my last panel down and reunite us again for his pleasure Please take me Ramadan I mean, Ramadan Mubarak TT feminine to the entire Muslim

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community Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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