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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the story of Habiba's marriage to the Prophet sallam and his involvement in major battles and command. Habiba's marriage to the Prophet sallam was a key participant in major battles and command. The story also touches on the positioning of Habiba's wife, M Habiba, as a widow in Abyssinia and the loss of a member of the royal family due to COVID-19. The segment also touches on Habiba's history and involvement in major battles and command.
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So now when it comes to La Habra character dear brothers and sisters, welcome back to the first shorts where we are looking at some of those early Muslims and companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who we don't have much narrated about, but we can extract lifelong lessons for ourselves being lucky to Allah. And if I was to address this particular lesson to anyone, it would be the people of modern day Jordan. You know, last week we talked about a man who was responsible for one of the major cities of Iraq, where much of Islamic civilization was produced. And today we are talking about a man who also was a quiet soldier you don't have much about him, but is

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responsible for what is modern day Jordan and much of Palestine as well in coming into Islam. So let's talk about this man and his name is a very interesting one. His name is pronounced Shura, Beale, even hasna should be even Hasina or the Allahu taala on and it can also be shall have been, according to some of the scholars, so should I be even has Sunnah or the Allahu taala. And who was one of the first who embraced Islam, we don't have a number that's attributed the way that we do with their expedition as one will be allowed to and who, who was, according to one narration, the seventh who embraced the snob, but we do know that he's very early on and should be worthy a lot of

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time who is named after his mother even has Santa and has Santa his mother is also an early Muslim, all the ohana. So she'd also be considered one of the first Muslims and why he's named after her. The scholar se is because she is the one who adopted him and raised him as a child. So there's actually very little known about his father. In fact, much dispute about who his father even was, what his actual name was, will be a lot of data and how some of the sources mentioned a man by the name of Abdullah then will die. And they say that he's from benu Kindle or benu, Tamim one of the two famous tribes at the time. But at the end of the day, his mother adopted him as a child and he

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was named or attributed to his mother and his mother raised him and later on in life, she would marry a man by the name of Sophia and metamodel, the Allahu taala and from Medina who he and his sons became Muslim, and he and his sons jabbered events of Ghana and Mark Ma and Granada and Sophia and Mama, who would be stepbrothers of SRA. Habib also would make the second heads off to Abba, seniors, so they originate from the lineage of the unsolved but at the same time, they were settled in Mecca and they would migrate to Abyssinia along which the rock bead and his mother so should not be all the a lot of time and hope like or it's about we have nothing about him before the migration

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to Abyssinia. We know that he made the second his life to Abyssinia along with his mother and along with his stepfather and his step brothers. So when he is in Abyssinia, what we will see of him is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would entrust him with a serious Amana with a serious trust. And that is what is narrated authentically about him Habiba are the Allahu taala and the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now if you remember when we spoke about him Habibullah Leila Ana, she has the most interesting story of marriage to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam or sudo Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam hears about the death of her husband obey the law of injection

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Abyssinia, so I'm habibollah the Aloha, migrated to Abyssinia with obey the law and jash and obey the law and jash and we spoke about the dispute about whether or not he became Christian and he died actually not even as a Muslim in Abyssinia. But the point is, is that Ohm Habiba is left as a widow in Abyssinia and in a very peculiar situation. And she's the daughter of Abu Sufyan. So it's a very sensitive situation. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent a proposal to M Habiba about the Allahu taala and her in Abyssinia all the way from Medina and when she receives that proposal, she receives it on the part of Anna joshy so the Prophet slice I'm actually addressed in the Joshua

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will the lowdown on how to conduct the marriage on his behalf. And then the joshy will be alongside on her from himself actually gave a mohawk of 4000 Durham's and of course, he held the wedding the walima the feast of Habiba will be allowed to hide on her in avicennia himself or the Allahu Allah and also on habibollah the law and has an interesting marriage to the Prophet slice in them which we've already covered in some detail. Now where does where does shutoff be come into play here he was the person according to them Habiba or the Allahu tada and her that and the joshy sent her with to the Prophet sallallahu it was selling for Bertha beha either Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Mara

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should be even Hasina or the Allahu taala and her this authentic narration of widowhood. So, he

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is the one who is accompanies on heavy metal the low tide on her from Abyssinia to Medina, where she would be reunited with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam years after the actual necaxa was conducted. So Pamela that's a great honor to be entrusted with and it shows you the position of competency and honor that he has with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well, to have such a trust with him. However, the greater honor comes to him when he arrives in Medina. So this was part of the community that stayed in Abyssinia for some time. All right, they did not come back to Mecca and migrate with the profit slice them to Medina. Rather this was part of the community that settled in Abyssinia for

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some time and then came to the profit slice lm in El Medina. When he arrives in Medina, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam bestows upon him the honor of being one of kuttabul ye one of those who would be honored with writing down the revelation. So he's a scribe of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as well as he was an early Muslim, who also was one of the few people that was literate. And of course, because of the sacrifices that he had already made with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was deserving of such an honor. So the poor and that we have today so how now some of its original documentation comes at the hands of this man who is barely known to most of the Muslim

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should not be allowed the Allahu taala. And so he didn't witness many of the battles with the prophets lie some of them, however, because of his skill, and because of the position that he had, in the hill off of Abubakar study called the law of data and what I will record all the time who assigned him to be a commander in the war on the apostates in the Battle of yamamah. In particular, we see that he was second in command after holiday didn't really there'll be a long time. So holiday, of course, was first in command, and he was second in command in that decisive battle over the AMA, and he also used to run Special Operations at the time due to his unique skill set after

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the Battle of yamamah. And the war against the apostates of Rebecca will the Allah tada and her sons four divisions of the army under Khalid that will be allowed Tada. And one of them is commanded by Omron nos, one by abora, VEDA ninjalah. One by is either gonna be Sophia and one by should be even Hassan Allah The Allahu taala. So he's one of the main commanders that will then participate in the battles against the Byzantines in a sham. We find that he was a key participant in the fall of Busan, an important city in greater Syria. And then he was also a commander in one of the most decisive battles against the Byzantines known as the Battle of edge Nadine, where the Byzantines

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were beaten back into Damascus. So he was actually one of the commanders at the time. Now when I will back it all the time who passed away You might remember that our mental health hospital the Allahu anhu replaced Khalid didn't and what is what are the Allahu anhu with of our VEDA evangelia How will the allowance add on who has the key commander, and it's significant that Aveda will be alongside and when he assumes charge of the army, he left should be in his position so he did not relieve should be of being the second in command deputy commander under him, as the battle turned not just beyond the Byzantines, but eventually towards the Persians as well. However, his focus

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remains in the battles against the Byzantines against the Romans at the time. So where does he shine most should be on the line who as I said in the very beginning of this episode, is credited primarily for the opening of what is now Jordan, as well as parts of Philistine he had an army of about 7000 people and was able to conquer the majority of that area. So somehow a lot of those of you that are settled in OTA don't. in Jordan in particular, in parts of fall esteem, this is a man who Allah subhanho wa Taala did much on his hands that you are still reaping the blessings of today. So what do we have with him next is unfortunately his death in the playground was so he is another

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one of those great companions that would pass away in the plague, which we have been speaking about recently and of course, hits home quite a bit now in the era of COVID-19. And in the plague unless we find a very you know, interesting argument between him and our and also the law itself as our house was was trying to come to a solution for how to beat the plague. And interestingly enough, this really is a differing amongst the Muslims on social distancing to an extent Omron Ross wanted to implement certain protocols. One of the things that he mentions to Omron are also the Allahu anhu in the capacity of that is in the cancer hip to Rasulullah sallallahu It was solimar Amro, Allah

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lumen, Gemini early on.

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was a companion of the Prophet slice on when Amina Ross was still more lost than the companion of his family, the camel of his family so I was a companion of the Prophet slice I'm very early on. When I'm Rasul Allah tala animal was still as misguided as a camel of his people or minbari Allah He in one narration or the wild a wild beast of his of his people, and armored rhodiola Thailand who said Sadat that he has told the truth should be said these famous words he said about the plague, no Rama Torabi, como deltona vehicle sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam all too slowly in the public home, that this is the mercy of your Lord. And the supplication of your profits lice Allah and the death

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of the righteous that came before you. And as they were witnessing the death of some of the key companions should be or the Allahu tida and who passed away on the very same day as a Barbados, Nigel lachenal. dll Tada. And so, this is again to give you, you know, the scope of how devastating this particular plague of Hamas was, imagine losing, you know your first and command your second command on the very same day to the very same plague. And that was the case with a beta branch irrational the amount of time and should be rhodiola hotel and he was about 67 years old. So a life lived FISA be the law, a life in which he was at the forefront of many different battalions. In

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fact, when you're reading about the battles of the Byzantines, let you know there are very few times very few times rarely Will you come across a chapter except that the battalion of should be called the Allahu taala. And who was mentioned, may Allah parents accept his life long struggles for his cause, and they lost the parents I accept his Shahada, Allah Ameen de zachman lo Hayden and Charlotte Tyler. The next person that we will cover has a closer relationship to the Prophet slicin that's documented but still falls within these three commanders that we are talking about. I'll see you then in sha Allah was Santa Monica Mohammed Salah he will blackcat

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