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Juz’ 7 with Dr. Nazir Khan _

Sh. Omar Suleiman and Sh. Abdullah Oduro, joined by special guest Dr. Nazir Khan, explore gems from the seventh Juz’ of the Holy Quran.

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All right, everyone. salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Outlast me, I'm going to save

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him and come to the line.

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Whatever we want on the bottom he will not be able to do what's happening. Local suddenly he was telling him about economic Dakota so he can come in and sell a lot, right. He was so long winded early, he was so happy he was selling to senior kathira hamdulillah. We are now Caroline how the Time flies, you know, when you're going by the just seven. So the the slowdown is already moving. And we are now almost a week in. We asked the last panel to accept I hope your normal bond is going well. And I pray that you've been benefiting from this series along with the angel series and the from D two habits series that we've been having hamdulillah we're joined tonight by Dr. Nasir Han,

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who's not just director of research strategy, but also president of European Canada. So sort of a US Canada thing going on here except I don't like to compare myself to Trump and him to Trudeau. It's just not fair. But having done that he's been preparing for for tonight. So he's got some beautiful insights he's going to share with us some shout out but we're blessed to have him with us tonight. And of course, as always

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wonderful to have you on this program. So yesterday we were talking about the ending sort of

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an ISA going into a nakida. And we really focused on the way that Allah subhana wa tada is speaking to the believers after they've been through the full cycle of being prepared for trial. Okay, so pre budget and then post bed there were a login victory when they upheld the covenants and then postcodes where they fell short and Allah subhana wa tada reminded them to come back. Now post her they via and they're in a position of power. And they've been through the full cycle in terms of the lessons that the oma is to learn. There's a strong emphasis on unity, a strong emphasis on obeying and following the messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. And we mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala

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gives the prophets why some of the language by which he should call the People of the Book, to Allah subhana wa tada as the Prophet Simon was now writing letters to world leaders writing letters to religious scholars around the world, inviting them to his call, the way that this suit that this just starts is so beautiful. It starts with the mention of good Christians recognizing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the messenger that was foretold by a Saudis, by Jesus peace be upon that is the first idea. And if you look at the i o or loss peptidases what he does some Ural mountains will soon tell you how to field in a demo it is when they see the prophet SAW the law, how

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it was set up, and then they hear the words that were revealed to the Prophet sly some of these people whose hearts were soft and ready for the truth, their eyes filled with tears. Okay, and what is the loss a min max out a few minutes left because of what they knew from the truth. They recognize the truth as soon as they saw it, because they were sincere in their pursuit of truth. Remember, if you're asking a lot for guidance, and a lot gives you guidance, right, as long as your heart is sincere and you are looking for it, then he will see the continuation of that guidance. And you will you will recognize the vehicles of allows guidance. So as soon as they saw the profit slice

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so what did they say?

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Yoku Luna robina men took Nomura shahidi. And Ola, we believe so write this down amongst those who have more witness. If you look at the story of the Great Leader of Abyssinia, modern day Ethiopian, the joshy us hammer or the love of Thailand, when he heard the message of Islam when he heard the recitation about money and money as salam in particular and he saw Islam about Jesus and Mary peace be upon them. What did he say to jack little the Allahu anhu. And he not only did he talk about the similarity of the message that he knew and the message that was being brought from the answer, but when he wrote the letter to the prophets lie Selim, he said that I bear witness that you are the

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messenger, that that Bushido be here Isa, that Jesus peace be upon him gave the glad tidings of so we were waiting for you and you are the messenger that are you sorry, his salon gave the glide times are some of them are fascinating say that this was revealed about 12 Ethiopian priests and the senior priests when they heard the Prophet sallallahu wasallam recite the core and they immediately started to cry, they recognize the truth. And so they came to it right away. And a lot goes on to mention his reward for them after that. Then we get into some of the new laws. And so I 89 verse 89, of sorts and either Allah subhana wa tada introduces the cafardo, the expiation for the breaking of

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oats. And he introduces a tom wash ottima scheme to feed 10 poor people or to close 10 poor people, or if a person's Of course can also fast if they're unable to do so. So a lot interesting

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uses this. And this is from what the scholars talk about, you need to love because we use that a lot once for you ease. The last kind of Metallica has not only made for every sin, a form of repentance, but for every making of an oath, a form of cafardo, a form of expiation, and that expiation is a good deed that would bring you back to Allah subhana wa tada as is highlighted here to either close 10 poor people, or feed 10 poor people or fast three days to bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala. A lot then goes on to verse 90 to 93, the prohibition of alcohol and gambling, a loss of control subhanaw taala, in verse 93, talks about how he's not going to hold people accountable for

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their previous sins, so welcoming them in. And then you know, as you get into these laws, and again, this is the formation of a community and so you start to see the laws really develop in this time, a lot goes back to the people, the people of Moosa, the people of Isa, the people of Ibrahim, and then us, and that's going to continue throughout the juice. So how does this How does this flow go? It's really beautiful. Verse one on one to 104, Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us to not let us

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come to succumb not to persist in questioning, like the people of Moses, like the people of Mossad Islam. So that's the 101 to 104. And then, after that, 109 to 115, you have the last moments of reciting SOME OF JESUS peace be upon him with the mat either with the table spread. And what is the story of the magnitude of the table spread? The How are you? The disciples are very sorry. So I'm asking very sorry, his Salaam, if he could ask a lot to reveal or to send down a table spread with food from the heavens, and I use it. So I'm setting it up a lot. And Clinton what we need to be mindful of a lot if you are truly believers, and what did they say? They said, No, look, we just

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want to satisfy our hearts and to eat from it. This is not a questioning of God. And this is a gem By the way, right here, because a lot answers the requests

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of Jesus peace be upon him when he calls upon a lot and request that food, the disciples of Christ eat from that food, and they're grateful to Allah. And this is a moment that's celebrated in the poor and which shows you There are two types of questioning. There's the questioning with the aim of truth and gratitude and a questioning with the aim of falsehood and mockery. Right. So that the parable, or the distinction is made in a very subtle way between those two types of questioning the questioning of sincere truth, which was found amongst the followers have all the profits in some capacity, but here a very specific group of followers, which are the followers of a size now the

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disciples are very size, who are looked at very favorably right there their righteous group of people that are being praised and then you go on to the end of certain 90 them and Allah Subhana, which Allah

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rebukes the the Association of very sorry, Islam of Jesus with God. So it's a refutation of the Trinity and an ace as I'm testifying on the Day of Judgment, you know, which I believe I should have done was going to talk about Michel Lazzara

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that he came to deliver that that message of the oneness of God so there's a refutation of Trinity that's given at the end of the sutra and Subhanallah, what's the first verse of certain NRM and hamdulillah he led the Holocaust and it will,

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it will Nord, Alaska, Canada says all praises due to a lot of God who created the heavens and the earth, and made the darkness and the light. So a complete affirmation of a laws oneness and that's the first six verses of Swords

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is this beautiful affirmation of Allah's oneness and in praising a lost parents out and glorifying himself as the creator as the God who brings it all back together? Now I want to shout Lazzara as we move on to Abdullah How does the love bring it all back with Ibrahim rice on with Abraham peace be upon it? So students and I'm chronologically as the first introduction of Mexican or an

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in in the way that you're reading the Koran, right? So it's the first introduction of Mexico and the poor and thus far as you're reading it is more than equal as well as those revealed in Medina, so I shouldn't say chronologically. But, you know, as you're reading the Quran from cover to cover, you come across the first verses of Mecca. And it's the purest arguments for the existence of God and the signs of Allah, it's imposed on him and he said, I'm Abraham peace be upon him coming to the conclusion of the Creator God of the one God, using his his using revelation, obviously, the stars, the moon, the sun, all of the signs of the creation of a lot. And Ibrahim alayhis salam

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Last pelletize says about him that these are the these are the conclusive arguments what's in Joshua? Now, these are the conclusive arguments we gave to him it is Salaam to Abraham peace be upon him against his people. So this is verses 8282. And then you have the Long You know, you have between verse 83 and 87. You have over 18 prophets listed by name. Okay, so Abraham, Isaac, Jacob Nolan's, aka yahia, john, all of them are listed by name here. And there's something beautiful that the scholars point to in this regard, which is Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, Abraham peace be upon him, Allah always brings it back to him. Because he is the root right, we go back to him. How did the

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Brahim on Islam conceive of god of the Creator? And how do we unite around that vision of the Bohemian Salon of Allah subhana wa Tada, God. And at the same time, the scholars say that what made of Rahim is not such a perfect model to point to is that both the pagans, the Arab pagans respected him and the People of the Book respected him. So he was honored by the pagan Arabs in Mecca. And he was honored by the people of the book, the Jews and the Christians and others as well, for his obvious you know, it's called the Abrahamic faiths for a reason, right? Abraham holds a special place in everyone. And so Allah subhanaw taala says, Let's go back to the Rocky Mountains. Hello.

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And how does this just end? It started off with a verse about sincere people of the book, sincere Christians from Abyssinia who recognize the truth and who were brought to tears. And they immediately asked to be counted amongst those who bear witness. The last verse is what a sobre la Vina Drona Minh dooney la playa Subala. So verses 108 to 110. I'm certain and I am Do not insult the deities whom people offer their worship to besides God, because if you install those that they invoke other than God, then they will turn back and insulting God, and no one's gonna win. Okay, so even though and this is beautiful, the languaging of you know, there's a refutation of Trinity you

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can't get around that right that's in the analog refuting the Trinity a lot calling them you know, calling people to the way of Abraham calling people to the way of the prophets. And it's a strong review, as well as a languaging that's given to the prophets lie some on how to call the People of the Book to a lot. But the last verse is don't be insulting to those that people call besides Allah subhanho wa Taala even the idols Don't, don't be insulting in a way that would just cause them to insult in return. Because if you use the right will slope of data, the right manners of that one, then you might get the result that's in the first part of this, which is the beautiful data of Jaffa

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will be a lot to the to the Christians and Abyssinia whereas if you get the other side of this where it's insulting then all you're going to do is provoke an insult in response and counter and it's not going to bring any type of good and so that's how the juice ends, to not insult those that are called on besides the lost parents and less they insult a lot in turn in enmity without knowledge and Charlotte I will hand it off to Abdullah

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just not gonna love him. Hello. So now salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was a human would do. As he mentioned, this chapter has not as a chapter that's finalized, very important for us as Muslims as every chapters of the Quran, but particularly in in Atlanta, where there is color pluralism, pluralism, we can say healthy pluralism, being that you'll find Muslim Christians and Jews coexisting amongst each other. And it's, it's, it's Paramount that the Muslim has a general understanding of the vibe or let's say, what this chapter is primarily geared towards, and the method of dialogue with the other people, people of faith, the other face. And we see here as he

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mentioned earlier, how the dialogue with a Saudi Salaam was with the people and move sideways to them. And as he mentioned, what I want to capitalize on, brothers and sisters is the last page. So primarily, verse 116, to the very end,

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where Allah subhanho wa Taala asks Risa a question and it is not the as they say it's their lamb it is not for Allah.

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Tasha Okay, let that Allah Allah does not know but him asking a question to the Prophet is to teach you something and also to rebuke the the people that were quit the the people that were given the message, as you will see here, and somehow this reminds me,

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you know, Cipolla, when I wasn't Muslim, and I was asking about Islam. I remember my first question. My first question in a roomful of guys from Brooklyn, New York, because you know, I was really into hip hop. I don't know if y'all know what hip hop is. It's not gymnastics. You go Google, you'll find out what it was what it is.

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But my first question was, what do you believe about Jesus? And as soon as they answered that question, it's upon like, I really confused. I said, Well, this may be what I was looking for my whole life. And let's look at this verse and it puts it all into context and answer my question indirectly, or directly, actually a loss of kind of what that is. Allah says that the ultimate understanding, we've got a low Yeah, aisyah undercoated vi seminarium, enter patelin NASA duni we're omya elhanan. And during the

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last month, Allah asked me so the question, and when a lot said, Oh, he said, the son of millennium, did you tell the people take me and my mother as Gods besides Allah, Allah subhanak Let's stop here for a minute in the middle of first, firstly, Allah asks the question, and he already knows he knows that he has been he knows that he's fulfilled the message fulfilled the obligation, but he's asking to teach you in me a lesson and to show that people did not respond to him. So when he says, until could tell and as Did you say, to people to take me in my mother as Scots and Lisa says to panic now let's start with this word sapan sapan is muster meaning that it has no zemon that serve hand means

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to to to as I say, 10 z female elite men coolish league. So it's really that Allah subhanaw taala is far from any conceivable creation, because He is the Creator. So by default, he is perfect. He has no defect, he is endless, and everything other than Him is totally opposite by default. So when we look at that reality, that is what Superman means that Superman is Allah is far from any form of his creation. So elimination of any creation makes makes you a to make you the law means that Allah Allah is great, and he is unlike any of his creation and support Allah subhanaw taala you see in the Koran, when the word suparna who are sapan szczepanik is mentioned around 20 times in the Quran,

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it's always a response to a law, being like his creation or the accusation that Allah has a son will call the tip of Allah Subhana You know, when it Allah Subhana glory to Him, you know, it's always Glory to Allah subhanho wa Taala when it's always in reference, or in context to him, being like his creation, then he saw a Salaam continues to say, Allah Subhana ik and noticing that that was his immediate response. It was a letter letter, it was subhanak may call it an akula man, a silly bihac it is not for me to say that which I don't have a right to say. How in the world could I say this? Notice the other, the etiquette etiquettes the manners that Isa has with his Lord, when we make dua,

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what is the etiquette, how Fatiha you're praising Allah mentioning five of his names before you even ask anything? And then here he says supersonic it is not for me to say that what you have no right he didn't say I didn't say that. No, he said it is inconceivable for me to say anything that is even close. That possibly implies anything of that nature. It is not I have no right to say that maniacally an akula manage Li bihac include two other items. And if I was to say that you would know

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always bringing it back to a lacing panel that he has full knowledge of everything.

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If I was to say that you have no income to come to the MTA, why limo Murphy Neff seat Well Mr. Murphy now I'm sick I you know what is inside of me what my heart My heart conceals me if I'm telling the truth or not whatever the case may be. And I do not know what you possess. Why is that? What is the reason for that in Atlanta, Alabama, who you but barely, you are the knowledge what the unseen you have knowledge of the unseen. You know what really happened? And what's interesting here is you see how a lot as a rebuking question, it's to rebuke the people that the message of Isa was given to

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and you look earlier in the chat, verse number 109, when Allah subhanho wa Taala says Yama, Yama, Allahu rousselot for your guru Mazda jib tune, the day that Allah will gather the messengers, and they will be asked what was the response that you were given? And that is, Yama is the is the love it is the time and is the place of the Yeoman piano. So he asked him that question. They said, oh, let Elena in nica into a Lamb who you they responded with the same answer. Verily, you have knowledge of the unseen because we did not fully know what was in their hearts and we gave them the message. We do not fully know because after we left them, did they continue on obeying us or not,

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you know, and that is the same answer of a sunny Santa, then East LA Salaam continues on to say

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a metal to the home a llama

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martiny unable to learn how to be with a bekam, I have not, I have not. I said not to them except what you commanded me was to worship a lot, my Lord and your Lord. So I was only a vessel used to proclaim the message. And that message is what you ordered me to do? I am not the repository of truth, I am not the source of this message, you are the source and you have used me as a messenger. So when it comes to that, when it comes to that, he says saying that again, is the epitome of respect is the epitome of servitude. Because if you notice in what everything that his reply is an indirect refutation or it's an indirect reply to those that may say that God is like a sign that God

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has any any human characteristics. So he says here, my Lord and your Lord and also rugby what have become that look, we have the same Lord. Well, Quinta will come to shahidan but come to shahidan, madam to fee and you were a You are a witness as long as I was with them, and you were a witness, as long as I was with them. You were the Shahid, madam to feed him. Quinta Shaheed imagine to feed him that you were the ultimate monitor over all of this there is nothing that would be hidden from you yet Allah as long as I was with them, you were the ultimate monitor and even after that, and I met to a faith and he and he goes on to say here, for that matter what faith and he Quinta until Aki

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balletmet enter alacrity, Shane, Shaheed, and then when you took me, when you took me back, you were the ultimate rookie the ultimate monitor over them, as you are at accuracy and speed as you are normally at every time, that she upon every single thing. So again, it is showing the etiquette of inside a salon, just mentioning the characteristics of Allah mentioning his characteristics, which is showing that look, you have total authority over all of this. Then he goes on to say, into the boon for in for in for in for enjoyment about the quinto for loan for in the enterprise. So again, if you were to punish them, if you were to punish them, then indeed they are Your servants. But if

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you were to forgive them, then indeed you are the exalted the mighty, you know, above are the Allahu anhu. He said, I was with the province of Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Laila and he was reciting this verse, and he kept reciting this verse, you could email your cow yesterday when he was prostrating and bowing, and this kind of law. He said, I left and I came back in the morning and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reciting this verse. He was praying was praying, he was prostrating and bowing into

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a bag. If you were to punish them, then barely they are your slaves. And if you were to forgive them for verily you are at ease with hacking. And as a panelist saying that Allah is Allah Aziz, he is the Almighty, his might, is appropriated when needed. It's appropriated, meaning that a lot appliances might, whether it's punishing when needed. Why, because it's based off of hikma, we see two names always look at the context. He is the Almighty, and the his art his mind is applied. And that application is based on ultimate wisdom. And we have to remember that we see things happen nowadays, in the past, present and even in the future, that it is done with an ultimate wisdom that

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era Salaam continues on to say, I lost 1000 Scala has a young girl saw the Phoenix city boom, this is the day that all that all the people that truthful people will benefit from their truth, truthfulness, for them our gardens beneath in which rivers flow wherein they will abide forever, a lot being pleased with them, and they pleased with him. And then the last $1 continues on he says, And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens in the earth, and he is whatever is in the earth, and authority over all things while equity shading body. So the beauty of this dialogue between Isa and Allah subhanho wa Taala. First, we noticed that Isa is always termed as a 17 Meridian, which is

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a proof that Isa is the son of someone and her name is Maria, my name is Sam. And this dialogue with Isa the response of Isa is the epitome of servitude. And taking that as an example, when we want to call on Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we want to tell people about this message. And lastly, it has got presented to us upon whenever I read this, it reminds me of how I was given there was a Catholic one time, and they were Catholic and SubhanAllah. They wanted the message had to be translated in Spanish. And when this message was translated in Spanish, later, they eventually became Muslim because they saw that Islam was a religion that regarded many at a high degree to the degree that

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there's a chapter named after and that he signed a set on was a worshipper of God. To me last month, Allah blesses to be that Isa and show reverence to him, as long as the other medical officials were

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told Moses

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signed the law. This man from the outside was synonymous with no one Allah Allah, he was a human whether so what we've kind of been doing in this series as we've been going through each surah by focusing on the overall message

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In the surah, and that there's actually a discipline called Mufasa, the soup, the objectives of each chapter in the blog. So you may be familiar with the seer going verse by verse where you explain one verse, then you move on to the next verse. But there's a there's a whole discipline that looks at how these different verses are connected together to relate to the overall message that the sewer is giving us to relate to the overall theme of the surah and that allows you to understand what's the connection between why Allah mentions this story? And that passage and this example, how did these all come together? So you've gotten a taste of that through some of the summaries that you've heard

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so far in this series?

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And really, that's what the number is right? There reflection on the pond, email Michelle to be or himolla he said, fit the dead bird in America khulumani a landmark posit what we're really is contemplate on the pond really is about considering what's the overall message what's the overall point of what's being conveyed to us and email the pie is what was one of the classical scholars, the student of a bit hunter who wrote a work focusing on the more positive this of the source of the plot the objectives of each swirl, what is the overall message so in the source that we've talked about previously, just to recap you have short the Fatiha you know, giving us the prayer for

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guidance from Allah spawn Tada, this was the buffalo response to that and tells you guidance is going to come by developing tuckaway at every aspect of your lives. Then you have surrounding Milan which is showing us the reality of faith and how faith has developed in times of trial and tribulation, then you have certain Misa which shows us that the society the Society of faith is constructed upon justice and justice is the most fundamental building block regarding the the rights of others and the rights of a restaurant Allah upon us and then we come to certain and certain an arm so what can we learn about the deposit for certain money that and and strengthen an arm? So

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first of all starts in May that the overall objective is right at the beginning. Yeah, you had an idea. I'm an old fool. Oh, you who believe fulfill your agreements. And sort of many days the swim the pond that has most of these, most of the verses directed at believers mentioning Yeah, a few 100 dm and they come in certain made that and just to focus on on one of the verses inschriften made them one of the profound lessons that we can, we can take from this passage. If you go to verse 90 and 91, unscripted manga, unless panada is talking about the prohibition of alcohol and gambling. And you know that alcohol was prohibited in stages. And the final verse of the prohibition came in

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certain made that we're almost trying to under says 3030 bu abstain from it completely. Now, the next verse, verse 91, is very interesting. Verse 91, tells us that shaytans overall goal behind alcohol and gambling is two things into my UT the shaytani r Bane acuminata, with the winbot, la fille company when Mason that goal number one for shaytaan is he wants to spread amongst you, animosity and hatred, he wants you to be enemies with one another, and to develop hatred. And number two is what is the command victory like you already saw that and to prevent you from the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and from the Salah, the head and to move the home. So will you not

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desist? Is that not enough for you to avoid? So think about this chiffons there's so many goals, there's so many harms associated with alcohol, right? But chiffons primary goal with alcohol is to make you hate one another to make you enemies of one another. So if you're doing that without the alcohol, then shaytani gets to say mission accomplished, right? You're doing his job anyways, he doesn't even need the alcohol, you're already spreading hatred and animosity. So there's there's so many things we can do to counteract shame on but if you just focus on these two things, amendment this woman blonde that what I really want to develop is I want to make sure that I never allow a

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pawn to put in my heart seeds of hatred or animosity for another brother or sister and I never want to allow a pawn to make me negligent with regards to my prayers or to divert me away from the remembrance of illustrata if you can focus on those goals, you'll have forded the primary goals of shavon now, when it comes to certain and I'm a chef over mentioned, this is the first McKey sought after sequence of money source and it reminds us of sort of Fatiha even and how it begins. And certain anon gives us this full elaboration of the heat. And it begins by mentioning that almost Prandtl is the one who made light and darkness. And the word darkness Buddha Matt comes in this

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world more than anywhere else in the font and almost popped out. It gives us an analysis of the psychology of disbelief. What is it going what is going on in the mindset of one who rejects the truth? What is going on in the mindset of one who wants to insist upon idolatry and setting up partners with a list of Madonna? So certainly

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On takes us back to the fundamental question of existence, which is, what is the purpose of my life? The question every single human being has to encounter and was stripped out and it shows us is it actually illustrates the different objections that the police had towards the message of the Prophet Muhammad Sosa. Sir, that an arm is the soil upon that has more often than any other surah the verses beginning with oil, right will say to them, and responding to the objections it has more often than any other surah the root words related to ship and to take v

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idolatry and, and denial of the message. So one of the things that we see inserted is there so many verses related to the concept of radical skepticism, the idea that no matter how much proof is presented to a person, they'll never accept it, you see this in throughout the store. And you can go through and look at the different verses from right from the beginning in verse four of the surah. And perhaps one of the most explicit references in the surah verse 25. Carlos pronto says what in yellow color is the lie, you mean, we'll be happy, if even if they were to see every single sign, they still wouldn't believe this mindset of radical skepticism is something that, you know, a person

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is never going to find enough proof to come to belief. And it's so interesting, I remember that, seeing a debate between an atheist and psychologists and the atheists that proved to me God exists. And the psychologist turned it around and said, what would you need to see in order to convince you that God exists? And he said, You know, I would need to see God directly. I said, Okay, if you saw him directly, would you actually believe that God exists? And he said, No, I actually had, I would probably think I'm having a bad hangover, right? So no amount of proof is sufficient to convince the one who is hell bent on denying the message. And there's a, you know, a forthcoming article that,

00:31:54--> 00:32:30

that I've written for you that focuses on the connection between radical skepticism and atheism in the writings of shifo, semi potamia, which goes into more detail on that. But I just want to conclude with the parable that almost popped out, I mentioned this within an arm, which is so powerful, which is the parable of somebody going on a path with their companions, and they're, and they're going on a path and then they get lost. And if you ever, you know, when this whole COVID-19 thing is over, and you want to go travelling somewhere, if you ever travelled to Banff National Park, and you see all the 1000s of beautiful trails there. And that's a little plug for Canadian

00:32:30--> 00:32:44

tourism there. If you ever if you ever go to Banff National Park and you see 1000s of trails, you know how easy it is to get lost on those trails, and to start wandering around in the forest and wondering where on earth am I? So let's print that says

00:32:45--> 00:33:23

you know, it's it's like the example of one who is in verse 71. The person who gets lost and the shouting are calling him away from the path and he has people on the path saying it to him a levels high when you're the owner who he is and who that Pina they're telling him to come back, come back to the guidance, and the person is just getting lost. And there's that that theme of darkness repeated again and again in the syrup Because ultimately, the choice between truth and falsehood is like the choice between Do you want to stand in the light? Or do you want to remain in the dark? Do you want to see meaning in life? Do you want to pursue a paradigm of life that allows you to

00:33:23--> 00:34:02

actualize spiritual moral intellectual growth in your journey towards a less power Donna and that's what Islam causes towards and later in the show, we also see the example of illustrata. Mentioning Eman is something that gives a person life right. So these these examples that are mentioned in the SWOT they, they really allow us to reflect on how the tauheed paradigm, right that paradigm of seeing a loss pantalla as your ultimate purpose in life and seeing all of life as a journey towards a loss front on how it radically transforms everything in the way that we live our lives. So meal is gonna enable us to actualize that message in our lives, was the lowest animal that I got on it being

00:34:02--> 00:34:03

a midwife.

00:34:05--> 00:34:15

Absolutely beautiful. So what I understood from your messages, if you want to be lost, then go to Canada. Right, then you'll go back and that's what I got from everything you just said just

00:34:19--> 00:34:22

Americans. Yeah, if you rely on GPS, what are you going to do?

00:34:26--> 00:34:28

A lot. One thing that, you know,

00:34:29--> 00:35:00

you don't mind my share was also my father in law did a whole course on Al Qaeda, just from Switzerland, meaning the entire course of RP that he's gonna teach you creed, and we're just gonna use with it and I'm so tough seriously, that was our McCarthy malarkey. That was beautiful, just an introduction to Crete because it's makin but it's also like Mediterranean style. It's long, and it's elaborate. And it just draws those concepts out of monotheism both in a way that allows us to properly contextualize idolatry and also, you know, the people of the

00:35:00--> 00:35:29

And how we deal with previous scripture and really try to get to the Abrahamic we try to get to the wave of bohem it has set up. And as we said, you know, so Pamela Eliza calls us with such pristine concepts and then gives us the rhetoric to where we can call other people to that without being insulting but instead, inviting them back to that we have a loss of time but hikma with more than half with wisdom and beautiful preaching, so that they could be like those people that start off that just that they just hear and they go Wait a minute, like Shaykh, Abdullah

00:35:30--> 00:35:50

Abdullah, you, you know, you knew it was the truth when you just heard it. A lot of people have that sentiment. First time they hear is like this makes sense, right? All the profits sent by one god connecting to the God of Abraham, it encompasses all of the prophets and messengers. And so when we take people back to that and not become insulting, but instead a highlight the beauty of that, then

00:35:51--> 00:35:57

we can also experience it at a deeper level. So Exactly. Well, I really enjoyed your presence, Doctor Now that may Allah bless you,

00:35:58--> 00:36:01

as well and shall we'll see you all tomorrow night. So don't worry