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The transcript discusses the negative impact of fear on people's lives and the struggles of Islam's elite, Subhanallah. It emphasizes the importance of not discouraging or forcing people to fast during the day and the use of God to obtain political victory, including through the use of fear. The segment also touches on the history of Islam and its use of fear to obtain political victory.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early he will be here will Manuela since every night and Tala Tala we're going to have a little icebreaker. So tonight inshallah Tada I want you to introduce yourself to the person next to you and I want you to share one thing that you don't think one interesting fact about you that you don't think the other person knows so first your name and then something interesting about you that you don't think the other person knows so Bismillah go ahead right or left

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they've got to be real facts by the way.

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I heard someone say he was Kung Fu Panda

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all right.

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myself it's obviously really interesting.

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Not too hot that a guy's

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time out

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you can continue the conversations now outside and shallow tie them. We've obviously discovered we have some pretty cool people in the community. Right. Okay. spinella him did a lot of Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he was like the human when I think insha Allah Tala every night or so maybe not every single night but we'll do something again the idea is to inshallah Tada connect everyone in the community before you know it hopefully inshallah Tao you'll know you'll know the people that are praying next to you in a much better way inshallah. Now something that many of you might not know about what we're reading tonight, by the way, and in general, every night now we're

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covering one jurists so it's always good to read what you do but what's going to be read inshallah Tada especially if you don't understand Arabic to read a translation a rough translation of what's going to be covered you know, in the total week so witches are we on tonight? Anyone No, one the ninth just so tomorrow will be on the 10th of June and so on so forth until we finished inshallah Tada. So keep that in mind. Now, in the beginning of this month, we talked about the structure of the Quran, the coherence of the Quran, certain Fatiha certain Bacara Surah, early Amman, we particularly looked at those sorrows, Allah subhanaw taala gives us the best dua, and Sarita Fatiha

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and then an explanation of that dua inserted Baqarah and Allah Subhana Allah Allah teaches us to ask Him for guidance, and to not be like those who came before us those who are in the anger of Allah subhanaw taala. And those who want a straight sword and buckler are primarily focused on which group of people those who are in the anger of Allah or those who want to strike

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those who are in the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala the people of most artists and I'm so Daddy Emraan went to those who have gone straight. Now afterwards, we have a heavy dose of loss. Right? One of the reasons why people went astray in the past is because when the laws were given to them, they always tried to find loopholes and they, you know, they either you know, defiantly rejected those laws, or they trying to find loopholes were actually part of the you know, probably the heaviest dosage of laws that we have in the Quran of ACA comes in the next portion. Okay, now let's name disorders by the way, what's the first thought on the Quran

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Surah Fatiha

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a lot of people said Buckler alright second Surah Al Baqarah, third surah

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and even on fourth Surah fifth surah Allah at the sixth Surah So till seventh Surah

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o some people have different Quran is up here.

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All right, Surah tell off and then

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then alpha. Okay, so we go through the sources in this order. Alright, so now we have a heavy dose of loss, loss of hundreds, it gives us many, many, many laws, laws that concern sacrifice, eating food, drink laws that concern inheritance laws that concern the way that we the way that we deal with our families and so on so forth, a heavy dose of akam of laws and Subhanallah we then come into particularly Switzerland and then sort of are off than soda till and thought these three sodas take a different tone. And by the way, the interesting thing about these three sodas is they were actually revealed somewhat in succession. Okay, so soda till an arm is towards the end of Mecca. It

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starts in the end of maca finishes within Medina. All right, then we have sorted out off which is a Madani surah and so it's an hour off, by the way is an interesting surah was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam right after he

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He did his little and then you have sorted and thought sorted and thought was revealed after the Battle of better the spoils. Okay, so there's somewhat of a chronological order now, between these three sorrows, ALLAH SubhanA, WA Tada, goes into a different tone. If you guys have been paying attention, you hear a lot about suberb, about patience trials and tribulations that were faced by the early believers. There were some people that came before us that wanted to just find a way out of every single law that came to them. Allah was given to them, they went to the Google of their time. And so they could find a loophole out of that law. And they found the facts were that they

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liked. And then they, they tailored the religion, to their own desires. There's another group of people that held firm to their belief. And the pressure that was applied to them was external pressure. It was applied to them by their oppressors, it was applied to them by fit our own it was applied to them by their people. Okay, so they faced the, the test and tribulation of now, not only having to face the difficulty of being able to practice your faith, but then to practice your faith under pressure. And subhanAllah. It's a very interesting notion here, think about this, right? When we complain about the practices of our faith, when we when we complain about the obligations of our

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religion, there are people in other parts of the world that are dying to fulfill those same obligations. Right, you know, we complain fasting is too long. There are people in the world that are being tortured, because they're trying to fast some of you might be keeping up with with certain provinces in China, Sao Paulo, heartbreaking images of Muslims that are actually being forced down and forced fed, okay, they're not allowed to fast tests are actually carried on on them to make sure that they're not fasting throughout the day. They're dying because they want to fast, right? We might complain about the obligation of hijab, there are people in in some parts of the world, you

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know, where there's secular oppression, okay, you know, a six secular system, which is oppressive in its nature, which is more oppressive than any theocracy, And subhanAllah they're dying, to be able to apply the hijab there, you know, some of us might be complaining about going to the masjid that's too far away. All right, you know, five minutes is too far away from me. 10 minutes is too far away from me, or it's too hot in here. Whereas there are certain parts of the world where going to the masjid, you know, in the in Ramadan to pray to Allah, we means that you might be killed on the way and you might be going to a masjid that's in ruins, but they still do it. And interestingly enough,

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when something is taken away from you, when something is being taken away from you, many times, that's when you realize how precious it is. So many of these people had they been in a situation of ease, they might not have sought out to apply those obligations. But now that it's being taken away from them, suddenly the value of it goes up, they have to struggle for it, they have to strive for it And subhanAllah here you have people in a situation of ease, neglecting obligation, and you have others in a situation of hardship that might even at times even be excused from those obligations, insisting on the so Allah takes us from the description of a people that you know, that that find

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every loophole, and Allah subhanaw taala actually has rescued these people from oppression that find every way around every law, and they still find a way to not fulfill those obligations because of their desires, and the corruption, the internal corruption of the knifes then Allah subhanaw taala shifts the tone to a group of believers that not only held on to their faith as they should have not only practices practiced it as Allah subhanaw taala revealed it to them, but they were willing to undergo any form of oppression that came with it. They accepted the package and all of the implications Subhanallah all of the consequences. So you have this emphasis suddenly on the

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struggle, the tests and the tribulations and reminders to the believers not to respond not not to not to be deflated, not to be discouraged, not to give in to their enemies, to stay firm hold firm to your religion. And Allah subhanaw taala interesting somehow it's beautiful in sort of that that scary at the same time and suited that Allah subhanaw taala says for Lana and Asuma Doki Ruby. For Tacna Allah him a while back coalition had either a fairy who Bhima Otto has now Hambantota for either homily. So, Allah says this group of people sutil and whenever they refuse to come back to Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah sent them the hardships and they still insisted on their evil and their

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corruption. Allah says that they can absorb a cliche. We gave them everything they wanted of the dunya you know, this is why you're turning your back on Allah. Take it. Here's your wealth. Here's your

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Comfort. Here's your you know, here here, just take it. Go ahead and take it. It's all for you. Now if you think this is where your successes This is where your happiness is, the earthquakes didn't wake you up the oppression didn't wake you up. None of that woke you up from your heedlessness, go ahead and take it hotter either 30 Hobbema auto, until they were pleased with that which they had offered now humbucker on mobile, Nissan Allah takes them suddenly the world ends and then the you know the misery of the Hereafter begins. So Subhanallah their chapter is closed. You know what, fine, go ahead, have what you want of this world, but you will have nothing from Allah subhanaw

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taala in the hereafter. Now Allah subhanaw taala mentions another group of people so after certain Anam what sort of did we say is next since we had a difference of opinion?

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What is it her fault allowed off? Okay, just so the people that are screaming and don't get mad at me right? Allah says Hello Anna Hello Quran, Armin or waterco luffa Tacna Allah him Baraka, tehmina sama.

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Allah says had the people had faith and believe we would have given them baraka, we would have given them blessings in what was given to them. Meaning what if Allah gives you $100, but it's with Baraka, it's far greater than $100,000. Without Baraka had they simply believed and held firm, Allah would have given them of this dunya and he would have put Baraka in that which he gave to them. So even if it was less than those who Allah gave without Baraka, it would have been more for them. Okay, so the dunya part is concerned, for your faith for your belief, would you be willing to strive? Would you face those difficult circumstances? Right? If someone came to you and told you,

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you cannot pray? Would you stop praying? When you find Subhanallah when you find that different, that oppression is being applied to you? Do you allow your fear to turn you away from Allah subhanaw taala? Do you have faith that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will make a way out for you And subhanAllah what's the next Surah Surah till MFAT where Allah subhanaw taala talks about the victory of the Battle of better how Allah subhanaw taala took this group of people, the Muslims now the nation that came from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Muhammad salah, those that struggled and strove and faced every form of hardship, murder, deportation, they were run out of their homes,

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right, they faced humiliation, they were cut off by their families, and they were run to a land that they did not know. And when they got to Medina, they got sick Subhanallah they couldn't even handle the water. You know, when you go to some places. When you drink the water, you get sick, they all got sick. When they went to Medina, they were at the mercy of people that they never met before the onslaught. And on top of that, the people of Mecca were still not satisfied. They came to to execute them in Medina and celebrate over their courses. But Allah had a different plan. And Subhan Allah Allah azza wa jal sent the angels and Allah subhanaw taala gave that small group of believers

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victory over their oppressors. Why? Because they never let up. They never let up. They held firm they didn't make the mistakes of the omens that the omen that came before them, the nations that came before them. They were a group of people that never led up Subhanallah some of you might have heard that there's there's an IRA that was recited and you know, the end of it says that our our doula, and then our Galella that the earth belongs to Allah subhanaw taala urethral Harmonia sha Allah Akbar to tuck in Allah gives it to whom he wills, and true victory belongs to the believers. This idea was revealed towards the end of Mecca. When the prophets lie, Selim was going to the

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different tribes to call them to Islam, that, you know, most of the tribes is outright humiliated and rejected him. Some tribes had weird conditions for becoming Muslim, one of them was the tribal battle ometer Nosara. And they said to the prophets like Selim, we will become Muslim on the condition that when you die, the leadership of the Ummah comes to us, we inherit this kingdom meaning what we can tell you're a great man, we can tell that you're gonna eventually you know, have have this entire area under you. So when that happens, how well they had a form of feed also, I mean, they could see that the prophets lie some was was an incredible individual in that he had

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something behind him. When that happens, we become the Kings after you. And the prophets like some responded with this I write, I can't do that for you, Allah so a general decide that meaning there are going to be no conditions in this we're going to do this as Allah subhana which Allah has commanded us to do it, and we will abide by it as Allah commanded us to abide by, and we have no doubt whatsoever, that Allah subhanaw taala will eventually bring this ummah out of its out of its heedlessness and out of its oppression to a point

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of glory. And that's why somehow some of them say no and with this point, Allah did not call sortal and are sorted Advan is not named by, sorted by that for example, and fall mean the spoils. Subhanallah like the spoils of war have been realized the spoils of the battle will realize you went from a situation of being oppressed to being victorious. And that is the outcome for all of the believers that stay firm upon what Allah Subhana Allah has commanded them to stay firm on, they remain ethical, they're pleased with what Allah has given them in their lives so that they're not after the dunya they believe that there's baraka and halal Liske and things of that sort. And then

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they continue to practice their faith despite whatever may come their way we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make our iman strong and to allow us to to bear any difficulties that come our way and to make it a source of reward for us and we ask Allah subhanaw taala not to burden us beyond our scopes and test us beyond what we can handle mean, does that come along?