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The importance of Islam in history is discussed, including its use in living for a long time and the use of god in history. The speakers emphasize the need to show one's true intentions in public, citing examples like former Muslims who caused harm and claimed to be the only man in the city. They also discuss political correctness and the importance of being a good chef, among other topics.

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Okay Ethan is kind of what

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he says the guy these other guys was deleting the shell logo Omar, they are the future of our nation. And as you know that He is Allah Allah He was son was at by young men and women such as these young boys were standing outside of the MR to come and they came just to listen to Allah he will follow Allah.

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As I said, My talk will be very concise and to the point

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I'm going to be talking about a Sahabi and I'm not going to be getting into his biography rather I'm just gonna go and grab some lessons he formed his life to eat nice.

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And then we hand the microphone over to the chef the evening.

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And the reason that I chose the story of this behind me or all the lesson that has been deprived derived from throwing for this hobby is because Allah subhanaw taala data in the Quran, he teach us through us three stories. You have complete almost sewer sewer to use or that is talking about the story of user you have similar to who that is talking about a different and er that also you have sewer, they have sewer or most of the Quran is passes, so we can learn lessons from them. And that's what Allah subhanaw taala died at the endo Sula to use of course, they also see him

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he says he said Indeed in their stories in the stories of these people, there are lessons

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the only and God for the people of intellect for the intellectual individuals or rational people, for the people will open my business partner with

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a hobby that I chose to grab a few points from his life is none other than I want to have all the love

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and follow

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a man that the missing your overall loss in the long run, he was setting them correctly. So hold and value sell Avahi in Allaha DiGize have got a discerning Allah, Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala please the truth in the tongues of the tongue of honorable Hapa and his talk

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in about 100 has been authenticated or has sentimental value

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for so long, right? He was certainly if there was any Navy who will come after me, we'll be able to hop over the law.

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He was another admission to all loss Allahu Allah He was on set. If you take the path or roll up, if you take a roll, if you go through his streak, if you walk through a value shift from will take another value.

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It's a blast sees you coming through this stream Shere Khan choose other history other than the one that he walked in, or one of the ALA gram

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or new haka.

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One of the first lessons that we want to learn from his life is from the moment that he served in Islam was so determined that this deen is the purpose of his life.

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This scheme

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is what he will live for us. You're allowed to live in aroma.

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When I was five years old, when my father accepted Islam,

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when I was a smart kid, he was the dumb kid. We chose to engage in playing around. But he said I'm a smart kid. And

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he said, I just had to stop everything that is happening. He said my father accepted Islam or the law.

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And then when he accepted Islam that morning, I want to

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ask his family members

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of Nancy Hadid who is the one who always rotate circulates moves news in the city. I want someone that talks too much. So who will not verify news someone will go to the city and tear apart my snap?

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I don't know what I'm going to do so. Jimmy bloomer. None other than this man will teach you a new color of the law. For former idea George Clooney the my father stood up dragging his gun walking through the hall. I followed my phone.

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I don't want to say behind the no boy five years old, smart kid like this kid. Five years old.

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He said, You went to junior

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college? You mean?

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Have you learned that he became a Muslim? Honorable? Why not? He said, Allah. Jimmy did not ask you a question. He didn't say to him, why did he accepted Islam? Why did he leave the deal of your forefathers? What made you become a Muslim on our can no longer keep a history of proving run towards the Kaaba.

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Allah or my father following him by what they're up to me. And I found my father looked at this. This man said, God sent this man to be the one who's going to be breaking the news to the orange.

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And then this man Jimmy mama, he came to me at the array and integration for Michelle Branch, all people arrange all people of grace are running to if you learn that all Hapa cassava, he left the religion of your forefathers. And then Rama pushed him aside.

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For all that kind of he is a liar because of the term that he used. So it means he became an intelligent person I want to use that dude very bad words that he used means he left he walked away he was cast up from the faith of his forefathers

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were called our King. However, I bear with this days none other than a law of worship. And Muhammad is the Messenger of what's on the log Ronnie

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he says the light neuroma said the woman of God decrees faith, men from the place came from every angle and the sound trying to beat up

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trying to knock you down.

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Go down is he stopped fighting them back? color

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shift. He said until the sun which the Xena

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is nice. For a lot he no

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longer was able to start up or fight these people back and he leaned on his knees and he said by Allah if we were only 300 men 300 zahavi led

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by Allah if we had in the city of Mecca, only three other Muslim men not to promote one Muslim men as we are now today. Not

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the same number in history kisses Muslim by name for almost all we have 300 men in the city of Makkah is a human left it for us over the left for you.

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For you 100 Euro human being upset Medina a man walked for the end of the city and people surrounding God trying to beat him up. Welcome the best White House for Paula adopt to Nevada. Are you kidding?

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Because he chose a religion for himself.

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First lesson from the woman who accepted Islam he was willing to die and live all week for that level

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not for anything else.

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Allah the other lessons that we learn from this a long list

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there are going to be

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Canada chalet a half of

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one of the things that nowadays we do Allah

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if we sugarcoat things, Rob will never ever sugarcoat anything.

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He will say the way to go, whether you like it or not.

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See now if I have to speak, I will try to be politically correct. I don't want to ruffle the feathers right here. I don't want to shoot you rock the boat on the side. I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings on that side. I don't want to do anything. I want to be politically politically correct. I want to satisfy everyone but I

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did not care.

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And one of the incidents one of the

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NCS, CMC while the prisoners of

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the sound of Rasulullah came for harbor he passed our Baca. He said we have 70 of the appeal of cork 70 of them. What should I do with them?

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Our world the long run, you said yeah Rasul Allah. They are our cousins.

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They are our family members they offer grace.

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They are our people Yana saw Allah take ransom from them. And again go

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he says.

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Give me my koffice cousin.

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My close relative gifts always close relative.

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The rich see that we don't feel them. And all of them should be

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bought or sold. Oh boy. We're not good enough.

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Maybe perhaps our book is right when these people were accepted Islam.

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I chose the opinion or the opinion of all of our workers.

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But next morning, the costs

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are so much climbing.

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Our workers

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430 Kuma will

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tell you why they provide you

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if I can feel that I can fight for what you pray or pray with you. And if I can not cry our sit down

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with you. So are sort of like sort of long rallies to a surgeon told him that a law can work to suit up to confer his choice.

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And Allah said he was not fitted for this for profit or loss

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was not befitting for him to have us.

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He would not have stopped the film for me to have your prisoners of war until he have control over the land.

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He not sugarcoat anything.

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He was always on on point to the truth.

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The last thing I remember was because I want to listen to the presentation of the chef. And I want to listen to the share of the time for Salatin shirt is very near.

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I want to go Sokovia because Allah has long list. He's the one who did the hated in Canada. He's the one who will conquer you know SHA era Palestine missed this episode was given to him.

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But he got the law.

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The block and as some of the nourishes indicates,

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he knew what

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he knew and that is the honor.

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The honor

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of this OMA is based on a book

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is the book of Allah.

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If you didn't get I graduated from University of Nairobi, and people will respect you.

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Or you can get your degree from a deal when you're first

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off for your first arrest. Universal people you know, it is the elite universities. No, I want to move above things that are known for this Omar is based on the contending that some some kind of attack.

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And that's why in two different incidents

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when he was giving receiving the keys of missing an officer

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and he came to receive the key from the preachers and Christian nation invested in Uppsala

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and it came with the symbol optic. And Allah Allah when are asked on adda a Jose Tenaya. Meanie you embarrass

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me when he was part of the beta after the original stuff is hard I know all the housing

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What did he say on your own as a lot

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higher he got along

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the way. And then he said oh we are a nation whom Allah Allah did because of ease and abundance of them. He says honor in any added value in any other way. Allah will disgraced us. And this is that was Alma is rolling in

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when another Hadith over the incident

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is when Ronaldo Hapa call one of these governors governors of luck.

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And when he came to me say Who did you leave?

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Who did you leave to pool the city of LA the parlor Mola. Now, already for that, he says when you leave the orange under a servant, a man used to be asleep. Is there a need of more meaning this man normally is of no normalized or best.

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Remember Osaka he said his famous statement

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in Allah is Allah Allah on disgrace nations because of his book, and a lot more recently she's because of this book.

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Why do you think we have the shift here?

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Why? Because he has money.

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I don't think he's rich. He's rich, all these friends are shut out the water

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is rich. Are we not here because he has money?

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We have to be easy for you, you know, famous university. We here because he has a car in his heart.

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Why do we love to share the receipt other missionaries. So

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Every time that I used to Russia, Iran is Saudi is talking about simple customs very stories from here, and from there, nothing.

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That he will say, Wow, I never knew this.

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But the audience are captivated by his speech. Not because of what he's saying. But because he's turning up for

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Allah, Allah him because of the

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Allah will honor each one of us. And he will elevate that person above every other person. If that person in his heart is the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. So we are in Allah.

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This is what I have to say in this short time. But I want you to listen to the chef. Chef for now is our guest. And he is one of the year of law that established himself because of the book of law.

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I was sitting with the

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Army chef would be offended or anything. I was sitting with Zack neck.

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And he was telling me how he was impressed when he met with EDA.

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And I said to recognize what is it that sets you apart?

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And he said, Because I couldn't make sense. Maybe that said, this young man is talking about Rocket Man. This young man is accurate either plus

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or plus.

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And perhaps not one day, our ship will be rushing out the additional value. So plus the lights on all the time. So we want to avoid the loss of data to give him the strength and the ability to carry on his mission. The mission of Qualcomm and I'll hand over the microphone to him. Also one