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The history of the hedger's influence on political events and the importance of keeping things in mind during the sacred month are discussed. The hedger is the best month to have voluntary fasting outside of work, and the six days of fasting are the best month to do so. The hedger is also the best month to have voluntary fasting outside of work, and the six days of fasting are the best month to do so. The segment also touches on the concept of the sacred month, including the six facets of Shabbat, and describes the timing of the season.

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Nobody I mean when I would want to in on a lot I mean when I actually went to El metalcon la masala was salam of Africa avocado Zuleika Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while early he was so happy he was salam to seamen. cathedra who knows today's history date?

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The history date, what is the history date today?

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The 27th

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or the 25th or the 26th

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we have Moon sighting issues and Shaohua

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okay, I actually don't know

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but it's actually we are in the waning days of Chawan of this of this month after the month of Ramadan. Now let me ask you guys a question what month comes after show what?

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Oh, no.

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Little character. It's okay. Little curry that comes afterwards. And when you talk about little character coming after show well, which month is better? Show one or the Ricardo?

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Why show Wahlberg

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because of her eat? Why so well buttered?

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So shawanna and Ashura? I don't know. I don't know. Okay.

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You're close though. That's the thing. So you introduced an element to the discussion? Yeah. So so well.

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So a while greater than lol karda? Because so one one I answer would be that Chawan has six days.

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The complete the month that completely year for us in terms of fasting. But what month is more virtuous? The answer is little card. The month that is actually coming up. Why is that?

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Because it is good.

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Come on, guys.

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It's one of the sacred months of Ashura. Al haram. What's the brother brought up to him? There are a lot of rhyming, but she didn't tell me if it will show what are the coordinates

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so you scratch this you scratch the surface for us any vertical Luffy so what are the months what are the sacred months in Islam?

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Canada, the hedger, Harlem

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Okay, now Ramadan, as Ramadan is sacred month

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it's not a sacred month.

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You guys are lost.

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Okay, Ramadan is a sacred month in another sense. Ramadan is the best month of the year. Okay, Ramadan is Rahim Allah said in a very beautiful way. He said that Ramadan to the rest of the year is like used to finding his salaam to the other 11 Brothers. Okay, it is. It is the month Subhan Allah that covers for the rest of the year. Right? But Allah subhanaw taala if you realize there's something very beautiful because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us in the Milan Albania that rarely actions are by their intentions and the intentions are at the onset of an action. And the prophets lie Selim says in MLM Allah will have a team that actions are by their

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ending. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah put the sacred months asuran haram, the sacred months being recorded the ledger as the last two months of the year. And then once and then as soon and then right afterwards. Muharram the first month of the hedge of the year, and then slightly there afterwards, Elijah. Okay, Rajab is not immediately after and that's why mama Shafi Rahim, Allah Ty said very beautifully he said that Amara bin Abdulaziz is like Raj up. There is actually a shepherd there was it was they used to call on what have been the disease Raja. Why would they call him Raja because he's from Holika or Washington. He's from the righteous Khalifa, though there are whole of

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that between him and the other. holofoil rasa Deen. So one of his nicknames and poetry is Rajab, he is the month of Rajab, in that sense. The idea here is that going towards the end of the year, right after we finished Ramadan, you know, we're fasting the six of Chawan. And then we have two sacred months and then starting off the next year, we have another sacred month, and then a few months after that, we have another sacred month. So in the ending, and in the beginning, we sort of have this this bunch of sacred months that are put together. Now what are the implications of the sacred months? What exactly does a shielded haram mean? What is the most beloved month to fast outside of

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Let's just raise your hands. Let's see some answers. Don't start shouting out and it's not June or July. Yeah.

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The Ledger Okay. delille

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days. So fasting the first 10 days of the hedger, so the hedger wrong.

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Sure, well, that was the evidence. Fasting the six days. still wrong.

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Mr. Malhotra Why is Muharram

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the first 10 days of fasting? Actually the thing about Muhammad the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in a hadith in Bukhari in fact that there is no month in which fasting is more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala than sha Allah Maha Brahma the month of Allah Mahalo. So the best month after Ramadan to fast is Muharram but the best 10 days outside of Ramadan, to faster to do good days to do good deeds in general, are the first 10 days of the hedge of course you can't fast the 10th because that's okay. And then you have the six days or so well, but as a month as a whole Muharram is the best month to have voluntary fasts outside of Ramadan. What about Shaban

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Okay, is there any virtue of fasting and Shabbat?

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There's there's not a single Hadith which mentions a particular reward for fasting Shabbat, and even it'll pay him Rahim Allah to Allah and a group of scholars. Their opinion actually was that the reason why the Prophet salallahu Salam used to fast so much of Shabbat is because the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he observed a certain habit in regards to the voluntary fasts that he would fast so he would fast Mondays and Thursdays, for example, and the middle three days of the month. But if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam missed those for some reason, he basically made them all up in Shabbat even though you don't have to make anything up that's voluntary, but he would make them

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all up in Shabbat. And that was just the standard that he held himself to sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now as we get into the character, and the hedger and Muharram, we get into this three month stretch in which we have the first 10 days of the hedgerow we have Ashura right and we have Muharram as a whole, which is the best day the best month to fast what are some things to keep in mind and Asheville haram? Obviously, there are the technical implications, which our you know, political fighting was forbidden in those months, and so on, so forth. But for us as individuals as believers, what exactly doesn't mean? They are at ash, wood or haram, they're the sacred month

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because of the great things that they contain the great rewards that they contain. And on top of that, because they are months in which good deeds are multiplied, and sins are also multiplied.

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Meaning what a sin in the sacred months is greater than a sin outside of the sacred months. Okay, this is bacula Sadiq or the Allah Tala and who said that a sin in these months is greater than a sin outside of these months, because a good deed in these months is greater than a good deed outside of these months. So when we go into these months, one thing that we should keep in mind inshallah Tada, obviously, to keep up the habit of fasting. Now, I don't know if I mentioned this the other day when I was talking about the six facets of Shabbat, but some of the scholars, Imam Malik Rahim Allah to Allah primarily his school of thought, as well as the Maliki scholars, they saw that the six of

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Chawan did not mean six of Shawwal but rather six starting from Shaohua. So actually, you should keep that in mind because the prophets of Allah he was salam said that whoever fast Ramadan and then follows it up with six days, Min Chawan and min show up in the Arabic language can mean starting from show while or within Shabbat, then it's as if he fasted the entire year. Why? Because the Prophet sites and I'm says that one has sunnah, that one good deed is multiplied by 10. So you have six days, plus, you know, plus a month, so six days, divided by two, that's three. And then so you multiply those by 10 You have two months and then you have a month of Ramadan which is multiplied by

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10 so that's some good news for those of you that maybe you know I'm not saying that if you have one or two days left, you know too fast because the majority of the scars still stay if you can contain it within Shawa that the virtue is assigned to show up but you know, if you if there's no way for you to catch those six then keep on fasting and show what's on and keep in mind as you go into the sacred months inshallah time that your good deeds are even more and your sins are even more does that mean that once Muharram has finished, you can say, now the sacred months are over, let me go back to those sins. No, just like you can't do that with with Ramadan. But it's simply more

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motivation for us. Allah subhanaw taala adds motivation for us as we get into the stretch of the year. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to accept from us and we ask Allah to accept our Ramadan and to accept our iba throughout the year and to accept our fasts of Shawwal and to allow us to continue the habit of fasting and praying tahajjud and having our hearts tied to the masjid into the Quran and keeping us pure, our hearts and our limbs pure from those things that are displeasing to Him Allama mean questions

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the house together.

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So now,

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this is an exception. Is there anything like related to timelines for your knowledge, the theory or place that seat will be multiplied? Other than Okay very good. So the question is, is there any, any time or place in which the sin is multiplied

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Other than we're just talking about a show of haram. The general rule as you know is that a sin is a sin. A sin is simply one. Now when we talk about quantity versus quality when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gives you a season of Mercy NEFA hat, Allah Subhana Allah gives you a time of mercy, or Allah subhanaw taala puts you in a place of mercy. And Allah gives you an opportunity to do good deeds, than your sins are even more. You know, they're even more outrageous, they're even more offensive in that state because Allah subhanaw taala puts you in a situation to do good so a sin and Ramadan is Grevious because the loss of you know backbiting and I'm Allah and Allah subhanaw taala puts you in

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a situation where he forbade you from food and drink and so on so forth so that you can control yourself. A sin in Hajj. Okay, you're in hajj, you're in the huddle, and you know, you're fighting and you're cursing and, you know, mashallah people smoking cigarettes in Ottawa and, you know, doing all kinds of stuff, right? So a sin in autofab sin and Hajj is far more grievous a sin in the masjid. Right, and a place that's sacred to Allah subhanaw taala the houses of Allah subhanaw taala is far more grievous than a sin outside of the Masjid. So just generally speaking, it's not necessarily that Allah subhanaw taala will multiply your sin by more, but the sin is seen as more

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offensive. This is what's known in the Arabic language, what's not in the books of tusky In fact, as to how one you know, there are three levels of, of your sin of disregarding your sin. There's a to one which is to not take it seriously. There is to do a job of that sin. The province is and I'm says that everyone in my Alma Coloma team are often in love Mujahideen, that everyone in my ummah is for forgiving except for those who openly proclaim their sins. And then there is a tough alpha, which is the worst of them to boast about your sins, right? So this would fall into the first category to one a las Panatela gives you a situation where you know, you're supposed to be even more

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focused on good deeds and you still turn to sin. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said in a hadith, bustle the line it's it's more authentic as moko Feb anambas, but the meaning is certainly correct the prophets lie Selim says Lhasa, Lyra, Malik, sloth Wella Kabira Marlise therefore,

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there is no small sin. If you insist upon it, meaning when you insist upon a small sin, it becomes a major sin. And there is no major sin with this default if you seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. What that means is it doesn't matter how small the sin is, it's the fact that you're insisting on it. That makes it offensive and grievious and major and it doesn't matter how major the sin is, if you did sincerest form Allah subhanaw taala can forgive you for it. So it's simply the time and the place Allah is putting you in Allah expect certain things from you.

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modicum of ego anymore questions like Zack Kamala Harris panic warm hamburger Chateau La La La stockbroker, to what Akos said I want to come over to cats.