Remove Shortcomings Of Ramadan In Two Words

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How To Remove Shortcomings Of Ramadan In Two Words – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

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A few nights ago Subhan Allah, we spoke about how Allah Subhana, which is forgiveness is all encompassing, how his mercy is all encompassing, despite all of our shortcomings. And here we are now we are at the 28th night of Ramadan, just a few moments away from when eat will come. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept this Ramadan from us, Allah ami. And

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now we look at this is the time where we start to reevaluate, and we start to look at the way that our Ramadan has gone. And it's very easy to become discouraged and to look back and to say, How can her loss of Hannah Montana except this trauma bond for me when I had such high expectations, but I came into it and I did not pray as much as I wanted to pray, I still did not ditch all of the bad habits that I wanted to ditch I still have so much that is soiling my record, which will harm me on the Day of Judgment. How can a loss of hundreds Allah accept this llama bond from me? And what can I do to salvage it? And you could do one of two things. You could either be amongst those people who

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are trying to use the last moments of Ramadan to cover for the entire month of Ramadan. Or you could be amongst those people that say maybe next year, maybe I'll figure it out next year inshallah live to see another Ramadan, and I'll figure it out next year I'll do better next month. And Subhana Allah I want you to recognize that Allah gives you an opportunity to salvage your entire month of Ramadan now, in fact, the loss of Hannah which Allah has given it to you with two words, all you have to do is say a stuck fiddle luck. I seek forgiveness from Allah. How can that salvage your entire month of Ramadan? There are two reasons why we seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wa Tada.

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One of them is for morality. And the other one is for taoxian mausi are acts of disobedience. And that's the more common form of his default, we asked a lot to forgive us when we commit a sin. We ask a lot of forgiveness when we recognize that we have a bad characteristic a destructive flaw that's hindering our pursuit of Gemina. And even more so our pursuit of his pleasures and Hannah horchata that's the marassi part. Those are the acts of disobedience. But when it comes to taoxian, not doing enough feeling a sense of deficiency. Yeah, Allah, you've given me so much, and I've done so little in return. You've given me so many opportunities, and I failed to avail those

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opportunities so many times in my life. You've given me such privilege that I don't have to worry about the things that many other people have to worry about that would distract them from their pursuit of the hereafter because there are so you know, pinned down by the concerns of this world, you've given me so much Allah, and I haven't done enough. And I know I haven't done enough. Here's the reason why we can have hope. And here's why those two words can salvage your entire animal bond. When you finish your soul out. What's the first thing you say?

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Stuff that will let you say I seek forgiveness from Allah. And even Rahim, Allah tada said something very beautiful. He said, it is almost impossible for a person to have a heart that is present in its Salah the entire time, it's inevitable that we're going to have deficiencies in our salon, when you meet unless you are the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, and the Salah, and amongst those pious predecessors that we read about and somehow even dumb, most people, the vast majority, over 99% of the oma dare I say, will fall into that category where you will inevitably have deficiency in your Salah. And Allah is merciful enough on the Day of Judgment, to patch up your salon to bring your

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voluntary prayers and to patch up those deficiencies. But he says Rahim Allah, that it's inevitable that some moments of your prayer will escape you and your heart will become absent at some moments of those prayers. But if you were sincere at the end of your Salah when you said a still federal law, federal law, a stuff federal law that will cover all of those deficiencies instantaneously.

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It says if you never missed a moment in your Salah, that's why the profit slice and I'm taught us right after our prayer to say I stopped for lunch. I seek forgiveness from Allah. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was noted to say in one gathering over 70 or 100 times, literally what's up Elijah in Atlanta Chihuahua him. My Lord, forgive me and have mercy on me. You are the acceptor of repentance and you are the one who is immensely merciful. It's why the Prophet slicin immersed himself and it's the fun. Now, how can we have the audacious claim that our entire Ramadan can be overlooked with those two words? I tell you why, as we are reading today, many, many,

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many verses that speak about the moment that you meet a lot and you receive your book and we ask a lot to make us from us.

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Probably I mean the people who received their books and their right hand the llama I mean, on that day, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the moment the believer will stand before Allah Subhana, WA Tada. And 99 scrolls of sins will be spread before his eyes, each one reaching the end of his eyesight. This is the moment this is the believer, this is not a budget or a faucet or a catheter and when alpha not a hypocrite, or a disbeliever, or wicked human being a believer, 99 scrolls of sins are laid before his eyes. And each one of them is to the end of his eyesight. And a lot tells you if kita Deke, read your book,

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and you start to read your sins. Yeah, Rob, I did this and this and I did this and this and I did this and this. And a person's color would change out of the fear of doom. Until a loss of hundreds Allah stops you and asks you what did you seek forgiveness for those sins? Did you seek forgiveness for those sins? If you say yes, Allah Subhana hoods, Allah starts to turn those sins into good deeds, until the person would say yeah, a lot. There are some sins I committed, that the angel forgot to write down, that are not present in this book because he sees the mercy of Allah converting his sins into good deeds. Now, here's the catch of all of this or here's, here's the

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lesson we can take from all of this. Those are it's the quad for my alisia tuxedo is that it's too far from our house to succeed for sins, or for falling short with a good deed. Are those sins from RC or succeed which one for sins from IRC? If Allah is willing to convert your sins, into good deeds for it's too far, imagine what Allah is willing to do with your deficient good deeds with estefy.

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If Allah is willing to take your lying and your backbiting and your and your moments of heedlessness, and turn them into moments of victory and proofs for you on the Day of Judgment, imagine what Allah is willing to do with a deficient Salah or a deficient Ramadan or a deficient Hajj or a deficient charity if you sought forgiveness with that act.

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You imagine the mercy of our Lord hamdulillah so Fianna 30 Rahim Allah Azza wa la Hello for years, Dana and you have seen vanilla. Oh, you have seen any worry de la Torre to a new house even in LA. He said, I swear by a lot if I was to have the choice between being held accountable on the Day of Judgment, by my parents, or by Allah, I would choose that Allah holds me accountable and start because Allah is more merciful to me than my parents. When you face your parents, and you present a good deed, you tried to do something good for your parents, but you fell short. How do your parents react?

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they overlook it. They still love you. Imagine you did something nice for your parents. I mean, somehow on this day and age parents would love to be paid attention to even for a moment in the times that we live in now. You present something to your parents, even if they're not that great, even if they're not the best parents in the world. You tried to do something good. You presented a greeting card to your parents but the handwriting was messy. Is your mother gonna throw it at you and say go fix your handwriting? Does it even matter? No. Because your mother will recognize that you were trying to do something nice for her. That's how Allah subhana wa tada is with us. All we

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have to do is say, a stuck fiddle. May Allah forgive us. And may Allah overlook our shortcomings and our deficiencies for this Ramadan and we call upon Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and knowing that Allah loves to forgive and we asked him to forgive us and we know that his mercy is that encompassing that with the words astell fetullah if they are sincere, all of our shortcomings this Ramadan will disappear. We ask a lot to forgive us and to accept all of our email, all of our teen Allah, all of our Salah, all of our cm, everything that we've presented this Ramadan Allah Ameen Salaam Alaikum alaikum, celebrity Carson.