Omar Suleiman – Meeting Muhammad PBUH #19 – When You Were Embarrassed

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of providing too many dates to people, as it can lead to embarrassment and hesitation from the victim. They also mention the importance of finding a solution to avoid this embarrassment and hesitation. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to find their own independence and achieve their own goals.
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Prophets lie Selim was a shepherd. And he said that all prophets were shepherds at some point. And when you Shepherd your flock, you have to tolerate all sorts of things. And one of the things that the Prophet slice and I'm tolerated very well, was the question that was asked that seemed inappropriate, or was asked in an inappropriate way, the young person that came forth and said something or did something that was really out of place, the prophets lie, some encouraged you to come forth and to ask your questions about being about the religion, so that your ignorance does not get the best of you, and then somehow end up translating into the ignorance of a larger group of

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And so in that process, you see a lot of incidents where people messed up in the presence of the profit slice of them, right. And in messing up in the presence of such a great man, it's easy for people to easily get disrupted or get disturbed and think that this is the end of it all. So you have these incidents of the bad ones in particular. And usually, when you have the narrator of the heavy, emphasizing that a bad wind came forth, what he means is that that bedwin is not going to be as refined with their mannerisms in the presence of the Prophet, slice alum. And so they're going to interrupt him in the middle of his cult buzz, they're going to interrupt him, while he's talking to

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people, they're going to maybe approach him or abrasively. And all the prophets lie some would do is he would finish his train of thought, which is very interesting about his personality, sallAllahu sallam, he wouldn't stop in the middle of his hotbar. But he would continue to talk and then after he finished, the profit slice on them would then ask who asked the question, who was the one that had raised their voice? Who wanted some sort of clarification? So he did not lose the entire gathering? And at the same time, the Prophet slicin did not let that person's question go to waste. And so the famous story of the man that asked the Prophet, slice alum, when is the hour on the

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profit slice, and I'm waited until the end of his hotbar, and then the profit slice, and I'm said, whereas the person who asked me about the hour, you also see the profit slice alum, you know, on one Hadeeth, picking off dried snot from the member and he peels it off himself, slice them, and he says, you know, isn't there a better place for people to leave this. So you had a person that actually had left drives not on the member of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, you have the story of the man who walks in, and the Prophet slicin was leading the companions in prayer. And this man did not know yet of the prohibition of speaking in the salon. So when he walks into the prayer,

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he says that I want to come to the people and no one responds to him. And he gets really agitated that no one is responding to him when he says Salaam to them. So he continues to talk and he says, What's wrong with you? And none of the companions are responding to him, and the profit slice that I'm after the salon. He says, where's the person that asked the question about why no one was responding to him, and he validated him slice and he said that it used to be permissible to say Salaam and to talk in salon in a moderate way, the way that you wouldn't allow for something of that sort. But Allah subhanaw taala has prohibited it. And of course, the famous story of the bedwin who

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came into the masjid and who urinated in the masjid. Now before he urinated in the masjid. He was praying behind the Prophet slice on them. And he had a general unkempt look and appearance that the Sahaba were a little bothered by the way he was carrying himself and he already felt unwelcomed in the merchant, and as he was praying behind the profit slice of them, at the end of the Salah, he said, Allah Homer, how many you want to have Mohammed Ah, well, I told him that and I had Allah have mercy on me Have mercy on Mohammed and don't have mercy on anyone else. And the prophets lie Selim, he turned around, and he said, that you've made something so expansive, so narrow and limited, the

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mercy of Allah can cover everyone. And then he goes to the corner of the message and he starts to urinate. So this actually happened before he started to urinate. So he just starts urinating in the masjid and the Sahaba are about to rush this man and take them out. I mean, this is the message of the prophets lie Selim. And the profits licenses stop, and even sessile, I sell them, let them finish, let him finish and don't scare him any further. Let him continue to do his thing. And then after he's done, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, he orders the companions to take some buckets of water and to pour water on the place that he urinated. And he simply says to the man, he says that

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these places these massages are places for the remembrance of Allah and it's not befitting that a person urinates in these places, and the prophets lie some turns to the companions and he says in the memorial, when we are sitting, when I'm too bad, I feel more sad and that you were sent to bring ease to the people. You were not sent to bring hardship. And on that note, since it's stumbled on, one of the most beautiful stories that you find is the story of Solomon suffer while the Allah has had and Solomon Lucifer was a young man who used to say, quinto silybum in a nice manner. You'll see why later, he said, Look, I loved women more than other people loved women. So I had an issue where

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I loved women too much and I could not restrict my desires my shower in the month of Ramadan. So he said when Ramadan came around, I told my wife

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That you are to me like my mother's back. This was called the hot this was a prohibited form of divorce or pre divorce that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about in certain majority law and the woman that pleads the suit about the woman that pleads, but he pronounced it on her at that time, because he wanted to basically make her not like his wife, as a means of stopping himself from being intimate with her. So that didn't last very long. Some of the time went by and he says that one night I saw some of her leg he said for them, alberth and zoltar idea and he said, I could not hold myself. And, of course, we know what happens next. He was intimate with her. So he says, The next

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day I woke up and I went and I told my people what happened, and they were looking at me like you're in trouble. There is no way that you're going to get around this. So I said to them, we'll come with me to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to the Messenger of Allah so that we could see what's going to happen in my regard. And all of them said Lau Allah, they said, No way you go by yourself. So I went to the prophets lie some and I told him what happened. And the prophets lie Some said and to be that yes, Allah did you really do that? selama and he said twice the other sort of law actually messed up twice a messenger of Allah. And he said, I am content with whatever Allah subhanaw taala orders in

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regards to me. So go ahead and take a decision and you're going to find me ready to undertake that command from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the Prophet slicin um, says, okay, free a slave. He said, Well are the bathabile happy said by the one who sent you with the truth. He said, I don't possess a neck other than this neck. He struck the surface of the neck, sayings of the Prophet slice and I'm I can't free anyone else's neck because this is all I have. So the profit slice them says then Okay, in that case, go ahead and fast two consecutive months. What's the tie between? So I said to the profit slice, I'm Jada Sula. What happened to me in the first place happened to me because of my

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fasting. Remember, he just told the profit slice, don't tell me anything. And I'll do it. And now he's making excuses as the profit slice. I'm just telling him things. So the prophets I said, Fine. You know what? Feed 60 poor people with a less of Tama of dates. So he said, the artisan alajuela the better Africa will have, we are the hungriest people. I swear by the one who sent you In truth, we are the hungriest people and we pass nights upon nights without having food for ourselves. So the profit slice and I'm what does he do? He goes in, he gets him the dates himself. solara he was alone. And he says go out and feed 60 people and then feed yourself and your family with the

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remaining dates. So here he comes back to his people. And instead of being destroyed, like he thought and they thought he was going to be he's carrying all of this food for them. And he says to them when I came to you people, I found nothing but doom and poverty. But he said when I went to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Raja to end the whole Assam was not lucky I found with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam expanse and a good opinion. And that's something that was consistent with the prophets license that when you went to him after having messed up the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not going to do mute the profit slice and then was going to find a solution for you and

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put you at ease while also giving you a course of action to come back to Allah subhanaw taala and get back to the right place. So

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lay up

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solo lay

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