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The prophets lie Selim said hydro Yeoman polari it is shampoo Yama, Yama, that the best day that the sun has risen upon is the day of Friday. He holy Adam, that is the day that Adam ice lamb was created with E. ll Jana, and that is the day that Adam and Eve's Salaam was entered into paradise, where he already jump in here and that is the day that Adam Eisner was expelled from Paradise. And so what we take from that is that Allah Subhana Allah created Adam Eisner on the day of Friday, and Allah subhanaw taala. In fact, the prophets lysozyme said that Allah created Adam is named as the last creation on the last hour of the hours of Friday. So the money his salon was created at the end

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of the day of Friday. And that's very powerful because you know, what that means is that that is that coincides with what's known as Saturday job. The hour in which your day is accepted because the prophets lie Selim said, that there's an hour on the day of Friday, that no believer calls upon the last panel to Allah with something except that Allah subhanaw taala answers it. And in one narration, the prophets license specified that it is the last hour of the day of Friday being the same time that Adam alayhis salaam was created. So that's the time to ask Allah Subhana Allah for anything. So as the money Islam being the last of creation, one thing we can take from this, though,

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is that both Adam and Islam and Hauer and his wife are without mother and without father. And the scholars say that that shows that the orphan has worth that, you know, the orphan can never be put in a situation where he's told that he's worthless or that he's nothing in fact, we of course, are part of the own level. So last by Salaam, who is known as the orphan that adopted the world, right so Subhana Allah it's something very powerful that no person can connect their lineage to admire Islam, there isn't a single person in the world that can connect all the way back to the mining is set up, which means that in some way, shape or form, we're all orphans, right? The Mighty Salaam has

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no mother or father. And we also cannot connect to Adam and his Salaam. And in that, of course, is a very consistent message from the messenger sly Salim which is not to boast about your lineage, okay. And this was something that was prevailing amongst the Arabs in particular and a loss of muscle loss why Selim says, oh, people have a low income obeah Tilda Hillier Wahhabi Abba, or it's our Lumia the prophets lie Selim said in two narrations, he said that a loss of Hannah Montana has done away with your slogans of the days of ignorance, and you're boasting about your lineage you're boasting about your father's you're boasting about where you come from. You're boasting about your tribe. You're

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boasting about your race the prophets lysozyme says, you don't have to work hard you don't shut the and when Nassau bento Adam, Adam and to rob he said slicing them that now there is a believer that is righteous and there is a wicked man that is that is miserable. Okay, these are the only two categories of people we have. And all people are the are the children of Adam, all people are the children of Adam. And Adam was from to rob Adam was from dirt. Now the prophet SAW Selim, he goes through a very detailed description of how a loss of data created the mighty Salaam. He says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Allah subhanho wa Taala sent an angel and then some narrations it

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specifies gibreel Allah his lab and it and Allah subhanaw taala took a handful of each part of the earth all of the different surfaces of the different types of the earth. So he said some a lot how it was set them up no Adam either contrary to that that the children of Adam came in accordance with the different colors of the earth. I mean who will not be as well as what what baina valic so you have some amongst them that are that are white that are that are black, white, red, brown and everything in between so all the different colors because admati salon was created with a combination of all of the different colors all of the different colors and he said so I sell them

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was sonowal has no well hobby through a pipe that the easygoing and has no the grieving the sad the thick if you will, well hobby which is a filthy what piab which is pure, right and you know, I know a stogner man tried to fit nationalities into this right. So he you know, in his class on the mighty snowmen fall and I know I heard him actually say that. A Salou are the Malaysians which makes sense because Mashallah the Malaysians are are beautiful people and they're always easygoing and chill and relaxed. Well has no he said the Pakistanis. I can't say that that's between him and the Pakistanis. Right al habito. He left it blank and I think he said a player who was the Bengalis allow them you

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could fit in all your races in there just leave it hubby sorry. So you can praise the others if you will just leave the Habib part, but the point is, is that we're combined with all of these different types of dirt, Allah subhanaw taala put it into admati his Salaam, hence his lineage comes in accordance with the different colors of the earth. And we are all equal in that sense. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he created out of the mighty Islam first from top

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from dirt, which is obviously something to humble us that we all come from dirt in that regard because our father comes from dirt. Then Allah subhanaw taala took it to rob and he made it into clean and clean is to Rob nyla it's dirt mixed with water so it becomes mud. So first it starts off as dirt. Then Allah subhanaw taala mixed it with with water and it became mud then Allah subhanaw taala made it clean and

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unclean and Lazarus is that Allah Subhana Allah ordered it to let it dry and till it became sticky lazur means it becomes sticky. And then after it became dry and it became sticky Allah subhanaw taala made it into hammer in mustonen hammer in must known is dark smooth mud which in which indicates to us obviously that add the Mighty snom had a darker complexion. Okay, in fact, linguistically speaking, Adam when when the Arabs would describe someone as as Adam, they would mean that he had a dark complexion, okay. And then after Hamilton was known after a loss of penance, Allah left it as dark smooth mud Allah Subhana Allah made it into salasar which is molded clay and

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even a bustle the Allahu anhu he says that in each stage, Allah subhanaw taala left it for 40 days or for 40 years. The Prophet slicin simply says pataka who Masha Allah and yet Rocha, that Allah subhanaw taala left it as long as Allah Subhana Allah willed, but at the end of the day, each one of these stages went into the creation, the molding of Adam alayhis salam and Allah Subhana Allah says laqad Hakuna in Santa Fe x, Anita Queen, he praises the creation the way that he created the money his salon, what went into the making of the money, his salon, and the making of the children of Adam alayhis salaam, but at the end of the day, it starts from dirt and Subhanallah it's very powerful

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when you think about that, that as human beings even though our creation is different from Adam, it is Allah Allah says that we you know, our father came from Torah but we start off as NOFA we start off as the drop of fluid, even so, when we are buried when we are placed into the dirt, our body is consumed by the dirt once again Subhanallah Think about that. Our bodies are once again consumed into the dirt. A las panatela also created them and Islam is very tall. Okay, and when I say tall, I don't mean tall like like me, all right. I hear all the silly descriptions or whoever made the bio which I'm still pretty bitter about the Friendly Giant. Okay, I'm not a giant there are many people

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that are tall, and they're pretty big by our standards. But what was Adam it he said I'm like the prophets lie Selim says that. Allah subhanaw taala halaqa Adam, Allah created Adam will puru who said tuna law and add them adding in Salaam was 60 cubits which is about two football fields. So Adam alayhis salam was huge. Now it's not just add them it is Salam. The prophets lie Selim said that everyone enters into Jannah with the sutra of Adam alayhis. Salam with the way that Adam it has Salaam is with Adam it has Salam stature. Okay, so Adam Ali Salaam was huge. And when we enter into gender, we would also be very big, we would also be huge, and his body now was left as Allah subhana

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wa tada molded it to this to this beautiful perfection. His body was left hollow. It was just you know, at that point, it was just sitting there without soul. And it blease started to go by that body and he started to enter into it and he started to leave on it and he started to knock on it and it would make like a vibrating sound as he knocked on it. Okay, and he's saying to himself, the eminent Maha lifts, what were you created for? Right? What were you created for? it believes still doesn't get it. He's bitter, because he hasn't seen optimized speak yet and so on so forth. And he's already been given all of this privilege. And one at least entered into otherwise lambs body and

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came out and knocked and so on, so forth, at least said How the hell can Leia tamala that this is a creation that is not going to have any power, it's not fit for power, it's not fit to be in charge, and he declares his enmity to others and Islam before the soul is even given to Adam and his Salaam and he says le insulet firelake that ohana if I'm put in charge of you that I'm going to lead you astray. Well it insulates Alia and if you're put in charge of me last Leon neck then I will disobey you I'm not going to listen to you. And so so it shows you the early enmity between Elise and Adam and Eve Salaam and that's something that's true also, for every child of Adam. Okay the prophets lie

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Selim said that the shape on touches every child of Adam it has Salaam on the day when his mother gives birth to him. Okay, so as you are born boy or girl shape on touches you he pokes you in he declares his enmity with you without even knowing anything about you. And the only ones that were spared from this the profit slice on him said we're Imodium. Ali has salon and her son are inside his salon. Why? Because

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Because the mother of Nottingham said we're in the loo hobbico with the realtor ministry on our team she sincerely sought refuge in Allah subhanaw taala for Imodium and her offspring and Allah subhana wa tada protected them from that. Otherwise shavon declares that enmity from the very start and so that's something that's very powerful that our body at that point you know, we are we really don't have much and some how to love we find that our worth comes after that.

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