Yahya Ibrahim – Daily Dua in the Last 10 of Ramadan #05 – Morning dua

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The conversation covers a range of struggles and challenges faced by individuals who are considered Islamists. They emphasize the importance of protecting individuals from infection and mistakes, citing the need for a "bringing door" to make them feel accepted, honoring their parents' behavior, and giving them the opportunity to see their own children. The speakers also touch on the return of the US Navy to Mexico and the need for a grant to make men feel accepted, as well as the importance of protecting men from evil behavior and envyance.
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So you the now Mohammed income is on lozada Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim.

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A lot more Sanjana Mohammed Juana Ernie Mohammed income essanay Donna Ibrahim on early Ibrahim Avalon I mean

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a lot more Sanjana Maha marihuana early Mohammad Inca mouse on night either Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Aloma vertical mo marihuana Mohamed income abakada Rahim Allah Ali Ibrahim Akela al amin, amin, Majeed, Aloma, Sanjana Mohammed any Mohammed in kamasan late Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim

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Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Inc Mr. Bharat tala Ibrahim Ibrahim A phenol Amina in the Camino, de

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Aloma, Sanjana Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed Inka masala Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Allahumma barik ala Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed income Ababa, Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Filomena iNec, Hamid Doom Majeed, Aloma, Sanjana Mohammed

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Mohammed in kamasan late Allah Rahim Allah Ali Ibrahim Filomena iNec Hamid Majeed along Mubarak Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed in camera Baraka Ibrahim Ali, Ali Ibrahim Ophelia, let me know in the Camino de

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Allahumma zonula Mohammed

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Mohammed Inca masala Ibrahim Ali, Ali Ibrahim, along the vertical Allah Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed in karma Baraka Allah Ebro Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Filomena iNec, Hamid de Allah we ask you in beginning and end to send your choices blessings upon or whenever you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam all we ask you to bless our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with your peace and blessings we ask you to join us with them in the highest levels of gender as a consequence of this law. All we ask you to protect us from the inequities of our sins. Yeah, I've come across I mean, this is my dear brothers and sisters that said I'm on equal a year in a year again, another daily drop. This is a little bit after Sultan fajita here in Perth and we pray that Allah subhanho wa

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Taala accepts from all of us wherever we are. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala makes easy all of our affairs Allah I mean, today our focus in sha Allah in mind is going to be about my family and my children for your family and your children. Allah I mean, the out of memory out of him We are here for you on behalf of medical history. Oh Allah you are the merciful You are the Especially Merciful You are the ever living the one who sustains all in this self sustaining Yeah, Allah we ask you for your Rama that it descends upon us yeah, Allah as you descend the rain.

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A lot a lot of mothers Nebula hermetic yeah Allah Allah save us with your salvation through your mercy Allah. Allah Allah it is your mercy that we seek it is your mercy and your forgiveness in these blessed at nights of Ramadan yeah Allah that we seek Allah accepted from us yeah, humble I mean, Allah we ask you about your most blessing names you are the one and the only the relied upon the one that we call out to with his greatest name with the one that when it is invoked, that it is always answered.

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You are the Eternally living the sustaining of all yeah Allah bless our children with a man bless them with so bless them with a strength of purpose and a belief that is deeper than just that which is stated by the tongue but it's rooted in the hearts of Allah. Allah we ask you to increase for us and our children their lifespan and bless them with their health and strengthen them with obedience and worship of Allah.

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Allah muda Fianna to him was the Helena Welcome pmle now family him or her mother I mean, Allah we asked you to help us raise our children with strength and strengthen them from any weakness and cure them from any infirmity or any illness. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to strengthen their bodies and to tune their hearing and to sharpen their sight. Yeah, Allah. We ask a lot to clear away any of their congestion or any away of their depression. You know, Allah, we asked you to give them a strong mental health and a strong reliance upon your love. We asked you Allah to allow them to get up when they are knocked down yet Allah and to push back when others try to bully them. You know,

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Allah, we ask you to make them resilient in the face of difficulties. You have hammer Rahimi, Allah, we ask you to make them a whole,

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a whole part of our community and our oma who take part in all of the initiatives that relate to that which is raising up your voice, raising up the voice of the truth and raising up the banner of Islam of hamara. Hamid, Allah Our Lord, we ask You for Your mercy to protect them from any illness and sin and mistakes and errors and misguidance Allah Allah protect them.

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From the consequences of not being devoted to you yeah our camera amin Allah make them from those who are consistent in their prayers and begin with us. Yeah, Allah.

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Allah we ask you to cause them to show us to show us in their obedience and in their habits the best of manners yeah Allah Allah Allah lead them to opening their heart towards us and us towards them yeah Allah, Allah Do not let them rebel against the truth and against us when we are calling them to that which is bless bless it and pleasing to your path. Yeah, Allah. Allah protect them from sin and error and disrespectfulness to Allah. Allah Jimenez I'm human and I'll see him when ally Our team will halt the enia Allah, Allah protect them from an fcn from sinfulness from an O from being disrespectful to us, Allah, Allah we ask you to allow us to help to allow us to be helped to raise

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them with the highest morals out of that I mean, Allah let us show them in our ethics and our firmness of dealings with others that this is the path of righteousness. Yeah, Allah, Allah we put them in your trust yeah or hammer Rahimi in Estonia or the retainer fee of Anika Allah, Allah we put our the real our progeny and all that will come from us in your in your firm trust where no trust is ever lost yet a lower indicator to the to the Yoruba Allah, Allah we entrust them to you clearing them of any any harm that may come in their path Yeah, Allah, Allah we trust that you will guard the You are the one who is the guarding and the one who is the Protector that we seek to ask Yeah, or

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hammer I mean for your protection and guardianship with them. Yeah, Allah, Allah let our children be of those who are honor and reason for our honor and source of righteous pride in this dunya and Ophelia, Allah, Allah make our children from those who have a good share in the dunya and their best better share in the area Allah, Allah give them knowledge that leads them to you and then obedience and a character that is loved by others so that they will be loved in your path. Yeah, Allah.

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Allah homeowners open the door we

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have them video dunya will have one finger at me or husband, Phil Julio, we will have them feel healthier or hammer I mean, Allah we ask you to strengthen them and to give them the best of status amongst themselves and others may Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant them the highest levels of genda of hammer, I mean, we Allah join all of us and those who have passed before us and those who are coming after us in the highest levels of Gambia, Allah, Allah there are some of us who have lost our children while they were younger. Allah grant us the ability to see them in general for those and let them be cared for by Prophet Ibrahim until they lead us into the place of gender that will be

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our abode together Yeah, Allah. Allah hum Aneta giulietti middle ashlea Allah, O Allah Don't let my children be from those who are humiliated and dishonored because of their actions. Allah, Allah protect our children from humiliation and dishonor, dishonor for ourselves and others yet Allah bring them joy that will make make them happier and calmer I mean, Allah my mother Doria Tina been been near me was semi well bustle. The Dharma to seminary will also be on camera I mean Allah Amen. emmalin Naveen aromatic Winnie I'm Nicola Halima Allah O Allah continue to bless us with your many blessings. Allah the blessing of sight and sound and hearing and ability Allah wa Jimmy I'm one at

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the Himalaya I mean Allah do not deprive us of camera I mean Allah we ask you with the highest best of intend to make us from those whose door it is accepted in these blessed and virtuous days and nights of the month of Ramadan. Allah there are those who are saying I mean to our door enter their door and the door that is in their heart the door that they speak to you yeah, Allah Allah turn to them as they have turned to you yeah, Allah and none other than you Yeah, Allah. Allah Allah grant them I will probably add or hammer I mean, Oh Allah except from all of us a model I mean, yeah, Allah bless us with faithful active acceptance of the truth and Islam the way you allowed it for

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over Casa de Thea Allah, Allah give us the judgment of Mr. of no hotbar but at the Allahu Allah, Allah grant us the humility and the higher of earth and the wise judgment and decisions of Allah you have never fire liberati Allah harness the habit here Allah, Allah we ask you to make us from those who have the courage of Hamza and the Baraka in wealth of Abdul Rahman even yourself. Allah tune our voice in the reading of the for lack of a human you can and give us the memory in the hadith of Abu hurayrah Allah we ask you to bless us with the knowledge of Abdullah have numerous rules of the hora Ania Allah, Allah we ask you to give us the insight of evening I burst into the inner meanings of

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the of your word yet Allah will not give us the will and determination of some of his eighth and the ends or do I have sadly Abby wakasa hammer I mean was Allah Allah Allah NaVi was so happy as you may Allah will

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Grant us a tilbyr before our return like that of what will your data and give us the service and the fitment to the sooner as ns served our nebia Salalah hottie, Allah Allah was the beauty of dahiya and the eloquence of Java, Vitaly and the command and the leadership of highly deepening Walid Allah grant is the zoo had an aversion to the excesses of the danielda Buddha yahama Rahimi, Allah we ask you to grant us the friendship that is sincere and true like that of Selma and in fairness he Allah, Allah give us the endurance of Bilal and the stamina and patience that he displayed in the face of torture. Yeah, Allah, Allah make us of those who have fearlessness that lay kalkaska Yeah, Allah

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grant is the long the 100 prayers of Abdullah had number have been asked.

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Allah we asked you to grant us multiple hiji like I've lived near Omar, Allah we asked you to grant as the multiple huginn adherence to the sooner like Abdullah had neural model of the Allah and the deep knowledge and the wisdom and the compassion of our nation, and the empathy of almost two lane and the long hand of charity of zenobia Allah, Allah we ask you to grant us this steadfastness and that assurance to others low of howdy God Allahu Allah, and the guardianship of Hetzler and the fever of Sophia, the Allah grant as the nobility of the selama Allah we ask you to grant us the sharpness of whom mama and the resoluteness of a moral man, the eloquence of enhancer and the

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thankfulness of a smart interview back, I will always ask you to grant all of us at tawakkol that our colon the reliance upon you or Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah give us the piety of about and the diplomacy of I'm reaping the loss of Allah grant us the shibori of software and caution and awareness of his dealings of ma diplegia belia. Allah, Allah we ask you to grant us the strength of Safina and the promise that was made to Okasha of being next to our Navy or Salalah while he was selling Allah grant as the resilience of zubayr. Web and grant as the eloquence of so how you lived your ama, yeah, Allah grant us our love of unobvious I sell them

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that like that of a human I'm sorry, Allah, we ask you to grant us the freedom from the dunya as you granted it, for most of us are male. And the prowess in the eloquence of has certainly been the fabric of Allah we ask you to grant us the trust so that we are omana like that of apple.

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I bought Aveda implanted your raw hair or hammer I mean, Allah we ask you to send your solo at upon our Navy as I sell them and to be ever pleased with all of the Sahaba those that we have mentioned and those that we have not Allah we ask you to grant us their ethics and their flowers in dealing with others and dealing with you yeah, Allah. Allah made the Sahaba the role models for our children and our loved ones, Allah, Allah make us acquainted with their biographies and their stories so that we can be inspired by them. Yeah, Allah, Allah we ask you to be pleased with all those who stood with your Nabi sallallahu wasallam when followed in his path, the law protects us from friends who

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betray your neighbors who harm and relatives who envy and a colleague who steals our achievements Allah, Allah we ask you to protect us from a boss who is unreasonable and the hypocritical leaders in our leadership as Imams, Allah, we ask you your hammer I mean to make us from those who are successful in this dunya and after to make us from those who are accepted by you. Yeah, Allah we acknowledge our mistakes we acknowledge our sincere Allah robina vollum net unforced in our in limited field and our 100 and akula nominal ha serene La ilaha illa Anta Simcha Anika in equal to may not find the mean, what to Ballina? In NACA and the web would Rahim or benalla to Africa in

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Messina a partner or benalla Tamil Alina Islam Kappa Delta who aladeen I mean koblin Roberto Villa to him in mana. Takata Luna behavoir for a network for lead our Hamza and tiempo Lana COVID Catherine Robin Allah to the Cordova Nevada Italia eternal happiness in Adam Carolla 10 in the cantle Wareham Urbana inaka Jeremy nasci Leo min la Roy Buffy in the LA holla you fooled me robina in Nana semi Anam una de una de Lille Imani and immunobiological famine Finland

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