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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now moves on to the Battle of Hunayn and what set this battle into action and all the other relevant details.

The Prophet ﷺ was weary of the news doing the rounds of the possible attack of the tribe of Ta’if - Taqif and the Hawazim in order for them to regain control of the Kaaba, to gain leadership of mecca after the Quraysh who had been defeated and also to re assume idolatry.

The Prophet ﷺ after gaining help from some , headed towards Hunayn and arrived there on the 10th of Shawwal. The chieftain of the tribe of Taif was Malik ibn Awf A-Nasri.

The Taqif knew their area inside out thoroughly which was a given. They used it fully to their advantage. They tricked the Muslims into gathering in a valley by presenting some of their army members while in reality, their archers were mounted atop the mountains and were waiting patiently for all the Muslims to gather collectively. This is when the Taqif started bombarding the Muslims with arrows and this led the Muslims to flee like there was no tomorrow.

The Prophet ﷺ witnessed this and made a plea citing tribal loyalty and love for Islam as the enticing factors to bring back the Muslim to the battlefield. He first called the allegiance bearers of Hudaybiyyah followed by the Ansar and then the rest. When they had all been brought to the valley, the Prophet ﷺ threw dust onto the face of the archers and they were left completely blinded and hence, the arrows proved useless in this scenario.


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