Angels in Their Presence S2 #07 – A Botched Robbery

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So this next narration is actually almost identical to the narration was a different how to throw the allowance out I know but there's something special to it as well. It's narrated by a half of them and hijo Rahimullah Anna Lee Saba Mila Thea. It's also mentioned by the likes of the mom and then I am Rahim, Allah Tala. However, it doesn't have an authentic chain to the profit slice of them. So it can't be attributed to the profit side, Sam so the story has great benefit in it's primarily because of the lesson of drought which we will find in it but at the same time, we don't trace it back to the profit slice

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so this narration is about a man by the name of a boomer I'm sorry, but all the Allahu Taala and who and I will marry Lacroix the Allahu Anhu was known as a merchant who is distinguished with his Riba and distinguished with his integrity. So he's known for his worship, he is known for his integrity and business and anisul, the Allah Tada and who says that he was out on business one day, when an armed robber comes up to him and confronts him. The armed robber says to him, suddenly Metallica in the bottle, he said, go ahead and give me everything you have, because I'm going to kill you. Okay, or else I'm going to kill you. Now, a little while the whole time, no response. This was gnarly.

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Machete, okay? Well, cutely. He says, take all of my money. I'll give you everything that you asked for. But why do you want to kill me? You know, how about one of the signs of the Day of Judgment is what the neither the murderer nor the one who is being murdered, understand why the murders taking place, right? Just killing become so prevalent that people kill just the cuts, right? So he's saying to him, why do you want to kill me? I'm gonna give you everything that I have. And there is no need for that. And the robber says the money is mine anyway, but I want to kill you anyway. Subhanallah with no enmity and this is of course, the hardness of the heart. You know, where you see a serial

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killer who finds absolutely no hesitation anymore and just shedding blood for the sake of it. Several men up all the alongside of animals similar to say, howdy throw the law. I know. He says to him, Listen, if you're going to kill me, anyway, will you give me permission to pray a few records and in his narration, he says for that guy. So let me let me just pray as you kill me. So the man laughs at him and he says a Salah. He says prayer really is a Sunday, mash it go ahead and pray as much as you want. I'll let you pray as much as you want, but I'm gonna kill you anyway. So we'll narrow it up a little the Allahu Taala and hope he makes the law. The man gives him the ability to

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make although in some performs the law, and then in his Sajida and this is why the Scholars really narrate the story in his such that he calls out to Allah subhanaw taala in his prostration and he says, yeah, we'll do it. Yeah, we'll do it. Yeah, we'll do it. Yeah, the Laubscher the Majeed Yasser Allah Lima you read, as Al Kabir is Zika la de la Juran one will kick a Ludy la yo long will be no recolor the Minor Arcana Arshak and tech Vianney shot will have the list. Yama leaf of withany Yama leaf of his knee, Yama leaf of ethnic so yeah, we'll do it almost loving. And he calls out to Allah Subhana Allah with this name three times and he says the one who possesses the Mighty Throne and he

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calls out to Allah Subhana Allah Allah NEMA you read the one who does as he pleases? And he says, I asked you by your honor, that none can hope to have no one can have there is that you have Oh Allah, and by your kingdom that no one can take away from and by your light that fills the Archon that fills the pillars of your thrones Pamela What a beautiful, the light that is within the pillars the foundations of your outer shell. He said I asked you Oh ALLAH to protect me from this list from this robber. And he says yam will leave a lift in the AMO Heath knee. Yama Leith of Ethany Oh, helper do help me Oh, help her help me. Oh, help her help me save me. Oh Allah Subhan Allah. This has all the

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meanings, I mean, things that are taken from the Sunnah of the Prophet slicin. But it comes from the heart. And it's a very beautifully constructed your app in a moment that is very traumatic. So when he made this

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a rider a horseman suddenly appears with a spear held high above his head. And just like in the case of a little the allows him to unhook, he throws his spear at this robber, and he kills him. So well Mariela called the low tide and who says to him, who are you? And and he says, No Malecon Mina sama labia, I am an angel, from the fourth heaven. He said, when you made the first dua, he said, the doors of the heavens rattled as Pamela got caught like there was a rattling of the gates of the heavens. And he said, and when you called out to Allah with the same day out the second time, he said, I heard the inhabitants of the heavens cry out and they said that

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This is a person who is calling upon Allah subhanaw taala. And the third time it was announced, do our OMA group that there are of someone that is in distress. So I asked permission from Allah subhanaw taala to grant me the ability to kill the robber and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada sent me to you Subhan Allah and Manuel Ji will Matata either there, we actually for Sue as the last panel to assess who answers the call or when they call out to Allah and removes that distress. Now, there's so much to talk about here. It's very similar to ze there'll be a lot of times I know but of course there's the DUA however, I want to actually make a point about the DERA itself, as beautiful as it sounds, a

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person could take that they're just like any draft from the Sunnah of the Prophet slice of them. And this is of course, even of a lesser status, right? Then there are authentically narratives from the Prophet sighs I'm gonna say this is the one that's going to save me. But the reality is what that when this person who we don't know much about right they're not of the status of being like say didn't have a little the a long time. But when this person called upon Allah sincerely, then the sincerity of that dua manifested in such a beautiful way, a way that we can still admire today. However, what is the reality of the status of this dua? It's what the Prophet saw I saw him said

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that the do out of a mug loom person the dura of someone who is being wronged there is no hijab, there is no veil between that supplication and Allah subhanaw taala. Even if that person is a disbeliever, if Allah hears the dura, of a person who is a disbeliever, but they call upon Allah and they are actually wronged and they're affirming the oneness of God, in the capacity of that supplication. What then of a movement what then of a believer who is in the midst of being wrong and that believer calls out to Allah subhanaw taala with the most sincere of your eyes, and in words that are not scripted, but are laced with the sincerity that causes one supplication to be answered.