Angels in Their Presence S2 #04 – A Face Touched by an Angel

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The title for this companion and the collection of remount of the hubby Rahim Allah to Allah says it all about him. Amir al Nabil al Jamil Osama Jerry Rubin, Abdullah Al Amir, who is the chief and Nabil, the noble one. Al Jamil, the handsome one Ablon, Jared, even Abdullah will be allowed to add on

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Now usually, the name Julita bin Abdullah, well, the allowance I know is a name that is kind of lost because he's mistaken often for jobs that have Nabila, who is a much more famous companion while the law I know and he has a story in this series as well. But Judy, it is a very special man, and someone who had a very special traits. Now he was a man from Yemen, and he was the chief of his people. And he does not come to embrace Islam until what's known as Hammond will foot the year of the delegation. So we're talking about nine years after the Hijra of the Prophet slice, I'm from Mecca to Medina, and he hears the message of Islam from Yemen. And he brings with him 150 People

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from Yemen to meet the prophets lie some in Medina and to embrace Islam. So God Allah Tada and who says about the Prophet slice on famously and this is probably the most famous narration about him he says, Mara, Annie rasool Allah, he's a licen a Mundo Islam to Allah, Tibet, some of you he, the prophets lie some never saw me from the day that I embraced Islam, except that the Prophet sighs some smiled at me. Now of course the Prophet slice and I'm always would smile in general but God says I actually cannot remember a single time that the Prophet slicin looked at me without a smile. Now of course that's a trait of the prophets lie Selim. But there's also a story to it with JT it'll

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the allowance out I know. So what's his story? Well, so last lie Salem is sitting with his companions in the masjid in Medina Meza nibbly. And in the middle of his speaking, the prophets lie, some stops. And he says yet to whom and how the Bab Raju, and min Heidi the Yemen, that someone is going to enter from that door, who is from the best of the people of Yemen and he described himself as an enemy, he says Allah which He He must have to Malik and his face has been touched by an angel. His face has been touched by an angel, what an interesting description of him, right? So you're going to see this man that's about to enter into the masjid. And His face has been wiped or Touched

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by an Angel. So Jerry, it'll be a lot of data. And when he comes into the masjid, and everybody stops, and in complete silence is staring at him. So Jared walks in the profit slices all the way at the front of the Masjid. Jared is coming and he's at the back of the messenger. And everyone's staring at him. So he says to the person that's nearest to him, he says, Yeah, Abdullah, oh, servant of Allah. Right. That's the way they call someone they didn't know, says, Yeah, Abdullah Akkad in abuse, lice. Olympia, che did the prophets lie. Some say something about me? You know, he either said something really bad. Or he said something really good? Because it's clear that everyone is

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staring at me because of something the prophets lie some said. So the man told me what the prophets lie some said. So I said Alhamdulillah for that, and he went on to embrace Islam. And to become this Companion of the prophets lie Selim. In the final year of his life, it his sloth was set up. Now what does it mean? To say that an angel wiped your face you might remember, the Hadith where the prophet slicin mentions three men, a man who was bald, a man who has a leopard and a man who is blind. And an angel comes to each one of those three men and gives them all a different set of risks a different set of sustenance. But in the process of that, when the angel wipes the head of the bald

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man, the man has hair now when the angel wipes the eyes of the blind man, the blind man can now see and when the angel wiped the skin of the leper, the leper no longer had leprosy. So they're gonna not say that in the case of God, it'll be Allah Tala and hoe and Angel wiped His face in such a way that there was no defect it just beautified him tremendously. He had an extreme beauty to him while the hola hola Tada and who? And so anywhere he went, he attracted attention to himself, because of the wiping of the angel on his face and Allah subhanaw taala knew what he was giving to this Companion of the Prophet slice Allah, some of the narrations, he says I told the prophet slice and

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I'm one time that I had a hard time keeping stable on my horse, you know, he's a chief of his people, and he would go out and battle and he said, I I'm having a hard time staying on my horse. He said, the prophet size some struck my chest and he said, Allah Mirtha Bittu which Allah who had the idea, he said, Oh Allah, keep him firm meaning on his horse and make him one who is guided and who others are guided through so as Pamela did your out of the prophets lie Selim for a person is always better than what they seek from the messengers lie Celemony says Wallahi I never fell off on my horse again after that, do that.

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prophets lie Selim. What was his nickname? I want to know how Pablo the Allah Tala and who called him useful Have you heard the use of of this ummah Subhanallah so he is the use of of this OMA and our model the Allah Tada and who prays to Me said near miss Sayed Quinta Fidelia when there must say youthful Islam, what a great chief of your people you were in the days of ignorance. And what a great chief of your people you are in Islam. Now we don't find much from God. It'll be a long time. I know in terms of you know, interactions with the prophets, I saw them. In fact, most of it surrounds his initial embracing Islam. He said they I told us little lice, lice and I gave my

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allegiance to the Prophet slice on either shahada to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Muhammad, Allah Subhan Allah, of course, upon the shahada, that there is only one God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, what He Palma Salah eata is occur and to establish the prayers and to pay this account was so many will Klara and that I would hear and that I would obey, when no say liquidly Muslim, this is where it gets interesting, and that I would be a sincere advisor to every muscle, that I would treat the Muslims with sincerity. And so Subhanallah what we find with God it'll the alonside I knew who had this, this power of persuasion because of the unique way that

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Allah subhanaw taala blessed him and that an angel wiped His face and he had such beauty. Like Emraan had been saying all the Allah Tada. And when the fitna broke out when trials and tribulation broke out and people started to fight and power struggles arose. He was a person who said la okatie lumen Allah Allah Allah Allah said listen, the profit slice I'm setting you back to Yemen it with with very clear instructions is I'm not going to fight people that say like the law and their intimate say, that's the blessing of God, it'll the law Tada and hope he had the persuasion of his of his beauty. He had the persuasion of his leadership, he had the persuasion of so many different

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things. How did he use his persuasion? He used it in Derrida. And that's why there isn't that say the greatest virtue of him is that on the day of Odyssey, which was one of the most important battles in the history of Islam, a third of the Muslims that were fighting on the day of God the SIA were from the people of God to bin Abdullah or the allotted time.