Angels in Their Presence S2 #03 – When They Fill Up the Skies

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Let's say you've been delayed or the allot of time and who was one of the chiefs in what was of course known at that time yesterday before the Prophet slice on came to him became Medina and he was the chief of the tribe of an OSA remember the unsolved were divided into an iOS and Al Hasan

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and when most hospital the a lot of time on who was sent to Medina to teach the people to call them to Islam from Hajj to Hajj, Jose heard about Messiah little the Allah Tada I know and he came to him in a state of rage, wanting to stop him from corrupting his people. But most of it will be allowed on her with his manners and with his beautiful preaching, was able to convince him to just hear him out for a moment. So we'll say sat and he listened to Musab all the allowed Salah and read the Quran to him. And when Musab recited the Quran to say it fell in his heart and immediately Subhanallah not only did he fall in love with it, but he became instrumental in getting Medina as a whole to become

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Muslim. He wanted everyone to hear this magnificent or that he had heard that caused him to embrace Islam, and to call his entire people to Islam. So the chapter that we come to is actually a chapter in Sahaja Behati, which is Bab Newzoo, to Sakina. Will Mala Iike and the Quran the chapter of the descent of a 16 the descent of tranquillity and the angels when the Quran is recited, it's a hadith where it will say there will be a lot of time and who says that I was reciting Surah Al Bacala at night. So imagine him standing outside in his courtyard, reciting it either in a state of prayer, or just in a state of recitation, but he's outside at night and his horse was tied beside him. And as

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he recites sorted Bakara, the horse seems startled, and it starts to tremble. So he said, I stopped reciting. And I went out and I looked to see what the horse was seeing. And the horse went quiet. So he said, I kept on reciting. So with that Bacala, he said, again, the horse was startled, and the horse started to tremble. So he said, I stopped reciting. I started to look around, I said, What's going on here? Why is the horse you know, so shocked by this recitation or by what's happening? So he said, I started again, and he said, some hammer the third time when he recited the Quran, the horse started to tremble and was startled to the extent that it almost trampled his son. Yeah, here.

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So he said, My son was out there as well. And the horse was so moved that I thought the horse was actually going to trample my son. Yeah. So he said, The next morning, I went to the profit slice and I told the profit slice on what happened. And the profit slice Sam said it. Yep. Nico laid it out, read Obon her laid, read Obon Hellblade. And I said, total solo si, Sam yada. So Allah, my son, yeah, he was there and I thought the horse was actually going to trample him. And he said, When I looked at the sky, I saw a cloud containing what looked like muscle, I'll be these lamps are these lanterns in the sky with these clouds? So when I stopped reciting, they left and the prophets lie

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Selim said, whatever. Rhema doc, do you know what that is? Oh, say it. I said, No. He said till columella Iike. He said, That was the angels. They came close because of your recitation. He said, Well, oh, corrupt la svaha Tian, bro, la Hannahs lotta Tao Rahman hum. And he said, how do you continue to recite Osage? The people would have come and they would have been able to stare at the angels and nothing would conceal the angels from them. So Subhanallah if you were to keep on reciting the Quran, the angels would have come down until the morning time, and the people would have seen the effect of the angels in the sky. In another narration, there was a man that was

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reciting certain calf and he had the exact same experience. And he came to the Prophet sly. Somebody told the prophets lie, some would happen. The prophets lie. Some said, That was a sacking. That was tranquillity that descended because of God. It's because of the recitation of the Quran and have them in 100 Rahim Allah Tada who of course, is the main explainer of Sahaja Behati. He said that a Sakina here actually refers to the meta ICA tranquillity actually refers to the angels because wherever the angels go Sakina dissents wherever the angels go tranquility dissents and so whether that is a person reciting the Quran, and so the angels come and they witnessed that Quran especially

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the Quran at Fudger and the Quran or answer when they witnessed that loud recitation of the Quran, they bring with them a tranquillity they bring with them a piece and Subhanallah that Sakina comes into the household. And I will hold it will be a lot of time and who mentions that homes are expanded due to the recitation of the Quran

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And not only do they expel the shale play, not only do they expel the devils, but the angels are present in that home so much that there's Sakina there is tranquility that overtakes every single elements every single aspect of that home. And that is what is seen then, in the presence of the clouds. We know the profit slice I'm describing to us from the signs of Leila to cuddle. But there is a tranquil night to the signs that we see within our own hearts when we are in the presence of the Quran for an extended period of time.