Abdulfattah Adeyemi – Shapes of Burdens #2

Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the burden of being human and the danger of evil, including the loss of project work and the loss of lives due to COVID-19. The speaker also talks about the struggles people face in their lives due to these pressures and the potential consequences of their actions.
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There's a burden of being punished for being human

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the burden of being despised for being lonely.

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There's also this burden of spiritual predicament that we're going through

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from confusion to perplexity from impediments to roadblocks, from burdens of near success experiences

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to working hard without any fruits

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you know what I mean by near success experiences

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somebody will work hard and labor when is about to get what is it to get something will happen,

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you will be pursuing a project when somebody is about to sign his papers something will happen.

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And most of the time these projects are no small small projects.

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Sometimes, life would dangle very big projects in his face like this. And you have 100% assurance that this will work, people will even promise it,

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but when remains few hours, to the time for him to get the brick, something will come up.

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They will see this COVID-19

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they will see government policy has changed.

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They will see the pencil to sign his paper the mother died yesterday.

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Or the person that will sign the paper will have worked with his wife that morning before come to come to the office.

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Imagine this kind of burden that some people are carrying about. At the point he will be doubting what exactly is wrong with me what is happening in my life. Did anybody do care against me? Did anybody do sorcery against me? Who have I offended that things are like this?

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In fact, jobs that have been promised they'll give to somebody else in his presence.

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You tell me sorry. Oh, it's you Sorry, sorry, we forgot Oh,

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easy laptop.

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Did you see what I was signing a paper now?

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then how is he supposed to know

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the sub spiritual burdens? The so people are carrying some spiritual darkness that throw people into inexplicably lethargy.

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When it is time for him to do some things that's when you fall sick.

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Spiritual burdens that get victims shackled by diabolical imaginations of evildoers.

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When the Quran says women surely has it in either Hassan and from the evil of evil from the evil of of envious people, when they show their envy,

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and you see Allah shows in that to life, you know, forgotten what authorized that? throttle Falak.

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Bill Falak me? Shall Rima horlock wabi shurrab or CP NIDA COVID woman shareen firfer TV loco the woman Sheree ha CD neither has said

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this Chevy chavi Sheree, Sheree plenty

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in that surah.

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And one of them The last one is the evil

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of envious people.

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We also have the evil of those who blow into the North sorceress.

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And then if we do another one, mean shall Rima qualico, from the evil of the things and as critics

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it is the burden from this evil that some people are actually suffering from from

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Allah from all of this, whatever the shape of your body, may Allah grant your strength. May Allah grant you the strength and the patience and the way out of every difficulty. And everybody in some situation, may or may Allah have mercy on us, and May Allah forgive us our sins.

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