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The speakers discuss the negative impact of Islam on Muslims, particularly in the United States, and the physical presence of Islam. They also discuss trends in certain communities like terrorism and suicide bombing, and the use of current policy recommendations as evidence of political capital. The speakers emphasize the importance of being mindful of the physical presence and the potential for Islam to increase terrorism and exotherencies. They also discuss the use of "right wing" language and the importance of understanding the meaning behind certain language to avoid confusion.

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Anyways, so this

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is not

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supposed to go in India

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right now associated with

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anyways. So what we're saying right now is this guys it's time to be mature. It's time to be mature London is a multicultural city. The Muslims are here Look, the 30 million Muslims, the 30 30 million people are here in the EU are Muslim, there are 30 million Muslims in the EU. Now the question is this

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25 million in the EU countries, not Turkey and these countries. Yeah, we're talking about EU countries about 25 according to Pew, 25 to 30 million Muslims exist in the EU. Now let's just for the sake of argument for the sake of argument, let's agree with Tommy, what are you saying that? Yeah, let me say one more time. Let's agree with Tommy, there's a Muslim problem. Yeah, yes. Let's agree with time there's a Muslim problem. Yes. Just like there was a Jewish problem. Yes, just like there was a Jewish problem. Now there's a Muslim problem as well as agreed. Let's agree. Let's agree, no problem. So what we're gonna do, what we're gonna do, what we're gonna hold on, what did

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you say? Let me say one more time, what are we gonna do? Because the thing is, if you believe in concepts like absolute freedom of speech, and if you live in concepts like absolute freedom of expression, so long as there is no harm done in society, and there are Muslims living amongst you, the moment you start saying, let's have different rules for those minorities, then you should have for the majority is the main area is the moment is the moment.

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That's a difficult decision is the moment.

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The moment the moment you become Neo fascist, it is the moment because there's a difference. Why is fascism?

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The question is, guys, what is fascism? fascism? Look, fascism is when you prioritize the nation state over above individual liberties.

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So this idea, I know there's economic and political fascism, we understand this authoritarianism. And I know that Tommy Robinson and the ultra right are not espousing that kind of fascism. But they are saying this, there's a Muslim problem. Now, the moment they start making policy recommendations, is the moment they will invariably inevitably have to start being discriminatory in their reasoning. And the moment they start being discriminatory to the Muslim minorities, over and above any other group of people is the moment they have embraced a fascistic logic over and above a liberal framework. That's why

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perfect if that's the case, we don't have beef. If that's the case, we're all in the same boat. Thank you, my friend. We like it. It's a law enforcement issue.

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Anyways, anyways, so you see, you see, this is a guy's You know, it was really interesting, guys. Wait a minute. Let me tell you what I find really interesting.

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I want to ask me a question when he comes here. I'm not gonna ask him to MMA fight, because, you know, I'm not I'm not gonna do that. I've done it. He's seen it. He's rejected it. We move on.

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I'm not gonna do it. All right. Don't worry. I'm not gonna go down that route today. I'm not gonna do it. Okay, well, I'm not gonna ask Tommy. I'm going to ask him.

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I don't he doesn't he doesn't want to and it's not fair. And frankly, it's not fair. It's not fair. Unless it's two versus one or something. Which can be

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I'm only joking. Now. What would I ask Tommy?

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I was actually out. Okay, if I agree with Tommy, what happened? to Tom Robinson? Okay. I agree. Tommy, we agree. Okay, we know what we'll be looking at the stats. We've seen your argument.

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We agreed on Robinson,

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we agree with you, Tommy, there's a Muslim problem for the sake of argument. Now what we're going to do with Muslims, if you've come here, Tommy, you've come here to talk about freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. If you believe that Muslims, like any other group deserve freedom of speech and freedom of expression, the moment you start saying shut down mosques and immigrate them, then what you've done is you've gone against the promise, the promise of freedom of speech and expression. So that's what we say we say that if you have if you have a

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If you have an issue with Muslims, then let's make it an issue of law enforcement. Muslims are grooming gangs, they are

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no problem. There are things that are happening in my community.

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Fair enough. Things are happening in my community, which were really unhappy about. There is an increase in terrorism, there is an extreme increase in extremism, there is an increase in these things. Yeah, I agree. I agree. Seriously, because Islam, according to Pew Research, in 2101, out of three people in the world would be Muslim.

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Do you know what that means? Guys, that if you meet everyone in the world, and you meet everybody, every third person you meet will be a Muslim, and in our grandchildren's lives, okay. So when we're looking at sociological statistics, yeah, you will find trends with Muslims, you'll find trends of blacks. Wait a minute, what did you say commit? Now? I'll tell you one more time, you'll find trends or blacks? If you look, if you look, you'll look at knife crime. On the face of it sociologically, it might seem that black people are over represented in jails in knife crime. It might be the case, that if we look at Jewish communities, that integration is also a so called problem according to if

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you look at x community y committee, but this is what we say. We say, look, this is not a problem of race. And this is not a problem of religion. It's an issue of circumstance, the reason why black people are more likely to commit knife crime is not because they intrinsically

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you know predisposed to that it's because of circumstance because of the history because of the history of what they've been through. And the same thing with Muslims. Look at foreign policy, what Robert Peck said in his book, dying to win is fundamentally important. He said, The reason why there has been an increase in terrorism and suicide bombing is because of foreign policies, as his position is one of the most renowned academics. And by the way, he said that suicide bombing was more for Hindus than it was for Muslim groups, according to a large scale, sociological study, and produce for the longest record. So what we're saying is this, why do we have to label the moment you

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start saying there's a Muslim problem, a black problem, a Sikh problem? A Jewish problem, is the moment you have we realized, now you have an agenda. You start having an agenda. So that's when Neo fascism is used as a label, because now you're over emphasizing certain motifs, certain themes and motifs. And in order to suppress certain minority groups, that's why it's called Neo fascism. The difference between a NEO fascist

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the difference between a NEO fascist right, and a liberal who believes in free speech and freedom of expression, is this distinction. It's a fine line.

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That's a fine line.

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I can't understand the language of speaking.

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Okay. No problem. Okay. Yes, yes. Anyways. Yes. So the point is this. The point is what I want the call to do today. Why request the crowd? People like my gentle my friend, judgment? Hey, what's your name again? But,

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and the rest of the people? Were the Muslim community? Look, I have to be honest with you. Right? We have grievances.

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Yes, we have grievances. Yeah. We want to express those grievances in places like this. He's come here. Do you know why he said in a video, Tommy Robinson, he said that. Tommy Robinson said in the video,

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they said that this place has become like a mosque. Because we pray in the corner, you know, and he's he's not happy with the fact that Muslims are expressing themselves in the context of speakers. Because there's been huge success of regular free speech. And you know, I know right, you're right. You know, I agree. But I was gonna say is this. We know, this is the point.

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The moment Neo fascist see people of a minority complexion, let's say, start taking advantage of the same rights that they don't want them to take advantage of. They start labeling them.

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Oh, yes, yes.

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Okay, let's, let's talk about that.

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Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. No, that's good. No, leave him leave him. Now, thank you for that. It's a good contribution. People are saying that Muslims are protected group. Thank you very much. Now, do you know one of the things that Tommy Robinson said, I was reading his twitter and I found this abhorrent? No, I'm going to come to what you said. Oh, thank you. So no, seriously, I met you. I met you as you can address your concerns. No, no, I will talk about it.

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Fine. Okay, fine, fine. All right, fine, fine. I'll address what you said.

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We believe me

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Alright, maybe there is an issue of what you've just said. Yeah. Okay, no problem. But we will say those look if you're talking about Muslims, right? Yes, maybe. Yeah. Okay, no problem. But what I was gonna say was this Look, listen guys seriously.

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If we're talking about Muslims, as a world population, look at the Rohingya in Burma. Do you know what Tommy Robinson said about the Rohingya in Burma? I'll come to it, my friend. Just give me a second. Give me a second. Well, there what he said about the rain gear in Burma and his on his Twitter. I'll put it on my description. We'll put it on the description. He said that the Rohingya, the so called persecuted Rohingya are actually terrorists. The UN has said about the Rohingya, that's the most persecuted individuals in the world, because of what they've been through. Now, when you can't see injustice when it's right in front of your eyes, and you're willing to kind of

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overcome that, in order to push and pedal, push and pedal, this Neo fascistic agenda. That's what I think you've lost your humanity. How could you? How could he? How dare he? How would he? How could we stand this, that we're talking about all these people being killed? We're talking about all of these people being butchered and exiled from their homeland. And then he would say that their so called persecuted minority and they're actually terrorists. I went to Cox's Bazar, I went to the border with Burma, and I met the women. I met the women who had seen that children being killed and persecuted and thrown into fires. Are these terrorists as well? I mean, this is where people have

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lost their humanity. It's called collective guilt is another principle by which and through which Neo fascists attempt to capture the agenda.

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Because it's freedom of speech, I could speak about Neo fascist. So this is what they use collective guilt. That's why they burn the juice. That's why they burned the juice. That's why they're burning the Burmese. That's why they're bombing the Rohingya. And that is the that is the agenda that this man wants to bring to this country. Yes. Okay. You asked your opinion. That's my opinion.

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This is my opinion. Yes. I agree with the racist there are real racists.

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Generation identity. I spoke to them last week, they want to get rid of all the Muslims in Europe.

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Are you gonna get rid of them?

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I don't want to talk about you're

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using Tommy Robinson, you are being a fascist and a racist. A racist. Why not just use the word fascists. I've used the word fascist, because this is why I think fashion you have to understand something about perfect. So the word fascism comes from the word fascist, which means to bundle something up and entails. It entails prioritizing the nation, over and above the individual. And now what this means is, and this is something very, very common in the discourse of these Neo fascist ultra right wing, they will use most motifs and language of war and combat, and patriot and over patriotism and over nationalism, in order to in order to discriminate against those minority groups.

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This is what we say. Now, what George Orwell said, is that the more society drift away from the truth, the mortal will hate people who speak the truth. And that's why the Prophet Mohammed also said, the prophet Mohammed Salah salam, he said, that one day, the Muslims will be in a position where there'll be the strangers, the outcast. And this is the reality guys. Now, if it's me know, I'm not a white man. And I'm not. I don't want to assimilate. Of course I don't. Why would I want to assimilate? I don't want to be No, no, I don't want to assimilate. There's a difference between economic integration and social assimilation. You go to America, you ask a black man where he's

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from, he will tell you I'm an African American. If you go to a black man in our country in Britain, Where is he from? He not only will tell you, I'm from Nigeria, he will tell you I'm evil Yoruba, hausa, because he is in touch with his roots. I don't want to assimilate with the society to the extent which I don't know myself. I know who I am. I'm a Muslim, and we are Muslims. And this is what we believe in. Okay. But the idea is this coexistence how do we coexist? Now you have to understand something islamically. I will tell you that the Quran very clearly says in chapter two verse 256 18, katavi.

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I tell you what that means. It means that there is no compulsion in religion. We don't force people to be there's no compulsion in religion.

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When you have your religion,

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you don't understand why you should do it.

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He said, let him do qumola which means you have your religion, and we have our religion. We do believe it

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coexistence. You have to understand that the moment you accept the narrative that Muslims do not accept harmony and coexistence, even though it's patently clear, and a matter of consensus among the Muslim jurists,

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even if you don't worship one God,

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I'm telling you what the Quran says directly right? In chapter two verse 256. It says like prophets in if you if you if he was me,

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I'm telling you now, okay, okay. Let me tell you what the Quran says first, because that's the book of the Muslims. The Quran says in chapter two, verse 256, there is no compulsion in religion.

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So which one is it? What are you talking about in the Quran? Yes, gone. What is that?

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You're talking about apostasy? No, no? No.

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Right now, right now, thank you very much.

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Thank you very much. no compulsion in religion, specifically refers to non Muslims, Jews, Christians, etc. We don't force them to ask for Muslims. They have the same thing, in a sense, in the West. If a Muslim doesn't want to become a Muslim Muslim to happen to him, nothing's going to happen to him. So the point is, we're saying this, we believe in harmony. We believe in coexistence. And that's the message that we want to put forward today. If you accept

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if you accept this message, and move away from that Neo fascist message, then there can be generations of coexistence. Otherwise, it won't work. All right.