Eastern Style Restroom While In Ihram

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As Salam is upon you and around you, and by request only

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I'm doing this knowing that it will be awkward and for all of us, but I would rather I will risk being made fun of and so that you're comfortable. We're doing the desert latrine, Eastern tire style toilet while in health. So you will do that quick tutorial. Again, one side is longer, whatever side you do, you do your tongue, you do roll, and then back by now you should be really good at this. So eight, as you can tell a little tale there, you don't want that. You don't want any drag. Once you come into the restroom, you don't want any drag because those are the things that can get wet. Well, once you get inside, no, it's not easy. But guys, take your eardrum off, don't try to make this an

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achromatic I'm going to do one of these is closed, you go ahead and throw your arm up on the wall.

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So that bottom doesn't touch. And if you want to, you can keep something over your shoulder so you feel covered. But let's assume you're in some state of some cloth or no cloth. I want you to find the groin, the black headphone cases, representative of the toilet, here I'm stepping and a lot of you are gonna fall just drop into your heels. Okay, once I'm in my heels, if you press forward a little bit you rock, you get a comfortable position. A lot of people are not sure what to do from here, just come forward and lift. Now if you're like you don't have mobility of the knees and the ankles and the hips, go see a Fidra RX video we'll talk about that at another time. But I'm assuming

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this is someone who's able and can open up. And here's just pressing your your ankle your heels into the ground and come forward a bit. Right. If you try to go up straight, you might feel wobbly, and then that fear is there. So then just know what you're doing. So I came into the restroom, assess the wetness situation, made sure nothing got wet, remove the lower garment over the thing. Now take a moment just maybe practice event and then pull it down. And once you're here, it really is think of a top someone in a tea leaf

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garden trying to pick leaves. People sit in this position. It's called them

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it's called

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can remember some type of third world squat, they call it the third world squat. Probably not the most racially appropriate but you know culturally appropriate but so what they can sit like this very comfortably. And it really is the best way to clean out your bowels. Hashtag Squatty Potty. I love you Squatty Potty. Okay, friends, let's talk about this. And let's try to get into a place of comfort. And for everyone who requested the video. I hope that it benefits you. And I hope that you all can find ease in this. It's not as difficult as it looks very wet, very uncomfortable in the beginning, but then you'll come to see how most of the world

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has to go through this process. I'll see you all as we progress through Hutch. Hopefully this litterin walkthrough was helpful to you. I'll take it down. Once we get to a latrine and I can make one properly. I'll see you on the other side.