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My name is Norman. I work in the field of internet travel and marketing. My question revolves around the strongest form of media. Today is movies, movies originating from Hollywood, Bollywood Lollywood. And probably now, Dollywood in Dubai.

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Fortunately for their benefit, it gets the message across in many forms. Passion of the Christ was one form that related a story about Jesus Christ. As the script was in Hebrew, I wanted to first ask how much of that was

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in line with what Christianity preaches, and how much we can relate to Quran as well. Obviously, there's some deviations as well. But again, the masses took that understanding and absorbed it. And that's what the understanding is. My second part of the question is, how can we use the media in form of movies to effectively communicate the message of Islam? Like it was done in the form of the first movie called The message from which I understood a lot of people converted to Islam after watching that movie? Just sokola? Because the question that movies do play an important role in creating opinions and conveying the message Hollywood Bollywood, no, you have Hollywood, no new

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word. Let's come to Dubai Media City.

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And you give the example of Passion of Christ. What are my views of such movies? Brother, I haven't seen that movie Passion of Christ. Do I wanted to see it? I haven't seen that movie. Normally, I don't see movies. But they've been a particular movie. I wanted to see it.

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But I read reports that after this movie are made by Mel Gibson, the way he portrays, and he kept it in the original language, there were a lot of criticism, and the way he created it, and which was slightly against the Jewish Lobby, because of that there was a hue and cry, but it also became popular in the negative self. When you speak something negative. It became a box office. So they did break the records. He was walking on the edge of the sword. He invested so much money if it went a flop. He would lose millions of dollars. It went. And it had many things which were right. Many things would agree with Islamic point of view, many would not agree with some point of view, as far

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as a second question is concerned on message. And I've seen that movie Merced made by Mr. Fattah and Anthony Quinn was acting as Hamza. Hello, Peter, Tim. The way the movies are made excellent. I really appreciate all the best movies

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on Islamic line, I would say is the message

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Alhamdulillah without showing the hero without showing Prophet mama Salah salah, without showing his picture without showing his voice

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hamdulillah the whole picture was revolving around the hero Prophet mama Salah Salem without showing his picture without his voice. Once they show his camel and his staff that's it. But the way the angle of the camera was that to show that the Prophet did not like any turn the face away, the angle of the camera changes to the direction was superb. It was a masterpiece. And we do require such mo movies, but the budgets of this movie that it turns into millions of dollars, millions of dollars, so the budget is dead, but it did make a lot of money. Mr. Farhad. Then he made the flip. Call Mr. McNabb,

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talking about not 100% Islam we're talking about a Muslim, which also did create a box office and now we do require such movies. But we see to it that whatever you create, it should be aligned on Islam Quran and Sharia. There was something which I don't agree everything of method is right. As a whole it was good. There were things which were wrong also in the messenger but as a whole it was good. as a whole it was good. What we have to do that we have to create online with some Sharia without breaking any laws of the Quran. They say Hadith and portrayed in a way same way not only movies, we have to make Docu dramas. We have to be serious, we have to make documentaries.

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Because in the media, it is a white elephant, white elephant. You know if you know about cone money for it,

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pay for the copy of

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. On an average they spend $1 million

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more than four crore rupees only on one episode. One episode only

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45 to 50 minutes.

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In Bombay, the labor is cheap.

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Amitabh Bachchan is expensive.

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So the thing is that the budget is there. Surely those people or philanthropists would like to sponsor such they should sponsor such friends and make such films so that we convey the message but I believe macro macro, the local macro in the new movie that has been made the kingdom of heaven. It was made by a very famous director and he portrayed incidents

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How the Crusaders attack and they killed 1000s of people. And then somehow being the hero he comes, and he should as a hero, then the big hue and cry in the Western media that how good he makes such a Flynn. He said

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he only portrayed What was that in history. But it did not go down the throat of the Westerners will be hue and cry, but because the person or the very famous director Alhamdulillah did not do much damage. But if a non Muslim makes us from the kingdom of heaven, that's the most I did not see. But I read the reports that it did a marvelous job it conveyed the true picture to a great extent. So such friends should be encouraged hope that answers the question.