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Your brothers and sisters, I won't take long because of the salata janaza that we will be praying in sha Allah Tada. But I wanted to reflect on this one concept this one notion, which is is there such thing as a life cut too short, when someone passes away, there are often judgments that are made about whether or not that person lived a full life or not. Meaning if someone lived a very long life, we say, you know what, hamdulillah that person lived a long life. They got to see this, they got to see that they got to enjoy this and they got to enjoy that. However, we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that while we make those judgments on someone's life, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned to me that the hopes of that person always extend beyond their edges beyond their death, meaning even if a person was to live 150 years, when they go to their graves, they will feel like they did not fulfill everything that they wanted to fulfill. So they're going to feel like there was something that was unfulfilled because the agenda always precedes the

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the point of the always precedes the actual date, or I'm sorry, always precedes the hopes that a person had in this life. And then of course, we feel sadness. Sometimes when we see someone who lived a very difficult life. Some had a lot, they came into this world and they left this world. And what did they accumulate? What did they go through? I saw the heartbreaking video of our brothers and sisters in the Syrian refugee camps and the loss of Hannah Montana make it easy for them. And all of those brothers and sisters that live under such difficulty in the world today, going through the garbage going through the dumpsters to try to find something to do you think what type of life

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is that? What type of life is that? And then you have those that pass away at a very young age. And he says to Pamela they didn't get to live, to get married or to have children or to graduate or to get this job or to live to see this type of career what it what what what it may be. And that actually what we learned from the Prophet sallallahu it was sent him of how to properly offer condolences to someone what could you say in the in the hooby agilan masama. fantastical well, chapter seven was to his daughter when she lost her child, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said everything has its prescribed term to remind similar to what we hear in the plan. But crochet in

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there in the Hobi method out everything has its perfect decree with Allah subhana wa Tada. It is calculated when you get alone Epson either de ajuda, Allah will not delay a person one bit when their time actually comes. There is nothing that could have been done differently. There is nothing that could have changed it, it was already written down for a wisdom that Allah knew. And that is between the person that has gone and Allah subhanho wa Taala. However, it's natural, that we especially feel that way, when a child passes away, for example, yeah, they didn't get to live, to see this or to see that. And somehow Allah, the Sahaba themselves, when they looked at the prophets,

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Allah lahardee, he was setting them. Because there's a general sense, if you divorce the dounia, from the author, if you divorce this life from the hereafter that there is an injustice of sorts, that a good person does not live a good life in this world.

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There's a sense of injustice volun, right, that's being done. And obviously, as believers we do not have a cognitive dissonance in this regard. We work so that people live dignified lives, we strive for people, we strive for people to not have to dig through dumpsters, and to not have to live under war, to not have to go through those types of circumstances. And at the same time, we trust the Lord's wisdom for each and every single one of us, that Allah subhanho wa Taala facilitates a person to what is best for them or most favorable to their outcome in the hereafter. We have that.

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And even though Sahaba though they did not believe in any way that Allah is unjust, nor did they insinuate that they looked at who other than the prophets, Allah lahardee who was Sunday? And what did he take from this? dunya What did the Prophet slicin um, take from this dunya it's a parallel there are powerful narrations in this regard. And I said nomadic are the Allahu anhu who lives so close to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Carla not no more Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wrote a shotgun semi upon Nikita de la he as he said, You know, I can't think of a time that the Prophet slicin ever saw a roasted lamp, just a good meal until he met Allah subhanho wa jal like it

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can't even look back at his life. And remember him having a proper meal. So Lola Hardy, who was the man in whose home months would go by, and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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would not get to taste two meals a day, months would go by and it saw the alarm on her says the oven was never on no fire was lit in the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even at the height of his power. He never even ate a full meal some of the lahardee he was some of them never ate two meals a day except that one of them was was was some dates and water. And some days the Prophet sighs I'm only had a few dates and some water. And some days he didn't even have that. solahart he was some. There was a sense of Yeah, Allah. What did he take from this world? What did he lived to fulfill in this world? The famous narration of I'm gonna I'm gonna hop orbital the

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Allahu anhu entering upon the profits on the lahardee, who has some? And this is also narrated by Ennis, by the way Well, the alohar who witnessed this in front of his eyes, but the profit slice of them was rising from his sleep. And his bed was made of just branches. Profits license, never got a memory foam mattress. He never lived in a castle or a palace. He got up from his bed of just branches, and the marks were on his back. And Amaro the alarm on her saw what the prophet sly sound was sleeping on and getting up from and he started to cry. And also la sigh Sam says Now you've KKR Omar, what's making you cry or arm up? He said, Yeah, there's a lot more and make it more adult

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alarming kiss la la casa, O Messenger of Allah, I know that you are more noble in the sight of Allah than kiss LA and face of the rulers of Persia and Rome. And I've seen the palaces that they have. Look at what you have.

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It's not fair right? Look at what you have and look at what they have those evil men look at what they have and look at what you have. What was the answer of the prophets lie some of them?

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Are you in del oma? Are you Do you have any doubt? Are you are you questioning this at all? remember why we're here? And that total lawyer Allah and Allah Medina Kira, aren't you happy? Or I'm not Aren't you pleased? They have the dunya we have the arsenal, let them have this world. We have the the hereafter. That's our goal. That's what we're looking for. So we're not so worried about a life cut short or a life unfulfilled because we're too concerned with a hereafter unfulfilled. And somehow a lot of the Sahaba were able to switch that paradigm altogether, how some of them live the most difficult days. And then guess what they saw the glory days of Islam. Amongst them was kebab.

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And then the Allahu taala animal who was tortured like no other person in Islam. But he lived long. He lived past the battles. He lived to the glory days of Islam, to see an empire to see policies to see all of that. And he was crying.

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And they said, Why are you crying about I mean, you don't have any skin on your back from the torture you went through. And he said, I was thinking about Musab, you saw

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all the Alo animal. He died in the Battle of ahead. And this man gave everything for a slum. And we would cover his top half of his body, and the bottom half would be exposed. So we have to cover the bottom half and then the top half was exposed just with some fibers that we could find, as if to say Musab was so much better than me. But he didn't get to live to see these days. And you know what his conclusion was? He says minim and a narrator who is similar to Hua Hua, yet the Buddha. Some of us have had their fruits in this world ripens and we're consuming its meaning Musab got his fruits in paradise only. Mosab roll the Allahu anhu planted the seeds, and he got to see the fruits ripen and

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paradise. That was the mindset of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah hum Malaysia in Asia.

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Oh Allah there is no real life except for the life of the hereafter. Oh Allah there is no real life except for the life of the hereafter. How do you weigh that against? What are 10 some I'll see but coming at dunya Don't forget yourself and this dunya have done it not the dunya has an orphan and it has no Athena but not all I give us the best of this life and the best of the hereafter and protect this from the punishments. The idea is the connection, the attachments, the goal, the objective. Allah never refers to it as Ah, it's not real life. It's an attack. It's a temporary pleasure. And there is no shame in saying matric now the smattering of society and I will quote Latina the

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prophets lie Selim taught us to say, Allah grant us the pleasure of having our sights and our hearing and our strength. Let us

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Have all of those things and at the same time ledger, Allah dunya about ahem Nina, don't let this world be our greatest concern. The paradigm shift, dear brothers and sisters, is that those Sahaba that live longer, and that did not have their lives cut short. What they thought of was the paradise that their companions have preceded them to.

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What they thought of was the purpose of the hereafter was the idea of fullness in the hereafter. And they were pleased with that, because the prophets lie some taught us to be pleased with that, even with his own child Salalah Hardy, he was seldom, what is this world anyway? You live 100 days you live 150 days you live 100 years, 150 years, it all goes away. But what a lot has stays. What Allah subhanaw taala has promised is eternal, and that's what we remain attached to as people and allies. Oda is not unjust with any of his servants. Apolo called he had there was stuff like Iraq malisa missing in First off, we don't know who will vote for him. And hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala

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rasulillah. While early he was talking to Manuela a lot more, Nina, Nina will Muslim you know will Muslim out here

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in the Casimir on Caribbean Mooji. But there are a lot more than our having a word for another

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one and first and our inland just return our hammer, then akuna Minal ha serene allotment in a castle and killing 123454 for an alarm and not careful and Kadima to HIPAA for foreign a lot more fiddly why the dinner or the hammer macchiato bonus de la habana habla nominee as word you know the reality now Cobra to iron which are under limit subpoena imama llaman so if one and we'll stop I've seen a fee methodical we have a lot more if one in an kobina faculty McCann alumna Anika whiling you know the body mean 101 and then veniam sorry Nina about the law and the law. Yes sir What about Briana and Sasha you will carry well about a year ago Camila Allah come to the Quran Sakura La

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Jolla. Kuru come wash guru who annina is it local? What are the current law aka law here I don't wanna toss in our own work in a salon.