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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the culture of Muslims who celebrate Rosol on the day of the Rosol holiday, including the use of Hasith to indicate one's good Islam and the potential for problems in the community and society. The dean and leftman go hand in hand with the person watching them, while the bankruptcy leaves everything. The speakers also discuss signs of success and failure for Muslims, including being a good Muslim and a true believer. The importance of focusing on one's actions and not worrying about what doesn't concern them is emphasized, along with a woman who wants to stay in her current job.
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If you noticed,

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most of us and most of Muslims in general

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they concentrate a lot

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on the rituals

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any when it comes to the Salat and masjid, nothing will stop them

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when it comes to their cat to their ombre to their hedge, you know to the soda caught fasting, nothing will stop them.

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But when it comes to the o'clock, sometimes zero and sometimes negative

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most of the concentration

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is on the fourth which is we have to but what we are missing is that

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they go hand in hand.

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The dean and the left they go hand in hand for you. What's the de Lille? There are many in the Quran and the Sunnah

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in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala when he was describing the true believers, the successful believers What did he say? If let me know meno

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successful are the believers and then he Subhana mentioned few characteristics of these successful believers. The first one a levena whom the salah T him ha she own they have crucial and there's a lot which is a bother right it's a one of the solid well levena Whom I need love we more on and second one is staying away from vain talk which is left so we have Dean we have felt a bad o'clock when Lady you know whom Lusaka Tifa goon and they give that as a cat for again while letting her home leave for routine him feeling and then the one who protect their chastity. They lower their gaze they stay away from haram Dean o'clock Dean o'clock hand in hand and Rasul Allah, Islam and the

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Hadith, the very famous Hadith who is the bankrupt?

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He's asking the Sahaba who is the bankrupt? They said, The Rasul Allah the one who is broke, he has no money, said no, the bankrupt is the one Listen, how did the Hadith start? The bankrupt is the one who comes on the Day of Judgment with Salatu was cm was Saba caught. He's doing everything and if you stop right here, that includes us all. But he cursed this one. He took the money of that one, he beat that one. He transgressed the rights of someone. So look at this, his akhlaq ruined all his a bad debt.

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Okay, that was just an introduction.

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One of the greatest scholars Imam, Abu Omar bin, a Salah. He said, All the o'clock in our deen rotate around for Hadith. What does that mean? If I want to apply I want to have great o'clock. I have to apply these four Hadith in my life, I would have great luck. Number one, he said

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don't get angry the Hadith. Second, the hadith of mankind. Allah he will young fella called Chiron Alia smoked. whosoever believes in Allah on the Day of Judgment. Let him say good to speak good or be quiet. Third, he said mankind, the third Hadith

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mankind. The third hadith is our Hadith today which we were discussing mean Hosni

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Deen Ilmar when Hasni Islam in Turku melayani One of the signs that you are a good Muslim is that you leave What does not concern you and the fourth Hadith to be a true believer, love to your brother, what you love to yourself, those four Hadith if we apply them, then you are a person with a great Islam with a great o'clock. Let's take the one

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the one I want to discuss today, which is one of the signs that you are a great not a good Muslim, because Islam isn't the best one of the signs that you are a great Muslim is that you leave What does not concern you. You leave What does not concern you? I'll give you some examples. So how many years you've been married five years Oh, Mashallah. How many children?

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Nothing yet. No children five years.

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No children for five years. Wow. Is everything okay?

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Then the

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Son had a baby so mashallah you had a baby and so what did your husband get you because you had a boy

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like nothing?

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Well, how much do you make brother? How much they paying you

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$1,000 a week, that's it.

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So and so's making more.

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And so on. So on. How long did your son how long hasn't been visiting you? When is the last time your daughter visited you? What are you two three weeks? That's it

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kids these days. So after this poison that is thrown Wallahi many times fights at home happen divorce take places

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relationship or cut because you are interfering in marriage that does not concern you does not concern you.

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And also as I said, I've looked at this hadith mineros nee Islam if you are a true believer, you leave What does not concern you. Let's read the Hadith in a different way. That means from my good Islam is to focus and concentrate on what concerns me right

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what concerns me my my Salaat my my mouth I'm going to die I'm going to concentrate and focus on my agenda on my man on my family on my job on what I'm consider what to think what I will be questioned about this is what I'm gonna have to concentrate on and this will show how great is my Islam

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now being concerned with what being concentrating on what does not concern you. Number one, you're not obeying Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Number two, you're creating a lot of problems in the community and the society. Number three

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men Terrica Mala Mala Mala Mia took malaria and he says mama Allah you're the whomsoever does not,

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or whoever interfere on what does not concern him, he will hear what does not please Him.

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And fourth, has said something profound. He said, minallah Matt, Rod law handle ABD

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and ye should widow female Jani. One of the signs that Allah turned away from you

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is that you are always concentrating on what does not concern you. Finally, very important point because something might be misunderstood. This might lead people to think to stop ordering good and forbidding evil, right? This person is smoking this person is lying. This person is cheating. This person is doing this. No, no, no, no. I want to stay this does not concern me know. When it comes to ordering good and forbidding evil. It's

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worship. Walter coming. Come on Mattoon, yet Drona ill Hagar Morona Bill maruf when Hona anil munkar. Like the automat said if there was a sixth rockin in Islam, it would have been ordering good and forbidding evil. So if I see something wrong, I do not say that does not concern me that my son does not pray. I do not say that does not concern me that my daughter does not wear the hijab. I do not say that it does not concern me that all my brothers are dealing with riba. No, no, I have to say something. I have to do something, especially if the people are very close to us. So may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who always are working to manage and balance between the

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o'clock and the dean. And just remember something Subhanallah what do the rest of us I seldom say when someone come and approach you to marry your daughter. Did he say if someone comes with Dean give him your daughter?

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Did he say that? What did he say?

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If someone comes with Dean

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and o'clock both

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give him your daughter. So if this guy prays five times a day half a zoo, Quran half his Bukhari half his Muslim half is everything.

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But he lies and cheats and he's very stingy and and you cannot trust him and he never keep his promises. What what did the beam why are these a badass prescribed? Why is the solid prescribe? Why is the fasting prescribed so we can get hungry? All these bad that are prescribed to make us better people?

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May Allah make us better than what people think of us? May Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds or the best deeds and may Allah azza wa jal make our last words in Allah Zakon lock out Subhana Colombo handshake that should allow him to and that's the federal cabinet

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by the law

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a levena woofie Asana de force your own well levena umani love we weren't born. Well levena Zakka differ you alone. Wallasey now home only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get a man in home while you rumor? umezu me

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