Bilal Philips – The Importance of Islamized Education Muslims in America

Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The host of the D show introduces guest Dean of the I owed Islamic online university, "founder," and "monster." Dean explains that education is required to transfer culture to the next generation and schools require students to teach children what they want to learn. The speaker discusses the challenges faced by Muslims in schools and emphasizes the importance of schools for students to be exposed to modern knowledge and products. The speaker also touches on the dejecting from the culture and encourages support for donating to the Dean Center.
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in a lof Welcome to the D show, and we have the biggest online event of the year with the all star lineup and we're gonna get right into it with my next guest needs no introduction. He is the founder and Dean of the I owe you Islamic online university. And he's also published over written translated published over 50 books. He's no stranger to the D show. Without further ado, let's bring out my shake your shake Dr. Blau Phillips here on the Dean show.

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So don't make them share.

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I like him Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh share how are you thank you for accepting the invitation to be with us here on this special occasion.

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My pleasure to be able to help in the efforts

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we'll go ahead and let you take it from here.

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I'm the delay here. robola alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim.

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Allah Ali was Hobie woman standing there be so naughty and I omit Dean

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or praise is due to Allah and may Allah has peace and blessings beyond the last prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and and all those who follow the path of righteousness until the last day.

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The topic that I've chosen

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to briefly share with you

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is that of the importance of Islamist education.

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First and foremost, we need to understand what is education.

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And there are many different definitions of education. But the one which for me sums it all up is the definition wherein it stated that education is the way by which a civilization transfers its culture to the next generation.

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We're talking about the transfer of culture. So education, the facts, and the figures are wrapped in a package of culture.

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So naturally, because there is a distinct difference between Islamic culture, the culture of Muslims, when practiced according to the teachings, and other cultures that are around in the world.

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And the dominating culture right now, is that of

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Western civilization sculpture.

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That's reality. Now, what do we do with that reality as Muslims, whether we live within

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America, UK, Canada, Western countries, France, etc. Or we live in Muslim countries that are not necessarily implementing Islamic law across the board, to varying degrees,

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the educational process is ongoing.

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And for the West, Western civilization,

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they have chosen to go secular

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basically, to really remove religion from education and the process of education.

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And in that removal, they have removed morality from education. So all the subjects we study, we study them without any moral compass guiding us. We just study the facts and the figures and we get the skills etc. To get out after graduation to work within the system and earn a living for ourselves vacations, holidays, retirement, etc.

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as the prophesy Sal and said could look and Ryan are co located Missoula and under it, each and every one of you is a shepherd responsible for his or her flock. And then he went into the details of the husband and the wife and

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The family etc.

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But the main point here is that the children that we raise,

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they have a right to Islamist education. That's their right.

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And if we don't give it to them, we will be asked

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to look on Brian Hakuna comas gewoon anger at each and every one of you is a shepherd like a shepherd, responsible for his or her flock, we will be asked about how we looked after the flock which was put under our responsibility and control.

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So raising up our children, especially those of us who are in living in western civilization, there are many, many challenges.

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What is being taught in the schools across the West,

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in many instances go against Islamic teachings.

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So, we as Muslims, are obliged, if we're going to live in the West, we are obliged to develop an alternative,

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an alternative way to convey the facts and the figures, but in an Islamic cultural package, where morality is embedded from the very first day.

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So this is a look at education, as a responsibility which we all carry for ourselves as well as for our children.

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Which requires us

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to integrate Islamic teachings into the various sciences, departments, etc. You know,

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where people specialize all of the various subjects, whether mathematics, science,

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geography, whatever

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Islamic principles and teachings should be integrated, and of the most important

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is that of morality. Because Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah himself said, in the My boys too little time, Mr. Caramella, I was only sent to perfect for you the highest of moral character traits.

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So the Prophet SAW, Selim summed up the whole message of Islam, in the one word morality.

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worshipping Allah is morally good, worshipping other than Allah is morally bad.

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Being kind to other human beings is morally good, being evil to other human beings is morally bad.

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Being destructive to the

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environment that we live in, is morally bad. And being protective, is morally good, and so on and so forth.

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That Islamic morality, which is not to say in it's unique in the sense that people don't know this is good and bad. And now, of course,

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it's not didn't bring new good that people didn't know for the most part,

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for the most part is the same good, but the point is that it is connected with belief in God and introduced into all subjects which are taught in school.

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And as such,

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it is then

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our duty to develop Islamic schools.

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Whereas students have the opportunity to be exposed to modern knowledge, modern, advanced civilizations, products,

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but to be exposed from an Islamic perspective, this is what is required.

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So, considering this responsibility,

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Muslims in different parts of the west and the east, have set up Islamic schools

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or what we call Islamic schools. But of course, there are principles that govern what an Islamic school should be. And we have to be

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particularly careful to ensure that the necessary components of what makes up an Islamic school are in place. So in fact conveyed to our students,

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the teachings of Islam from Tawheed, the Oneness of Allah that he alone deserves to be worshipped, all the way to

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clarity Zakah fasting all the other principles of Islam, right on to

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kindness, gentleness, and dealing without each other. Islam is the religion of peace, the religion of Adam, the one religion, which Allah chose for human beings, as he chose one set of human beings

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to live in this world.

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And he created for them, this one world, he created one religion

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and that religion begins with our heat, the Oneness of Allah.

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in order to achieve this goal,

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the deen show has been active in trying to develop in Florida, the deen center

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and that Dean Center has in it a recording studio to

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prepare and develop and, and distribute the Densho segments.

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Alhamdulillah keep it going strong. It also has athletic

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facilities for young people children to play it also has within it a mastered

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full fledged master

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and most importantly, it has an Islamic school.

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They have

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importantly, included the Islamic school as a key element in the deen center. So my brothers and sisters, we ask you to share in this good be a part of this good

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by supporting donating

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providing whatever help we can give to make this Dean center a reality for Muslims in America

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and as an example, for Muslims around the world

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botica Luffy come set out why they come to law he about a cat or shake. Dr. Bilal Philips Thank you very much. May Allah the Almighty rewards you thank you for being with us and all your support

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my pleasure. Hold on before writing me I got one more person is going to give salaams special guests here you know him. I know him we know I'm up to Rahim green can you give salam so to share before we leave?

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We can't hear you unmute your mic. Oh, salam alaikum I'm really sorry. Yeah. Thanks for the reminder chefs below Mashallah. onpoint as always,

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Chef How come you learn

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how do you do that?

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I will see a che salaam they come to

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seeing you to see your

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