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Ar-Rum 1-19 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 8-10

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Lesson number 208. So to room

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I will admit the fact Kofi unfussy him, do they not contemplate within themselves? Do they not reflect within themselves? In the previous ayah what is mentioned that the majority of the people, their knowledge is limited to the law here aspect of this dunya only. They don't know about the purpose of this dunya The purpose of this slide, they don't know about its beginning, and they are not at all concerned about its end. They don't know where they're headed to. They don't know what's going to happen to them after they die, which is why they're completely immersed in this dunya

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so Allah subhanaw taala questions over here.

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That why do they not understand why do they only get stuck at the law hid aspect of this dunya

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I will admit that for Kofi unfussy him, Have they not reflected within themselves, do that contemplate on their own bodies? LLM? Apparently this is a question are with me.

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But it is for the purpose of Toby for the purpose of reproach and represent that why do they not reflect on their own bodies, it could have been set to reflect. But what has been said LLM IATA for Kuru, because this is more strong, do not reflect Have they not reflected, so that they can emerge out of their heedlessness fee and forcing him in themselves and forcing him chlorella naps, meaning have the NAACP reflected on their own bodies, their own creation, their own hands, their own face, their own feet, that if you look at it, your hand, it has a purpose, your feet, they have a purpose, every single part of your body has a purpose, it has a function, nothing at all, is in vain. Nothing

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at all. If you think about it, the eyelashes even they serve a purpose, isn't it? The lips, they serve a purpose. You might think, oh, what's the purpose of this part of the body, but every single one is there for a reason.

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And if you look at it, your body is that which is closest to you. So start from yourself. Think about it, every part of your body has a reason behind it. So you as a whole, you have no purpose, you have no function. You've just been created to learn about that knowledge and learn about that field and become an expert of that field and analyze critically and make money that's it. That cannot be your purpose.

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Our me at Africa roofie and forcing him mahalo con la was semi wet, he will, although a lot has not created the heavens and the earth, while mabena Houma and whatever that is between them to 11 help except with the truth, except with adjust cause for adjust reason.

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Everything that is in the heavens, everything that is in the earth, and everything that is between the two.

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So in something is up in the sky, that we don't know of. Something is inside the earth that we don't know of. And those things that are in between, like, for example, the birds that fly in the air, the clouds that are suspended in the air,

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and also the people who walk on the surface of the earth, and many other creatures that are on the surface of the earth, every single creature, what do we learn? What's the message that mahakala has similarity? Well, although my baina, Homer 11, Hulk, everything has a reason,

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everything has been made for a just cause, everything has been made, as it should be me will help. will help has several meanings over here often is for a just cause for adjust reason, for a purpose, and of them is also that as they should be, what Agilent masama and a fixed time, meaning everything has been created for a fixed period of time. The time period of every creature is other is decreed from before about its beginning and its ending, when it will come alive and when it will perish. And we see this no tree is eternal. No rock is eternal. What happens to rocks even the breakdown, they turn into sand. They turn into tiny tiny pebbles so actually masama were in Iran and indeed many min

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and nasty from the people believe it or be him like I feel alone with the meeting of the Lord. There are surely disbelievers that don't believe in that meeting. They don't believe in in life after that, which is why they don't understand the purpose of their lives.

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Over here, what do we see that people are being encouraged to use your mind? They're being encouraged to contemplate, reflect, think, this intellect that Allah has given you use it, put it to some use. And don't just put this intellect to use to learn about the law, what aspect of this dunya that you're just learning about the stalks? And about how to put eyeliner? And how to put that lipstick? And how to wear these clothes? No, use this mind to reflect on the purpose of your life as well.

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If you look at your body, does it come from somewhere? Is it constantly changing, and heading towards a conclusion? heading towards an end? Isn't it? Always people think, you know when they look at their hands and say, Oh, my hands have changed. I remember when my hands were like that. And now all of a sudden, my cuticles, they're like this, my nails are like this, my skin has become different. You see your body changing? You remember your little hands when you were a little kid. You remember them slightly, perhaps. And as you grow older, how they change, and how one day it will finish. So when you look at your body, when you eat food, it becomes a part of your body, how it

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turns into energy and how that energy is distributed throughout your body. This is something amazing. And what does this reflection lead us to? That if your hand has a purpose, if it's changing constantly, then your life also has a purpose. It's impossible that Allah has created you aimlessly.

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It's not possible.

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Now, if you think about it, for this kind of difficult for this kind of contemplation, what do you need? knowledge?

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If you want to effect on your own body, if you want to effect on the trees, on the stars on the birds on the animals? What do you need? knowledge? What kind of knowledge? What kind of knowledge? Do you need

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worldly knowledge.

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If you want to reflect on rocks, and if you want to have like a good reflection, if you really want to ponder on them really well and take a lesson from them. Do you just need to observe a rock? No, you need to study rocks as well,

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isn't it? So what do you need for that worldly knowledge? So what does it show to us that worldly knowledge is not something that is useless. It's not something that is useless because some people when they read the A or Lunas or human or Hayato dunia

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if you don't think of the knowledge of this dunya useless no point no benefit. Forget about it, don't study it. No, there is benefit behind it.

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And when is there benefit behind that knowledge

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when it takes a person closer to a loss

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when it adds to his pain, when it adds to his email, not in his cubish.

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For example, if you go to university, if you go to school, and whatever you study is meaningful. It's meaningful, it's purposeful, that when you study it, it improves your understanding. It enhances your skills.

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And as a result, you're a better person, you're a productive person, you can bring benefit to yourself you can bring benefit to others and ultimately it increases your gratitude before Allah subhanaw taala that this kind of knowledge is beneficial. But if a person is learning something, which is not beneficial for them, neither further de nada done Yes, because sometimes people study something just for the sake of studying it. Just to say that they have studied you know something, just to say that they have a particular degree and what does it give to them only arrogance, this kind of knowledge is useless, which worldly knowledge is beneficial, which brings a person closer to

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a loss of power,

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which gives him the ability to do the * off.

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And to learn all of these lessons at a loss of panel data is teaching us

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and according to need a person Magen worldly knowledge, meaning whatever he needs to learn, he should learn about it. Because only when you have worldly knowledge, will you be able to benefit people as well?

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I mentioned to you once that my grandfather, the reason why he studied medicine was why to benefit people. Because he learned the Quran. He was teaching children, and he was teaching them and one day, all of a sudden this one child, he got pneumonia and the next morning he passed away.

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And he felt I have so much knowledge but I was not even able to help this boy.

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I'm teaching him how to study the Quran, but I have no idea as to how to help him physically understand, so that, you know, drove him to learn medicine and then 100 that he wasn't just teaching the people, but at the same time he was also helping people with regards to their physical bodies as well.

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So this kind of knowledge is something that is extremely beneficial because it helps a person

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Come closer to Allah and it also helps a person help other people.

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Now what do we see over here that do not reflect that everything that our last panel Tara has created. He has created it for a reason and he has created it exactly as it was supposed to be, as it should be. With regards to its color, its size, its properties, its weight, its characteristics, so on and so forth. The sun has a purpose, the stars have a purpose. The moon has a purpose. The plants have a purpose. Everything and man also has a purpose.

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Instead of me No, I have 115 we learn FRC bottom Anima Hakuna komagata one nakoma Elena lotto Geron Then did you think that we created you uselessly? And that was you would never be returned? This is what you thought you thought wrong.

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Intro to de Haan is number 38 to 39 we learn why mahanakhon SMRT will although muy bueno mallari bien, muy Hakuna Houma. Illa will help well I can throw home layer on the moon, that we did not create the heavens and the earth and that which is between them and play. We did not create them except in truth, but most of the people do not know.

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And what is the sign of the intelligent people? Will Al Bab that he had a Corona de haka. sumati will?

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And what do they say robina Mahabharata heard about that Oh our Lord, You have not created all of this in me.

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I will let me assume it'll fill up then have they not traveled in the year

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in the previous I What was that? Lm yet a photography and forcing him and now our domicile fellow Have they not traveled about in the earth? Do they not travel in the earth meaning they should and when they travel, when they go about? They should reflect? And they should learn about this? What that fell through that they should look? okay if I can akima to lithium and korbinian that how was the end of those people who came before them? Yes, co2 from saves? Have they not traveled fill out the and which land does it refer to which earth does it refer to? in particular this land refers to that land where the punishment of Allah descended on the previous people.

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Because what is mentioned after that famzoo gave again, erotica to Latina macabre him, they should look at the consequence of those people who came before them. So this land refers to those lands where Allah punishment descended on the people.

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Now when the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he passed by such lands, such as the ruins of Samoa, how did he pass by this land?

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Did he take it as a picnic? No, he passed by very seriously. And he told the companions to pass quickly. Do not stay there and hang around over there. No, he told them to pass quickly.

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And to not remain there but to cry.

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He said when you pass by such places pass by how crying. And if you cannot cry, then don't go there. If you cannot cry, then don't go there. Because otherwise what's going to happen? The punishment that descended on the previous people can also descend on you.

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So when we go to such places, when we pass by such lands, how should we do so? in the state that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam commanded us to?

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But what is our behavior? We go to such places as a picnic, as an outing, we go, we take pictures, with the monuments with the remnants, and we have some fun, we pass some jokes, and then we come home.

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This is why we don't learn anything.

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This is why our actions our behavior do not change.

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This is why when we pass by them, we don't feel anything and when we come home it says oh, we never saw anything.

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Because it does not have any impact on our hearts.

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Because we consider that trip to be what a picnic

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and enjoyment. What does Allah say over here? A Wallonia zero fill out our lamb again, this questioning style is for the purpose of rebuke is for the purpose of reproach that gets serious. Have you not traveled throughout the earth? Have you not gone to such places famzoo than they should look? Okay, if I can ask you about a Latina man, cobbling him. What? How was the end of those people before them?

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Look at what happened to them.

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Look at how they were and look at how they were completely finished. kafer can our athletes or Latina men copy him.

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And while they meet this and why? Because they only knew those are here of dystonia. They never contemplated

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On the ACA, they never took their ACA seriously.

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If you look at it, the previous people who we have studied about in the Quran, what do we learn about them? They only knew their lives, which is why they built great monuments, great structures, such structures, such buildings that they never lived in. But they built them Why? Just for the purpose of show? What does it show? What does it reflect? So I had no purpose, no purpose in life. Similarly, if you look at the people of Medina and what happened to them, they were cheating one another, for what purpose? We're live purpose worldly benefit law,

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that a person is so clever, he knows how to cheat the cheating is not something easy, especially when it comes to business. You know that? It's not something easy. You have to be extremely clever, extremely intelligent to be able to do that.

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Which is why only it's the extremely smart people who excel when it comes to business. Right? This is what they say that a simple person, he cannot excel at this. Because many times people get by how by cheating one another.

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Like, for example, when it comes to taxes, can any person come and calculate the taxes less and claim more from the government? Can they do that? No, who did they go to the experts? Right? So they knew a lot about this dunya but they were completely negligent of the ACA, which is why they did not take the teachings of the messengers seriously.

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But look at their end,

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gave acana occupat alidium and cuddling him, how was the end of those people? They were finished. None of them remain still today. their houses may stand. But they're empty. No one lives there. No one can live there.

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Can oh they were meaning the people who were destroyed. They were ushered them in home coverton they were more intense than them in strength, then who mean home good as them referred to

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the people who are being addressed in this ayah that you seem to fill out primarily the Moroccans and after them everyone else that the previous people, they were stronger than you in strength a shed them in home quwata as if to say what are you proud of? You're proud of your great buildings. You're proud of your health systems. You're proud of your great inventions. The people of the past were more stronger than you and how were the stronger we learned about the people of God Allah subhanaw taala says about them and Lottie Lam your luck with us will be led by the likes of which have never been created in the cities.

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There were so mighty so strong in their physical power that no people have ever been like them. The mind the strength that they possess in their physical bodies. No person has ever possessed them after them. And what did they do? a llama that eerie mad. They built pillars. They built such great structures with pillars, huge pillars. And the people of the mood. What do we learn about them and Medina Jebel Sahaba were those people who carved out the rocks in the valleys why in order to make their homes they carved out their houses in Rocky Mountains. And they constructed lofty palaces what can we enlighten them energy valuable uten and they used to carve out the mountains into their

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houses. So can I shut them in Hong Kong, Wotton. This is how strong they were. What are several other and they plowed the earth they tilled the earth a thermal from the roof hydrous Hamza,

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Hamza Sir

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isara literally means to give her rocker

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What does Heroku mean movement. So, literally means to move something to stir something and it is to stir something up in such a way that dust rises from it. So it would be to like for example, plowing the land, tilling the land, because as that is done, the land the earth the soil, it is stirred up, it is shaken it is moved about and as a result what happens dust, it rises upwards.

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And I sell they plowed the tilled, they broke up they cultivated the land. Why did they plow the land? Why did they plow the soil the earth? Why? Why would a person do that?

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For the purpose of agriculture, farming, right? And also for the purpose of building great structures.

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Because in order to build a tall, huge structure, what do you need the foundation's to be very deep.

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So a saddle although they plowed the earth, the stimulated the earth, they tore through the earth Why? For themselves

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fields for their farming for their agriculture, and also to dig out minerals to dig out resources. The amount of gold they had the amount of silver, they had precious metals, pearls, all of this, how did they get by digging the earth by going deep into the earth? And they carved out their houses, they built Great Buildings, where I'm Aloha, and they also populated it populated What? The land that they used to live in

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amaru? I mean, and what does that literally mean?

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to inhabit a land to populate a land? And how is a land populated? Think about it?

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How is the place populated?

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Is it just with people?

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buildings, what else? Business farming commerce stores? Because it's possible that people are living in a particular place. But if there's no business, then what's going to happen? Eventually, very soon, that population is going to reduce people are going to move away, which is why many times populations in a particular place, how do they begin?

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around a business around a factory around let's say, a coal mine? Right? by a port by a river. Why? Because over there, there's business, there's work, there's employment opportunities, and as a result, people come there from faraway places and that's where they live. They don't go anywhere else.

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So amaru had a populated it not just with their numbers, but with their produce, with their trade with their industry. And our model had, how else that they lived longer lives. They live better lives, they had less illnesses are more Roja. axotomy murumuru have more than what these people have populated their lands with.

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Currently, people have populated their lands, but in the past, they had populated them even more. But what happened to them was at home grocery home bill Burnett and their messengers came to them with clear proofs. But what happened? They rejected the disbelieved. And soon the punishment of Allah descended on them for McCann, Allahu Leo's Lima home. So Allah, he did not run them when I can, can do and for some years on the moon, but they themselves they did. They did run on themselves, they brought this punishment on themselves. Zul is basically done in two ways. First of all, through knocks through the seas. What does that mean to not give the heck of someone? Something

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that you or the other person something that you're supposed to give to them?

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What does it mean? What isn't

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the right that they deserve? You don't give it to them.

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So how is one done first of all by nups by taxied by causing gas.

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And secondly, zoning is done by excessiveness, how that a person crosses the limits. He does what he should not be doing. And that is what injustice so a lot of not to throw them on them that he deprive them of their right. Or he crossed the limit in dealing with them. No, he did not punish them. While they were not guilty, we're lacking cannot enforce a homeopathic remedy. They were doing so on themselves. How, by their technique, by their denial by their refusing to obey the messengers, by their negligence complete heedlessness towards the well I can cannot enforce a homeopath removed. So we're here basically, the people of Makkah, primarily, they're being addressed, that if you do

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not believe, then look at the people of the past. They were much stronger than you much stronger, much more powerful, much more successful in worldly terms. But their worldly success brought them nothing when they disobeyed a law.

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And in this is a great lesson that if a person his goal becomes worldly success, only that he gets lost in the law hit of this dunya only

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then Is that enough? Can that save him? Can that make him successful? Not at all. If a person knows a lot about this dunya has a lot of many degrees, a great career.

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But that alone is not sufficient. That's incomplete. What brings a person to success is when his knowledge is completed with the knowledge of the dean knowledge of the

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preparation for the alcohol. That is what brings success to a person. We learned in sort of the office, a very similar

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Thing number 82 that Flm ese it'll feel utterly fine little cave again our occupants are loving them and cobbling him. Kanno, xo Ameen home, that these people have not traveled through the land and observed, how is the end of those people before them? They were more numerous than them.

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When it comes to numbers when it comes to population, the people of the past much more than you. Why should the Overton what I thought on fill out and they were greater in strength and an impression on the land. When it comes to physical mind, they were much more mighty than you when it comes to leaving impressions on the land. They left greater impressions behind, which is why some of them still exist still today

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from their own home, or can we actually born but they were not availed by what they used to earn whatever they earned, it did not benefit them. It did not avail them at all. So what does this teach us? What does this teach us? That in order to be successful, law had knowledge of this dunya alone is not sufficient. What you need is healthy appearing. So McKenna, then it was what was our pivot alladhina the consequence of those people who which people are sir or Sue

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those people who did evil

00:26:21--> 00:26:31

and can't there will be Atilla II, because they denied the signs of Allah. What can you be highest as the own and they used to ridicule them.

00:26:32--> 00:26:46

Some, then, what does this mean? That then the previous people who denied their messengers? What happened to them can Araki but alladhina Assad was to the end of these people.

00:26:48--> 00:26:51

What was their end? As soon as the worst

00:26:52--> 00:27:41

are the better consequence of who alladhina assess all of those people who did evil. What was the consequence? What was the occupa? As Sue? The worst, the most evil? Aside from the root letters? What's the root? See? Well, Hamza, and Assa Ooh, this is actually Fr. Lu of Allah yufu. And Isa is the Muslim is a, if at all. But at the end, you have a time of Buddha, Isa. And what does it mean, to commit evil to commit foul deeds to commit evil deeds? So those people who did evil alladhina Acero, what was their oktava? As soon

00:27:43--> 00:27:46

understand a sua is what?

00:27:47--> 00:27:51

It's the consequence. It's their oktava. And what does a su I mean?

00:27:53--> 00:27:55

This word is a feminine of a sweat.

00:27:57--> 00:28:00

It's the feminine of s, what? f?

00:28:01--> 00:28:04

So as what? masculine and

00:28:06--> 00:28:07

feminine, what's the structure

00:28:08--> 00:28:13

of file a swap? And what's the feminine have a relatively

00:28:14--> 00:28:15


00:28:16--> 00:28:26

Just as you have accent, and what's the feminine of that? Above? Cobra US law, silver, the similarly as what Sue

00:28:28--> 00:28:36

said a fraud formula. And why is it feminine over here? Why is it so not as What? Why? What is it describing?

00:28:37--> 00:28:40

Africa and Africa is what? feminine?

00:28:41--> 00:28:58

So some McKenna occupat alladhina. Assa Oh. So, the consequence of those people who did evil, what was their consequence? It was a suit. It was the worst consequence? Because remember, after all, this affirmative Lee, extremely evil,

00:28:59--> 00:29:01

extremely bad.

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And why did they meet this consequence? Because and there will be iottie law because they denied the ayatollah, what can you be highest as the own? And they used to mock at it? What does this ayah teach us?

00:29:15--> 00:29:18

What is this ayah teaches? What's the lesson in this ayah for us?

00:29:19--> 00:29:21

That if a person does evil, then what will he find?

00:29:22--> 00:29:25

Evil, he will not find good.

00:29:26--> 00:29:31

So the consequence for those who committed evil in the past was what? Evil?

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And similarly if a person commits evil today, then what consequence Will he get evil?

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The example of the previous people as mentioned that look at them, look at how successful they were in worldly terms. But what happened at the end, finished, evil consequence why evil actions.

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Forget about their dunia when it came to their Dean evil actions. This is why they met an evil and now this happened to her to the people

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of the past. If today, someone does evil, their end will also be evil. Their end will also be evil.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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Yo, yo,

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long Leo.

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occupat alladhina, sl Su, and katha will be ayatullah who can be higher soon. This is the main lesson that we learn, which has been mentioned in the previous ayah. That in the previous IRA last panel data tells us Haven't you traveled in the land? Haven't you seen? Haven't you look at the people of the past how they used to live, what they accomplished what they did. What was their end, they were finished. And why were they finished? Because this was the consequence of who of those people who did evil.

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So if they also somebody does the same, they will meet the same end.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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build a

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