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arrows will be learned he mean assuring upon your raggio

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either gentle or old or on

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wobble city jiba rumus

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false hub will name and a team also will remain Humana, while also walls have Boyd in mesh team. US have we mesh

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was Sam he has

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he can call Robin fee Jen and 19

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashraf with me you are mostly Nabina Muhammad Ali he often is sada what attempt to sleep. I'm about said Mr. Lee Kuan metal lucky robot a cartoon. And we are now at verse number four guys have sold at a little while. Now, as you can see from the title, this is a really, really interesting discussion. It's not about how we get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala it's very different. It's how Allah subhanho wa Taala brings us closer to him. So that process, how does Allah do that? So when we work and we strive and we do all of these wonderful things, how does Allah subhanho wa Taala bring us towards him? This is what

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we're going to talk about in sha Allah okay. He though genteel Otto, do Raja so the events of the day of judgment continue? Either Raja till out of Raja from the word of Russia. Russia literally means something that shakes violently. So let me show you. I've got a cup here. It's empty. Yeah, I had my coffee this morning, guys. Right? So this is Russia. So you ever remember in Jurassic Park when the dinosaur was about to come up? And you see that cup of water and it was shaking like this? This action of something shaking violently. That's called Raja. So Allah is saying either a little gentle, Adora, Jed that the planet, the world itself is going to shake violently. Now, here's the

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thing. When you have a cup in your head, and you do this, it's almost effortless. It requires no strength, nothing. And you can immediately see that if you do it enough, the entire cup will fall out of your hands and it's out of control. So rigid, a lot of it's going to come a time on the Day of Judgment where the world itself and the ground the land itself will become so unstable, that it will shake violently and come to its end. Again, it's one of those situations where you can't understand you can't comprehend. You can't visualize. We don't even have the ability or the strength to even imagine what this would feel like. So either route genteel or do Roger. War. busuttil g bad

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Besa hit boost. Boost is you know, when you're making when you're trying to when we say needed dough, so you're making I don't know so you're making some you know, pita breads and you're kneading the dough or you're making bread and you're sitting down, you're working that dough and then you flatten it out. That's called boosah. buster, so either boost city weboost, little g bamboo Besa, the mountains are going to literally be rolled out flat again.

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Can you even imagine that? Have you ever seen a show or a movie, anything that presents those kinds of images to you? We it's unimaginable that these massive structures, we've already talked about half the local Roth era, you know, these massive structures that are solid, they're firm, nobody can break through, nobody can crush through them. But on the day of judgement, Allah subhanho wa Taala just like what the Day of Judgment is, everything about it, everything we know about it almost seems impossible, impossible to comprehend, impossible to visualize and understand. So this is part of all of that imagery, that even the mountains themselves will flatten and become soft and will become

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literally worthless. Why is this all happening? Not only is this a representation of the end of the world, but it's also wrapped

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Presentation of laws might ullas authority and power you think these mountains were tough? Watch me need them like you're kneading dough, watch me soften them and turn them literally into dust. So these the hardest and firmest of structures on this planet become the Sophos and the most trivial when the Day of Judgment arrives, for Kenneth hubba, Beth, and then Allah will cause it to spread out, it will spread out and flattened like into dust will come to him as well. gentileza and you will become into or be remain into three main groups. Now the word that is used here for groups is as wotja from the word zellige zone, which does that sound familiar? Usually, we use zones to

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describe our spouse. The reason why we use the word xlg is because xlg literally means someone you depend on without them, nothing can function. So this is why a husband and wife are referred to each other azote because they need each other to have a complete marriage, one can be there without the other, otherwise it wouldn't be called a marriage anymore. So this is why we use xojo. So it's that interdependency that we have is called it that action itself, that dependency that we have is called xlg. Now in the core n xlg, is also used to describe different groups, so describe different things. So the night is a xojo, to the day, and the day to the night. So you see my point that when a lie

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uses zellige here and the plural as wotja, Allah says that you will be as well you will be these groups that will depend on one another. So how many groups are there? A lot says that otha there's just three,

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three groups, who are they? Listen to them.

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For us, Habu may manatee mouse hub, we may Minar. Here's the first group companions who are of the right.

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Mouse have we made Minar? What is like these companions? Who are on the right, who are these people? Now may minute comes from the word you mean? You mean somebody who was at the far right, somebody who's on that section somewhere. But may Minar refers to that they're on the right but they're not close to you. They're far away somewhere far down there. As far as the eyes can see. There's this special group on the right. Now scholars had different Who are they? Some say there was the believers, the Muslims and the believers. Some say it was a special category amongst the believers, the elite. They're a battle rock men, the ultimate servants of Allah. Regardless who they are,

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they're in a section on the Day of Judgment by themselves separated from all others. This is the first group

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number two was Habu mesh MIT mouse hub with a mesh Emma. Now the next group is the companions of mesh, Emma, mesh, Emma, are the wretched, they're the misfortune group. They are also the pessimist. mesh ma is also the word to describe somebody who doesn't have luck on their side, somebody who was constantly driven by bad luck, the constant exposed to pessimistic situations, feelings, their outlook in life, everything is the complete opposite of us have one minute. So this is the second extreme group that is on another corner or another section. So what we're learning here is that there are three main categories of people on the Day of Judgment. So we have two of them so far. So

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you have one on the right now you have one on some other section somewhere, but they're the complete opposite. So these are the people

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in this worldly life are the ones who literally lost hope. They lost hope not only in Allah, they lost hope in Islam. They lost hope in their Deen, they stopped trusting Muslims, they stopped trusting Allah, they lost that connection with their religion, their identity, you know how we talk about, you know, pride and developing an identity with Islam. You know how we give so many talks and lectures about preserving and protecting Muslim identity mesh Emma are the people that lost that. And not only did they lose it, but they also lost confidence in it. They stopped trusting the religion as a whole. They said things like you don't. Islam is so out of date. It doesn't matter.

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In this day and age, Islam is unjust to women, it's unjust to people, it's unjust to non Muslims, it's this, it's that they didn't take the time to really sit there study, comprehend, and thoroughly understand what Islam truly is. They never sat in classrooms, they their only exposure to the knowledge of their religion was on social media or on the news somewhere or this, experts said this, or that that was their only exposure. And there's so many, so many of so called Muslims. This is their impression of religion. So they end up disconnecting more and more of the sacred, original and authentic teachings and reinterpret or misinterpret, or come up with these really out of this world

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interpretation of a yet and have eath and where they belong, and so on and so forth. Allah says, Well, this is the next group, they are called mesh ama.

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And then here's the third group was sabya una sabya, Poon.

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saboten Hor sabich. So though the original word of said the opponent's plural, comes from the word sad, a bit sad, because somebody who has won a race,

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somebody who won the race. So the third group now are the people who won, they are the successful ones. These are the people who made it. And not only did they make they won, these are the champion. So what, what do we know about them? This is a lesson kind of a Tyler's way of saying was said the whole of Serbia for the champions. Oh, my the champions, the winners. That's the third group.

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So scholars differ. Some of our men say, these are the people that strived in their life to please Allah.

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They did everything. When they look back at their life, on the day of judgment, they reflect on the days, months or years Allah gave them, they were pleased. They said, Man, I really did what I could to serve Islam. They treated Islam as a cause. They had to serve the deen in some way. They had to figure out where they fit in terms of their service to Allah subhanho wa Taala, how they could serve and protect their religion. This is what companions did sahabas became sahabas. Because why they treated Islam as a cause they would go to bed every night and wonder, Okay, what else can I do for my own? What else can I do for this religion?

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So you and I now have to ask ourselves the same question. What is it that you can do to serve LSD?

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You know, often when people think about this, they think, Well, my service to the dean has to practice it, to implement it and to utilize it in my own life. So to protect that connection that I have with my religion, that's my service to do. So I'm preserving and protecting the sanctity and the existence of Islam. Yeah, you know, that's great. That's a great start, that you develop that connection, because Allah says, In the end, Warren Tosi will be heavily let you Jim era, you know, hold on to the rope of Allah subhanho wa Taala. All of you, Jimmy are so fine, you're holding on what he lacked in him. But the flip side to that is another issue. The flip side to that is, now

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that you have developed this connection, the strength this bond with the religion,

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what are you going to do? How are you going to carry on and and influence that legacy? That connection to others? What are you going to do now? How did Islam benefit from your existence and your connection to it? How did what did Islam get out of you being Muslim? That's the question you have to ask yourself. So whether it means to bring awareness to something, whether it means to talk about issues and address certain things that you know, others simply can't, or don't know how, for whatever reason, whatever the case is, how do you serve as Dean? How do you do it? Now, I'll give you one quick example and we'll move on. Sometimes when students are studying their religion, they

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would ask me, what area should they focus on? What area should they specialize in? And so I would ask them, What do you love about Islam the most What is it about this religion that really captivates you and motivates you? How What is it? Some will say it will stop or and others will say I love recitation others say you know, it's the Have you thought of profit are the subtle, sir. So I would say that I'm okay. Be a master

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Bahati make that your lifelong goal specialize in body. Teaching Hadeeth of a profit is led to so somebody who has a passion for recitation master all the recitation and the pit all of the horror and preserve that knowledge in your community in your country, amongst your people serve the deen by preserving that piece of knowledge and spread it to others. So what Serbia Puna Serbia call

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these are these are special people. And I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala counts us from amongst them, Allah homonymy

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will equally honorable boon I love this. This A this is where I got the title of this video from now listen to how Allah subhanho wa Taala brings us closer to him

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oolitic they meaning a Serbia Puna Serbia poll or 7.71? They that group. They are the ones that are more vulnerable. More Chhabra boon comes from the word tokkuri, which means something close to you.

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But takari, even when we say something close to you, it's going to happen in one of two ways. Now, now, here's here's the whole point of this episode, and where I got the title from, when you say tuck, Liebe mohandro born. When you say tuck leave, it's one of two things. Number one, somebody comes close to you and they come close to you all in one shot, they take one massive step, and they're right there next to you. Let's talk a deep Mohan rub, which is in the area

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is you're being brought closer and closer one step at a time.

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Little by little

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baby steps.

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Unless it was sabya, kaurna sabya own. They're the ones that take baby steps towards the last panel with her either.

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So how does a love bring us closer to him? In gradual form, little by little,

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you know, this is really important. Because what it teaches us is coming to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And getting close to him all in one shot and one night is less effective, as opposed to the somebody, somebody who gradually brings themselves closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala every day, they're working at it.

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Now imagine yourself, okay, here's an example we can all relate to, you know, if you're in an elevator,

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and you know, you're sitting in this elevator, and you're going up, but you can't see outside, when you press you don't floor number 30 or 35, you more or less, you can't really feel much of the elevator, as it carries you higher and higher, you just know that you started this journey. And when eventually it stopped, you reach your floor you get out. Now imagine the same scenario except you're in an elevator where it's all glass. Now you can see outside. And as you're going higher and higher and higher, you can now start to appreciate oh my goodness, look how high I am. And you sort of look down and as you go and continue to get higher and higher and higher. And you're like oh my goodness,

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whoa. And if you go into those some of those special elevators within like seconds, you're from the bottom to like the fifth floor is like wow, that was that was unbelievable. The point is, is you have to have the same journey. But one of them you can visually see and appreciate the step by step journey. Every floor that you pass you can see the ICT you can see how you elephant.

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Now apply that same imagery now to the a hula Potter aboard.

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When somebody starts reading, let's say, you know, they're starting to learn recitation. And every day

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they start even though work hard till while and they want to memorize the song so they either work or I didn't work there. You hear the stutter in my voice. See how slow it's not it's not fluid yet. But that you sit there and you repeat it four or five times is what the ideal worker is either either either either walk RTL while they're either walk RTL Walker, okay first step is done. Now you've gotten consistent. Now you want to develop some tone some beauty to your voice, just like the Prophet is that wassalam taught us right? beautified make your voice beautiful is a universal optical middle color and make your voice beautiful when you're reciting the Quran. Sarah

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Is the wealth the hot in welfare and you're thinking, oh God, nobody's gonna ever listen to me I sound horrible. But you keep working at it either well barnfield out there either either. And before you know it after about a week or so, either walk aren t para, and you continue to improve, either will current in one era, they certainly won't guarantee hug the bat and you just then you start. You start listening to yourself and your own voice begins to resonate with you. That's when you kill more pot Rabon. That's how Allah brings us closer and closer, little by little towards him some kind of water there.

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So what does that mean to you and I

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never ever trivialize the efforts you make for less sick. Don't ever trivialize

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someone's asking you for donation, that person beside you donated $5,000, you donated five cents.

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So that's all you could do. And you're thinking, oh my god, I'm never going to get there. Okay, when compared to that,

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a less is more vulnerable and

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just do your part. Do what you can. But the point is Do it.

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Do keep building and every five sent every step every a every word letter you perfect.

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Gets you once that that much closer to him soprano Ouattara, see what a lot cares about cares about the effort. He cares that you're trying, he cares that at least you're consistent. The quantity is different. That's a separate separate issue. The highest concern is I want you to take baby steps, but at least take those steps. You know, this is one of the wisdoms why our Prophet it is Salatu was Salam got the poor and in the span of 23 years, not 23 days, not 23 hours, in 23 years.

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23 years, it took him to get this far. And

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now we shove the poor and in our kids, when they're like eight years old, and they got to finish it in one year. Because we want to have a great celebration at the end, we've got to do this.

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know, everybody will learn and connect to this book differently. Some people will take a year, some people will take much longer than that mean high memorize or and when I was 19. And it took me I think three years or something to do it. For some of us, we can do it much younger, some of those will take much longer. The point is you keep working at those baby steps you keep going through it. Never ever stop and never give up. This is what will let you kill more Pottermore last thing I'll say about this and then we'll conclude it the next 100 rub. Every baby step counts in the sight of Allah it's it's not a baby step to Allah. It's a huge step of progress. Effort counts for something

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huge in the sight of Allah. That's why less is more common. Rob. you're you're you're coming to me. And you know the beautiful hadith of our Prophet it is subtle, sir, that it had you could see where Allah subhanho wa Taala says every time my servant walks towards me, what does a lot do? Allah runs towards you, God, so that means that every ounce of hot rub that we take towards Allah, Allah will take a deeper and bigger stride towards us

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will cover a bigger and farther distance towards us. It's It's unbelievable how beautiful this is, will that he can recover a bone. Now look at how we're going to pause feagin 1992 the gardens of a nappy, the noble the beautiful, the honored the high genda so every little act of goodness and righteousness and effort we make for a lot takes us that much closer to the noble and the honorable place of gender. So yeah, it may have been just five cents that you donated, but that five cents. Just got you a step closer to paradise. inshallah.

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Yeah, you probably just memorized one area for the day. But that's one area

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You can check mark that one off from an from a sorter that's got over 100 of them. Now you have 99. Now it turns into 98. Now it turns into a 97, etc, etc. And it just continues. And every a that goes by, is one step closer towards gender.

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It's remarkable. This is a beautiful incentive for all of us. It's almost as if this a is indirectly teaching us we have no excuses anymore. We just we have nothing we can say. Because why, whatever ability and strength you have to serve a law, that's what Allah is calling out of you. That's what I was saying. That's what I want. I'm not asking you to be like these big scholars or shares or I'm not asking you to be a huge leader, and have hundreds and 1000s of people under your influence. I'm not asking you for all of that. I'm asking you to just do more caught up. Just take a little step towards me. So now it doesn't matter whether you're a leader or not, whether you're young or old,

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whether you have knowledge or none. Whether you have a background in Islamic knowledge or not. It doesn't matter at all. What matters to Allah is you're at least trying to get closer and closer to me.

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Little by little

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the agenda today. Oh man, some handle that tomorrow we're going to continue with descriptions of Paradise like you've never heard before. So de la para has got some remarkable detailed sea fat and descriptions of Jenna. Like you won't hear any other part of the Koran. So we'll pause there today in sha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from West sabich una Serbia cone and metal last panel with our island always and forever count us from oullette equal more comparable so that we can get Fijian net in there a lot. Which is like one level higher right everyone in shuttle level there either. We will resume tomorrow was said Mr. Eco water ii wabarakatuh