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Scylla Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala l Mursaleen. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Steven cathedra

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my brother sister hamdulillah loss of habitat has blessed us with a religion and a way of life, which guarantees us success in dunya Welaka

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it's not dunya dunya and

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this dunya is extremely, extremely extremely, extremely important. They don't fool yourself by thinking the Indian Autobahn dunya very important dunya is the most important thing. Why? Because this is the only time we have in our entire life, which started in the realm of Allah subhanaw taala and then in the atom Allah Allah then in the realm of your mother then in this dunya then it will go into the hubba into the Allah will buzz of them there it will go on to the maiden of Hashem then from there and each other we ask Allah for genetic data, thereby reserving this entire continuum the only time the only time where we have the option of doing something which has an effect is this

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think about this somebody changes in here is not a parent deliver excuse me, you don't understand anything.

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The only time you have the option of doing something which can make a difference is this left

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in the realm of Allah subhanaw taala we are no STR

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in the element here

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and as to build up buku kala Allah's router so who am I Rob Yes Who said everybody said everybody's in

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then what happened when he came when they came into this world somebody men come government good moment from them some are Muslims or not. That is a matter of SDR they choose as soon as the child is born on the fitrah every single child until he comes out to the age of puberty is a Muslim

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and he said the parents then lead them so parenting is a very very very critically important thing parents lead them either they lead them to Jana Jana whichever way

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this life is the only time where we have to then once we go into the our what is left here in this organization yada yada I forgot to pray I'm going to do my other half Salah to Lhasa No, no.

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Then in the that is what is there in on the on the day of hardship Do we have an FDR? No.

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Only period

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and that is the reason why this dunya and to focus on this life is so critically important.

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So when you focus on this life, what should we focus on?

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We must focus on understand everything if you're playing soccer, you're playing volleyball you're playing because people are interested in sports is continuing.

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If you play soccer,

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by the rules of basketball,

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can you when it

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is love your students? Will anybody even see what kind of question how can you play soccer? Basketball? That how can you play this dunya by the rules of your life instead of the rules of Allah subhanaw taala tell me

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how will you win?

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Just like in a game to win the game. Two things are required. What are the two things firstly, you must know the rules of the game.

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And two, then you must become proficient in the game.

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I may not I may know all the rules of soccer but I can't kick a goal to save my life because my physical body is not capable. I'm not physically fit. I'm not so I know the rules but I still won't win because I don't know. I'm not able to do that. So knowing the role and being provisioned.

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So what are the rules of this dunya the rules that Allah subhanaw taala created what is success what is failure is not a mystery. Nothing is a mystery everything is open. Allah is around data created the Quran Al Karim clear, Laurie Buffy no doubt in it No, no mystery in it. Everything is not and to further clarify further reinforce Allah subhanho wa Taala send the best of his creation the best of teachers, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to teach it and to demonstrate it. There is not one is to teach like I'm sitting here do you lecture

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I'm the rock is one stage,

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but then to demonstrate it

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show Bellarmine

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This is what that also relies on Salah did.

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So there is no hijab. If somebody says I did not know it is because you did not want to know nothing else.

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How can you know

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No because it is clear

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whichever profession you do, you did not know that from birth you went and study you went to some college you went to school and this and that and training whatnot what not so you today you are successful.

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You don't sit there say Oh, someday I will find out. I will know how will you know?

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To know you have to make effort, right?

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Is there a way to know without effort, I won't read I won't go to college. I won't do anything I won't practice but I will know

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that I may use ways in which we fool ourselves. This is one of the ways we think everything comes out. No.

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So even

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there Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah this is the kind of a table Kalamata, which we believe, but to make this and put it into the heart needs effort.

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It won't go by itself is not a matter of saying I do SLI Lila 110,000 9,000,010 No.

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effort on the Kadima What is there for? Everyone on the Karima is to see by AMA, that whatever happens happens because of Allah subhanaw taala Hurco and whatever

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Allah does not wish to happen cannot happen.

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So to know that everything that Allah is about the reason it happens, is because of Allah, that only Allah can do. And Verilog cannot do both has to be La ilaha illa let's start with the Navi. There is no one worthy of worship nothing nobody nobody knows Illallah except Allah

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Lyon via while I adore Illallah nobody can benefit nobody can have except Allah

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so it's not just a matter of saying that it's a matter of seeing this in our life

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by living our life according to that

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how do you do that? When there is a choice between what Allah wants and what I want or my advisor tells me to do and so on so what I choose what allowance

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I'm doing business I need to expand my business I want to start in business I need some money

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ALLAH SubhanA DeRozan us Hello means no problem.

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equity share capital

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interest free loan no problem but loan with interest

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but then you have some advice is no no no no this is America

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so America there is a different god

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this is America. Don't worry. It's okay.

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Here it is Hello.

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How can we have what Allah made Haram is

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haram no matter where.

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So what do you do? I will choose what Allah made halal for me.

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Oh, you know what our last na na na infra Allah. Allah I cannot have a loss How can I have a loss?

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When my Rajala DeLallo told me I cannot have a loss How can I have a loss?

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Hottie Melissa rounds allele, one of my favorite stories and then with this Hardy LSR Antonella he was a great scholar of Islam he was a contemporary of Imam Muhammad be humble to have done it.

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So he was one day in his house he was sitting he was very slick very sad. Your tears coming out of his eyes his little daughter she is it? She said Yeah, Abby, what happened? Why are you so sad? Why crying

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so she pestered him she said,

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Okay. So how can allies or artillery is at work, I want to go for Hajj.

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But we don't have money because he was a very, very, very generous man.

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By motiva killin Allah Tala.

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So he never had his his principle in life was what is either the Rory spend it so whatever it is or whatever is absolutely critical to survival keep the rest of it, give it injuries. We never had any any money.

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So he said I want to go for Hajj I have this from my heart. There is this thing in me to say I must go for it this year. But my your mother, I asked her. Is it okay for you people if I go for lunch, she said sure. If you leave enough money for us here while you are gone, you can go. He said but I don't have that.

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I have only money for the Koran.

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To go Dogen it used to take many months to go

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all the way back and

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So here's how that might be a little bit more maybe it will last you for one or two weeks but other than that I don't have so why is there no if that is the case sorry.

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No need you stay here

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forever is always problem

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so the girl said don't worry. I will I will take care of mom, right?

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daughter's always special spot. So I will take care of you make the plan. So as well as artillery went and gave the money to the Caravan leader. This girl went and convinced her mother Mother said okay,

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he left.

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As they started out, the leader of the caravan he got bitten by a scorpion. You know, in the desert of the San Diego scorpions, he got bitten by a scorpion. He was in intense pain, the man is suffering and somebody came there they knew him they knew it was arousal so they came to visit you or you know chef, please make dua for him. So Allah Allah vet him a dua for the man the man was good Allah Subhana Allah like you're instantly

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that man was so happy that he said to him, You are my guests. So here is your money. Take it back. You are my guest I will take you there keep you there. Bring you back safe home. No money.

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So atomizer Atilla he says he will take you took care of me now take care of my family.

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Meanwhile, they have gone on the way to MCC Meanwhile, at home one week passes two week passes now money is gone now they are in trouble.

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Right there's no food and no grain.

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So now everybody in the house is I guess this girl. The mother everyone's saying you are the drought you this is your problem. You are You are the one you convinced me and I said yes. And now we have others gone and now we are starving and our whatever.

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And this girl is laughing

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So everybody's mother's getting more irritated. You're laughing at me we are entirely laughing. She's laughing

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while this is going on there is a knock on the door.

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They open the door. It is the ADC it is the military assistant

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of the governor of the province.

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He says the governor is passing we are passing by year we have run out of water. Do you have some water for the governor said of course they got some water from the well they put it in a nice jug and you know put a nice cloth over it and so on and give it an array. There is he took it. He gave it to the governor the governor drank the water Allah subhanaw taala put Baraka in this. The man drank the water he said I have never drunk more sweet water than this Where did you get his water from? So they said to me as a from this house or across there is a whose houses that he that this is the house of hottie melesa He said the scholar he said yes he is I want to meet him. There is no

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he's not there he is one of our hides only his family's there. So the governor said his whole family are my personal guests until he comes back.

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So make sure that they get everything from the palace.

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Then the governor rides his horse to the wall of the house and he takes off his beard as to where it is Jewel belts what belt or jewels it had pockets in which gold currency and stuff gold coins. He took off his belt and he threw it over the wall

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so these people are sitting in his bed come sailing over the world is falling on the on in the courtyard there's gold everywhere.

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Then the governor says I have done what Allah put in my heart whoever loves me do that. So what do you think will happen? This is Governor his guard you know all these people they're a weaver is with him. This was I mean, so these people are suddenly they have pouches of gold and belts or gold everything else selling there is gone all over the floor of the courtyard. They have never seen this much money in their life. They this money they got that is enough for the whole lifetime. Forget about one year.

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So then somebody says, Where's this girl?

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They go look for

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she's in a corner group. She's crying.

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She's weeping.

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They said to her. You are a strange woman, a strange girl. When we were starving when we had problems you were laughing

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she said because

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when we had problems

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who left here because of which you were worried?

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Who left here?

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The Raza or the merfolk?

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Or Zach Oh

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Mr. zoek is Mr. Xu

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father is you know he receives reason for you not as you don't ask.

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He said when you are crying Simon loving I said You're fools.

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Mercer when

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he said now I'm crying because this is the result of the Karim of one slave of Allah.

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One slave of Allah. He looked at us with Karim and just your whole house is filled with Gordon what will happen when ACARA Allah Karim Allah hamara Haman when he will look at us with crab

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so going for the love of Allah.

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on girl, remember, the girl did not become like that by herself. It's not magic.

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This is the tarbiyah of the parents.

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This is how does the Gulf girl get connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala because the father connector because the mother parents

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and that's why I want to close with this. One of the most beautiful stories of our service or a viola helps us to understand

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we sight and we quote great people not because

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we are like them or we ever will become like they were because we need aspirational goals.

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And that is why we have our seller for Santa hate. We have the Sahaba we have debate we have the

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people who are

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the great scholars of this deed

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who showed us the way

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and the oven Minam Colome Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Alison.

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Their last mantra Grant was tofield to live our life, the way he wishes, the way he taught us the way the sauces and daughters. According to the seer of the office, Habib Muhammad was also salat wa salam ala Hara we very mad at us and it means that I have to go