Nouman Ali Khan – The Ayah of Ramadan – Part 4

Nouman Ali Khan
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I mentioned there are three qualities three states of the Quran that Allah describes the living qualities of the Quran that Allah describes. The first of them was its guidance for humanity. We talked about that a few days ago, two days ago, we talked about being at the middle without clear proofs from within that guidance. That was yesterday. And today I'll share some things with you about the word for con. That's the third quality that Allah describes of the Quran. The first thing that I want to talk about is something unusual grammatically about this word. You notice for those of you that are familiar with the Arabic language, then is makira. Then you have V net in nakoula,

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meaning there's no Elif lumps alhuda sub l v net. So the expectation here is who the linas will be, you know, timolol houda, or for an N.

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word for God and Nikita, it's the without the limitary without Elif lamb on it, without the word Li on it. And typically, a high state, grammarians argue is in natural form, it's without the owl, but Allah azza wa jal, sometimes rhetorically bends the rule of grammar. And he actually states things in unusual ways to get a point across and so that goes out of his way to highlight this third quality of the Quran Al Furqan alpha, and this is the third quality that Allah has given the Quran. And that's because Allah is essentially describing something that's never happened before. You see in other places in the Quran, because the word Quran means something that's recited something that

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is recited, previous nations were given some kind of Quran to, they were not given an input on, but they were given or on and they were given some kind of recital thought was also a kind of Quran, something to be recited. And whenever Allah gave revelation, it was guidance, it had the quality of wooden and allow also gave profits the unit, Allah gave that to previous profits. But it seems that Allah describes a quality of the Quran that has never been given to any revelation before. It's something unique to the Quran. And that is actually and for Khan Academy, and the English translation says the criterion, the criterion, and the word criterion is a difficult English word.

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So even when you translate it in your head, you're like, it's still not translated. So we need to simplify that so everybody can make sense of it. The word for Khan comes from FARC, which is to separate or to distinguish two things from one another. Okay? So like for economic turmoil, Darwin Allah separated the water and part of the water in the story of Masada. saddam farrakhan was used, like for economic turmoil. The word for con literally means the ultimate separation, the ultimate cutting off, two things that used to be together have now been completely separated, separated, like they've never been separated before, in the ultimate in the most, you know, in the most absolute

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way, and the absoluteness of it comes from the L in the word. And it also comes from the Elif noon at the end for upon life or on co2 Mobile aka the entity and an extreme separation, a separation like no other and the ultimate separation. Now what in the world does that mean that the Quran is the ultimate separation? You see in previous revelations, a lot as origin. When he gives Torah to musala Islam, there's part of a lot that was written on the law. And there's, you know, it was written on the tablet. And then there's much more to talk about that was revealed later on. And if you look at the the Jewish tradition, and you look at the scripture that they have, a lot of what

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they comment is the word of God. And a lot of what they comment is their opinion, and their commentary, like you could save in the field of the verses are all written in the same line historically. Okay, so you can tell where the revelation ends and the commentary begins. And this is why Allah azza wa jal doesn't even call it a column Allah in the Quran, Allah refers to them as Nabina at him what they have in front of them because it's open. It's, it's got the revelation, and it's got the commentary all mixed together. Like for example, if you imagine in Koran, you can read it to see it and you find there's the ayah. And there's the opinion of ignore bus or the local

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Tylenol, or the opinion of somebody else. So there's a Hadith, but there's a clear separation. That's the ayah. This is the commentary. They didn't have that separation before. Also, you find in the Bible, when there's a prediction that the messenger is coming, so a lot more listeners who lost the way is described a lie saying God is saying in the Bible, I will put my words in his mouth. I will put my words in his mouth, meaning the Prophet said, when he recites they're not going to be his own words. They're going to be the words of Allah, but that this is different from all previous prophets. Let me tell you why. There are two things to pay attention to this is powerful. There's

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two things there's the message, there's the message, and there is the wording is the message and there's the wording. Okay. So if I for example, the messages, I went to sleep, I went to sleep. I could also have said I slept

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I could also say I fell asleep. All of those have the same What? same message. The message is the same, but the wording is what is different. In previous revelations, the message was from Allah. The message was from Allah. But the wording was sometimes chosen by the prophets. You see the message was from Allah, but the wording was from the prophets, but when Allah give or onto Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, what did Allah do? Allah azzawajal gave him the message, but he also gave him the wording. The wording is from Allah Himself to you see, this is the big difference between Hadith and Quran. This is even the difference between Hadith Pudsey Hadith could see is a hadith in which the

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prophets lie Selim is quoting a lot. He's speaking on behalf of Allah, right, but like fosatu, slotomania been abdeen is fine. Or in the NFC, I divided the prayer between me and my slave into two halves. The Prophet told us Allah says that, Allah says that. The question is, Allah says that y is not in the Quran. Or he says, Allah says, I made injustice, prohibited on myself, I made injustice haram on myself, the Prophet told us Allah says that the message of that Hadith is from Allah, but the wording is chosen by Rasulullah Sonam. But the Quran separated between the wording of the Prophet and the wording of Allah forever. There's actually recently a study done almost a decade

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ago, of the style of speech of all the headings that are available. The style of speech, because you know, whenever somebody speaks, they have a certain style. So if you look at all of the things that are recorded that they said, you can notice a certain style certain verbs, they like to use certain prepositions, certain kinds of sentence structure in linguistics, you study speech patterns. And there's, you know, this is like an academic Western study of how the speech pattern in the Quran is completely different from the speech pattern of hadith of Rasulullah saw completely two different things. There. It's also beautiful, but there's no comparison, it's like two different speakers.

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This is what a lie did. Now, let me give you another simple example to understand this. You know, some of you, you're listening to me right now. But if I, if I opened up a copy of the United States Constitution,

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and I memorized a few lines from it, right? And it was written in the 1700s. Right? So I memorize a few lines from and then I started saying those lines to you. Okay, line by line exactly as I memorized it. Would you be able to tell that it's something that I didn't come up with it? I actually got it from somewhere else. Yeah, cuz when I normally speak, that's not how I talk. Even though the words are coming out of my mouth. It's my voice. I don't have a paper in front of me. But you're gonna say, where'd you get that? Like if your son came up to you and started reciting poetry from Shakespeare?

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Right? You would say to your kid, where did you learn that? And he says, I came up with it myself. What do you mean, this is my speech? You would know immediately. That's not him talking on a pseudo la Salaam was known among the among the people for 40 years. They know how he talks, as soon as he was headed for and what did they say?

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Where did you get that? Did you learn that from some poet, some gym teacher to you, that somebody else's somebody dictated me because there's not you, we know how you talk. That's not how you talk. Even the people who first heard him could tell there's a thought

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between how he speaks. And what the Quran says, what the Quran speaks, there's a big difference between the two, you understand? So I love for the first time geval for con, but that's not its only meaning. The other meaning of time, is forever. Now, you and I will have to be we're going to be confused in life and many turns. There are situations you and I face in life, as members of a family, as people who run a business as people who have to run a career, what to do with money, how to make your money, how to spend your money, what to do with, you know, certain family decisions, career decisions, education decisions, we have all these confusing decisions that are spinning in

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our head all day every day. Should I do this? Should I side with my uncle? Or should I side with my cousin? Who's right? Who's wrong? What should I should I tell them? Should I not tell them? Should I open my mouth? Should I stay quiet? There's all these choices all the time all the time all the time. And you're weighing, weighing, weighing. And Allah says Allah gave these words. So when you come to these words, forever, there's going to be a separation between what you should do and what you shouldn't do. There's going to be a clear separation, there's no confusion left, you will come to this book, and the after this book, there is no gray area now. Now, it's clear what you must do.

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If you accept this book as alfre con, not only did it separate the words of human beings, even as well as the word of the human being, from the word of Allah, what is the benefit of that separation? I spent most of my time right now telling you the separation between the words of the prophet SAW them and the words of the of Allah. But what's the point of that separation? The point of that separation is, once you understand that, this can only be the word of Allah then

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Once he decides something and he separates you from something, you can't go back to it.

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Once he's cut it off, and you there's no going back. Once you accepted that his word is decisive it's final it's it's cut you off from those previous behaviors, that habit that decision, that choice, then that's actually what for con is the forgone is actually the means to final change. And Allah gave this ultimatum that this is going to be up for on from now until the end of times. In other words, nobody's going to say, well, this used to be pretty relevant. You know, 1000 plus 1400 years ago, 1500 years ago was those Arabs, you know, they had their own issues. Times have changed, technology has changed, the world has changed. They didn't go through what we're going through. So

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if people even have said to me in some gatherings, if Allah gave the Quran today probably would have given us you know, different, more relevant instructions for our time. Right? When a lock hold this up for Pon, then allies sing from now until Judgment Day. Whatever changes human beings go through, you know, technology can change. The clothes we wear can change the way we the way we treat, you know, travel can change, the design of our homes can change, our language can change. All of those things can change. You know, one thing that never changes human nature.

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Greed is always greed. temptation is always temptation. Anger is always anger. Jealousy is always jealousy. It was jealousy. 5000 years ago, it was jealousy 10,000 years ago is jealousy today. Anger is still anger. arrogance is still arrogance. We used somebody used to be arrogant because they have a brand new donkey.

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And now they're arrogant because they have a brand new Ferrari. But it's still arrogance. It's the same thing. Somebody used to be like, really our big, I've got three camels, bro, three camels, what's up? You know, this used to be a big deal to them. Okay, now somebody has three businesses, somebody's got three stores, somebody's got three, three buildings that they're renting out or whatever else. The pride and greed and want those things have never changed. Come on. You can change technology. You can change circumstances, but the things that people are drawn towards, the things that make people make human beings fail have always been the same. And allies always separating you

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and me from what will cause us failure from what will lead us to success. This is all for God. So don't tell yourself ownership until you are yourself your own confusion tell you what times have changed. Therefore Quran is no longer relevant. Quran came to address human nature, human nature, not human technology, not human architecture, not even you know, societal administrative changes. The Quran came to address what we all human beings will all have always suffered from and will always suffer from and that's captured inside the Word of God is very, very powerful. With that mindset when somebody comes to the Quran, I guarantee you a loan guarantee fee the Quran, you will

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get in it what is talking about you?

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You will you will no longer ch talking about Ibrahim al Islam, how many 1000s of years ago, I was talking about these people from this this battle or that battle? What does that have to do with me? What does that have to do with me? You know, what are the Israelites have to do with me, I'm not at a desert, there's no water partying in front of me, that mindset will disappear. Because you will read this book as something that's separating you from the bad choices you're about to make. That's what it's separating you from. And that's the power of the Word of God. One of the this separates the Quran, from all previous revelations, you know that from all previous revolutions, this is why

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Allah said in earlier Miranda, I'll end with this. He says, NASA and you can get up I will help he give you the book, Quran. He gave you the book, most of the Kalima Vina, he will Angela Taurat. While in jail he gave up before he gave what he thought and engine Okay, men couple of orderliness well answer that for con.

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He gave you the book. And by the way, this that he's given you, he's given you all for con. Meaning Not only is it the book, it's also forgotten. So you started with it's a book like previous books, but this book is different too, because this time, it's for con. And that's the that's one of the most unique, powerful qualities Yes, before there used to be forgotten and the natural form but I've forgotten this is the one that allows origin has given us a large origin, allow us to benefit from the Quran being forgotten in our lives. barakallahu li walakum fille carotid Hakeem er COVID IoT with the Solomonic hora de la Vega.

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