Nouman Ali Khan – The Heart of a Leader

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan divulges details on some Sunnahs that are easy to practice and are the small Sunnahs. But some are difficult to follow and one such Sunnah is talked about in Surah Ale Imran that has Ayahs that depicted the situation after the Battle of Uhud. In the face of an anticipated and … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Islam vs Culture

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan talks about how Allah made us into different kinds of people and diverse tribes so that we can recognize each other and learn about other cultures and societal norms. This would help better our practices and imbibe goodness from different people and cultures. Allah has designed it all in this manner. … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Buried Alive

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan communicates to us some of the sensitive lessons in the Qur’an. He begins by divulging details about the Day of Judgement. It makes for a very engaging listen. Also described at length is the sickness of Arab minds regarding women and their perceived weakness of women. Allah speaks about their fate … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Muslims Under Pressure

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan sheds ample light on the positive attributes of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ even in the face of immense pressure and adversities. Muslims will always continue to be in pressure at any age and what we believe is going to be offensive to other people from other religions and other walks of life. … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – She Debated The Prophet saw

In this khutbah our learned Sheikh touches on the four verses from Surah Mujadilah that Allah sent down in answer to a woman’s lament to the Prophet SAW.  Rather than Allah reprimanding the woman for debating with His Messenger Allah actually gives space to someone who is hurting.  Allah scolds not the woman but the … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – What’s a Qareen

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan divulges details when after the Day of Judgement when some are in Hell and others are in Heaven. From the perspective of a Heaven dweller, an insight is drawn asking about each other and it makes for an engaging listen. One of the Heaven dwellers remembers a friend from his life … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Fight the Qaroon Inside – Part 3

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan gives a final lecture on taking lessons from the story of Haroon AS who is the brother of Musa AS. Doing Israf, spending luxuriously and showing off are acts that are detested beyond measure in Islam as it sets a false standard for people to follow who may not be well … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Fight the Qaroon Inside – Part 2

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan continues his lecture on the topic of fighting the Qaroon within us and provides us with reminders and reflections on the topic of Qaroon. One should not be overjoyed in one’s lifetime. Whatever Allah has given you in this life should be used to build up your next life. What benefits … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Fight the Qaroon Inside

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan divulges some details on a person who was from the nation of Musa AS by the name Qaroon. He was the cousin or distant relative of Musa AS. He was the slave of the Israelites but sort of a spy for the government of the time. He was immensely rich due … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Please don’t fight your spouse after this khutbah

Nouman Ali Khan delves into the topic of disputes between spouses which is sort of the norm these days. Allah gave guidance to mankind and is unbiased in His approach. In this Ayah below, Allah has illustrated the responsibilities of men and women alike without any bias.  “Men are in charge of women by [right … Read more

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