Yahya Ibrahim – Lessons at the grave side of Imam Bukhari

Yahya Ibrahim
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All right, I said I want

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to go slow. And

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he was sending more than

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it was actually quite emotional for me to go down into the basement to see that the actual resting place of an imaginable party, and not just simply the mausoleum. That's, that's behind me.

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And because the Mambo hottie was so strict with as soon as I was so in love with the student of the prophets, I send them that I found it really amazing that even after his death, and so many hundreds of years later that a law honors him in a way where there's a fake place that is not actually his place of rest. And then there's another seedy, somber, calm, quiet, beautiful place where he is rested. And the purpose of our visit, of course, is, you know, we're not people of the war and people of visiting graves and buttermilk and things like this. But the Baraka that you take from an abominable hottie was his love for the son of the prophets I send him and his love for the

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traditional, I wouldn't be assigned send him it was his desire to remove everything that was Miss misstated about him. And, you know, there was this amazing study that he saw. And he saw in a dream that he was fishing away flies from the province, I said, Look, we saw the prophet in his dream. And when he saw, you know, he was shaking the prophets. I send them in removing, you know, these insects that were trying to get to him. And when he woke up in the narrative that dream to the scholars of his very land, they said, you are going to be a person who's going to defend the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. amendment for hottie as a young man, he was privileged. His

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was a businessman, at middle wealthy middle class, upper upper class for the time, he was a person of substance, and he used to dabble in the Hadith of the prophets. I sent him his father because he was a caravan or used to travel from one place to the next. He was even a student of an Imam Malik, which is astounding. The Lima Bahati, his father meets an Imam Malik in Medina and narrates after the trauma. And that, you know, that's something that shows you that there is something that I wish children can inherit from us and that love and passion when mama Bahati heard of his father's love for the Hadith of the prophets, I send them although he was a businessman by trade, that the Hadith

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were important enough for him to suspend business and sit at the hand at the feet of their roadmap. It inspired him to do the same as a young child and environment Buhari, suffered an illness of blindness. And not many people know this, that he, you know, he fell ill, and he lost sight. And it was for weeks and months that he couldn't see and they went from one doctor to the next from one outcomes to the next from one treatment to the next. And nothing could bring him back to vision. And his mother would make excessive drop his mother was a righteous woman. She was from a slightly hot she was a worshipper of a lot. And she made her out to a lots of Hannah Montana, oh a lot, if you

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wish good for my son, give him back his vision so that he will be dedicated for your service. And she saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a dream, where he said to her that your son has a great chat and has something great to offer, and that he will be well, and when she won't. She narrated this to to others and soon after days and weeks later, any moment Well, how do you begin to regain his sight?

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At the moment, Bahati was a person of intellectual prowess. He was gifted with the ability to see something once and memorize it, that it was a photographic memory that was retained, but not just in its script, but also in its meaning. And the thing that differentiated between an amendment Buhari and others wasn't that he could memorize many things or write many things down was that he had saw it but he was quick in understanding a quick study. And by the time you reach the age of 15, no one in these areas in bahala, in some kind in pyramid, no one could teach him anything more. In fact, he began to correct his teachers, and in one of the famous incidents in some kind, as he was visiting,

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and some, quote, similar incidents and mojarra, one of the masters of Hadith narrated Hadid and mixed up the chain. And back in the day, you know, the scholars of Hadith were not people who relied on books.

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You prided yourself on him. And if you were a narrator for books, it meant that anyone who would narrate your hobby would ask the question was he narrating from books when you heard this heavy from him or not? And

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If they said no, it was in June or something, they wouldn't accept this study because he's a book narrator. So no one wanted to be known as someone who narrates from accounting a book in front of them. So this Imam, this prestiged was about to be lost. I remember what it says to him. Look, I don't really know the detail. But what you just narrated is not the correct chain is not the correct meaning. And perhaps you need to go back to the book and see. And that was a huge thing. But the man had a piety of heart. He didn't have an arrogance that you find with some today where they just say, who's this young child? Who is this 15 year old to correct me in the masjid in the central Moscow of

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our city. And he actually left them Angeles when and came back. And he said, a slob and the young boy was correct. So

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why did he do that? Was it because he wanted to be known that he wanted people to follow him that he wanted to be the chef that he wanted to be the master, or that he loved the tradition and the sooner of the prophets, that became his Guiding Light, that it meant he would speak up even to the biggest authority of his land, which could cause trouble for him and others. But this is not about me, this is about the prophets, I send them. And you see this as a methodology and all of his life, he was on a ship journey, he was traveling by ship. And

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he had with him a large sum of money, and he was wealthy and haven't given up. And the people of knowledge have always been given by Allah subhanaw taala, higher, there's always moments of austerity, but there's always moments of a love giving an increase in blessing and bottlecap. And as he's traveling, he was about to go purchase land in a different area. And you know, he's talking with people Oh, why are you trying on going to purchase land? So in their mind, they figured out that he's got that gold with him. And oh, how much is the land? Oh, it's gonna cost me you know, so Pamela, I wanted it for 11. But they said nothing less than 10. So they know he's got 10. So in the

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middle of the night, one of these men begins to scream out in the ship in the middle of the ocean, someone's stolen my money. Someone's taking my bag of 10,000 gold coins. Someone's taking my money, which means at the moment, Bahati, they're gonna search everyone, the captain says, Okay, everyone, bring out your stuff. We're gonna search you. And the moment behati knows his reputation is on the line. Because nobody else knows he's got who has 10,000 gold coins at that time. So he threw it over the overboard.

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And when they searched him, the thief is okay, I'm gonna get paid nothing. So he says to him, Where did you hide? He says, unhide he goes, What did you do with it? He said, I threw it in the water. He goes, You threw 10,000 gold coins, which is like 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of dollars by ours, our value today, you through it? He said, Yes. He said, What would make you do that. He said, I have lived my whole life protecting the Hadith of the prophets.

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And never has anyone I've lived my life so that no one has ever accused me of any wrongdoing. Just for you to accuse me would mean that people would suspect the Hadith that I've collected. And it would ruin the tradition of the province, I tell them that I have made my life's mission to say that 10,000 is nothing. So karma loss. This is aluminum body. And this is why it felt really honoring some kind of love to see him protected by a lot and protected from people doing weird things that you sometimes see that he's in a in a place that is beyond the reach and the sight of others. May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to honor the great amount for the sincerity that he had, and for

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them and that he narrated, as I was speaking to the Imam of the masjid, to gain permission, he was mentioning some final law that they're building and you know, adding to the complex that we're in, and there's going to be a Hadi college that is going to be established to teach the tradition and so he can mahadi for people to come visit internationally. And he goes Why don't you come and teach sometimes I said job loss. So I you know, I said to him, Look, our our life is about loving this great man. Like when I got, you know, my initial studies and I began to study Bahati, just to be able to say that you have a leak that goes back to him is something that you prided yourself on.

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Just to be able to say I can narrate on the authority of someone who taught you Mambo hottie taught in his lifetime, the Sofia and Jasmine to over 90,000 students. Imagine you know he gathered it over 16 years but he didn't just say I've gathered in here it is do something with it. He continued to teach for 90,000 students graduating from him and some kind of law it is a monumental task. And we're going to begin studying the Sahil moment. mahadi shortly in Sharma

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We're going to look at, you know, the great fifth of the Imam, the way he chose the chapter headings, you're going to see you know how we made the organization of his of his Sophia that it begins with revelation and then he man because that's where Islam began revelation to the prophets like Selim, then the book of the man, which is all we need. But as you proceed through the book, it becomes more intimate with you. By the time you get to the last chapter, you realize that he's writing it in a way where the last chapter is the most important chapter for you. It's a chapter of Tolkien, it's a chapter of singling your worship of Allah subhana wa, Tada. And the chapters that

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proceeded after Simon will be sooner to hold on to the sooner to reject apostasy, to have them, you know, the the chapter of manners at the hour, the chapter of implications, all of those chapters come near the end of it, because it's as if you say, all these rules of Islam are nice, but what you really need to know is this is what it comes down to. And at the end, and there's the other than confirming it, may Allah make us from those who honor the tradition of the prophets, I send them the very last honey, is that a detail the prophets I send them Kenny mutton, there's two words, happy fatality.

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They are light upon the tongue. Sakina eternity means on heavy in the scale on the Day of Judgment Subhana Allah will be handed to him. He seals his book with that the saying that if you end your life with just the remembrance of Allah with making a lot your Lord and you don't turn away from him, when you focus your attention upon your Lord, then everything will be made easy for you. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us that success and love Mommy, so kind of a lot more behind the picture, the one that you could apply to relate the Solomonic more of local law here on how to let's pray Our ask for prayer in Jamaica, with the Imam and then we'll have another session before we depart in

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chapter one.

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