Prayers of the Pious – Episode 21 – Death After Fajr

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Episode Notes

Today’s episode talks about the beauty in asking Allah for a good ending with an example of a du’a from Abdullah ibn Abi Sarh.

[ Day 21 Du’a ]

اللَّهُمَّ اجْعَلْ خَاتِمَةَ عَمَلِيْ صَلاةَ الفَجْرِ

“O Allah! Make my last deed in this life the performance of Fajr prayer”

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So now when it comes time to catch on, welcome back to prayers of the pious,

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you might have noticed that there's a trend of asking a lot for a good ending. And because the prophets lie, Selim himself taught us to always ask a lot for a good ending, that we should have a good ending, because you know that you have your high points and your low points. And you don't want a lot to send the Angel of Death to you while you're at a low point. So there are many ways to ask Allah for a good ending. But if you've been around dying, righteous people,

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you'd notice that in the last day of their lives, that it's almost as if they were informed, right, and they had a feeling that they were going to die. And that's something that you feel so pantalon, it's not something that can be explained.

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It's not that there's any sort of explicit communication to people. But there's a feeling and that's something that was narrated on behalf of many of the staff many of the pious predecessors. This particular door is very simple. But it's a beautiful one of a man who just knew that the time had come and who felt that closeness similar to her, they feminine, the amount, or the law of town hall. And this is a beloved need to be some of the allowed title of the lovely Abby SATA.

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One night was praying his family, he was praying his night prayer. And he was so joyful in his piano, meaning in his night prayer that it was, he just felt like he was in that connection. He felt like he was in that zone. And he asked the loss of Hannah hautala at the end of that alignment and hearty hearty multifamily Salam.

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O Allah, let the last of my deeds be the performance of the fudger prayer. I mean, he just asked a lot directly let this budget and he didn't say this a lot. You just said let's a lot to fudge it, let my budget prayer be the last of my deeds, because he had a routine of the night prayer and he felt that closeness to Allah subhanaw taala. And the budget prayer for the one who stands up and prays at night is the conclusion. It's not the beginning of the day, as much as it is the conclusion of the night's supplication and feeling that closeness to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So he finished his clam, he went and he made his will. He prayed fudge it, and he died in the conclusion

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of Salatin at the conclusion of Salatin fetchit so Subhana Allah, it's, it's not some death. In the battlefield. It's not a stabbing. It's not,

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you know, something that's overly dramatic, but it's a very simple recognition that there are some people that they feel that moments and they asked Allah subhanho wa Taala for that last ending, or what are the allowed time and who made you out to a lot to die in situ to die in prostration It is a good thing to ask a lot that you die in prayer or that you you meet a loss of hundreds in prayer, or that the last of your deeds be prayer so we ask Allah subhana wa tada to take us in the state that is most beloved to him at a time that is most beloved to him. And in a in a humility, or in a state of humility, that is pleasing to Him in May Allah subhanaw taala give us lives that are pleasing to

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Him and let our our death come to us at the most pleasing time of our lives. And again, make the best of our days the day that we meet him a llama means no hide on See you all next time inshallah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh