Nouman Ali Khan – The Ayah of Ramadan – Part 3

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The use of the Quran in providing guidance for humanity is emphasized, and the definition of "orderliness" is emphasized. The use of "orderliness" in the definition is emphasized, and the use of "orderliness" in the definition is emphasized. The use of "orderliness" in the definition is emphasized, and the importance of language and culture in shaping society and language is emphasized. The conversation also touches on the topic of "orderliness" and how it affects people, including "untangaged" words and language.
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I mentioned yesterday that the Quran has described has been described with three states meaningfully a while in the eye of Ramadan. The first of them was guidance for humanity for the Linda's. I talked to you yesterday about what he means also what what it can signify. Today I'm going to talk to you about the second piece of this ayah, which is very significant. He says what the United mean alhuda, which is you can translate it as clear proofs from within the guidance. And that sounds a little bit obscure when you say that in English clear proofs from within the guidance molars even asked the question that somebody could say, well, Allah already said guidance from for humanity, then what's

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the point of saying proofs from within the guidance was, it's basically saying the same thing. So why even repeat that phrase, because it stands on its own, it has its own purpose. The thing is, it's one thing to offer somebody direction, to say this is if you want to go to that destination, take this turn, stay right, go down this miles, take this turn, etc. And you'll get to where you need to go. That's giving people guidance. But if somebody says, fine, you're telling me to take this road, and you want me to get to that destination. But what's your proof that this is the right road? I need evidence? I don't know if I can rely on your directions. Is that a reliable source? In

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other words, it's one thing to give somebody guidance, it's another to convince them that this is the right guidance, convincing someone that this is the path that they should follow, is here, it's an intellectual thing. If so, for human beings that genuinely want guidance for their hearts, Allah is offering that to them. But for some of them that asked the question, but I want to be sure that I'm following the right thing. There's so many religions in the world. There's so many people claiming to follow the path of truth. There's so many avenues by which people are saying follow this and you'll be successful. Follow this and you'll be successful. Follow this and you'll be

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successful. What's your proof that this road is the right road? So Allah says, I didn't just give you guidance. He didn't just give us orderliness. He said by enacting mean alhuda clear proofs, self evident proofs from within that guidance. You see what used to be the case before the Quran. Like for example masala is the miracle given to Masada Salaam was a staff. It was the miracle given was the hand the miracle given was the water partying, these were miracles Maria, there's something to be seen. Separately Allah gave him guidance which has taught

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so there used to be the proof as one thing and then the guidance is something else.

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With on luck combined, both of them instead of separating, you know the message and the miracle the message and the proof are one there one in the same the Quran itself becomes its evidence, and the Quran is the thing to follow also. So the study of the Quran becomes, the more one ponders the Quran. This is why Allah says that when they ponder into the ayat, they will actually know when you can have an NDA de la lucha de la and kathira. That if they pondered into the Quran, they would know that if this was some from someone other than Allah, they would have found contradiction. They'll find it consistent with it only being from a divine source. So this phrase, one of its first

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meanings, is that for anyone who seeks proof, real proof that the Quran is the word of God, and they come to the Quran genuinely asking that question, the Quran will prove itself to them. And it will prove itself not in one way in multiple ways, which is why Allah did not say orderliness will be in a 10 minute, Hoda. He said Bina 10 minute, Gemma, why multiple proofs and each of them self evident in and of themselves. The other thing about the word Bayesian and beginner is that it's actually an SM sofa, which means it's in inherent quality, meaning the Quran doesn't need some outside thing to prove itself. It itself can carry the proposal, a little bit of a technical philosophical thing.

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I'll try to simplify it in a few minutes in a minute or less. You see, for example, now we're living in the scientific age. So some people come along and say, well, we can prove that the Quran is the word of God using science, we can show the scientific phenomenon that are discovered today. And the Quran already talked about them so many centuries ago, Millennium and a half ago, and therefore the Quran is miraculously from Allah, somebody else comes along and says, Well, you know, I found some mathematical computations in the Quran that are humanly impossible. And so this mathematical outside proof is the is the proof that the Quran is the word of Allah. What we're doing then is we're

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looking at outside sources of knowledge, and we're using them to validate the Quran. So actually, these outside sources become the mobile unit, they become the clarifiers for the Quran. The issue is the Quran is calling itself the unit. Meaning whether there were no discoveries of science, like for example, in the last century, there discoveries of science, but before then, Allah was still saying, but you know, yes or no, he was already still making that claim. 1000 years ago, was the claim still there?

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The Koran has miracles. Yes. The year it started being revealed. Was there still a claim that it has miraculous evidence? Yes. So when we take it, in the sense that in this one last century, we figured out why the Quran is a miracle. The problem is science is constantly changing.

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What used to be scientific fact. And, you know, 100 years ago is now a joke. You know, Newtonian physics became obsolete. Einstein took over, you know, time became relative matter, matter and energy, as opposed to matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Scientific standards change. So if you take a scientific discovery of today, and you say here, Koran is agreeing with the scientific discovery, and tomorrow, there's a scientific discovery that contradicts the previous discovery. Now, what have you done with Quran?

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Quran is obsolete, Quran was wrong about this. So this is why the Quran is evident in and of itself. It doesn't need an outside proof. And I'm not saying that those those kinds of investigations shouldn't happen. But understand fundamentally, Quran is a proof in and of itself for someone who seeks it. In its in its words, in Allah's own preservation of the book, Allah azza wa jal makes its evidence clear. The other thing that I want to take this opportunity to share with you is, again, some something we have to use our brain a little bit to understand, there's a difference between simple and clear.

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In those two words, sometimes are confused with each other. Those two words, again, are simple and what clear. I think if I say two plus two is four, that's simple. And that's also clear. But sometimes there's a professor of, you know, quantum physics, and he has an a calculation that takes up an entire board, and he has to go up on a ladder to fulfill the entire page. And for him, that entire calculation is clear. But it's definitely not what is definitely not simple. If you have a complicated problem, then you're going to have a complicated solution. The solution is valid when it's clear, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be what simple. The Quran is answering

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some of the some of humanity's most difficult questions, complicated questions. The Quran never claims that it's received.

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The Quran never claims that it's simple. The Quran constantly claims that it's clear that it's clear. Now what people say is I'm reading the translation of the Quran.

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And Quran says that it's clear so it should be clear to me right away is as I read it, you know what they're doing? They're trying to make the Quran one simple. While the Quran never made that claim, the Quran said he made it clear and when when Allah even said he made it easy, yes or no Quran he made the Quran easy, but he didn't say he made the Quran easy for understanding. He said he made the Quran easy for the purpose of what the vicar, for remembrance of Allah. If you want to remember Allah is merciful. Allah is all powerful. He lives in control, Allah forgives, you have to have hope in Allah you have to rely on those reminders are very easy in the Quran. They're very easy in the

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Quran, but they are again, things that require a lot of deep contemplation, a lot of study and you have to pursue clarification. So by saying but you know, what a lie is now telling us is that when we ponder into the Quran, for the purpose of getting a spiritual reminder, that's easy.

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But when you want to get depth and clarity of the Quran, then there are going to be scholars that dive into the Quran their entire life, into the ocean of Quran. And when they come out of it, they only come up with a few drops. And the ocean still remains co located and Barbuda, luckily Matteo Milena fiddleback homeland and for the climate lobby, these are the uniting mean alhuda meaning clear proofs and evidence clarities that will make themselves manifest to those who ponder them. This is why it was so new to him I atina philosophy and fusina Tata been alone. And the last thing I'll share with you about this clear and simple issue, which is tied to be anatomy and alhuda is,

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you know, the the the concept of standards. And this is a very important serious subject. In science and math, for example, you have a standard meter, like in the metric system, you have a meter. Every time some company manufactures a ruler, they have to measure up to the same standard wherever they make it. And they have this one standard meter somewhere in Europe setting in a museum temperature control. That's the original one. Everybody has to match that one you understand. The thing is, when you have that standard anywhere, if there's a there's a meter somebody says this thing is a meter long in Indonesia, and somebody says it's a meter long in Australia and somebody says a meter long

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in America, it's the same size, yes or no? Right? It's that's because there is a consistent standard. The thing with language is that it keeps changing.

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Language keeps changing. English 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago is not English today. If 30 years ago, you told someone I tweeted, I tweeted at you

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or I texted you

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I found you in my Facebook, you did think you're psycho. Because those words don't exist back then those words don't exist. If 200 years ago in English, you told somebody that's really cool.

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They will think you're talking about temperature.

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They're not gonna think you're admiring something you understand that? language changes, and all languages change. Some of you speak or do some of you see Bahasa some of you speak English, some of you whatever languages you speak, the language of your grandparents is not your language. The way your grandparents speak is not how you speak even Arabic, even or do even project whatever language it has gone through changes Yes or no? Now Arabic has been around for what? 1400 years. You think Arabic has gone through changes? You think when you see when you watch news on Al Jazeera or something? It's the same language that the police used to speak in the desert? No, it's gone through

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changes. When society expands when trade happens when Empire expands when non Arabs come into Islam and learn Arabic. Like when non English speakers come to a country and learn English does English get affected? Yeah, it gets affected language changes. But if language changes, the same word that used to have a meaning before now has a different meaning yes or no.

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So because the language changed now there could be words in the Quran. Listen carefully. Now, there could be words in the Quran that the people 1500 years ago, they had a certain meaning. But today the same word has a different meaning. Allah preserve the Quran as one standard like that meter I talked about that never changes. The problem is language does change. This is why Alice has belissa dinarobin movie, the original Arabic language. This is why when you translate the Quran, when I try to translate it into English, when I try to translate it into order French or German, let's say English, I tried to translate the Koran into English. But you know what my translation of the Quran

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into English 100 years from now may be invalid.

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Because the words that I'm using may have a completely different meaning in 100 years, the length the translation will change. So when people assume that the translation of the Quran is crime, when the translation of the Quran is crime, there's a big problem. When people assume that knowing modern Arabic, they understand the meaning of the Quran, there's a big problem, because they're not recognizing something Allah made the big not of the Quran, the word bu not shares the same root as the word moving. And I'll put that with the Arabic of the original revelation milissa in Arabic. Okay. You know, that's a very important thing to understand. So yes, translations are helpful. But

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if you and I start thinking by reading a translation, we get it regardless, then you're letting go of the original standard that gives the Quran clarity, this is how I'm tying everything together. Because of the Arabic the Quran gets its clarity, when you start letting go of the original Arabic, then what will go with it, clarity will go away. You might think now it's simple, but definitely no longer clear. And that's one of the qualities of the Quran, the United Min alhuda Allah made sure that even though the majority of Muslims of the world today don't speak the Arabic language, majority of them, but they still recite the Quran and why

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in Arabic, they still recite and the just like Quran is preserved, had these literature's preserved just like that lot, a lot of the old Arabic language is preserved, eliminate short of it. So when we study the Quran, we study that ancient language we still have anybody has access to the African has access to it, the European has access to it, the Arab has access to it, Allah made sure of that, because that was part of preserving the original clarity of the Quran. And that's within the anatomy and alhuda unlike previous revelations, this book will not the original text will not be lost. And it will not be recovered by memory or some some some bits are there some bits aren't there, some

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things have been changed. We can't tell which part is the word of a line which part is commentary and all gets fused together. What happened with previous word works is not going to happen with this word of Allah. And that's the entertainment encoder. So those are a few comments about the second quality of the Quran after orderliness. The second one will be united minute Buddha and tomorrow inshallah Allah will tackle some things we can learn from the Word of God barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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