The Ayah of Ramadan – Part 5

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The importance of fasting in Arabic is emphasized, with "whover" being a way to emphasize its importance. The concept of "naughty eating" is discussed, and the speaker emphasizes the need for training and the importance of fasting for achieving success. The speaker also discusses the benefits of fasting, including the use of the Google search for recitation, and mentions a study on the topic of fasting and the importance of individual independence in making it a success month. The country must have its own capital to celebrate and achieve success.

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challah I'll talk to you about the next phrase in the idea of Ramadan. Allah azza wa jal briefly translated says that whoever Have you witnesses the month then he or she should fast the entirety of it and whoever has been sick or were to be sick or was traveling, then they can make it up in other days. That's the basic phrase is whoever gets to witness the month should should fast it it's interesting that you know, again, the principle in Arabic hydel kurama Kala della The best way to communicate something is to say the least words for so movie fast in it. That's it for my own shahida vinko mushara fairly awesome then whoever of you gets to witness the month then they should

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fast it is a very long way of saying the same thing fast in it. He's already talked about the month of Ramadan. He said shadow Ramadan and living on Zilla feel Quran for Sumo.

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You know for Sufi, that's it for Sumo, even folio Sumo. The entire long phrase Why? Because now the you know, because no word in Quran is extra. Allah mentions the word shadow again, I started with shadow Ramadan from an shahida income, a shadow tanita. He mentioned the same word again. Why? Because he's emphasizing the importance of this month twice over within the same ayah you know, there are some concepts in the Quran that Allah azza wa jal will describe multiple times in the same IRA. Like Yeah, you have Latina Amanita Cola,

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you know, and then by the end of that ayah once again, but Allah Allah vitalia, even as a taco, and then what's the hola hola de de una Viva La Samia de Coyne the beginning the quality and here he mentioned the month and he mentioned the month again. So this is a large way of emphasizing that this month is no small matter, and that this one should never be disassociated from its purpose and its purposes. Well as a result of Quran being Huda Lynas, and Vina terminologia and alfre Khan, those three things, then as a result of those three gifts that Allah has given you, then as a result, whoever of you is fortunate enough to witness this month, it is as though they are

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witnessing the commemoration of the Quran itself, then they should celebrate that by fasting. Now we think of read as celebration. But actually before we think of either celebration, you have to understand fasting itself is celebrated. Fasting is a LA's way of teaching us how to celebrate the coming of the Quran. Becoming of the court, I think it's remarkable. And, you know, it's going to take a few sessions to help really understand the spirit of fasting, what is it that the alarm is communicating when he taught us? What is the connection between fasting and Quran? You know, Allah azza wa jal describe that this is guidance, he described that it's clear proof, he described that

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it's a separation. And for God, he described all of those things. But when he says that this entire month for you and I should fast I in today's brief session, I want you to focus on the idea of training, just the concept of training, you know, in any

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serious qualification, if somebody wants to become a police officer, somebody wants to join the military. Somebody wants to become a medical doctor, somebody wants to become an accountant, any one of those fields requires what training and sometimes those things are physical training. Sometimes they're intellectual mental training, sometimes they're even psychological training. There are different kinds of trainings for the task that you have. And if you don't go through that training, you won't be able to benefit from what's being given to you. Allah azza wa jal is describing that this thing that we have been given a score on that we have been given you and I cannot benefit from

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it the way we are supposed to, unless we train ourselves, and the training itself is fasting. That fasting not only commemorates and celebrates the coming of the Quran, but fasting, his way of training ourselves to actually benefit from the Quran household. The Quran is most common demand. The most common, you know, expectation from Allah in the Quran is taqwa. If you study all the things that asks us to have Taqwa, meaning a consciousness and an awareness of Allah is at the top. There's nothing more mentioned than that. You know, there's faith and that's in the heart. But you know, practically, the manifestation of our faith is actually taco. Taco La, La Quinta de la la jolla told

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over and over and over again. Now let's think about taco taco in forget, taqwa of Allah for a second. What does it mean to be conscious? I mean, what it means to be conscious is when you're driving, and you're going at the speed limit is 45. And you're going 55 and then from a distance, you see a light flashing of the police in the head. The hazard hasn't seen you yet. He's pulled over somebody else. But what do you do, when you see that? you slow down, you become more aware. Or you see a sign fines doubled or useless.

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You know

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So the idea that, you know, if you if a if a light is turning yellow, sometimes in Texas, you get a little bold, but then you look on top, there's a camera on and then you slow down the idea that you're being watched, you have to change your behavior the same way. It's not just about driving, like, you know, students talking in a class. And once the principal, what happens to the entire class, they all become, you know, common sorry, him, everybody changes, because there's an awareness, there's an awareness. Now, the thing about fasting is that Allah azzawajal is teaching us something profound. You and I are in the habit of eating, whenever we feel a little bit of hungry

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for a snack, we just put something in our mouth. Whenever we feel like it, we can look at whatever we want, whenever we feel like we could take a drink. These are all common things, everyday things. But when you're fasting, there's your favorite food is right there. The snack is right there. And sometimes you even forget right you forget you're fasting in the beginning of Ramadan, it happens sometimes, you pick up the cup, and it comes over here and all of a sudden, oh.

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But there was no security camera. There was nobody watching there was nobody telling you that that's not okay. Where did that come from? You developed an awareness of a law. Well, nobody told you to be aware of a law you're entirely in secret. And I've talked to some children that break the fast without telling their parents. It's an interesting experience. They're like, they have this chocolate mom doesn't know he's like six years old, is like should I do it? And then he's there's actually a struggle. There's even for that child, there's a struggle, I can just put it in his mouth. Allah is watching

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and I don't know if I should do this or not. And there's even that is a sign of Dakota is aware that Ally's watching. Allah wants his presence to be recognized. Allah wants his presence to be recognized, and the most amazing way he does that in fasting. As a matter of fact, your body, your entire body is screaming at you to disobey Allah. Your stomach is telling you to disobey Allah your throat is telling you to disobey Allah, isn't it all day, up until the other end of McRib? Your body is actually asking you to disobey Allah and you shut your body down. No, Allah has presence is more powerful than my body's needs. 30 days of training that you can submit your body to Allah will

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submit your needs to Allah as well isn't that the case? allows words, the Quran allows words create a loving presence in your heart.

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They create a loving presence in your heart. But if that awareness of a lie is not there, you can have Quran. You can hear the Quran, you can hear the recitation you can study that I've seen, you can hear it, but you won't feel a less presence. It just won't be there. You need some kind of a training to get you to become more aware of a less presence and when you're aware of a less presence and then you engage the Quran. It's a completely different Quran. Completely different Quran. Meaning the Quran for your brain is something else. The Quran for your heart in my heart is something else entirely. With some other man called called killer app called the reset recitation of

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the heart. That's actually the purpose of fasting. So Allah says, Whoever gets to witness this profound month, then they should fast throughout it. Fully awesome. Now, last thing before I close, Allah says, Whoever a viewer has been sick, or is in the middle of travel, they can make it up in other days. The thing is, remarkably, that fasting

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and this is a long discussion I'll give you the brief version of it that fasting is not did not start with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam fasting was given to previous people, the Jews and Christians also had fasting Yeah, you had Latina hamanako divali Colosseum cama de vida Latina manikarnika. It was given to you just like it was given to those who came before you. Now what was given to those who came before us were they given Ramadan? Were they given 30 days no unless has a model that they were given single digit days, they were given single digit days, less than 10. Some say nine, middle, you know, middle of the month, some of the days like things like that they were

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not given 30 days in a row like us. Then what used to be the law is from an economy driven kind of income or even as a firefighter Tamiya Manohar Valentina UT, Punahou, Vidya Tonka miskeen, Omen totowa high rent for Jose Rola cuando, su hijo. loco in control dalaman hatanaka Ramadan, meaning if you missed a fast you can make it up or you can feed a poor person. I'll give that option you can feed a poor person and whoever wants to volunteer meaning the feeder per person and they want to make it up also good for them. So basically, if you missed a fast because of travel, or because you were you know, you were sick, then you have two options. You could make it up or you could feed

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miskeen you could feed a poor person, right you could feed a helpless person, a needy person.

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When Ramadan came there's only one option

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Used to be two options. Ramadan came in unlimited How many? Well, one option is what if you miss it, make it up. If you miss it make it up. There is no more What feeding have. Now you could think this became harder.

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Because you know, first of all, they didn't used to be 30 days, it used to be metadata a few days, that was easier. Then on top of that Allah made it instead of two up two ways to get, you know, out of the obligation, only one way to get out of the obligation and the harder one, the harder one just to make it up.

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But then remarkably, Allah, which I'll explain in the next session, Allah says he wants ease for you. He doesn't want difficulties to allow you to become and also he wants ease and not difficulty. First of all, he made things harder. And then he says, By the way, I want things to be easy

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or workable. You know, the thing to remember here is that Allah azza wa jal wants our life to be easy.

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Quran will make your life easy. And Quran will not make your life easy and my life easy if the training is not complete.

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And if so, Allah remove the option that gets you to skip a few days of the course. You have to make it up, you have to, you know, obviously exceptions for the sake and all this other stuff that's for the terminally ill or for the chronically disease, those are different fatawa. But generally speaking, a lot wants to emphasize that you should complete the full count of the days, those 30 days are critical, because that's part of your training, to to really internalize. That's what cron is supposed to do. That's what you're supposed to do in the month of Ramadan. One last thing and I'll wrap this up.

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You know,

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there are three things. When the Prophet moved to Medina, salallahu alaihe salam that are very important.

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And two of them, I'll tell you now, the Qibla changed. So the Muslims used to pray towards Jerusalem. And now they're praying towards Mecca.

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When they were praying towards Jerusalem, Jews believe that he is along this is the same revelation as what was given to us. We're still okay, but now the capital of Islam changed. The capital went from Jerusalem to what

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this means this is a new nation, they have a new capital, like a nation has a capital, right? They have a new capital. They also have a new constitution, no more Torah. What's the Constitution is Quran and when a nation is formed, you have an inauguration like, you know how you have an independence day, celebration day. Well, Muslims used to celebrate the fasting on the same days as the Jews before gudivada CUCM comma gudivada determine the fasting on us just like the one that was given to those before you But now, Allah said no, no, not not an inauguration of a new nation day. But the inauguration of a new nation month, the month of Ramadan in its entirety gets to be

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celebrated. Actually, the month of Ramadan is a clear indication that now we are an oma by ourselves. We are a separate oma, you know, up until now as I was talking to them, you have a nice, he have a nice,

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you know, lots of poonawalla Cafe. But then in the surah Allah told us he has made you an oma, but he's made us an oma than the oma has to have its own capital. The nation has to have its own capital, its own constitution, its own celebration of its own, you know, independent entity, and that's actually Ramadan. Ramadan is a celebration of the nation's identity as Muslims. That's actually what it is. And so Allah says, Whoever witnesses it, then they better inaugurate the month in the right way, Elijah which will give us an appreciation of the power of the month of Ramadan barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh