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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the trend of labels and bravery, as well as the importance of investing in cosmetic or beauty products. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting one's health and wealth, as well as the use of words like "has" to describe emotions and actions. They also touch on the history of the title "Salcribe" by the Prophet Muhammad and its potential consequences on one's health. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book.
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Tina on Java

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rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim gone alone saw a boomer you have

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a thorough tabula the column called coming to rob.

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I mean, no point fighting some cowboy Judah, sorta Allah will Avi. We concluded the discussion on verse 36. And in the, on the note of the arrogance, the haughtiness, the pride of the disbelieving companion or brother between the two. And we promise that In this segment, we will commence with the response of the pious, the noble, the humble brother, and that's precisely what we do. So verse 37, that I've just recited before you Allah subhanho wa Taala now makes mention of how the pious brother responded to the arrogance of his companion colleague, or brother, you know, literally or figuratively. Call Allah who's our Hippo? his companion said to him, Well, who are you how we're all

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who while he was conversing while he was discussing with him, a Kaffir Tabby levy holla come in to rob

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Oh, my brother. Oh, my friend. Oh, my colleague. Have you become so brazen, so blatant, so arrogant? So obstinate catheter. So we will refer to this as a list of Hamlet Toby, where you it has the flavor of a question, but in essence, it is a rebuke you reproach in you read? You just dies in you admonishing someone. At least if Hamlet Toby aka ferrata bill Levy, holla, Taka mean to rob, have you denied the bean who created you from San meaning your ancestor Adam alayhis Salatu was Salam who's a region was from San so we all can be remotely distantly be associated to send and claim a holla a comfortability holla coming to Robin. So me not for an IU per se. Allah created you from a

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fluid of sperm from a liquid from a comfortable lady holla pagamento Robin so may not fit in. So master worker Angela, and then I love fashion you and perfected you as a complete human. Have you forgotten this Allah? In Jews 14 chapter 16 Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Hello Paul in Santa may not offer. I have created man from a fluid from a liquid for Eva who has been suddenly he wants to argue with Allah and Eva is Mufasa like how arrogant. You know what an audacity and Surya seen we recite towards the tail end of the chapter where Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about us bien wa Ala Wai Bara Ballina masala when ESEA hunter Guile ma urien Obama where he or amin what Bala Ballina

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masala and he gives us an example, when se halka and he forgot his creation. So he came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he dropped some bones that had decomposed and fragmented. He dropped it before a messenger sallallahu sallam, and he said, Does irmo and Rebecca yahagi we're here Amin. So supposedly you claim all Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam that your Lord will revive these bones and give it life after it's decomposed and fragmented. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said Baba Lana masala when I see a photo, Ptolemy, Obama we're here amin, polio, levy and Sha. Allah murrah tell them he will revive it and created it who created it the first time wahoo a big colorful thing

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really. And he knows every form of creation, to create from nothing to create and then cause death to that creature creation. And then to recreate as well. Mahal, Coca Cola Coca Cola can I've seen wahida to give Death to the entire creation and recreate everyone? For Allah it is like one soul It is his sheer intention. So the first thing we learn my respected brothers sister listener viewer, is that the bias with those who are not intimidated by the arrogance and the affluence of others, he did not buckle under pressure. He was not threatened by this year. He was not mesmerized by this up

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Because he had a deeper vision, and I heard from one of my scholars May Allah preserve him with goodness. He said when we look at the Salah for Salah hain our pious predecessors, then

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Allah allow their noble engagements and endeavors to prosper when they engaged in in noble activities of the Union all the activities you know, somewhere in welfare work others were in, in believe others were in dusky or others were in destiny if and leave in different, you know, aspects of the deen and each one of them we find that their works, saw fruition, saw a fruit and it materialized and it brought, you know what good returns and rewards. Why? Because there were two things that were common amongst them, number one, Zoho they did not seek any material return. And number two, alas, they were sincere in what they did it so their causes prospered? What did someone

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say? It is better to die for a cause that will live than to live for a cause that will die.

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It is better to die for a cause that will live and yes, the causes have outlived them. They have passed on but the legacy continues. The legacy continues. The institution's the seminaries continue, the writings continue the students continue the word continues, it is better to die for a cause that will live than to live for a cause that will die.

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So the pious brother responded by saying a Kaffir. Like how evil Have you? How wicked have you and his family Toby? i cafaro tabela de la coming to rob, you know, you you you take your son or your daughter for orthodontics, to straighten the jaw to straighten the teeth to realign it and it will cost you an arm and a leg. And whatever you invest at its best as a cosmetic and an aesthetic look and enhancement to the appearance to the smile to the facial features, etc. But it does little or nothing to the speech of that individual to the speech of the child. Can you imagine a child telling a father or a mom who has invested and I'm just using this as an analogy and then an example where

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you spend and you invest and it costs you so much orthodontics and and back and forth and cosmetics. And that same child opens that same mouth of yours and tells that father when you've done nothing for me, you've bought me nothing you've given me nothing. Can you imagine what that words would do and how it would pierce through the heart of that parent.

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Now Allah creates you, Allah designs you Allah fashions you and then you grow up and then you have the audacity like, Is there a god? Is there a creator? Oh, really? Uh, well, it doesn't gel with my logic. No, I need to be convinced I need I need scientific proof. I need data I need no i'm not convinced.

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I likely

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insert either my mid to late so for all Roger.

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And men says very arrogantly. So when I will die Will I be created again. I will be created again. I will be resurrected. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says Allah Yes, poodle in Santa Ana, Latina woman tabela Willem yakushi You don't have to look any further. Look at yourself. Look at yourself. Oh, my son, you say I've done nothing for you, who has educated you? Who has nursed you? Who has given you this upbringing who has invested on you. So how do you make this claim?

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So the pious brother colleague companion, responds with humility with sincerity with integrity, Baal Alamosa. hibu and that is verse 37. bol Allahu Sahaba. Who are you hire wiro How are you? How are we in Canvas? aka faretta like really? Are you denying Allah builder the hell after coming to rob who created you from sand? That was your distant link, and your close source of creation was a fluid and a seaman. So my sub worker radula and then Allah shaped you and fashion you? Yeah, you have enzyme Margot Robbie Robbie Cal Karim. Oh man, what deceived you about your Lord, Allah, the halaqaat who created you for some work for ideologue who fashioned you who shaped you who designed you? You study

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the human anatomy and you study the human body and then in

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Every aspect of the human embryo and the human anatomy, if you have the inner eye and the deeper eye, you would see the mind the power and the greatness of the Almighty. Furthermore he says verse 38 lankin know Allah hora de wala O'Shea Kobe Robbie a high da so lucky na in Arabic, you know, the scholars will tell you it's actually login, enter, login, enter and that took place. So if that is what you choose to do, so be it so be it but as for myself, as for myself, I will not deny the oneness of Allah lurking now who will la hora be I will attest and proclaim and pronounce that though he'd login who Allah Robbie, I will proclaim the oneness of Allah, whether oshri could be Rob

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be a Haida and I will not ascribe partners with my lord in any way. So first he told him that, you know, think properly how evil of you how nasty how we could have you. Then he made clear his own faith and his own conviction. And then he goes on to say and that is now verse 39. Well Ola is the Hunter genetica Masha Allah hula boom water. Bill. Listen, I don't have a problem with your wealth and I don't have a problem with your orchards and your vineyards and your rivers. Great, wonderful, lovely happy for you. But when you entered well Lola why not either when the halter you enter genetica your orchard Coulter you said Ma sha Allah who La quwata illa Billah

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Masha Allah what Allah intends, whatever Allah intends will happen, Masha Allah, whatever Allah intends will occur, law upon water, there is no strength might power illa Billah your back comes for esteana as we will say, Albert Lin is Tiana help assistance aid that nothing can be accomplished without the hair help aid assistance or the intervention of Allah and that is actually a Dora whenever you see something beautiful, you impressed by or sometimes even your child so sweet, so adorable, and you do not read the necessary to us then inadvertently you transmit negative energy. So you look at a child and then you say are so sweet, so adorable, and you don't read the relevant

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to us, then the eye has an impact lie no have been aligned or happen. The words of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that the eye is a reality.

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One is a person looks with an evil eye.

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Sometimes a person looks at a new car of yours or a new house of yours or a function of yours and you can see the dirty look you can see the venomous look. You can see that jealous look coming out you can almost see that and sometimes a person looks innocently but because he or she does not take the necessary precautions. It transmits some form of unpleasantness, and

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the infidels would actually cause nasty glances at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the intention of causing him harm of course Allah had protected him and Allah speaks about this in the Quran. Why iaca don't live in a Kaffir Allah usually punakha being a basadi him what he can do levena can follow Allah usually joselito cabbie about sorry him lamb mass I mean are they got away mo Luna in a hula major known what in your garden lady in a gaffer Ola use the Li punakha the other sorry him. They were on the verge of trying to drop you with the evil gazes. So whenever you walk into your beautiful house, you see your beautiful spouse, your partner, your parents, your children,

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the world the comfort, the luxuries, the amenities that Allah has given you.

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You praise your thank you glorify Allah, and one of the door is to be recited is Masha Allah who loves to water illa Billah by virtue of that you protect yourself you protect that asset you protect that child etc. And remember the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would read those doors and and he would ask Allah protection for her son and her saying brother, your loved one. Or Iizuka big Kelly mighty law had

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been poolish A pani wahama woman colerain illa or evoca Becca Lima dill hit

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me in Galicia pani wahama woman could lean in. It is asking Allah protection from the devil and the evil eye. So the companion say is to this arrogant individual the pious

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This person says to this haughty individual when you entered your garden and you were showing me and you said I don't think it will perish and for like a kiama doesn't make sense to me and by the way, if I ended up there I'll have better could you not be more humble in your approach while Allah is the hunter why not when you entered your garden, you enter your surgery you enter your palace you enter your office you enter your your your throne, you enter your empire. That's the demeanor of a believer, Masha Allahu La quwata illa Billah. Now stern words, first was a bit polite, passive, gentle, but now the tone is getting stronger.

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Well, Lola is the halter genetica Quinta, Masha, Allah Hola, quwata illa Billah in dharani Anna, aka lemon kawatte man and wawanesa iF torani you perceive me and myself a color less than you mean Gamal. And in wealth and children. If you look at me and you think okay, I don't have much wealth, I don't have much following behind me well, far as Robbie far as rugby. And this is now verse 40, verse number 45, as a rugby, au DNA, hi Raman genetic, that time is very close, I saw the time is very close. It's highly possible. And your idea near rugby that my Lord will endowed me with an orchard better than yours. I mean, what what makes you believe that what you have is with you

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forever? And what makes you believe that I'm poor and I'll remain poor forever, both in this world and the latter?

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Who told you that?

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We've seen with our own eyes, how life turns and how people who are once upon a time incarcerated become leaders and how people who are once upon a time leaders subsequently are subjected to imprisonment or impeachment, how life turns and how how fickle life is for us are the time is close verse 40, rugby for rugby it is close that my lord a yo D and he will grant me high ramen genetic better than your orchard and better than your garden while your Salah Allah has been Amina sama. And it's possible that Allah will send a thunderbolt or a fire or a document or an alpha and a tragedy on your garden and your orchard. Allah can strike it and sees what he has given you through angles

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and avenues you least perceive. So listen, hang on. Number one, that was very arrogant of you. Number two, for the record, I believe in Allah. Number three in future going forward, this is the duar you read when you enter your orchard or something that you have a number four Hang on, hang on. Don't think you are where you are forever. Because this table can be turned very quickly and very swiftly. And the roles can be reversed. And Allah can strike what he gave you any can give me way better than what you ever had.

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While you're a sailor either in her husband, Amina sama, and Allah can send a tragedy from the sky. And what could happen for to spay her sorry, then Zanatta verse number 40. And your land can become a plain land. zella means like slippery, right? In other words, there's nothing it's bad and it's playing. There's no, there's no, it's leveled out. There's no orchards. There's no trees, there's no rivers, there's no water. There's no vegetation, there's no plantation, nothing, nothing gone. Everything can be destroyed.

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So don't be so arrogant. Don't be so arrogant on what you have. Because it's highly possible that this can happen and remember, when the pious say things, then they don't just blurt. They don't just blurt. There's meaning to what they say there's cloud to what they say, the famous Hadith in Bukhari, where sadhana be workcast radi Allahu anhu, who was appointed as the governor of Kufa during the reign of Amara bunnahabhain. He was from amongst the Astra mobile Shara the 10 companions who are given the glad tidings of gender in one gathering. Otherwise, many companions were given the glad tidings at different times. And Shaka Hello, go for it, sir. Then the people of Kufa complained

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about sadra the Allahu anhu and this is comfort for those that are in leadership position. You know, of course, we cannot apply it in its totality because sodre the Allahu anhu was a man of absolute nobility and high ranking values. After all, he was the student of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lawyer who run a casa de la Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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So in Allah Allah yet the pharaoh as say, they say, well I can yet the pharaoh say yeah bill Hassan are the words that say no matter the Allah had said to Saudi Allah No, let us not deceive you that you are known as the maternal uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala your lineage will not avail you

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that sometimes you are as an Imam or in a leader pose leadership position, and you try your level best to win the confidence of everyone yet you'll get you know what critics who will find fault with you who will blemish you who will always tarnish you what hang on for a moment Do you have sort of been a B workers as the governor and the people are unhappy with Him and who are serving a B workers he was appointed, or he was the man who was given the glad tidings of gender by the prophet sallallahu wasallam. Anyway, armor The allotter had a very stringent eye as ella hamara the olana dismissed him and told him you'll have to just step down and then say now I'm already allowed

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appointed Mr. rhodiola and vote and remember the line was said to South Burnaby workers that these people are complaining and amongst the complaints they have lodged that you are not performing salah and leading them in prayer correctly. So Sabina, beaver Castor, the Allahu anhu said Saliba, him salata, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I leave them in prayer like how I seen the Prophet of Allah leading us in prayer. The first two units are longer than the latter two will only fulfill authoraid I pro long the first two and I reduced the letter to that one no Becca is hot. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear from you about his heart which was the pet name and the cornea and

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then say no matter the olana, our center region and he said some people would start being a B workers and they went to different tribes within the community of Kufa and yes, Luna rufa the general populace and the general public were no he's amazing. He is great is wonderful, had died the Hello musty then Lee Benny I've seen but they entered into a particular tribe and community of Burnham's and they they asked the people what's your opinion of South Bend or be workcast are the Allahu anhu. So the average people the general people the popular said, No, he was he is great. However, one person took exception and the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim from partner Roger loon,

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your partner who sang matobo Qatada. A person by the name of Osama bin Qatada stood up and he said, I'm an international donor. Now that you've asked us our opinion about Saudi olana for indoor Ghana, Liberia, Sierra pizzeria, number one, he does not participate in the expedition's and there is injustice in his decisions and his distributions, and he's like this and he is like this. When Sandra Villanueva heard these accusations, he said Allah mama in Ghana, but Dhaka Dhaka Maria and we're so mad and for Attila O'Meara, who were utterly thrill factor Ah, who I read who little fitted,

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Allah this man has stood up and he has heard these accusations towards me, and you know the truth, Allah prolong his life, so that he can be subjected to prolong agony and expose him to fitness. The words of Serbian ob workers are the Alomar and who are not going to go unheard. Immediately that curves had consequences because of the accusation of this man. And life moved on and things turned things done in the life of this person who had heard these accusations to sodre the Allahu anhu what had become God? Are you To who? One of the narrators who narrates from jabby libnah summer I was the narrator of the Hadith. Abdul Malik he narrates from Javelin sobre he says, I seen this man sulcata

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Haji bow when Allah I hate that his eyelashes were drooping. He had become aged, old frail, weak, senile, and whenever people would see him in pain and agony, so old, so miserable in so much difficulty, he would say I saw Bethany that I want to say that Sandra the Allahu anhu has passed on, but he skirts he lives with me he skirts lives with me the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. Imam nawawi has made mention of it in Rio de salud in under kurama to Alia as well, the miracles of the pious people. So anyway, coming back here to verse 40, out of the 110 verses of the 18 chapter of the Quran, the pious companion, you know what gave different messages different messages.

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Remember the incident in the 20th jewels of the Quran in surah Toluca says, When qarun came with his arrogance, again he his nation said to him for things and in biannual Koran, he said that these four things which

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The Nation said to him, was actually the sentiments of Musa alayhis salam which the nation further amplified. If Allah Allahu como la tefra Don't be arrogant. Don't be arrogant. Read the stories of those that were arrogant why flesh your arrogance? Why advertise your arrogance? There's a fine line between arrogance and confidence confidence the latter is necessary. arrogance is repugnant ladder for Don't be arrogant in the law. Hello, you humble fairy? Allah doesn't like the arrogant. What does a female Tagalog

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and by virtue of what Allah has given you secure your abode in othera. Right number two, number three will attend center three back Amina dunya. And do not forget your share in this world there's different interpretations to this portion of the IR one explanation is that within reason you are allowed to achieve and accomplish and have your basic needs and necessities of this world. In other words, Islam is practical it's user friendly, it's pragmatic, why sin comma x and Allah who LA and be kind to others like how Allah has been kind to you in Allah Allah your head boom obsidian. Allah despises Mischief Makers. Allah despises Mischief Makers.

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So that was the warning from the brother Yeah, that Allah can strike your your orchard and I like it give me better and Allah can reduce this entire orchard to a plain land a plain barren land. And then verse 41 Oh used to be Hama Oh Ha Laura Phelan does study Allah. tala ba Oh, used to be hammer or Volterra the water in your river and in your springs and in your orchard. can sink deep down load on Laura. Lauren can sink deep down the concluding verses of Surah tenmile call our item in US Bahama. okoma Laura asked them oh Mohamed Salah, and he was telling me if allow us to order the water to sink deep down into the earth and Allah denies you water from the clouds. For me it can be

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marine marine that who will give you water and in July lane under this idea the incident is mentioned that an arrogant person heard this verse and he said bill for OSI bill for all say that we will access water while MMA will work technology will dig so deep down till we you know what breakthrough and we get water

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for the Obama rainy he for me, he barely uttered that and Allah goes the water in his eyes socket to dry up and he became blind. Allah goes the water in his eyes socket to dry up. I am no ophthalmologists. But those that are ophthalmologists and study ophthalmology, they will tell you about the eye and how you need that you know what it is one of the most complex organs of the body, you don't have the brain you talk of the eye, it's an amazing organ of the body, and how many functions it does and how many images it captures at one time. So Allah subhanho wa Taala dried up the water in his eye for the habima or IE for imea. So we'll end here on verse 41, in which the bias

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brother gave multiple advisors to his arrogant companion, and he left it on this note, I am afraid by the looks of it. For all I get the time is the rod is soon when my Lord will strike what some divine tragedy on your orchard on your garden, or he can cause your water to sink deep down. Fallon does study Allahu taala and then you will not have access to that water in any way you won't be able to gain access to that water. Allah will just block it off and buy it off and deny you access from that water. Let's wait and see. What's the outcome of this warning, this alert and this this threat from this pious soul to this arrogant individual. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect us from

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pride, arrogance and haughtiness. I mean, you're blind I mean, was only Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad Ali he was heavy adjumani al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen