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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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10 Lee wrote

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me Amelie. misko another Latina. Oh one era women, young men myth. Writing shall

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be shuffled recently Emily looked at me listening to her colleague, while hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam, ala rasulillah Muhammad Ali, couple of minor details that I left out before the soda one is about the meaning of the word sod that we did talk about leaving someplace and coming back to it as is used in the Quran. What is the outline?

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When Musa alayhis salam was going to help those young women get the water from the well. And he asked them, Why aren't you What's the problem? They said until they go, they don't go back, you'll stay there until they don't go back from where they came from, and go feed their their their feed, then until then we're not going to go and use the wealth. So that word was used in the same or similar context. Anyhow, we were at the point we were discussing Yama, idioms for national status euro Armada home, there is a subset of this ayah that I personally didn't find very convincing. But it's it's only intellectually honest to share it with you is that you know, we talked about how

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there's a starting point, and then there's where you go, and then you come back. Some have interpreted that in this ayah it means that the starting point is the grave. And then you go and you get judged, and you come back to either paradise or hellfire. That's the that's the three step journey that it's talking about. The problem with that is that when you come back, you're not coming back from where you started.

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Right, you're not coming back to where you started, which is the meaning of suddenly, from a linguistics point of view. The second thing is, in order to make that meaning work, you can't just say they were taken to show their deeds. Now you have to show them the rewards or punishments of their deeds. Right, not just showing the deeds but going further. So there it says Leo jezza. Family him they assume the meaning of Joseph reward in the deeds. So the while the ayah itself says so they may be shown their deeds, a lot of them have a saloon that held that opinion, because of that opinion said no, they will be shown the rewards of those deeds, the rewards of those deeds. Again,

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the problem with that is the word salad. Yes, the first problem with that, the second problem is to be shown the rewards or punishments of your deeds. And then you're being taken back. Then why mentioned again, in the next I add, to be to see yahoo yahoo, he will see it he will see it. After all of this is done. The It seems as though from the text of the sort of the spirit of the surah. It seems to be highlighting the idea the concept of being of seeing what you've done. And if you remember what we started with the skeptic, the disbeliever in the era that refuses to see refuses to believe in something you cannot see actually, right The answer is something you cannot see cannot

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visualize. So less emphasizing and highlighting that which they're going to see. And it comes up the verb comes up three times. So Leo, then Yahoo hired on Yahoo, and children Yahoo three times the same verb comes up. So let's go to the last ayat, the first comment we should make is the word fat. Fat in Arabic can be used as a conclusion to a discourse. So it's as though the point of the surah is starting now the conclusion the actual lesson is here. Why was the earth shaking? Why was the earth spilling its beans? What what why did Allah instruct it to speak about everything? Why were people spread into different groups to show their deeds for what purpose? Or to what end? This is

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the point of the matter at the end of this law firm a common myth called authority and higher on Yahoo, Komiyama misconduct or rotten, Sharon Yahoo. The first thing we're going to look at is the word the font then illustrating that this is a conclusion. The second word is Yama, Yama, and normally we say Yama, Yama with more force with a llama at the end. When it's much zoom like this, it makes it a Joomla Sheltie. This is a conditional statement in English we call it an if then statement. Okay. So whoever may have done I'm doing a very coarse very inaccurate, rough kind of translation just to get the basic point across

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Then whoever may have done an atom's worth of good that's the when the if part, if they did an atom's worth the good, then Yahoo, he'll get to see it. And if somebody did an atom's worth of bad then Yahoo to get the shot to Joomla shall tear the shelf is mania melmoth Kannada Latin? Latin Hi, Ron. Okay. And then Java shop, the den part, the response to the the condition is yellow.

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Let's look at the word myth on a similar word came into Sula, this sort of again it's you know, it's about keeping words in proximity to each other. So you had the word afcon. Right? Allah azza wa jal says in the beginning, it is associated albenza Raja tell Aldo as Kala the same route now another word familiar melmoth Allah, the word mezcal in Arabic as the sun a lot of urban manure quotes, he says adapt to new then we'll be

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using VR rather, it is a tool by which things are mentioned. You know how if you have a scale and you have like groceries like rice, or fruits or whatever, on one side, you have weights on the other side. These weights on the other side are called mythical Nesmith call it is the equivalent of something in and of itself is of no value except to tell you what this is worth. Okay, that's what a missed call is. Yes, it's a weight. Literally, it's a weight, but its weight used in a scale to scale other things that we miss barlas as opposed to that he can remember, we talked about the journey that the load that you're traveling with are things inside the house, those are phippen. So

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that's the first difference between a mythical is actually from morphologie point of view. It's an Islam Allah, which means a tool in Arabic When a word begins with me, me and then it has an elephant like miftah MC, Bob, right? These are tools miftah has a key which is a tool, okay. Similarly here and McKeon and meezan. These are tools. Similarly, mezcal is a tool, a tool by which the worth or the weight of the other end of the scale is known. That's what it's, that's why it's used. Again, the word Amen. Amen. Again, I'm always being repeated. I'm gonna came up before the euro.

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For me, I'm an American means to do something consciously, to do something with the intent with commitment. It's not something you did haphazardly or not knowingly, you knowingly did something. This is Ahmed. So this is you know, a modern, it's with purpose. Whoever may have done something on purpose, whose weight is that of a de? Now that I in Arabic,

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you could probably call it the smallest thing imaginable. The definition of vada would be the smallest thing imaginable. In the experience of the Arabs, what's the smallest thing they saw, they saw the ant lay an egg. That's the smallest thing they could see. And that's what they used to call the law, the the egg laid by hand and that was called the law. But the idea from that is not that it's the size of that but it's basically the smallest, you know, minute most miniscule thing which for us, you know, we say things like worth an atom or a speck, right? That and of course the smaller something is the more weightless it is. It doesn't have any weight. So now mentioning God and saying

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its weight when mentioning wait next to it something you never associate wait with. You assume actually that it's weightless, that it's weightless. For me, I will miss Carla rotten hiren something that they may have done that is so small in terms of good hire here could be two things and no hassle. grammarian said monsoon annelle Diane oberhelman mezcal, two things. It's either, that's actually the first they're both really the same thing. He's saying the word hieron is a substitute of myth, kala varathane it means whoever does a good will see it. And that good may be equal to just that little tiny speck. Even if it's that little they'll get to see it. That's one

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grammatical explanation. The other grammatical explanation is, I know whom atom Yeezy but in both case hyaluron and children are both distinguishes in Arabic a distinguisher is translated in English with the terms in terms of So the way we will translate it, if you look at this grammatical explanation is the weight of a speck in terms of good

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the weight of a speck in terms of good. So either way, the meaning is very close, in terms of the word height in Arabic is something good, that is easily distinguishable as good and you don't have to tell someone and convince them it's good. It's naturally good. Like, you know, you don't have to convince someone telling the truth is a good idea. You know, you don't have to tell someone you know, saving a life is good, or it's a good thing to do. It's naturally known. Similarly sharp, the opposite of in the next ayah is a word whose evil is naturally known. You don't have to tell someone that stealing is bad, or killing is bad or these things they know it's bad, even the one who does

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No, that's bad and still does it it's not like they think it's good. Nobody thinks it's good. So the universally known good is called hate. And the universally known bad is called sharp. Okay? That's the definition. Part of it. The plural of mythical ism is a theme in Arabic. Now, like we said a number two so here's

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my, my, your official, official chumps mineral habit. Another definition of the law is what you see when you are sitting in when you stare at sunlight, when sunlight is coming through the window. And you see like these little fibers flying in the air, you ever see that each of those little fibers of dust they are called, that are also again, alluding to the same concept, the smallest imaginable thing, and the most weightless imaginable thing that that stuff has no weight at all, with color or nothing, but even that much of a deed will be seen. He will get to see it, they will show it and he will see it. Now the word raw, yellow, you see in Arabic, the word there are many words Bukhara,

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right, ora Apsara, Navara, there are different words for seeing something

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in Arabic is used when you see something literally and figuratively. Have you ever heard somebody say, I see what you're saying. Right? Or you, you you heard something on the news and say, Ah, I see what you don't see, what you're really saying is I understand, right? The word I see can be used in the meaning of, I understand. So I see means two things I literally see. And also I understand, and both those meanings are captured in the word of law. So when the law says he will see he will get to see every specks worth of deed, he will see it, he will see what it's worth, and he will understand why it's worth what it's worth, he will understand it too. So you know, it's one thing to see

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something and not understand it. But when you see something and fully understand what you're looking at that is, oh, yeah, that's what's going to happen on that day, there's not going to be any confusion. And this is actually very important to understand on our times. You know, a lot of times in when you go to a court, or you you're dealing with lawyers and the judge and things like that. A lot of times if you're in trial or in a court, the language of the judge, the language of the lawyer is something so complicated, you don't understand what's going on. It's very important for someone who's on trial to understand clearly what is happening. And a lot of times people end up

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incriminating themselves or leave with the idea, man, I don't even know why I'm in jail. I don't even understand what was so wrong about what I did. They don't understand. And so by using the word Yahoo actually clarifies that no one will be in confusion or have the question left. I don't know why I ended up in hell. I didn't think I was that bad. They'll actually know very, very clearly very, very clearly exactly what they had done. May Allah not make us from the people of hellfire. So whoever does an atom's worth of good will get to see it. And by the way, this is contrast from the previous sola and this is a love for national x. This is a concept in Arabic literature also applies

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in the Quran. You mentioned two things a and b, then you mentioned them again, but in reverse order B and A. So you got a and b and then you mentioned B and A this happens for example, an earlier Emraan Yamato Babu notice what do we do when the day on which some faces will be made white and some faces will be made black. So obviously which pieces were mentioned First, the white ones and then the black ones, the very next ISS for Latinas. What that will do as far as those faces who were made black,

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so instead of going white, black, white, black, it went white, black, black, white, it reverses that that's a feature of the Arabic language to for symmetry, okay. So the backward and the forward of it back and back and forth are symmetrical. Similarly, in the previous slide, we found in a Latina, kuffaar una halki tavush lukina to cafaro mentioned first phenol Dijon dama. Remember that? And then after then what was mentioned in the Latina amanu Aminu? Sorry. So the negative was mentioned first and the positive was mentioned. Second, now it's being reversed. What is the reverse? For me? I'm going with Carla vallotton. Hi, Ron. Hi, Ron, the one who does good will see it. Even aspects worth

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of it he'll fully understand it and see it. And then the negative Sharon, Sharon yellow. Okay, so now Shawn comes from shannara, which is a spark of fire, as we said something that's universally understood as evil. The question to understand that's really interesting is, if gopher wipes away all your evil, all your good deeds to a cafe, even his good deeds, his charity, his good deeds, his prayer and supplication none of it counts. And if for a believer, some of their bad deeds are wiped away, then how come Allah says even an atom, even a speck, you'll get to see Allah is not talking about what will be punished and what will be rewarded. He is talking about what will be what seen,

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what will be seeing there's a difference between those two things. When it comes to being punished and rewarded. That's different. What you did you will see

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and you will see every last detail even the things are

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Love forgave. You'll see what he forgave. You see, I did this messed up thing over here and yeah, he he forgave it. I officially got a check mark on that one too. You'll see it. And we'll see too so much detail that we find it No, come on man. He hadn't GitHub, la de la, la la la, la la la. What's wrong with this book, it doesn't leave out anything smaller anything book except the cat captured everything. So it implies that we will see every last detail. So this will make us appreciate the mercy and forgiveness of Allah even more. You know, if Allah forgive something, and you don't even remember, you did it wrong. Like when you don't remember you did something wrong. And somebody says,

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I forgive you for that thing you did? You said what I do? I don't know. Thanks. I don't need your forgiveness. I didn't do anything to begin with. You understand? But if you know what if you first told this was your crime, this is what you had done. And by the way, I'm letting letting this one slide this one slide this one slide this one slide. And this is one little tiny, good deed you did. I'm multiplying this one by 700, this one by 7000, this 100,000 etc, etc, etc. Now you will appreciate a less forgiveness and you will appreciate a less mercy then you are bad deeds. We need a less forgiveness and all our good deeds we need less mercy. You know our bad deeds should be

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forgiven and our good deeds they are so pathetic even that only by Allah's mercy, do they actually count for something because even our allies were our minds all over the place? Our will do we make so many mistakes, our hardware on our cell phone.

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You know we're we have shortcomings, even in Acts of everybody. So it's almost mercy that makes the compensation which is why we find a lot of beautiful names will law for one, Rahim one covers our sins, the other covers the compensation of our good deeds because our good deeds in and of themselves are worthless. But when Allah multiplies them, when Allah puts Baraka in them, Ramadan is you know, it's so fun. But when he multiplies it hydromagnetic fish out one night. That's his mercy. That's it. That's not any of our accomplishment, we could never have done at 83 years consecutive of worship. That's not possible for us 1000 months of worship, that's not possible for us. But he

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multiplies it. So he gives it mercy SubhanAllah. But at least for you, you get rewarded for it, you will see it, you'll see the complete legend, which is in and of itself a terrifying thing. So the last comments, inshallah Tada, and we conclude the study of the solar is that we and I'll give you a little bit of a preview of what we're going to do before we study the next quarter. Also, in the study of the novel, and the coherence of the Quran, we say that every surah is somehow rhetorically connected to the next surah. Somehow, one surah is always connected to the next. But in its in the study of the current structure, there's another concept to certain suitors are paired together,

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there's special pairs. And these pairs are even found in the Sunnah. For example, our beloved Falak, and who are a little bit of bidness, you know, our 13 is the name of the Prophet himself gave them some of the hardships in them. Similarly, you find Bukhara, and on Amazon. So the messenger says, as a Halloween, the two glittering schools. So there's the concept of sutras being in pairs. Also, there's one concept that every soldier is tied to the next. And the other concept, the soldiers are in pairs. Then there's yet another concept that sutras are in clusters. There's groups of soldiers that go together, for example, there's what's called Alamo sub behat. They all begin with other sub

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bahala na e or u sub B holding a demo sub Bihar, that's a group of soldiers. That's a cluster of them. We've act without me sharing this with you officially, we've actually gone through and we're on our fifth cluster of solos, and just

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groups of four soldiers. There's 4444, another Final Four, these are the Final Four of the clusters of soldiers actually. And from here, we get back into pairs. Right? So in general, the first thing we're going to do next week, actually, is look at what those four groups what those four previous groups were, what their fundamental themes were, how they're all connected together, and where we are now, and then go towards the end of the rest of the Quran. Just a comment on the beginning and the end of the solar. The previous solar mentioned. Hi, Hyrule Maria Hale came up here. Miss Carla Dalton. Hi Ron. hieron same word came up in the previous surah Allah said shout roll Berea and hear

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what made them shallow Maria Miss Carla Ratan. Sharon, don't underestimate the power of anything. You know, the Sahaba were extremely worried about the small deeds because they accumulate without you realizing.

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Right are our teacher used to give us the crazy example of the frog. You know, the frog experiment. It's a pretty cool experiment, but it's been done. You know, this boiling water and you throw a frog in it. What happens to the frog? What does it do? Actually jumps right out. It doesn't stain the jumps right immediately just pops out.

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Then you take a water, put it in, put normal temperature water, put the frog in it, it's happy, and you start heating it slowly.

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You start heating the water

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slowly until it boils, and when it boils, guess what? The frog dies it never jumps out.

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When you gradually end up in a bad situation, you don't even realize, right? You don't even big, big sins. Yeah, you'll see them right away. I'm not touching that. But small things, you know what you're gonna say I, what's the big deal? What's the big deal, and you do it once, twice, three times 300,000 times a million times you won't even know how many times you did it because it's not a big deal to you. And you'll be like that frog where the water can went up slowly. Right?

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So this this habit, we're very, very scared of the smallest mistakes, but inshallah we'll balance that concept next week. Finally, this is a one of the styles of the Quran, Allah so it will begin with something small and end with something big or begin with something big and then with something small. This is what begins with something huge, either zillertal or

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something very big. The entire Earth is being shaken violently as it was meant to shake. And the the surah ends with the smallest spec. Smallest set for me I'm going with Karla Nava. So it begins with something massive and ends with something miniscule. And that's part of the beautiful contrast of the style of the surah. May Allah give us an appreciation and understanding of his book subhanak Allah Moby Dick Chateau en la ilaha illa Anta nostell felucca wanted to willick next week is I think daylight savings. So a shot I think is going to be 745. So we'll start after our shine instead of after Muslim next week. Does that come along with Samadhi