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Certain things in life are not worthy of our attention, but because of how well-packaged and heavily promoted they are, it can be quite difficult to see them for what they truly are. This is why Allah has gifted us with an Ayah from the Qur’an which helps guard us whenever tempted with ill elements of a dominant culture.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Al hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam

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ala alihi wa sahbihi Gemini. Welcome to your brothers and sisters to our third episode, whereby we are taking topics from the Quran and looking at how Allah Almighty has addressed them for us in the first episode we spoke about how the Quran spoke about happiness. In the second episode, we spoke about how the whole and addressed the issue of sn excellence and today we will be speaking about how the book of Allah the Quran, has addressed the topic of popularity and fame.

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And what do I mean by this the popularity of people or is it a concept far wider, we shall find out man by his nature is far more inclined to that which is immediate, as opposed to that which is eventual. And man by his nature, he is also far more inclined to what is huge in quantity and size, as opposed to something that is far smaller.

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And so because of this perception, or because of this inclination, we naturally have, we can make the wrong decisions in life at times. And so we are in need, in desperate need as a matter of fact for guidance from Allah subhanho wa Taala to manage our perceptions so that we don't make the wrong decisions in life based upon how popular something is, how famous something is, how accessible a matter is, how glittery how glossy something looks because of these things, we may make the wrong decisions in life and so Allah has given us an idea from the Quran to help manage these perceptions of ours. Open up your copy of the code and your brother your sister please at this moment in time,

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turn to chapter five area 100 Allah subhanho wa Taala he said Ola yester with hobbies water. Yep, wallow RJ Baca throttle hobbies, for De La Jolla, Lil albena Allah come to fly home, say to the people, oh prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the evil and the good, they are not equal. Even though you may be impressed by the sheer size of the evil, so fear Allah or people of understanding, so that you may be successful, Allahu Allahu Akbar, an area that is managing our perceptions that rearranges our thoughts, so that our judgments are not skewed. And our decisions are not flawed. We are not to measure something by its size by its quantity. By its popularity, even if everyone is clapping for it, and everyone is promoting it. Rather we are to judge a matter by the purity of it how good it is, even if it is far more rare.

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And it is a lot less popular.

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This concept of not judging something by its size is a concept that we subscribe to dear brothers and sisters, by the way, as human beings.

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If somebody was to offer you a whole crate of iPhones, but then you found out that they are all fake, they wouldn't mean anything to you. Even if there were 100 of them, you would prefer one iPhone, just one if it was a true original copy. The same thing applies to medicine. If somebody gives you a home sack of the most expensive medicine that you need, but then you found out that they are counterfeit, you wouldn't take a single tablet of them, you would prefer one tablet, just one over that entire pack. That is fake. So we apply this principle sometimes in our lives. And I'm going to give four examples from the Quran and from the Sunnah, to meet these examples, that that

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which is pure is always to be opted for in the face of that which is not so pure or not so good. And to show you that this is the standard that was given to us by Allah Almighty inspired by this area that we are reading, we are now going to go through four examples to make that comparison between that which is good, and that which is not so good. And to show you how from this area that we will apply on these four case studies, we will be able to make the correct judgment in life. Consider with me the very first example and then we will apply this area and measure it using it.

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Consider with me the very first example. The one who cares about the Hereafter, and uses all of his resources and life, time and effort to prepare for it is he or she like the one who does not care about the hereafter and does not pursue it at all. They are not the same according to the IEA even if you are impressed by the sheer size of the latter.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he said FME Alamo and Nana owns de la la Kamiya. Rob Beagle Haku Caiman who Allah is the one who knows that what has been revealed to you or Prophet Muhammad

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salaallah alayhi wa sallam is the truth from your Lord. Is he like the one who is blind? Allahu Akbar, they are not the same.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala also said, holiest will Amma will be seen, and held tester will valona to one nor is the one who can see, like the one who cannot see meaning with respect to Islam. And Allah says is the one who is in light, like the one who is in darkness, light and darkness, are they the same? They are not the same La ilaha illa Allah says, cool Holly estherville Athena lm olivine, Allah Allah moon, say to the people are the ones who know equal to the ones who do not know Allahu Akbar. So they are not the same dear brothers and sisters. Consider with me the words of one very confused poet ear of O'Malley,

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who said, describing his dying level of confusion, and not knowing where he came from and where he's going and his purpose in life. He said, G to law, Allah, Moomin. aina. Well, I can do it too. He says, I have come into existence. I don't know from where, but nevertheless I am here Wanaka the absorber to khademi Damietta can furnish a to and I see in front of me a path so I'm just walking aimlessly was the unbelief he thought he had she to her the ability to and I will continue walking upon this path seemingly whether I want to or whether I don't want to K to K for ups or to condemn eatery unless to agree How have I come into existence? How have I seen this path ahead of me? I do

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not know he says confusion, Misery, inner spiritual chaos darkness La ilaha illa Allah can these words

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be compared to the words of confidence and happiness?

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That the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam would say in the introduction to his prayer at night What would he say? Listen to these words and make the comparison and tell me if they are equal. He would say Allahu Allah can handle and Taka uma somehow it will or the woman fee him Oh Allah All praise belongs to you. You are the holder of the heavens and the earth and everything within them.

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will let them handle let camel Kusama wa T will or the woman fee him and All praise belongs to you. You are the possessor of the heavens and the earth and everything within them while I can handle Shantanu sama what you will have the women fee in and All praise belongs to you. You are the light of the heavens and the earth and everything within them while I can handle and Dominica somehow it will have the woman fee when and All praise belongs to you. You are the possessor the king of the heavens and the earth and everything within them well I can handle All praise belongs to you. Until you are the truth. Well what do you promise is the truth when you call a meeting you is the truth

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wako Luca How can your speech is the truth well agenda to have one narrow paradise and health they are the truth was sad to have the Day of Judgment. It is the truth. Aloha Malika slumped Oh Allah I have surrendered to you will be I meant I have believed in you. What a lake inept and I turned to you in repentance were bigger sums. And I argue in you what you lay your head count and you are my judge for Lima condemned to Omaha so forgive my past and previous sins and future sins. Well, not a sort of to Ireland and the sins I have concealed and the sins I have revealed until Nakajima antihero La Ilaha Illa and you are the one who brings people forward and pulls other people back.

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None has the right to be worshipped but you Is there a comparison dear brothers and sisters, words of misery and the words of the Prophet Muhammad have confidence and happiness? They are not the same?

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Yes, I completely agree with you. Those who don't know the Hereafter, and have no desire to pursue it, whether they're Muslims or otherwise, their lifestyles may come across as far more attractive than those who do. And their voices may be fine louder than those voices who do but are they the same? Look at the area in front of you and you tell me if it's the same.

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Comparison number two incomes, money that is sourced from the holiday the permissible and money that is sourced from the Haram the impermissible Are they the same according to the area in front of you they are not the same, even if we are impressed by the sheer quantity and returns of money that comes from harem. Consider with me the effects of Hillel money and harmony on the day of judgment and we will see the difference. If a person was to present a lot of it with an Earth's form of impermissible money, Allah Almighty will reject it. On the other hand, if a person was to offer Allah subhana wa Taala, something as small as a date or a grain that was sourced from pure money,

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Allah Almighty will accept it and amplify it as well. Allow

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Aqua messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, as Bukhari and Muslim they're right on your authority of ebihara he says mentha said that the ad litem beratan min Caspian wala Yakubu in the pub, whoever gives charity even as something as small as a date, but it was it was from money that is Hillel and pure for in the La Jolla, kobelco hobby I mean he, Allah Almighty will accept that charity and he will receive it in his right hand. So when you want to be highly sahibi her and Allah will nurture that charity and cause it to grow, can now you are be a hadoken fellow who the same way that you nurture your mare, your small horse, a lot nurtures that charity, till that charity that

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date is on the Day of Judgment the size of a mountain, a mohawk But why? Because the money that you gave it from was pure.

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Now considering what you just heard, contrast this with another Hadith where the messengers of Allah honey who has sent him smoke about money from haram the impermissible sources. He said as ama rates on the authority of Riba were in castle for inoty betta who Allah.

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He says money that was sourced from interest usually, even if it is huge in amount, the outcome will always be a loss a lot.

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And therefore, the Muslim who sees people living in the biggest of houses, wearing the finest of clothes, and driving the most expensive cars. If that money was sourced from the impermissible, it does not impress him or her in the least, how could it impress them when they know that their dunya is at stake and their dwad is under threat and their welfare, their well being their sleep, their sanity, their children, their life underground in the grave? All of this is under threat? Yes, I completely agree with you. Those who sold their money from impermissible avenues are perhaps far more than those who are bringing their money from the Hillel. But are they equal? diverse that we

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are studying makes it clear that they are not equal? Let us suppose here dear brothers and sisters for a few minutes and make sure that you're with us after the break.

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Welcome back. Dear brothers and sisters, allow me to continue from where we stopped off this is our third example making the comparison inspired by the idea that is in front of you from sort of five

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100 the element of relationships or relationship in Hillel versus a relationship from haram the impermissible are the the same? well consider with me, the one who follows a relationship outside of wedlock. A covert relationship that is under the cover of night to spend a short lived moment with him or her of pleasure. That is followed by an excruciating amount of guilt and sorrow and piercing pain because they know exactly what they've gotten themselves into. They know exactly how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described the fornicating men and the fornicating women. They know exactly what would happen to them in the hereafter. They know what Allah Almighty said about

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them in the Quran, where he said while at Aqaba, Xena, don't go anywhere near fornication, in know who can have a shot and wasa. sebelah Allah says it is an abomination of a sin. And it is a very evil path to follow. Are they happy, and then if she was to become pregnant, it is followed by even more sorrow and guilt and conspiring. And then in many cases, it is followed by abortion as well, which is followed by more sorrow and guilt. And if someone was to knock on their door during those moments of relations, they will pounce like cats because they know that what they are in is wrong and sinful. Where is the happiness in there, whereas the Baraka the blessing in that is this

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comparable in any way

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to he or she who follows a relationship in the halaal, waiting patiently for the correct spouse to come knocking on his or her door for them to then take part in a walima in a wedding feast where everyone is invited, it is a public invitation, everyone is happy and making dua for them giving them gifts, La ilaha illAllah. And then that evening, if matrimonial relations take place, it is one of happiness and Sakina and tranquility. They have nothing to worry about and should someone knock on their door. They're not afraid they'd respond or they reject because they are in something that is highlighted and pleasing to Allah and there is reward and what they are doing is well, are they

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the same? Are they equal? And then if she was to get pregnant, it is even more happiness Allahu Akbar, an extension to your legacy as a Muslim man or Muslim woman. And then when finally she delivers the child, we have a happy a feast for this new child and gifts and happiness and do how are they equal dear brothers and sisters.

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There is no example. There is

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no comparison whatsoever. Yes, I agree with you those who pursue relationships outside of wedlock in the Haram, the prohibited may be more than those who show patience. But are they the same according to the ayah that is in front of you, they are not the same.

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The fourth and final example that I wanted to share with you, in terms of the comparison is the life of sin versus the life of repentance. Are they the same Allahu Akbar, by Allah they are not the same. And just ask those men and those women who have repented to Allah from their ways of the past. They will tell you and you will see it from the joy in their faces, that they are not the same lifestyles in the least. Allahu Akbar. Consider with me the life of repentance, Ibrahim, even to add to him he would say, Allah will Maluku cabinet will Moloch Nana goofy Minami La Jolla de una Allah he be safe. If the kings and the sons of the kings knew of the type of life of happiness that we

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were living as Muslims, they would fight us over with their swords, but our Hindu time used to be a king himself. He used to be a man of authority himself. He knows about authority and what it tastes like. But he says with Islam with repentance, there is no comparison. Others from our predecessors have said India hola Jamar Roby Alcott, akuto fi in Canada allergenicity famously had the name in the home Luffy is in Thai. Yep. He says sometimes here on Earth, I experienced moments of joy and happiness as a Muslim, that I would say to myself, if the people of Paradise are feeling what I am feeling now. They would be living a beautiful life. But have you felt that life your brothers and

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sisters of repentance and being close to Allah praying on time, wearing the correct Islamic hijab? Have you felt this happiness this joy before? compare it with the life of sin, dear brother, do sister compare it with that inner anxiety that a person experiences knowing that he is distant far away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah Almighty said about them woman Allah and victory for in Allahumma shaitaan banca when Ashura who Yeoman Tiana Tiana, whoever turns away from my remembrance, Allah says,

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we will give you the miserable life and we will resurrect them on the Day of Judgment, completely blind. Allahu Akbar, sadness, darkness, Misery, inner chaos. Consider the words of Sulaymaniyah to me, he would say in radula, let you sleep with them, that'd be silly for us to be hawala Hema de la to who there may be a person who says, who commits a sin at night. And by day, the humiliating effects of that sin can be seen on his face, a lot it can be seen on his face.

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So yes, I agree with you those who live a life of sin, perhaps, and use their weekends and their evenings, in the most despicable of ways, are perhaps far more than those who reject these offerings with patience, finding strength in salah and Doha and the Quran. But are they the same? Are they equal according to the area in front of you, they are not equal. In fact, there is one area in the Quran that was so powerful making this comparison between the life of sin and the life of repentance and obedience, that it caused one companion to me, even without a daddy to recite it and repeat it over and over and over again in his prayer. From Elijah the night prayer all the way until just

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before dawn, repeating it and crying repeating it and crying. What is the area? It is where Allah subhanho wa Taala said, I'm hassy bollettino chitarra husi art

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and nirjala honka Latina Manu, Amina Sally had sour mahoma mana to home, sir, am I a boon to those who commit sins, Allah said, think that we're going to make them like those who believe and they do good, both in their life and in during their death? how evil is their judgment? They are not the same. Yes, I agree with you to your brothers and sisters. Those who use their night as opportunities to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala, or perhaps far more than those who use those moments of privacy to worship Allah Almighty. But are they the same, according to the ayah in front of you, they are not the same. In conclusion, use this verse that you have just come across from pseudotumor, either

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chapter five, to measure all of the things around you, whether they are beliefs, or financial transactions, or friends or job opportunities or marriage opportunities, or their likes. When considering an outing on a weekend, don't ask yourself the question, What are people up to? rather ask yourself the question, what should I be up to? When it comes to choosing the style of hijab that you wish to be wearing your sister? Don't ask yourself the question what's trending? rather ask yourself the question, what is required? This is all inspired by the idea in front of us. This is how we measure whether something is correct or whether something is wrong. Certainly not by its

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popularity and not by an

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By its rarity.

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In short, dear brothers and sisters, this idea that we are studying this principle of an idea really helps the believer to view the world and its choices through the lens of the hereafter judging a matter by its purity, by its goodness by its permissibility as opposed to, as opposed to size and glamour and accessibility and dominance in culture, this area really helps to straighten out our perceptions and helps us make the correct decisions in life. A lot of mighty however is a Shaku he is the most grateful

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and he will not allow you or me or any other Muslim to go empty handed, if they make a conscious effort in their life to always opt for that which is that which is pure, that which is good. Always making it on the top of their list of priorities when there is a conflict of interest, the answer some of the question, how will I choose that which is pure? Allah subhanho wa Taala will give them something back he will give them so much back since they always made a conscious effort to choose what is good, what is good, what is pure, Allah will give them a life that is pure, dying, that will be a pure and palaces mansions engender that will be good and pure. They are in a in the law. The

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evidence is you will say to me, take the first a life that is a life that is pure a life that is happy. Allah Subhana Allah He said men and the lasagna whoever works good deeds means that Karina was there male or female will who won't mean whilst being a believer, fella no he under who hired by iba we shall cause them to live a life that is pure

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life that is happy and life that is good.

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We said Allah subhanho wa Taala will also give them a dying, an ending that will be pure La ilaha illAllah comfortable, fearless, confident knowing that you are going to meet a lord who is happy with you. What is the evidence Allah Subhana Allah Allah He said, Allah Dena Tata were Fairholme Allah aka toto de bien yaku Luna salam, Aleikum otaku Jenna Tabby, Malcolm from Cameroon. Allah says they are those righteous people whom the angels will take away their souls in a pure state saying to them salam o Alaikum, peace be upon you. Enter agenda because of what you used to do. Allahu Akbar, a dying that is a dying that is one of goodness and happiness. As to the third we said, a home in

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gender that is good. And pure Allahu Akbar. What is the evidence for this? Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, Why are the la mina Mina Allah has promised the believing men and believing women genette integrity mentality and her gardens beneath which rivers flow Holly Dean Ophea and they will stay there eternity. When my second copy button fee jannetty adding on homes that are homes, mansions, palaces that are good and pure, within gardens of perpetual residents. What did one mean Allahu Akbar and the greatest of all, bliss will be the pleasure of Allah, the Liga who all falls on him that is the supreme success. Allahu Akbar dear brothers and sisters. In conclusion, it can be very

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difficult to see through the glossy outer layer of the Habib impure, or that which is not good because of how dominant it is in culture, how many people have subscribed to it, and how badly ridiculed are those who don't subscribe to it, and therefore it requires long term thinking and intellect and wisdom and do heart and God consciousness. And that is why diversity continues and ends with that is diverse that is in front of you. The verse ends with de la jolla only l babbie. lialda come to flee home so fear Allah or people of understanding, so that you may be successful I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us from those who are successful.

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In our next episode, we're going to be looking at another topic, which Dr. Ahn addresses and that's going to be the topic of how the Quran speaks about the true servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So make sure you join us then