Reda Bedeir – Do You Want To Go To Jannah – And What Are The Qualities Of The People Of Jannah

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The importance of the eight gates of Jenna, which are the eight gates of gender, sex, the eight gates of sex, the eight gates of sex, and the eight gates of sex is discussed in various context. The Prophet s Bullari alayhi wa sallam said that it is the only way to get to Jenna, while the Prophet sallua said it is the only way to get to Jenna. The importance of being a woman in a relationship with Allah is emphasized, and the use of Jesus as a pee masala stablished Islam is discussed. The importance of developing qualities for oneself and others is emphasized, and the need to develop qualities for oneself and others is emphasized.
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mother who want to study in how honest Do you want to start?

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When I was

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a young woman say, Molina

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Allahu Allah mobile Allah or my little fella. Allah. Shadow

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Illa Illa la la sharika y shadow Mohammedan Abu rasuluh sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about in the Hadith Akita Bala well hiral had he had the Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shot on ohmori maga to her wakulla ma, ma da da da da, da da Allah. Allah, Allah Allah. Wa Ubud better filler. O Sukumaran. FC taco La Jolla surgeon.

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In Sahih, Muslim

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from the hadith of Abdullah, Hey, mister, oh God, Allahu Allah.

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He's telling us the story of the last man who will intergender May Allah subhanaw taala guide all of our steps to gender.

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He said it's a man who will come out of hellfire.

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And he will be falling and trying to stand up again and he'll be crawling.

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And then he will look behind to Hellfire and he would say Alhamdulillah he led in a journey mink.

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All praises due to Allah subhanho wa Taala who saved me from you.

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There is no one on earth who has been given a blessing better than me just to be saved from hellfire.

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Then Allah subhana wa tada will raise a tree for him.

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That's lush and beautiful. That he would say, Allah, please

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draw me closer to that tree.

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There are lots of hideout I would say to him. If I were to do that for you.

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Would you ask me for more?

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And then the man would say no. So Allah subhana wa tada will throw him closer to that tree. And he will be under the shade of the tree and he will drink from the water there.

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Then Allah subhana wa Taala would raise another tree, which is bigger and last year than the first one. And when the man looks at the tree, he would say, yeah, Allah, this one.

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Would you please draw me closer to this one? Then Allah Subhana Allah knows what he has been through in hellfire.

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So Allah would say to him, didn't you promise the first time if I were to draw you to the first one, he wouldn't ask for more. But because Allah knows that he went through a lot, he'll draw him closer to that one.

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Allah subhanaw taala would raise a third one that's bigger than last year. And lemon again, will ask me to drone closer to the third one. And allowed say the same thing to him, but he'll throw him closer, then he'll be there in front of gender. And he would hear the people in general talking to each other. He would say Allah, would you allow me to entertain?

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That Allah subhana wa tada would say to him,

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What if I allow you to intergender and I will give you the kingdom equal to a king in the dunya

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one time, two times, three times, four times, until Allah subhanaw taala reaches 10 times and the man would say at that has been terrible. I mean,

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are you making fun of me? And you are the master of the universe. But Allah subhanho wa Taala

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would smile and the process Solomon he narrated the howdy smile. And our delivery Mossad. When he narrated the Hollis was smiling, and he asked with all the Sahaba to smile, and because I'm writing the Hadith now I want you to smile because that was the reaction of Allah subhanaw taala to that man. He said, law has Arabic When a kidney Allah Masha

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I'm not making fun of you. But if I wish something, if I will something, nobody can stop me. I will make it happen. Brothers and sisters, this is the least man

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engine and this is the last one to intergender

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What about the best man who will make it to change

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And the question is, here's another Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and the narrator is NSW Malik he said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us the story of the first one who will make it to gentlemen, this is the last one. Who is the first one to make it two gentlemen, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and a woman yet origin for Ohm suku the halep the baby heifer, okay.

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I'll be the first one to intergender I'm going to hold the doorknobs of Jenna and I will look for your partner Lehman Caulfield Birdman. Then a voice will come from behind the door asking who, for whom, Mohammed Abdullah, then I would say Mohammed, the son of Abdullah for your cannoli Beco Marina lnf. Talia hadden public, we have instructions not to open the gates of gender for anyone before you have to hone or have a corner Oh, well, and

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then they would open the gates of gender. And I'll be the first one to entertain after sharing these two stories about gender, the last one, and the first one. Would you like to entertain? I'm sure the answer of all of you would be yes. But which part of gentlemen? That's the most important thing. Because

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam told us he said it is ultimate Allah.

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Allah. If you were to ask a lie, you should aim high. Ask him, the highest rank engineer which is in front of those. This is why the best man in this room after all the prophets abubaker decode the Allah who was sitting next to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the process alone was talking about the eight gates of gentlemen.

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There's an eighth cause of iron for the fasting people. There is an gate for those who give charity a sadhaka. There's a gate for you know, jihad, there's a gate for those who saw so there are eight gates of gentlemen.

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And then abubaker is sitting there. He's not asking like you and me. I wish I would be saved from hellfire. No, he learned the Hadith from the apostle and it has Ultimate Life as adulthood for those who Allah. If you were to ask Allah ask him the top of gentlemen, which isn't for those he said prophet of Allah. Would there be a man who wouldn't make it to Jenna? through all the aid gates of Jenna called an army of a buck? gentleman whom?

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He said yes. abubaker and you're one of them.

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And you and I would say, Lucky you. abubaker? No, there's nothing called luck in Islam. Jenna is not cheap. Allah. Allah.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah his agenda. That's what the Prophet Solomon said, the merchandise, there are lots of piloti listening is very expensive. What are the qualities of the people who will make it to gender, that's the topic of today's football. And I'm going to start flashback with the end of the aisle that I want to share with you today. You know, inserted me noon, there is a recipe for those who will make it to the top of gin. And I'm going to start with number 10 and 11 and sort of wondering sort of bar 23 Allah subhanaw taala says,

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These are the inheritors. And this is like a cliffhanger. Allah subhanaw taala is waiting for you to say, Who are they? What shall they inherit? He said,

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those, those who will inherit and for those that have gender, for how long they allow for a day, for a week, for a month for a year.

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They will be there forever.

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Imagine one second in general, will make the person who experiences the most miserable life in dunya forget all about his misery. That's what the person said, you will

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on the Day of Judgment, a man who lives a very miserable life. He moved from Ohio one hardship to the other. But he was a good person and he was patient. He accepted the color of Allah subhana wa Taala and he will be dipped in Jenna for one second. And he will be asking, How long

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have you seen misery in your life? He would say lower life. One second in general will make

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The person forget all about his misery. And one second Hellfire will make the man who lived the most luxurious and easy life will forget all about the luxury in the dunya

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dunya home

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for you houmous Finnerty home satin wahida su Mercado, hello itenary man kulula voila, he so we ask Allah to save us from Hellfire and guide all of our steps to alpha Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala ended diet by saying these are the inheritors. What shall they inherit Yamaha's? For those? For how long for eternity? forever? But did they go to all for those? Because they're lucky? Because they are lazy people? Because they are liars? Because the cheaters because they are arrogant, because they are dishonest. No. Let's go back to the beginning of that. And see what are the qualities of the people who would make it so for those so we can apply them in our life. If they are good, and if

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they are bad, we stay away from them. Let's go to the beginning of South moon, Allah subhana wa tada says

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is different from ninja. Ninja means success. Some people get 50% and they succeed. But filler means the highest degree of success that comes after efforts sweat and blood. That's Allah.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, who would attain for

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the believers? He didn't say I'm an O. Because Alina Iman Oh, they're still in the process. But more manual means they got it already. It's the name now. It's the domain quality. And be careful because in all the head that I'm going to recite Now, a lot is not used the verb he used the noun. What's the difference between the verb and the noun which used in the Koran, the verb, something temporary, but the noun is permanent. So a lot of you say

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Because they have been working with a man until until they attended fully man. So they became me noon. Who are they are law number one. What's the first ingredient in the recipe to make it?

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What's the first the quality of the people who deserve to be amongst the inheritors of it for those who Allah? Allah de nom de sala de him Kashi, oh,

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they are those in the salon. They didn't say yaksha when he said harsh. Again the noun. Why? Because they have been doing jihad against themselves in the salon until I became their own quality. So they became cost your own not your own. Because Yeah, maybe one time two times, once in a blue moon, but harsh l means they have been doing a lot. So when they connect with Allah in their Salah, they forget about the whole world and they live with the ayat. This is why they cry when they listen to the Quran. They cry when they recite the Quran, they are not absent minded while they are in their Salah. How many times do we exercise for sure in our Salah? How many times do we feel like oh a man

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please finish man, we have a business outside this is so much and we step outside the method and we start backbiting for half an hour.

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But we complain because the amount took two minutes more.

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Where is that for sure that we enjoy our Salah. Do we enjoy the company of Allah? Do we want the Imam to recite the entire Quran so that we can connect with Allah in Salah had the moon the first quality is that they are successful in the relationship with Allah because Allah is the vertical relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala and later on, we're going to come to the horizontal relationship, the creation between the creation and the creation. So the first quality, they enjoy the relationship with Allah and they are invited five times to the house of the King of all kings, and they enjoy that invitation when they come to the masjid and they immerse themselves in salah and

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they say Allah, I will dedicate those 210 minutes and I will be living with you in the 10 minutes. I'm not going to be thinking about the dunya because we come in salah and especial shaitan and Salah who would remind us of everything except Salah.

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The believers, the true believers, they do their best to have sure in all of their Salah until they become harsh your own, not your own. That's quality number one.

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Quality number two Allah subhanho wa Taala said, When leadin

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you have somebody sitting next to you, especially those who are leaving their back to the wall and sleeping, wake them up, tell them to listen to the whole bunch Allah and ask them not to listen to them to the next time inshallah. So Allah subhanaw taala saying the second quality of the believers, you can miss the copper bottle for those islands sleeping the message, okay? Allah said, One lady in a home and in love we again, not your own, but he was the noun. He said, What are the tone, what's the low, allow any idle talk in a vain talk? You know what, most of our talks over the phone or level, most of our talks when we meet together is level. So we need to stop that. Allah said the

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avoid know a lot of teachers the verb they keep avoiding until it becomes their quality. Allah subhanaw taala said what Monroeville love with Maru kerama when they stopped by some people who are doing love, they are wasting their time in vain talk, they just avoid that they try to change the topic. If they cannot, they leave because if they stay there, part of that level, will levena home I'm in love with more at the dawn carella level, who are magnified determine homonyms and kalamunda de la jolla Hamza. It's vain talk, it's idle talk, you know, and part of that some of the scholars said it's music. When you listen to the lyrics of music that's nonsensical, it has no message for

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you. That's also low. So we stay away from that will live in a home I'm in Level II, more or less. Quality number three, Allah subhanho wa Taala said when levena homeless.

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So quality number one was the vertical relationship, the relationship between the creation and the Creator. Quality. Number two is the relationship between the creation and recreation, which is avoiding idle talk. If you're going to be talking about someone in their absence, you better go and talk to them. And as they always say, talk to me, don't talk about me, because talking about me is backbiting and this is a major sin. But talking to me is an advice. And this is the essence of the de quality number three, again is one of the monetary rabada

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it has to do with the vert again the horizontal relationship, which is the relationship between the creation and the creation, will Edina Fie and while him Hakuna maloom which is the least Muharram for those who you know who begged and those who are deprived, those who don't have. So Allah subhana wa at the island. Again, he did not say one levena, homeless, deca to our Dune, Oreo town. He didn't say those who offers those who gives a guy, those who performs a guy know his

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wife, I don't use the noun again, because you never stop giving again, so becomes one of your qualities. Not only that some other scholars said zeca in this ayah could mean one of two things. One of two things. The majority of the scholars have said this is the guy here means this is one of the pillars of Islam, when you give the Jew right in your money

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as the last panel as stipulated and sort of benign sorts of Toba and number 16. And he's talked about eight categories who deserves a car in the car to Lil fukuhara and you can go on one second while I'm in LA to the end of the aisle.

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why did a las panatela what could be the other meaning of Zika here? They said Zika to nefs are the aflofarm and fizika. When I've seen woman Sawalha, I'll hammer her foodora her water body of law Herman zedekiah Suzuka here means to purify yourself from schilke to purify yourself from miserliness, to purify yourself from anything that's bad from any quality that Allah subhana wa Taala. hates, like what, like hypocrisy, like arrogance, like lying, any bad quality that Allah subhana wa tada commanded us to stay away from. So this is our lesson. We're Latina, homeless zucchetti

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As a loan, so you keep trying to give the car all the time and give charity which is something extra which is so the car and also you keep purifying yourself until it becomes one of your qualities. So you are not performing No you are a fan of zeca will Latino homeless zucchetti fairy rune What's next? So number one cashew and Salah number two.

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Number three

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number four Allah subhanho wa Taala said, while levena homely photo, Jim happy bow, Boo.

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Boo me.

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Quality number four, chastity

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The only legal relationship between a man and a woman in Islam is marriage.

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So when they want to release your hormones, when they want to exercise, that right that allows the pilot that has given them that desire inside them. There's only one halal way to do it is through marriage. So being chaste.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala saying this is another quality of the people who will make it to ask for the dose. They do not humanize the law cheat, they do not date do not engage in haram relationships. The only way is marriage.

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And then the next quality that Allah subhanaw taala talked about is what levena homely

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and they are those when it comes to two things, Amanda and Amanda is a trust when they are interested. You know, they are honest. And you can be trusted with two things. You can be trusted with something tangible. And you can be trusted with something abstract. So if you're entrusted with anything, somebody keeps money with you, you give it back. Somebody trusts you the secret, you don't go around and disclose that secret.

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So you have to be honest, when it comes to the AMA net in the La Jolla model calm and to adult Mr. NET in a

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way that I come from violinists and mobile idol. Allah commands you to give the trusts back to the people who trusted you with these trusts.

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Well, Edina homeless man asked him what I had to him I had is a covenant is a contract. When you give a covenant to someone, when you sign a contract with someone, you have to be honest, you cannot sign a contract or give somebody a verbal promise and take it back. This is Kiana. This is treachery. This is treason, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a total Manasseh patella, or Pharaoh via Aruba. The signs of a hypocrite are three another narration he said for the Academy. When when he speaks he lies. He doesn't tell the truth.

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When he promises, he doesn't keep his promise, even if that promise would be to come and see someone, even if your car broke down. If something happens, you got sick, and he did not apologize. That's here in a manner. That's a sign of hypocrisy. Why is that domina han when that person is trusted with something whether it's something tangible or something abstract, they never give the trust back or they disclose the secrets of people when they trust them with their secrets. And the fourth one, what is the cause some of our job, when something happens between you and your brother or between you and your sister, they go around and again, they distort and they defame you and they

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distort your image in front of people. So Allah subhanaw taala said one of the qualities of the people who will make it all for those Allah Allah will Latina homeless man and to him Why him wrong. Check yourself out. And make sure that if you engage in idle talk, if you are struggling with your posture and your Salah, if you feel lazy when it comes to soccer, if you feel lazy when it comes to purifying yourself from all the bad qualities if you are in

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In a haram relationship, if you are not trustworthy when it comes to the trust that people give you, or the covenants or the contracts that you sign with people, make sure that you make Toba and you go back to Allah, the last quality Allah subhanaw taala shares with us in the last I had before 10 and 11 Allah subhanho wa Taala went back to talk about the first quality, which is Salah, he said, while levena Houma la sala de Mille harfield

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Allahu Akbar, Allah started with the first quality talking about Salah, and he ended up again to talk about Salah why, because this is the most important pillar in Islam. If you don't have a good connection with Allah, if you don't enjoy your relationship with Allah, you will never be successful in your relationship with the people. So loss apana without laughter is it for sure. Enjoying the connection with Allah now he's talking about what he said when Lavina whom Allah, Allah wa to him you have a bone, it means they pray on time.

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And they when they pray, they make sure that they pray Salah with all the conditions of Salah as we said earlier, who should and Salah but they also keep the article of Salah they keep the sooner of Salah they keep you this route of Salah. So they do solid the way it should be because Allah never said was so low pray or add to Salah performance Allah is always a pee masala stablished Allah, so they are not amongst those, you know Allah subhanaw taala mission, you know for ye little Mussolini and Medina home Ancelotti him, sir Hoon Alhamdulillah Allah and Nicola Fie, Allah subhanaw taala said they are curious when it comes to the time of the Salah. What if Allah said they have, they are

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distracted in their Salah because all of us go through this. So Subhan Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala mentioned

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in Surah number 19 for amarrian if you read an ayah 39 and below Allah subhanaw taala said, for her life and embody him helfen above Salah

00:27:17 --> 00:27:27

And there came a generation after them, they wasted salah and if not best for the law in human history, said about Salafi had the means

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the meaning of the wasted salon and desire, it doesn't mean that did not pray. No, it means they delayed salon did not pray on time. Allahu Akbar, What's the reason? Listen to the next.

00:27:44 --> 00:28:31

What about shower, because they followed their desires. What makes you waste your salon? You're watching a movie and it says three hours man for the coming summer. Let me finish the movie. Let me finish the game. So you follow your own desires. You forget about Allah. So Allah says Allah Dena whom Allah, Allah wa to him, you have his own, then if you have these five qualities you have sure on your Salah, and it doesn't come at once because Allah set has their own, which means you have to develop that habit for a long time, until it becomes a noun, not a verb. And also the second one, do not engage in vain or idle talk. Number three, performs aka no gives the car all the time and also

00:28:31 --> 00:28:56

try to purify yourself from all the bad. What is it Allah subhanaw taala wouldn't like to have in yourself. And number three, you have also you know to make sure that you have a healthy relationship which is called manage stay away from anything Haram. You also have to be honest when it comes to the trusts that people trust you with and you have to honor any contract that you have with people and you have to pray in time. Apolo Holly had our stuff for

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Al hamdu lillahi wa Kapha wa Salatu was Salam and Allah Abadi Latina Stouffer

00:29:18 --> 00:29:29

Why should one Illa Allah Allahu la sharika why shadow Ana Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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about fella Oh Sukumaran FC better por la has origin.

00:29:37 --> 00:29:46

After this hood bar, I'm sure that all of us want to be amongst the inheritors of Alfa DOS, Allah. But as I mentioned earlier, Jenna is not cheap.

00:29:47 --> 00:29:54

Jenna, is the mercy of Allah. Jenna is the word of Allah and we go through a lot in our lives.

00:29:55 --> 00:30:00

So, Allah subhanaw taala he spoke about Salah as being the first

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quality and the lowest quality when it comes to the people over the production Allah Why? Allah said we're in hurlock hubiera tune ylonen hushai it's very heavy. Some was very heavy, except for those who have for sure why? Because those who do not have for sure they don't want the Imam to recite more than one ayah and they want to go out because they enjoy this dunya but those who are for sure would say like the processer lamp, or a beehive lol, not manhyia Bella, Bella, Nick, then let's join Allah. Let's talk to Allah. Let's complain to Allah. Let's enjoy the company of Allah, Fatima De La Hoya and he used to say how short is the night to enjoy the company of Allah insalata link.

00:30:49 --> 00:31:18

Only those people would understand the meaning of will Latina Humphrey salata him hi Sharon. So brothers and sisters, let's develop these qualities if we really want to be amongst the inheritors. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst everybody tune alladhina hoon Alfredo Sofia Caledon la Maddalena will hardly know them but Allah Fatah, WA even Illa SATA, Allah Merida feta, while I may even ihlara Hunter, what I did in la vida por la la la la la, la la, la la,

00:31:19 --> 00:31:38

la la la la la la la. La Habra. hermetica hamara Amin. Allah makuleke one Elsa dafina Fukushima can Allah makuleke one al manku Bina Fie Indonesia? Well, if equally mecanoo Salafi Islam Muslim in our mean, aloha Malika, copper, Allah Malika

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una aloha manana cytochalasin and decorah la Calvin Harsha Rama moussaka Bella, Mr. Jabba

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Hiya Anna. Well, I'm Elena Maria Baku binominal Allah Masha Allah Amina Amina dounia

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ilaha illallah wa salam, O Allah Muhammad Allah Allah

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