30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #08 Strive for Spirituality

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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so ham, a lot of Milan is running very quickly, and we're already on the seventh day. And that means is a quarter of Ramadan has already gone. And in today's reminder reflecting on the eighth chapter of the book, which is about how do we increase our spirituality, our batteries, no doubt become a little bit dried, they run low, we have to increase our spirituality and that isn't something that should just happen in Ramadan, rather, it should be happening on a regular basis. And that's why we have, you know, the five daily prayers we have the weekly Jamal, we have the night prayers, we have the fasting we have all different things throughout the year, which we can practice, however, with

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Ramadan is that big boost as that supercharged if you like the annual service, which allows you to keep going for the rest of the year. And that's why we have to always review our purpose. And that purpose is about purification. How do we get closer to Allah subhanaw taala? How do we cleanse our soul? How do we protect ourselves and when you look at it, in our book, we mentioned the five objectives or spirituality, when you look at it, Ramadan gives you all those elements in all those elements to increase your Eman so that you're doing more good deeds, in terms of taraweeh in terms of Quran in terms of Vicar in terms in terms in terms lots of stuff. At the same time, you're

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increasing dupois to keep away from the bodies and you are having all those elements to purify your soul fasting is a shield helps to protect you and shield you from the external attacks. And also surprising me from the internal attacks of the NES. The NES wants to get the best thing a wants to best thing for it is not necessarily best for you because none of us is always trying to drag you down. It wants to eat it wants to sleep, it wants to rest it's lazy, it doesn't want to do all those things online gives you that impetus to control your nerves. Because if you don't have that ability to overcome your nerves, you will be in a struggle for a long time. And that's why some of the

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famous righteous people of the past they said we like Abu yazeed as mentioned by Mr. Minogue in his book garden of their where he said for 12 years I struggled on my nerves just to try and keep it under control. And then for a further five years, I was trying to you know understand and so for 17 years, this man are saying that he is struggling how to control his ness and that's not the only thing lots of scholars on the past have said that as well. So this Ramadan make it an opportunity to increase your closest to our last pantalla purify your soul and heart and have that shield which will protect you in Sharla and give you that extra impetus so that your battery is on full charge

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your annual service is done. You're ready to go and you are going to be cruising

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down the fast way the fast lane towards Allah subhanho wa Taala take care sonawane console