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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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for many, many months, all adult working on your body.

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Why many men Miss on the

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from Bishop Cindy Emily Meloxicam in the city of Coco de Waal. hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. What an early he was a humanist and navy suniti he elomi Dean, a lot of Medina Minh home Amina La Nina Emmylou Amina Swati heart, whatever.

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Whatever so the sub amiable alameen Allahumma nowhere kulu Bernardino

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American cinema de como la hora de kado inshallah tala. Today we're going to be engaged in a study of Salta xinzhuang. This is the surah that follows certain bayona surah number 99. And in this surah inshallah huhtala we're going to deal with the subject matter primarily of the last day.

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Before we begin just something about what this how Allah azza wa jal approaches this topic in the surah the people who denied the hereafter basically had three criticisms three things three problems with believing in the concept of an afterlife. Their first problem was, how could this sky this earth, this incredibly stable, you know, element of our life? How could this ever be collapsed? How could this ever come to an end? How could the sky ever crack? How could this earth ever be stretched and lose? You know, this stability that we've seen it have our entire lives in the lives of our ancestors? How will this ever be taken away? So this was too grand of a thought for them to even

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fathom that this world would come to an end? That's the first problem they had. The second problem they had was, how could there be any record of every single thing that every single person has done? How, what kind of record Could this be that nothing goes unchecked, nothing gets unwarranted everything is being witnessed. Everything's being watched. And it's being recorded, and it's going to be brought out, nothing will remain No, no stone unturned. No deed overlooked, no crime, and, you know, unwashed. So this was the second problem they had. The third problem they had was, even if it did happen, even if we're to assume that the world will come to an end, and all of our deeds will be

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counted and brought forth and they were being watched, even if that happened. Well, we've been worshipping these entities, who are supposed to be in good connection with Allah. So if even if you go to a law with these, you know, our bad deeds, these entities that we have been worshipping, they're going to make a case for us, they're going to be shuffled out, they're going to stand in the way and say, Hello, this one's with me, and sort of make a case for them. Which is a good insight, by the way into the psychology of Schick, people don't do *, because they deny necessarily that a lot is one. It is because they don't want they want somebody in between who can deal with their

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problems and present them to a look. This is the idea of you know, for example, if you have, I don't know, if this happens much in the United States, but you have somebody who's a boss, and you have a worker, and in between you have a manager, right? You've got the boss, you've got the worker, but in between the two, you've got the manager, but if the manager is your uncle, right, the manager is your older brother, the manager is your father, as a relative, you as a worker, you start slacking off. Because you say, Look, I don't have to answer to the boss who does. The manager does, he'll deal with it. He since he knows me, and he likes me, he's gonna make a case for me. That's basically

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the idea of somebody else will carry my sins. I just need to make that middleman happy. I need to have a connection with that middleman so long as he's happy. He'll deal with the rest. It's not my problem. And this putting someone in between ourselves and the

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Lives origin. This is exactly what Islam came to destroy and shatter.

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Even within the Muslim community, sometimes this psychology doesn't exist in its blatant forms. Sometimes the psychology of it exists in the mind of the Muslim. So for instance, we'll put people in between ourselves and Allah azza wa jal and tell them, why don't you make dua to Allah? And then it will be accepted, not me. Why don't I give you money and give this and this and this, etc, we put someone in the middle, and they'll deal with it. By the way, this is at the heart of Christian top thought they can do all the things they want, who's gonna make a good case for them anyway? Jesus right in the middle, right? So this was the third problem. The first problem was how could this

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world come to an end, we can't imagine that happening. The second problem was, how could all of our deeds be counted. And the third, even if all of that was true, you know, we have plenty of entities in between us and Allah, that will save us that will shield us from that questioning, Allah subhanaw taala in this surah shatters all three of these myths, these three problems that they had, all three of these are attacked in this order. So it's a very short surah eight is a very, very short surah, but contains in it profound lessons, very, very deep lessons. And the choice of the words in the surah is just absolutely incredible. So we begin with the first is

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the word that repeats itself in this ayah is zelens, Allah zeratul xinja. So that's a little bit of new vocabulary. The word out of this pretty simple to understand it's come up before land the earth, right? But the word Zelda is a new word in our vocabulary. First thing we say is that in you know, this is, in most words in Arabic come from a three letter root. So this is basically what's called the difference, the root of the word, okay, the source of the word, for example, is I mean three letters, right? But since Allah is for the lambs, so this is not a normal route. Usually the letters are three, but this is quadrilateral robot is four letters. But in my opinion, other linguists, they

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argue that even the four letter roots are rooted in a three letter word. They're based still on a three letter word, and it's their enhanced form. So he argues that Zelda actually comes from Zelda, and Zelda in Arabic taxa lamb and learn three letters. This word in Arabic means to slip, you know, when you're walking and you trip, or you slip, this is called zendala. But then, when you have the car lovely when the syllables are repeating, Zen Zen syllables are repeating, right? The cloud lovely, it indicates the car machinery, it means the because the phonetics are repeating the meaning includes repetition. So someone who keeps tripping and slipping over and over and over again, that

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act is called Zoella. And of course, in some other languages, even even in the Quran, in classical Arabic, Zanzibar means an earthquake also. But what happens in an earthquake, you keep tripping, and you keep slipping and you don't have stable footing. So it's actually still rooted in Zelda. So when the law says either zero till it's alluding to the fact that people won't be able to stand the way they stand normally, and it'll be shaken thoroughly and people will be slipping. Now this is captured in another law. xojo says in a Zelda la casa de la v. No doubt the shaking of that hour, the Zelda of that hour of the hour is an enormous thing. In another place, he says, yo, you know

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what? Our NASA sukar amahi sakara. You'll see people as though they're drunk, but they're not drunk at all. What does that mean? They're drunk. Have you ever seen somebody who's walking around and he's drunk? They're tripping on themselves, they can't stand up straight. They're waving, their bodies are waving, right? That's what's gonna happen when you're in an earthquake. Your body's shaking and waving like you look like you're drunk. And the law says what's about NASA suka Rahmani? sakara, you assume that they're drunk, but they're not drunk at all. And that's captured in the word zealot in the first ayah. A rough translation I will offer you when the earth is violently shaking

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repeatedly, as it was always meant to cinza it's violent shaking. But now that that's a rough translation, we're going to go bit by bit word by word by word and understand something more about this word now in the Quran for earthquakes or for shaking. There's the word Raja

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Raja and that's for shaking something by a jerking something all of a sudden like it was still and it was pushed or rattled all of a sudden, that's when Raja is used or the judge then another word we find that logic in the Quran yo Mataji for Raja Raja is a kind of movement are shaking that you know,

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like a sheet on a bed, and you jerk it like this and there's waves caused, or you throw a stone in a pond and ripples come out and disturbs the entire piece of the water. Right That's called This is the word Roger. This is the word Allah uses for someone after your own. He says maroochy una una Phil Medina because they were like they were causing disturbance in the peace of Medina. So the same word is used when they cause disturbance, but the word nonetheless here in this ayah is that zensah

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Akari Rahim Allah comments in its relationship with the previous surah he says when while this the previous surah ended with the rewards for a solid, what barley he died in a solid, a righteous person, a poly a wretched wicked person. And you know both of their endings, their conclusions in the final home in the hole, the house that will always remain that was mentioned at the end of the last solar consult. albina What is he referring to inilah Xena cafaro mi Ll kita. Akina de Neri Johanna Holly Dena fi ha una ecohome Sharon Berea in Allah, Xena Amanullah, Amina Swanee heart, Allah ecohome hydro Berea, that was the end of the previous era, where will they end up one of them

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in jahannam fee marriage and then the second one is our own agenda and agenda, right the agenda and our, you know, gardens at at the bottoms of which rivers are going to be flowing Thursday evening, and how this is the conclusion of the previous sorta, but this surah begins as he comments, I will tell

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it what that implies is, that was the end of the journey. But unless talking that was the end of the end of life now talking about the beginning of the end, that's what they will end up at. But this terrible journey to the Hellfire or this or this awesome journey to the paradise. It begins with the Day of Judgment. So that's what this was talking about where that journey begins.

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He says for column, this is an interesting comment by will

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be adapted to the under halfmoon labuda manconi. He either he says you know this word either in the beginning is as long as he doesn't

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either is used in Arabic to remind someone of something that is going to happen, that they keep forgetting.

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You know, sometimes in the word when in English when

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is used sometimes to talk about something in the past. And sometimes it's used to talk about something in the future. For example, when I helped you last year, right when I helped you like I'm referring to it in the past. When I say when I call you next week, I'm referring to the word when in the future, when you use the word when in the past, you don't say either you say if in Arabic, the word when for the past is if the word the same word when for the future is either, either. So this word is is a it's referring to something in the future. But there's something more the word either is to remind someone of something that is bound to happen. It's not if it will happen it is when it

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will happen. What's the difference between if and when if I say to somebody, if I call you pickup, that means I may or may not call you. But when I say when I call you pickup, there's a difference, right? I'm definitely going to call in that case, I've made the intention, that's for sure. So by saying either tell me the the event of the Day of Judgment is a certain reality, a certain reality. He doesn't say if the earth is shaken, he says when is shaken when making it an absolute reality. So problema then the other thing is what cannot be now old enough rule. You don't know who that is? Well, you see, he didn't. Allah didn't say when he will shake the earth. He said when the earth will

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be shaken. It has zealot. This is magne Allah fullest the passive form. It's kind of like the difference between, you know, I helped, and I was helped. I was helped write, or a car, I drove the car, or if I say a car was driven. When I say a car was driven, I didn't mention the driver. I just mentioned that something happened to the car, but I did. I mentioned I didn't mention the driver. Similarly, if I say about a large religion, Allah will shake the earth. That's not what he said. He said, when the earth will be shaken, he didn't mention himself. Now this has several rhetorical benefits. But the ones I want to highlight before you is you don't know Allah so who let him fail.

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While you see he did that. The passive is used in Arabic for an action that is very easy to do. Very, very easy to do. Like you know, it'll get done when you say some it'll get done. Now you didn't say who's gonna do it. This is the rhetorical difference in Arabic between I'll do it and it'll get done it I'll do it implies whatever you're doing might be difficult. When you say it'll get done. It's really easy. You don't even have to mention the fact that you'll do it. It'll just get done it, it's very easy on you. So by saying z that was the origin is mentioning how easy it is for Allah to cause that violent shaking of the earth that is bound to come. The violent earthquake

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of the Day of Judgement.

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is very easy on a lot and that is captured in the word xerocon.

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Then we find a commenting on this amount of rejected observational II argues that the previous surah mentions Hyrule, Berea and shovel Berea, right. Two groups actually in the in the reverse order. Cheryl Berea, and Highland Berea and those were the two groups the best and the worst of all creation of all things that exist in this surah inshallah tada we're going to find a lot of soldier says Yama even yesterday NASA ash data on the day in which people will be divided up into groups and he apologized for your comments that that comment that Allah made in the previous surah is now coming being fulfilled in this order. There are legit set two groups, but how did they end up

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becoming two groups? How are they going to be spread separated into two distinct groups? Because if you look at the life of this world of believers in the world living in the same city, they were even neighbors to each other family to each other inseparable even in some cases, right? But now we're gonna look at a case with a relatively separate exam if you could just do me a favor and turn the phone off. really help inshallah. Thanks.

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Train of Thought sort of thing. Anyway. So shovel Berea, and Heidelberg. Now remember, Lucy in commenting on era, Zoo, zillertal, or Busan Jana, he says, a wholecut. Daddy can uneven motor Darwin motor daddy can rather and matakauri run, he says it's going to be a kind of movement that is given to it. That is violent, that is continuous that keeps repeating itself and it doesn't come to an end. And we'll talk about why he comes to this conclusion about it. It's actually embedded in the language. In Arabic, you have this concept of something called the fraud mutlak.

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For example, in Arabic, he said we'll have to hold bourbon. But the doctor who means I hit him, I hit him, but have to have not been good. If you want to translate it. Absolutely. Literally, it would mean it would mean I hit him with a hit.

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Which is kind of repeating yourself, right? I hit him with a hit. It doesn't make sense. Because obviously when you hit you hit him with a hit. But in Arabic When you repeat the word, you're saying I hit him really, really hard.

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I gave him a real beating. That's how you say it in Arabic.

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So this muffle mukluk. This repetition of the word. What it does is it says it wasn't just any beating, I really beat the life out of this guy. But similarly, if I say khattala hudak de la khattala he slaughtered him. He violently killed him, tequila and in the worst possible fashion in the worst possible fashion. If I say no sobre la la una, Soren, Allah helped us and then add the word muscle again, of overclockers comma former club. It means Allah gave us incredible help. This is enormous help. So we have zero,

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zilch, nada, you have the repeated word, this one understanding of that is before the mclubbe. So this is an incredible kind of earthquake. Earthquakes by themselves are incredible. They're not something normal, they're not something you experienced everyday. So when they happen during an enormous event, but a lot goes out of his way to take something that's already incredible and says it's gonna be much more than even you can imagine now, by adding the word.

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But grammatically speaking, we don't expect the words in Zelda, we expect the word xilin

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from a grammatical point of view, is

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zeilen and that's my fault. But Allah didn't say since and he said since Allah Ha. The heart is a pronoun. It's in law fights. It's connected to the noun, and it refers back to the earth, the Earth is feminine and the house refers is referring back to the earth. So we're going to look at the benefit of a Lessing instead of zanon. See, since Allah What difference does it make, and what rhetorical benefits does it produce and how profoundly deep the meaning of the island gets because of that word? So the first impression we get is from a mama lucila Himalayan Romani. He says *a Anima sallahu. Shiva who lays has excellent been nice, but he that's the first thing because of

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since Allah it will be it is an earthquake, its earthquake, such a such a quake that no other quake can ever be compared to it

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by saying this is a special quake. This is something that's never happened before. Now, an earthquake obviously we know that earthquakes happened before but by adding the heart it becomes uncomputable in comparable to any other events such as it that has occurred before that's the first thing was in Zelda and ajeeb and the Wii U partido. catarratto.

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He says, you know, Kotaku, actually, he says this is going to be a unique earthquake, which can't even be imagined. It's beyond imagination. It's a unique kind of earthquake and that's captured in the pronoun her only Abby delicate icon. He says, This is awesome. He says all the meaning embedded in the heart in zela. How could be

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Promise if I say for example, he fulfilled a promise that's one thing. He fulfilled his promise. His promise, like unless has its earthquake, he doesn't just say an earthquake. He says, It's earthquake. What it means implies is the earth has made a promise to Allah that it will shake on that day, and it's fulfilling that promise. And that's captured in the heart in Zelda. So it could be an Avon.

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Then he says, he goes on to say this, about this as a machete. Now, in Alka chef, he says that this implies that in Allah's wisdom, and will, it always meant it was always meant to shake by adding the habit we're learning is, this was the earth destiny. This was an end goal. When Allah created it, it knew and Alon knew that its final goal. And the purpose for which it is created is to shake one day is to come to an end one day, and it's like, it's been waiting to fulfill its mission all this time. And finally, it gets to do the very thing it was created to do. The Earth was not created for people to enjoy and walk around and think that it's gonna last forever. Its real purpose is it's in its

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Nehemiah, it's at the end, the purpose of something is not in the journey. It's at the end of the journey, right? The destination is the purpose. So the destination of this earth is the day of judgment. And that's captured in half that it gets to fulfill its destiny. And the thing that it was always meant to do, it finally gets around to it. And then finally, who was in San Lucia de la de la sala de una

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COVID. Napa Holika publica, a chrome

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achromatic Rama who does what he's saying. He's saying that this is a an intense earthquake, the likes of which will never occur after it. In other words, you can't have any worse. First of all, nothing's like had been done before. But what's being argued is it is at the end, it can't shake any more than the lesbian to shake it on that day, it doesn't have the ability to become any more violent than a level already make it on that day. That's also embedded in the heart, like for example, in the Arabic expression, a Chroma Takia, Rama, who what that means is he honored that righteous person as much as possible as much as possible. In other words, he couldn't honor him

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anymore. He got the nth degree of honor by that person, this is economic who that pronoun is often at the end. So seemed similarly Susanna ha, implying a level shake it in a way that this earth has no more ability to shake than that. It's been exhausted to its capacity. It's going to be the worst after the worst earthquake ever. And no earthquake could be more violent after that's not even possible. Even that's not possible.

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Then I was in Santa Haku, Jim, Jimmy oma who came in who this was one of it we already covered, but the other half we didn't. The meaning being when a loss has its earthquake, it implies that there will be no patch no inch left on the earth that won't shake. You know, when an earthquake happens nowadays, some of it some of the earth shakes, but the other part of the Earth is still come is you don't feel it. You can hear some someplace had a 4.0 or a six point or a 7.0. But on the other side of the earth, nothing, nothing but zella hub by using the hotline refer to the entire Earth. There will not be a place left that is not feeling the wrath of this most violent earthquake, which cannot

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go any higher on the Richter scale. It can't get any worse. problema a shoe PT Rahim Allah and the first comment he makes a shin Pt intersil of the first ayah he says the crown

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crawl macatawa head he says the repetition of the roof implies that it will shake stop shake stop and keep doing that. And this is the same look for all words that have these quadrilateral roots are robotic, you know what's wasa? and Lady usv Sufi pseudo Rina same two syllables right exiles Allah was de dum de la hora hora de him these kinds of words have an act that goes and stops and goes and stops. So when it when it stops for a little while you start thinking, relief, and it goes again and then it stops and it goes again. This is what shaytan does. He makes West's wasa, Hamas has to whisper and let me just say whisper he said what was that which means he comes and when you look

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back, he's gone again. Then you go forward, he comes again. whispers again, goes back whispers again, he does the repeated act. And that's what's implied in the word sensorless. Allah then so so now this repetition that I was referring to in the words and select comes up in many places in the Quran. For example, He says Wilhelmina to outdo LG Babu Fado Fado Qatada, Katanga, Jatin, Otto raja babu, Sanji by Lewis, he says Yama, Tata, Tata for raja babu, Harada, all these other referring to something that will happen repeatedly, repeatedly. And this is something that is meant to happen on the Day of Judgment. On a side note before I continue a lot as Odin says about the Day of Judgment

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for the believers. He says, How often are they him? Whether him Yes or no? Right? And it's not commonly understood what that means.

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They have the literal translation of that phrases, there is no fear on them. The first part at least, the second part is a later discussion. There is no fear on them. In Arabic language, there's a difference between saying rhetorically, the difference between they don't, they don't fear. And there's no fear on them. They actually two different things. They don't fear is something they don't have a fear on them is something else, like a harpoon is something else. And then laughing at him is something else. Now, what's the difference between what's the difference between saying they will not fear

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as opposed to saying there won't be any fear on them, which is what Allah says, For the believers, there won't be any fear on them. I always give this example just to get this point across. And this is relevant to our topic, because this is one of the scariest tools in the Quran. So we should address that topic of fear. You see, if I give a child the little girl she's playing with a snake,

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she's playing with a snake. It's poisonous. But she's not scared. She's playing with it. Like it's like a pet. And it's going around tickling her arm but she doesn't get he doesn't care. She's laughing her head off. And it's a poisonous snake. Right? Does she feel afraid? Does she fear? No. Is there a fear on her? Yes. The fear on her is that the snake might bite. That's the fear being felt on her. She's not feeling the fear. But that doesn't mean there is nothing to be feared. You understand? Now if I take the snake away, and I give her a teddy bear instead, play with this.

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And she starts crying. She's scared of the teddy bear.

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Now she feels afraid. But there is no fear on her. You understand? Now law says there won't be any fear on us. That doesn't guarantee that we won't feel afraid we will feel afraid it's a it's a terribly scary

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unknown the half will never be nice when

00:26:58--> 00:27:02

we hear about it and we get scared you don't think we'll get scared when we're in it?

00:27:03--> 00:27:44

We fear from our Lord this horrifying day. This terribly sad day. For a moment hoffa McComber of the whoever feared standing before his master of fear is there. But allies giving us a beautiful gift when he says you will feel afraid but no, there is no danger on you. There is no fear on you. Now hold on a second. There won't be any fear on them. So you know, it's like you know, your children get afraid when they hear loud thunder. When they hear thunder, they get scared. They're feeling afraid but they're not there isn't necessarily any fear on them. In other words, in simpler English, there is nothing for them to be scared of. So last giving us constellation he thinks panel with

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Allah for the believer, you will feel scared but relax. there's actually nothing you need to be scared of. Allah has removed that from us but naturally will still feel nervous and terrified on that day. So now we come to the next ayah what Raja escala Raja is the word in Arabic used for taking something out to expel something to extract something to pull something out of something else. This Is Us Raja

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Raja can also be used to deport someone from the city.

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Okay, now who we expelled him and kicked him out to take something out. So as Roger the word is used the first word used but other words used in the Koran for taking out or barraza and porada. And I just want you to know that this is good vocabulary to learn astrologer to take out that's the most general meaning extract, pull out take out okay. But Rosa is used when you take something out of somewhere and put it right in front of someone. So you took it out and you put it right in front of someone unless as well. Lisa till Jackie Mooney Miyama

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Hellfire team will be taken out and put right in front of the one to look at him to look at it. So it will be brought out it's like it's in hiding, right? It's like implying it's in hiding. And Allah will yank it out, pull it out.

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And brought right in front, Lima euro for the one to see.

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On the other hand, there's porada and lazada speaks about tada in the ayah. When he says soprano mattarella when I talk to the Latina coonara bomb, don't expel those who call under law Tada. New is used in Arabic When you push something away that you find unacceptable, degrading, or you don't use it. You don't think somebody is good enough for you and you push them away, you find somebody annoying and you push them away. You find somebody who's not at your class, and you push them away. This is Tara and the messenger is commanded. Don't do that to those who call your your master your Lord. In other words, the Sahaba could be the poorest of them. The Sahaba could be slaves, the

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Sahaba could be in any situation, but you still shouldn't push them away. This is the instruction we're supposed to have towards other believers. Anyhow, so the word uses arthralgia, as rotten as

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the earth will bring forth its burdens. burdens will come up twice in the soil.

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This is the first time I found out the second time when we met with Karla similar, similar route. So this is one burden. We'll read about another burden a little bit later on. Okay? As Allah ha, the word burdens, Allah says the earth will pull out its burdens, its loads. Now the word a spell is the one word to understand what does it mean to pull up the burden?

00:30:24--> 00:30:34

linguistically speaking the word. In Arabic, it used for two things, it's used for two things. The first thing it's used for is the stuff you have in your house is called Faithful in the plural of

00:30:35--> 00:31:11

your couch, your furniture, the things in your cabinet, your files, computer, this, that curtains, you know, everything in your house would be considered. Second, because it makes your house heavy. Without it, your house was like thicker literally means burden, load something that's heavy, sucky, there's something heavy, right? So this makes your house heavier. Right, this is another meaning of vehicle is when you travel, and you pack your bags, right, that's called fit. So the two implications of it are very beautiful and important to understand, you know, when you pack your bags, and you're carrying your bag around, you're not always going to carry it, you're going to let

00:31:11--> 00:31:12

it go.

00:31:13--> 00:31:18

You're gonna let it go, you're gonna release it. So the earth is carrying this load and the earth is also on a journey.

00:31:19--> 00:31:28

And this this loaded has, it will eventually what, it'll let it go. It'll let it go. And then the other thing is the things inside your house are called

00:31:29--> 00:31:34

the things that are inside your house. When you see the things that are supposed to be inside your house. When you see them spread all outside.

00:31:36--> 00:32:06

You go and shop. You didn't expect them ever to come outside you expected those things that they will remain inside and less as the things you think will remain inside on the on that day, the earth will expel the things you wish you thought we're supposed to remain inside. Like those who have died. For example, the earth will pull them out. A scar, its burdens include those who die. So now we read some of this was the linguistic meaning of the word escala. But let's look at some stuff I see. I remember who am at funaki hacker can Amati will canoes and that he cannot

00:32:07--> 00:32:08


00:32:09--> 00:32:46

the first meaning will be high comments. It includes the dead. Everything that's buried in the earth will start coming out like the dead. But the second thing you mentioned is like the treasures, like the treasures. On the one hand, the dead and the Catholic thought never will the dead come out of the earth. Never did he think he will come out of the earth. And next to him what else is coming out the treasures of the earth. The same treasures used to run after his entire life. And he thought this is the reason for which I'm supposed to live on the earth are these treasures. Everything that people find over on the earth comes from the earth. Whether it's the resource of water, or precious

00:32:46--> 00:33:22

metals or oil, whatever resource you're talking about, comes from the earth. That's what people fight over. That's what people live for. That's for people die for. And on the Day of Judgment deer coming out and the things they used to run after also coming out. But nobody cares on that day. Mountains of gold are coming out. Nobody cares. You know, entire oceans of oil boiling out of the earth. Nobody cares. We're living in time now. When you dig the earth to find the treasure on that day that you don't even have to dig the earth is giving it out. But nobody's running towards it. Nobody cares, because they realized they were running after the wrong thing all along. They look at

00:33:22--> 00:33:33

that same treasure with hustle I was running after you. What have I done? They're looking at the thing they're running after and realizing how vain it was how useless it was Harlem will also have to escala

00:33:35--> 00:34:12

then a shock as much at the end. So can you both have the same comment with what you actually already shared with you have called Jim Bahama town bait, he says this is the plural of fickle and these are the things you use in your house. And also as called the burden of a traveler a shin pity his comments. Let's go to them for cleanup nota had the first thing he says includes the dead we caught we commented on that Roku news that Roku has its treasures. We commented on that. And then the third one we didn't comment on at the Hadoop Bhima. Amina hallahan, insane. It will also bring forth a report. It's one of its burdens is a report of what people have been doing on top of it.

00:34:13--> 00:34:45

I was explaining this to my daughter today I was studying and she just came over and said what are you studying above and I was like, I'm studying the Word olha. And I'll get to that word later on in this one, I'll be under Rebecca ohada. But the simple concept I was telling her was you know, whenever we do something who's watching? And obviously she said what Allah is watching. And I said I want to tell you about something else. Someone else was watching, too. You know who's watching who's also listening the earth. The ground underneath has eliminated a witness. It's got a recorder inside and it's recording everything.

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

And if you're not fearful enough to remember allies watching because allies in the unseen right allies in the unseen Oh yeah, he's watching. Who else is watching? Who else is witness the earth and the Morrisons you do the earth.

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

loaded with it and loaded with it and loaded with it. You know, it's like you keep stuffing your face and stuffing your face and stuff in your face. If you eat too much what's gonna happen? You're gonna throw up you're gonna throw up the earth gets getting filled with the sins of people and the the wrongdoings of people. And it's getting loaded and loaded until a point comes where it's saturated, and the day comes where it gets to actually throw up. What, Murphy what 100 Allah says, it brings out whatever was in it, and it's like it unleashes its burden, it gets finally gets to relax. The 100 is used in Arabic when a mother gives birth. And she see gassman says, finally the

00:35:37--> 00:36:02

pain is over. Right? It's like the earth will finally be relieved of its pain. And what does it mean the sins of the people that are just making the earth heavier and heavier and heavier. And by the way, sometimes you could say, I know I'm using crude language, but sometimes the earth burps but the load of these sins, sometimes it doesn't throw up everything, when we'll throw up everything on the Day of Judgment, but sometimes it works out a little bit. You know, when Allah says ba, ba,

00:36:03--> 00:36:06

ba, ba, ba, ba, but he didn't leave the

00:36:10--> 00:36:53

room, he says, corruption came out in the land and in the ocean. This is what we call natural disasters, right? We call them natural disasters, when corruption and horrible things happen in the land and happen in the ocean. He says because of what people earned, the Earth is suffering from calamity and Allah says because of what people are in the eye or goes on the back burner, the amilo so it can make them so they may taste so it may make them taste some of the things that they have done. When an earthquake happens when a flood happens when a tsunami occurs, Allah says this is just a small taste of what you have done. This is a small taste new the combat Olivia middle, when will

00:36:53--> 00:37:03

you taste everything you have done? Well, no the earth laid out everything that you've been loading it with, that is on the Day of Judgment. That is when it gives up all of its burdens Escada.

00:37:04--> 00:37:16

Then we find our country continue with the commentary of MPT like mahoma makalu, and insulin Gene sakalava olavarria, you know, one sort of man, he says sanef rucola, comb, you have

00:37:18--> 00:38:01

a sakala you too heavy groups, we will free ourselves for you and so to like minded cause human beings engine, a sakala the human beings one circle the other gene. In other words, the that the ultimate burden on the earth, the real burden on the earth is not the mountains, is not the trees is not the climate. That's not the real burden on the earth, the real burden on the earth as a human being and the jinn. So when this ayah says the earth will expel its burdens, the ultimate burden, yes, it includes other things. But ultimately, the human beings in general, is what's implied here because of the other ayah, sign up for the hula comb, and you had sakala. And so he says, when he

00:38:01--> 00:38:06

does Soumya, Sakhalin, this is that that's why it's called they are called Sakhalin also.

00:38:07--> 00:38:09

And so he also comments on the I that I shared with you where

00:38:10--> 00:38:47

I will cut my fee, Howard 100, wasabi hadelich, when the earth will be totally stretched, and then it will let out whatever it's been holding in and release, like a mother releases a child and gets relieved, but the harlot and other ions like that. Now, I told you, in the beginning of the study of this whole other the Arabs had three skeptic skeptic problems. The first one was, how will this earth ever come to an end? How can that be an earthquake to take over the entire earth, and an earthquake that makes the earth give up everything that's inside it? Everything is going to come up? That's too incredible, too fantastic. it my imagination doesn't go that far. The first problem

00:38:47--> 00:39:27

addresses it will happen. Doesn't say if it happens unless as when it happens for sure. That's the first problem addressed. The second problem was the second problem it was that the human being how are we How are all of our deeds, how are they going to be kept record of? How can that ever happen? And a lot of xojo will let us know Yes, they are the angels. our own bodies will testify we learned about that too, right. Our skis will testify our limbs will testify that that also occurs in no fraud. And when you say to your body parts the Machine Head to Marlena, why are you testifying against us? What's going on? They say I'm talkin mama and daddy and takanashi Allah gave us the

00:39:27--> 00:39:56

ability to speak the one who gave everything the ability to speak. But on this day, in addition to all those witnesses, as another witness, which is the earth and when the earth starts starts witnessing something it never did before. The human beings aren't used to seeing the earth witness. What do they say we'll call on insano. Man, the human being will say what is wrong with it? Nada. This phrase is used many places in Iran for example, what's wrong with you pay for the spoon? How do you make your decisions? Similarly, Alyssa

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

Monaco is a killer.

00:40:00--> 00:40:26

Feel free, Sabina hisako. To those of you who believe what's wrong with you. When you're told come forward in less path your feet get planted into the earth? So Manohar, what is wrong with it? What's wrong with the earth? Now look at this amazing commentary. And this young elizabeta Java dash Well, here, this is a comma. He says the human being will say what is wrong with it? as though he doesn't know that this day was coming?

00:40:27--> 00:40:37

The human being knew this day was coming. He was being reminded over and over and over again. He says he will forget, Why will he forget I last habilidad job, because he'll be in utter shock.

00:40:38--> 00:41:04

You know, when you come into it, something shocking comes before you. You forget that you were being reminded of it all the time. So that's the first reason he will ask that question. With that and you'll be terrified. Well, he'll just utter surprise. But then here in complementing the CEO of Al Bukhari, mahalo, you find the word Insan. Your color inside. The word insan is different from knifes. knifes is also a person.

00:41:06--> 00:41:07

Father is also a person

00:41:08--> 00:41:10

who lumati Yama chiamata.

00:41:11--> 00:41:52

Maria, but here's what uses the word insan Insan. The word comes from nesea. To forget nesea means to forget. And on the day when he's rising. He had forgotten about that day. And he forgot that this was meant to happen. So it comes to him as a surprise. And he says Collin in some manner, what's wrong, like you forgot, and this is one of the weaknesses of the human being. The other thing is the comment we should understand is the difference between NASS and insanity. Later on in this little bit, we'll read another word and NASS, yo, my 11 years ago. And as I started neuro armella, but here NASA is not used here. And in San Jose. So what's the difference between NASA

00:41:53--> 00:42:34

and NASA as people and in San is it could be considered as Magellan but it's really an individual word. In other words, you will be raised by yourself and you won't have anybody else to give you a company and you will be each human being will be saying on their own What is wrong with it. Every human being will be by themselves, no groups, no tribes, no nations, no families, no friends, no allegiances, nothing the entire population of the world. Can you imagine there is no bigger gathering of human beings on the Day of Judgment. Look at the irony. There is no bigger gathering of human beings ever than on the Day of Judgment by the entire earth and every generation of the earth

00:42:34--> 00:42:47

all brought up at the same time. Every single generation from other artists are down to the last human being, all of them are standing all at the same time. This is the biggest collective ever. And yet, you will feel the most alone when you're standing there.

00:42:49--> 00:42:58

Even though when you're in a large crowd, you feel like you're with everybody else, right? And in generations of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, we find you won't have the place to move your feet.

00:43:00--> 00:43:14

You will only have enough space to put your two feet and that's it. The entire earth will be completely congested and crowded and yet Alan sign indicates we will feel entirely alone. We will feel entirely excluded Pamela McAllen in Santa Monica.

00:43:16--> 00:43:57

Then we say you know, any comments, this comment, and enough artesania. This is what the human being will say, when dead people start coming out of the ground and coming back to life. And the second time the trumpet is blown, the second blowing of the horn. That's when the human beings will say this. This is similar to the words we find in Sofia scene. Mumbai is an alum of Kadena who raised us from our sleep, who raised us from our long term rest, which was in their grief, who brought us out. And because of these kinds of words, I show candy and other comments that are insane in this ayah actually doesn't refer to all human beings it refers to the cafe. It doesn't refer to all human

00:43:57--> 00:44:30

beings it refers to the cafe let's see why he says that for me new Yamaha because the woman knows what's wrong with it. You know, the cafe that human beings have What's wrong with you? What's going on? I'm shocked. But the believer knows all along this was gonna happen. So he's not going to say What's wrong with it? What's going on? Actually, he's gonna say something else. The believer the disbeliever will say one of two things. The first thing is nyla What's wrong with it? The second thing is manga is a member of Kadena who raised us from our grave. The believer will not say that because the believer knows what raised him from the grave. The believer knows. So what will the

00:44:30--> 00:44:33

believers say this is what the believer says, have them

00:44:35--> 00:44:46

alone. This is what our man promised and the messenger speaking the truth of the law. The messengers are speaking the truth. So this show Canada normal comments is a statement of the human being

00:44:47--> 00:45:00

McAllen in Santa Monica. Hi, yo mama Ethan. So this was either in the beginning, which is an ism. It's a it's a word used to allude to a time like when of course the word when alludes to a time but another word

00:45:00--> 00:45:15

Another kind of is involved is yoga even. And Yoga is in our ketamine either it's more emphatic, it's more prophetic more hyperbolized in either. In other words when we get to this part of the Surah Now Allah is angrier than he was in the beginning

00:45:16--> 00:45:25

is as was battle altos in Zelda houselogic in our cannon in Santa Monica. Unless anger is there, but not as much as it isn't the next ayah yo nice.

00:45:26--> 00:45:39

To have this Amara actually, Yama in and of itself is a warning. The rough meaning of the ayah is the day on which it will spill out and articulate its news that the information it contained within it the earth, it will speak of it clearly.

00:45:41--> 00:46:08

That's the rough translation. But let's go word by word child law. The first is your money than it is used when you want someone the day I get you. The day I find out, you know that kind of language. You use it to warn someone younger. Different data on that day to HUD, the HUD data comes in the Arabic word is to make someone aware of something is to make someone aware of something. And this is a very particular very peculiar use of the word in the ayah.

00:46:09--> 00:46:33

In forest comments, Konishi lahmacun. Hadassah in Arabic is the existence of something that didn't use to be their produce, to create something to come into being that wasn't there before. From it comes the word had data to tell the audience something that they previously did not know. That's one meaning had data to tell someone something that they didn't know, if I tell you something new, you will call it Howdy,

00:46:34--> 00:47:09

howdy, this is something you didn't know before. That's what the literal meaning I know you're religious meaning, but the linguistic meaning is telling someone something that they didn't know before. That's one meaning. The second meaning is telling someone something that they've completely forgot. So when they hear it feels like they're hearing it, what for the first time, that's the second meaning. The third meaning of the data, is when the speaker speaks about something, and he uses language, assuming that people in the audience have never heard it before. Like, you know, how they do this and TV shows and things like that. They'll say previously on our show, and they'll give

00:47:09--> 00:47:46

you a recap, assuming that you might have missed an episode, right? So when you speak in a way that assumes you missed the previous class, you missed the previous lecture, you missed the previous discussion. And you start from the very beginning, not missing any gaps. Under even if people have heard it before, you're speaking in a way that says, I am going to pretend you don't know any of this, I'm going to explain every last detail. I will not assume that you know anything that you can fill in the blanks yourself. That's the word use for how the earth will speak on that day. In other words, it will give every last detail out and the people that will be listening, some of them will

00:47:46--> 00:48:09

have forgotten those details and the earth will remind them the earth will remind them of those details of their deeds that they have forgotten. That's one implication. The other is the human beings. You know, we all we forgot them the earth reminds us and when it reminds us because we are in sound, we're forgetful, it'll feel like we're hearing it for the first time. The shock of it will be like the shock of some new event soprano law.

00:48:10--> 00:48:21

And this word is contrasted with the word and by the way before I get to the next word, ah, the Arabic word for informing someone there are multiple words in the Quran. ashara when I usually had

00:48:22--> 00:48:26

a shout out to make someone aware of something similar word of her father

00:48:27--> 00:48:57

had Allah Allah to Allah buena La Habra de Nico like in certain kujala Agra, like we read before Rama as an ARCA here. Now, these are all words of informing someone. But the specific word I use here is had data have data to depict a psychological reality on the Day of Judgment, people will come into contact with things they themselves did, and the shock will make it feel like they're getting this news for the first time. This is actually their shock is described in sort of gaff Malli handle kita.

00:49:02--> 00:49:09

What is wrong with this book, it didn't leave anything small out nothing bigger, except that it encapsulated and captured all of it altogether.

00:49:10--> 00:49:43

An interesting discussion we should have is the difference between Nevada, Nevada, like Alyssa Luna and in Navin. But here's the word Nevada or the plural, and that is not used about is used. What's the difference between Nevada which means news and hover, which also means news. There's similar meaning in English translation, pretty much identical, right? But sometimes I'll use his number and other times I'll use his hub what's what makes them different, and why use the word covered here. The first difference between Nova and Hubble is nebat. Could be something you could never have known.

00:49:44--> 00:49:59

Number could be something you may never have known unless someone gave you that news. This is why a prophet is called him to be from Nevada. You know what that means? He teaches you something that you yourself could never have known. You could have never figured it out.

00:50:00--> 00:50:09

yourself, he brings you a news you couldn't have had access to. Similarly, the day of judgment, what will happen on that date, you can't know that. So I mean, never.

00:50:10--> 00:50:45

It's going to happen and something you could never have known. That's the first difference. Cover is something you couldn't figure out how to do something you could figure out. The second differences. Number is, could be of something of the past, the present or the future. The word never could be used for the past the present or the future. But it's something completely alien to you. For example, the Arabic expression sailor nabbit, is used for a flood that comes from the water, the floodwater comes from one town into another, it's completely alien water to this town. Right. But anyway, now that could be used for an event, new information about the past the present or the

00:50:45--> 00:50:57

future. But Hubbard is not used for the future. Hubbard is only used either for the present or for the past. So that's the second difference between the and but the third difference that I want to highlight before you

00:50:58--> 00:51:01

is that the word number is something that you couldn't expect.

00:51:03--> 00:51:18

You can't You can't compare it to anything, but hover is something you actually can expect. Now the thing is Allah subhanaw taala in different places in the Quran talks about the Day of Judgment, what kinds of things he felt, let's specifically look at sort of the number one things that he tells us,

00:51:19--> 00:52:01

Yama, you'll feel sorry, for that to Nevada, for the hottest summer, the horn will be blown. The sky will be cracked open. mountains will sail Sui Ratan Jeevan mountains, we'll just take a stroll, they'll just move smoothly. Are these things something you could expect? No, not at all. These are way beyond our expectation, the cracking open of the sky, the blowing of the trumpet the horn, right? The movement of the cloud. This is our the of the mountains. This is all unexpected. So the word in the solar was never any number 11 su two sincil begins with Zelda and earthquake is an earthquake at least something you may have seen.

00:52:02--> 00:52:17

It's something you may have expected. So what's the more appropriate word in this surah Akbar? Allah the choice of words and operon is very, very, very precise. You could argue about copper, same thing, put one out here your motto?

00:52:18--> 00:52:58

No, no, no, no, no. That's the perfect word to use here. In that context, this is the word that fits upon Allah. So now we talk about the switch we are I already told you about the switch from EDA to Yama even it illustrates that allows images angrier now with the use of the word either. But I said to help you through enough barrhead There seems to be a contradiction to have the thing is used for something that you are shocked by it's new, it appears new to you and as far as something present or past. But it's something that's already known. So when the two combined together, it implies that the human being will come into contact with knowledge on that day that the earth will speak of the

00:52:58--> 00:53:17

you know, the earth will articulate on that day, even though he knew it, it'll come to him like it's new. He'll be shocked by it anyway. Now there's a difference of opinion among a series about the seed of this idea. We'll go through some of the commentary inshallah Tyler, first we go to the the opinion of IGNOU muscavado, the Allahu taala. And to help you to be listening,

00:53:18--> 00:53:28

he says that he will actually have a tongue left like we speak, we will act the earth will actually literally speak on that day, it will start talking.

00:53:29--> 00:53:48

Then this is this is taken from a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam, in which the machete comments on this is also the shadow and actually I had to be mamita Nevada that the deal on that day the earth will testify on every single person in regards to every action it had done on its back. So the surface of the Earth is called the back of the earth.

00:53:50--> 00:53:53

Right and whatever people had done it'll testify against them.

00:53:54--> 00:53:55


00:53:56--> 00:54:08

in his commentary, numerous references, Amina Fudan kawakita to speak like this, this guy did this and this, that when did that in that, and they were standing over here when they did it, and then when they did, it will actually point out every single link that people had done.

00:54:10--> 00:54:32

Young people, Allah, Allah, Allah will make it speak in reality, and another way it's interested in it will actually speak to Allah. One interpretation is it'll speak to the people, you did this, you did this, you did this. And the other interpretation is when Allah makes it speak intellectually speaking to Allah subhanaw taala complaining to Allah about what people have done. Both of those opinions exists in Episode nojima.

00:54:33--> 00:54:44

So like some of the comments, to help this will highlight that his opinion that will speak to creation on that day, but the other opinion was that it will speak to a last panel with either directly

00:54:46--> 00:54:47


00:54:48--> 00:54:59

commentators took the route of, you know, the mortality, the rationalists. And they what they did was when they heard something that the philosopher or the

00:55:00--> 00:55:38

The person that's obsessed with logic might say this doesn't make any sense the earth is going to talk. That doesn't make any logical sense. So to appease to them and opinion came about, which basically was, the earth will speak another hell. In other words, the fact that everything is coming out from the earth, that in and of itself is a kind of speech, which may or may not be true. That may or may not be true, but we, the majority of the men, especially I'm impressed with the commentary of a shin PT like Malala, who is probably the one of the greatest one for sunova or under the Quran, under Quran and he emphasized that concept of succeed. Let's listen to what he has to

00:55:38--> 00:55:46

say. At least for now. Sorry, when Phil Hadid First of all, this literal speaking is clearly proven in Hadith literature. Well, what

00:55:48--> 00:55:54

will actually happen in reality as is described, the NFV radical yamantaka hope that our our condition

00:55:55--> 00:56:36

on that day the nature of everything is going to change, things you never expected will speak will speak, our steam will speak, our lives will speak our feet will speak our hands will speak right? What the shadow Arjuna won't even their feet are going to testify against them the mechanics even in regards to the things they earned themselves. So because of that, he says we don't have to stretch the meaning to say no no, no, it's it's speaking in its calamity or speaking in this abstract form. Perhaps it's literally speaking in laws and put it in that way will law so be another Baca ohana. This is the word I wanted to come to. It's a complex word actually. It's used very common way. We

00:56:36--> 00:57:02

translate what he has revelation, the muscle of ohana is he had the infinitive form is he had, linguistically speaking actually, it doesn't mean revelation. That's one of its religious implications. linguistically, purely linguistically speaking, he has an Arabic means to hint something to someone secretly about something secret. In other words, you're sitting over there, I'm sitting over here, I just go like that. And you know what to do.

00:57:03--> 00:57:35

This is the kind of language like for example, sometimes it's spoken in the military. Right, the commander will say that, and the soldier knows exactly what it means how far to go over to say, etc, etc. This is he had to drop a hint secretly, until in regards to something that's hidden. This he has talked about in the Koran, not just between align the prophets. This is the how also, who here on this, this was given to me in Revelation that's one meaning, but we're talking about the linguistic meaning. Let's see how he uses it. He says what out out America in anatomy

00:57:36--> 00:58:15

allows the origin he revealed to the be he revealed what does that mean? He gave me He gave he inspired to be given a hint on where to go. And instructed on where to go. We find our ohana. Illa Mimosa and alberici We inspired the mother of Noosa that she should feed him breastfeed him. That doesn't mean he gave a revelation what it implies is the thought came in our mind the hint was given and she knew what to do what what act What plan to act out for Ohio in a human zombie hobo cotton washy this probably the one that makes it easiest Zachary on Instagram when the angel came and told him you're gonna have a boy right His name is gonna be Yeah, he's had a login me assign what sign

00:58:15--> 00:58:27

didn't like him. You won't speak to people for three days, three days and three nights you're not going to talk to people right? So when he came out people said What's going on? So how did he speak to them? He told them to make this video

00:58:28--> 00:58:43

but he How did he do it for Oh Ha Ha him he hinted at them. same word is used in the meaning of he hinted at them that they should make the spear Baccarat tanahashi in the morning and so the word is used to describe this hint a subtle hint that's dropped.

00:58:45--> 00:58:49

Then we find in the Quran interesting. We're in nutshell tiene la una una

00:58:50--> 00:59:32

mujer De Luca it is even the shell team they also give what he doesn't mean give Revelation it means they drop hints to their family their protective friends so they can debate with you. The shell team they give they drop hints to their friends their got their protective friends so they can debate with the believers so it's used for them also. So I shared this with you because Allah says be an Arab daka ohana and you know when this he has done both the one receiving it and the one giving it have an understanding and the one receiving it knows exactly what to do and allows other uses this word for the earth and says on the day those gifts spill all its beans clearly articulate every

00:59:32--> 00:59:52

single one of its news Why be enough because of the fact that it's master Rebecca your master actually on our back and we'll talk about that in a second has given it dropped the hint at it. Allah basically barely hinted at the earth to do this. And this event takes place. It's very easy on last shot timer.

00:59:53--> 00:59:57

Okay, what's a 38th? Okay.

00:59:58--> 00:59:59

All right, we're getting somewhere in Charlottetown

01:00:00--> 01:00:25

The next thing I want to talk about from a language point of view is the difference between in the ham you'll have an e ha Why? Why E and l ham? I think those of you who speak Urdu at least know both these words Arabs, of course know them, unless as far as Maha Fujiwara Hawa, taqwa from a language point of view, the difference between these two words even though they're both kind of revelation inspiration, kind of meaning in hand usually is calling to some sort of action.

01:00:26--> 01:00:57

While may or may not have had maybe wisdom or maybe a reminder working maybe a reminder, maybe wisdom maybe something else, maybe knowledge, but in ham is something that calls you to action for allama Fuji raha WA, taqwa your actions, okay, so that's that's one big difference between the two. The last thing I want to share with you is the last word that's used in regards to Revelation or or giving these kinds of hints secret hints to words that are only used for sheltering by the way these words

01:00:59--> 01:01:01

and can be used for shouting also.

01:01:02--> 01:01:10

But two words that are only used for shelter in our hamazon and was was okay what's what's up, and Amazon so we finally know

01:01:12--> 01:01:26

how Masatoshi Athena's becoming has attache one, and under the US we sue feasable. In US, both of those words are found. Let's look at the commentary in Anika chef. Where do an akuna Vietnam by capital I mean by

01:01:27--> 01:01:37

the word Vietnam Baka could be a substitute for the phrase of Baja in the previous I had this is a grammatical concept of substitutes. So what he's saying what's the benefit of knowing that you're meant to

01:01:39--> 01:01:40

be and

01:01:41--> 01:02:01

it is as though I was saying the day on that on which he the earth will spill are completely articulate and elaborate every one of the news and information that it contained. And that is only because it's master your master rather had inspired it to do so. There's one word here that's that demands a lot of attention. It's a lot Becca.

01:02:03--> 01:02:04

Allah didn't say rob the Ha.

01:02:06--> 01:02:45

Allah didn't say it's master the master of the earth, commanded it or inspired it or reveal to it or drop the hint at it. He said your master, your master which is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Allah azza wa jal is talking about this cut, you know, tremendously powerful event. And it was all in the third person. It was all of it was in the third person. And then especially the messenger was mentioned on the side. We are not on Baca ohada, your master has given inspiration to it. This shows actually the special status of the messenger will learn the Day of Judgment. On the day of judgment, the messenger will have a special status. And we know this from

01:02:45--> 01:03:20

many many many ahadeeth and simplest of one you know when the the the anger of the law soldier. And the shofar for who will be presented for Shabbat is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu it's like the messengers made a party to all these events that are happening and he's distant from the calamities have them be under a backup of hella, and this this closeness to the messenger Allah his thought was around in the second person, everything in the surah is third person, which is why it's distance and all of a sudden second person. This is the three to bring the messenger close, which illustrates the closest Allah has to His Messenger sallallahu sallam.

01:03:21--> 01:03:28

But then, really, really interesting language. Allah says, Oh Ha, ha ha. Not Oh Ha, LA.

01:03:29--> 01:04:12

Not LA. You see in Arabic When a verb is used, which is okay in this case, it comes with a preposition. It's kind of like an English you say give up. Give is the verb. up is the preposition. Okay? Or, for example, to speak to you Don't say I spoke him. You say I spoke to him. So you have a verb and you have the preposition. But you can't say I spoke by him or I spoke at him. Or I spoke in him. You have to say I spoke to him you have to use the right preposition You understand? Every verb has certain prepositions that are associated with it. The preposition associated with OHA is not law.

01:04:13--> 01:04:14

It's ILA

01:04:15--> 01:04:19

so what we were expecting was the unknown Rebecca. Oh Ha ha ha.

01:04:21--> 01:04:30

Elena and this is used all over the Quran. kulu here. Elijah hasn't gone. Well, ohana Illa Illa.

01:04:31--> 01:04:38

We find in a Natalie for example, Allah says, You will hire Ilya kalinda and you have

01:04:39--> 01:04:51

not been either but in this ayah instead of saying be Rebecca Oh Ha ha ha. He says we are not a Baka oka. And this is a little bit of a complex concept, but I'll try to simplify it as much as I can.

01:04:52--> 01:05:00

When there are two verbs, two things have to be said. Two things have to be said. Verb preposition number one

01:05:00--> 01:05:09

And verb number two preposition number two, two things have to be said. You can combine them by saying verb number one and preposition number two.

01:05:10--> 01:05:37

I'll say that again you have verb one preposition one, and then you have to end. preposition two. You want to say all four you want to say four things. Verb one preposition, one verb, two preposition, you want to see this whole thing. You know what you could do? You could just say verb one and preposition. Two and the Arab the ancient Arab is smart enough to know this verb and that preposition means he wants me to think of the preposition he didn't say and the verb he didn't say.

01:05:38--> 01:05:55

He's telling me the whole thing. So what's the verb that's it's incredible Actually, it's a remarkable feature of the Koran that allows original embeds words like this, this concept will have admission in the Quran. It's a remarkable thing. And that happens in this ayah law in the ayah goes with even and even Cassio Rahim Allah catches

01:05:57--> 01:06:32

him on last season. He says, when explaining the ayah was by him and have a movement be Mana evina ha, the meaning embedded inside in addition to he gave it a hint, he gave it an instruction he gave it a revelation is he gave it permission. The other meaning of the eye is because Allah gave it permission. So there to Allah given an instruction, Allah gave the earth the next instruction to speak. And the other is Allah gave it the permission to speak. What's the difference? If you give someone instruction? It's because they, they may not want to do it.

01:06:33--> 01:06:37

They only doing it because you told them to do it. But if you give someone permission,

01:06:39--> 01:06:57

like if you know their students in a class, somebody says, Can I go drink water? And I give them permission? What do you know what that is? They want it. They want if I give instruction, do Problem number five. That doesn't necessarily mean that they want to, but they're doing it anyway because I gave them instruction I gave them and do it.

01:06:58--> 01:07:36

But if they asked me permission, can we leave? Can we eat lunch? Can we have a break and they give them permission and implies whatever I gave them, they wanted? What what we learned from that is the earth always wanted to shake the earth always wanted to speak. The Earth has been waiting restlessly for that day that it can finally be done with its burden. Allah give it's such a huge task and he has to hold it patiently until that day. Until finally Allah says he gives an instruction go ahead and gives it permission go ahead and that's captured in just that little lamb in the is incredible. We are not a Baka Oh ha la

01:07:38--> 01:08:13

young lady de esto nos now we can come to the next tile each of these if they're so deep, you know the wording of the eye out is so beautiful indeed. Yoga. Again yoga isn't so it's gotten even tougher either. Yoga indeed number one and now yoga even number two yoga in your stolen us you know what Southern means in Arabic It means chest. Southern Arabic means shall give you a rough translation First, the day on which people will be turned back turned away into multiple groups so they may see their actions. That's a rough translation. Now we're going to go word by word and figure some things out about this ayah on

01:08:14--> 01:08:16

people will be turned away

01:08:17--> 01:08:28

from Southern is a chest saw did in Arabic This is very important to understand saw did in Arabic is someone who left home, went and got some water from the well or the watershed and then came back home.

01:08:30--> 01:08:47

went left went somewhere and came back. This is called slathered if someone only came home, which means they're a newcomer, they didn't go and come back. They only came. They're called Aladdin. So why didn't solder antonyms are opposites of each other. What other and sort of their two different words? Okay.

01:08:48--> 01:09:28

Southern Arabic is to go and come back. Allah says, yo, maybe you're stolen. People on that day now people have been used all people are going to basically now what is this going? And what is this coming back? The question to ask is, where are they going to go? And what are they coming back to? There is a very powerful word that's used in this ayah to describe the last day. It's a radical concept. You know, the day of judgment, you know about it since you were little? You've heard about the deal judgment, you know, many, many times. And a lot talks about it so many times. But the way he talks about it, the way he makes it a new subject every time it's incredible. How can one subject

01:09:28--> 01:09:37

become new every time Elijah was at a saying this world, this all started, we started here. Then we went into our groups.

01:09:38--> 01:09:40

We spent time in our graves and then we

01:09:41--> 01:09:42

came back came back out.

01:09:44--> 01:09:46

When we were in this world, this was the time to do these.

01:09:47--> 01:10:00

Then we left when we came back, it's time to suffer the consequences of our days. You come back and it's not the same Earth anymore. Yamato bottle or Iran or the the day on the earth the earth will be changed into

01:10:00--> 01:10:35

something other than the Earth, when we go into the grave, this world was something we recognize when we come out. It's the same Earth, but it's not something we recognize. We're brought back. Now this the previous time was to do these, the previous time when we were here to begin with it was to act, the second time to witness our acts. Now you can't do anything now. Now you're helpless, you can't even move your hands, their hands aren't gonna be moved for you. You can't even speak your tongue will speak against you. While you were here the first time you were in control, when you're coming to the second time, unless anyone in mukilteo, who has authority today, a last question,

01:10:35--> 01:11:11

right, same Earth. But when you go, you come back. It's not the same place anymore. It's completely transformed, you understand your usefulness. Now when you use when you were at this home, you were living with your family, you were living with your friends, Muslims were living with non Muslims, Muslims were living with hypocrites, the true believer living in the same house as a, as a big believer, everybody was mixed together. It was all one society. But this is when you were here. Now then you leave you go to your grave on your own. But when you come back, Allah says yes, little NASA, I start and I start comes from the Arabic word shut down.

01:11:12--> 01:11:46

Shut down means to be you know, if something was one, and it broke, and it broke into many pieces. This is called shutdown. In other words, humanity was one we felt like we were in one neighborhood, one town, one village, one community. But when we come back, what happens? We're all broken up into different categories. We're not one I started. Now why would be broken up broken up? Why can't we stay the way things work? Why can't he go back to his family, you know, unless as he know, kind of he used to be happy with his family can go back to his family now, back to coffee. But for the believer, he says, well, young

01:11:47--> 01:12:13

boy, he gets to go back to his family. But what is this division this spreading that allows little talks about to be dispersed, the opposite of which is undefined and if I was to take things that were apart and bring them together, so when the hearts of the believers come together he says for lfra Nakula he brought your hearts together and implying they were apart and because of all your hearts came together that's the word that leave the opposite of which the state and shutdown I started here the plural Shetty.

01:12:14--> 01:12:37

Now these this word in the Quran, Allah says Tasha wound me and Roku boom, shut that same word. Similarly, we find, you know, actually this idea itself, you will think that the kuffar their hearts are together, you will think they're all united against you. But their hearts are shut down. They're all over the place. They're broken apart. They even hate each other. They don't just hate you. They hate each other.

01:12:39--> 01:12:41

That's the reality described in the word shut down anyhow.

01:12:42--> 01:12:53

I'll get carried away. Allah comments. Tina, B has been marotti him said the word will invoke mininova Catherine What am I now what am in wha Hi.

01:12:55--> 01:13:32

Pamela, this hashtag is breaking up we'll be in accordance with everybody's degree and rank of good deeds and evil deeds, the good the better in a certain rank a savvy fool and a savvy born when I can karabo right. Then those who follow them there are people will be ranked according to their deeds. You will not get to meet people who lived in the same neighborhood you'll get to meet meet people who have the same rank this scored in the same percentile as you you're broken up into these a stat Some argue These are only two wish that two groups two large groups, but others come in because the word I start plural is used. It implies even within the believers even within this believer there

01:13:32--> 01:13:40

will be multiple groups multiple categories of people. Others yet argue no I stopped means everybody will be by themselves.

01:13:42--> 01:14:02

They take the logic to Muna for them you have come to us only by herself. Or unless escuela whom at home at MIT for each of them will come to a law on the Day of Judgment alone by himself individually. So this breaking up implies everybody's broken up from all their human connections and they are standing there all alone by themselves.

01:14:03--> 01:14:06

And because he commented on this emotion he says

01:14:07--> 01:14:41

you'll still see him in October is incredible. They will spread they will go into their graves and come out of it spreading out from their graves into the space place they're supposed to stand on motive the place you're supposed to stand where you can't move from actually and then of course they're the faces of the believers will turn white and those of the disbelievers will turn black out of fear and this will be broken up groups and each group will either have a path of least agenda or a path that leads to Hellfire Middle America some of those whose path leads to agenda. We want to finish the at least the the commentary on this ayah before we take a break for the salon inshallah

01:14:41--> 01:14:59

tada and that is the last word in which is incredible. Lee Oh Amanda home. We will be breaking into groups Li Li is the Agile half agile here. It gives purpose why are you broken into groups? So they may be shown neuro acmella home daddy's New York

01:15:01--> 01:15:04

Now there's a difference between the home and the home.

01:15:05--> 01:15:10

There's there's a common understanding in Arabic, it will mean something you do consciously.

01:15:11--> 01:15:13

It means something you do subconscious.

01:15:15--> 01:15:17

Breathing is not uncommon. What is breathing?

01:15:18--> 01:15:21

It's a fitted. Listening hearing is not uncommon.

01:15:22--> 01:15:44

It is what I used to do it you don't have to consciously make me I'm going to actually hear a sound you don't do that. By the way listening. listening carefully is ominous. But hearing the sound is a filter you understand what is conscious what is soccer, you don't even have to make an effort to do it. When you open your eyes. The fact that you see is what you look at would have to be what

01:15:46--> 01:15:50

you understand the difference. People will not be showing their face they will be shown their

01:15:52--> 01:16:12

home they will be shown their deeds. Now some of us who don't commented they will be shown the reward of their deeds, the reward of their deeds. Others commented no this is this is not the place where the rewards are talked about. This is the place where just the deeds are taught there will be shown their deeds What does this mean? This is the last comment we'll explain it more when we come back and shall not here's what I want you to know.

01:16:14--> 01:16:20

We do a lot of bad things even Muslims we do bad deeds and we do the good deeds go far also do bad deeds and they also do

01:16:21--> 01:17:01

now the kuffaar even their good deeds don't count. If you don't have that one good deed which is La ilaha illAllah none of your good deeds count if you can give charity be nice etc. None of that counts. It's all multiplied by zero if you have COVID shaitan had a lot of good deeds, but he multiplied them all by zero by doing one act of COVID right so COVID multiplies all your good deeds by zero. Now on the other hand, the leavers they have bad deeds but then Allah tells us you do this some of your deeds are wiped away you do step five they're wiped away You're totally wiped away right? They're erased etc etc but what we're learning here is you know how what we're learning is

01:17:01--> 01:17:38

this was these were the points taken off and then you did this and you got credit for them. So it's like a ledger with debit and credit right minus n plus and of course for the believer he may have a lot of minus but his pluses can cancel this out and then the bottom the statement on the bottom tells you what the eventual balance is but the balance is on the bottom in the in the statement What do you see only the credit or only the debate What do you see you see both you see the good and you see the bad the bottom will show us what ended up happening in the end what these little account which ones were taking a sincerity which one were not which one were canceled out which deeds were

01:17:38--> 01:18:14

erased etc etc but this the first step will be you'll be shown everything you get to see the whole picture and that's even further for the for the fight in the next I artist of suitable study something you will miss Carla damn rotten halen or miss Colorado rotten champagne, right? The worst the the atoms worth the specs worth we'll talk about the word design its linguistic implication with God and its implications they will get to see them. So inshallah Tada. After the break, we'll complete a study of this ayah and Soto's exam so panic alarm will be handed. To enter enter enter enter into Waco, Santa Monica America.