Ali Hammuda – Enjoy Your Prayer #4 Prayer and Hope

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the concept of fear and its mixed use with knowledge and hope. It explores the origins and characteristics of Islam, including its rise in the Middle East and Africa, the use of symbols to signal the presence of Islam in culture, and the importance of man being created for eternity. The speakers also discuss the use of hugs to symbolize culture and the importance of fearing danger.
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Let's add a fourth layer look Subhanallah all of this is yet before, before we begin our sauna, a certain mindset we want to load and be in before we begin our prayer.

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So we've said,

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keeping your mind focused on the doings of Salah, and then we added the second layer which is understanding salah and the nature of it. Number three to come into Salah with hope, expecting you will be given so much in the Salah.

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And then now the fourth one, what do you think logically follows from here?

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What logically follows

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Yeah, exactly, yeah to have fear of Allah Subhana Allah

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to come into Salah with Hoshyar real apprehension and fear of your Lord for some reason, I don't know why this topic is not very popular on the lecture circuit,

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a lot of people don't speak about it. Maybe it's not as popular because it creates a bit of a pin drop silence and a dark feeling in the hearts of a lot of people but it doesn't have to be that way.

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Every page in the Quran you cannot help but notice an explicit or implicit reference to the concept of fearing a lodge and lagenda.

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It is an empowering fear don't get me wrong.

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And I will mention that in the end of this particular segment, but first of all, let us establish there is a concept called hush Yet Allah the fear of Allah Telegin Agha and that it displeased, whomever displeases, we love Allah. And we yearn for the nearness to Allah.

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And we have hope in the Mercy of Allah. And we also fear the wrath of Allah downloaded and who al Malik. We do.

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And there are two terms in the Arabic that are usually used to denote fear, what are they, one of them is

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hope, and then

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hacia. And there's a whole host of other words as well let's just focus on these two famous ones health, fear.

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CATIA, also translated as fear. So in the translation is not really captured by either difference between them. There is a big difference, however.

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And we are required to have both hope of Allah and hush Yet Allah but one is more superior than the other.

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we know what that is? It's the sense of terror or dread or apprehension that comes into your heart when when you make contact with the object of fear, hope or fear.

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As for Akasha,

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this is a fear that is Mokona to be modified, it is mixed with profound knowledge.

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How is fear but it's not necessarily mixed with the knowledge of the object of fear.

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How she on the other hand, is fear, the same level of apprehension, right, but what is different is that it is mixed with a deeper understanding, profound knowledge and ratify.

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And that is why when Allah He praised the people of knowledge did he say they had hope of Allah? Or did he say they had Hashem fear of Allah?

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He said in sha Allah having a dirty and old amount, it is the scholars who have Kashi of Allah. He didn't say hope. It is the scholars, the people of knowledge, who have Hashem of Allah because that fear is mixed with knowledge.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the car come Lila, he were ushered to Kamala, who has Shia, I am the one who has the most piety from you all. And my hush hear of him is the greatest.

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Why is his hacia the greatest because no one knew Allah Almighty more than our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it he was so harsh, she is a fear that is mixed with knowledge.

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And that is why you see the reactions of two people who are afraid different if this one has called and this one has close. Yeah, they fear the same object.

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But their reactions are different because their levels of knowledge are different. And I give an example.

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There may be two individuals who are afflicted with the same illness. One of them is a doctor who knows the ins and outs of this disease. And the other one is just a layman or let's call him a non doctor.

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They're both afraid.

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They're both afraid because they're both want to live.

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However, the one who has hosts the lesser form of fear, his reaction isn't necessarily a composed one.

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It's a question of looking to grab anything panicking, asking people meltdown, I don't know what to do, because he wants to live. Whereas the reaction of the doctor who has hush here, the deeper level of fear, don't get me wrong. He has the same level of terror and dread, he also doesn't want to die. But his reaction is what? It's a lot more efficient.

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It's a lot more effective, because he's trained, and therefore he knows what he needs to do and what not to do to get himself outside of the boundaries of this illness. And that's the difference between a Muslim who has hope of Allah which is a praiseworthy station

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and another who has has Shia of Allah agenda, fear with knowledge, he knows how to get out of the anger of Allah agenda. He knows how to find the pleasure of Allah

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so that's one of the differences between Cove and hacia what is the difference brothers remind me?

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Cove is

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fear and Harsha is

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fear mix with profound knowledge. Good, there is a second difference.

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Which is that Hashem is a fear malshej LOL, well, Haber, what Palin has here is a fear that is mixed with or an glorification and a sense of reverence to the object of fear.

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So when you have hope of something, the level, lower of fear, you may revere it, you may not you may glorify it, you may not.

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If, however, you have Hush, you have something, you definitely glorify it, you are afraid.

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There is apprehension, but it's mixed with how you Gela and Azama reverence or you're impressed. deep admiration. You're in a state of all

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that's a difference between the two. Therefore, if you are running away from this calling an armed robber,

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you have called fear but you don't have to have him because you don't glorify Him. There's no oh of him. Nothing special about him just waiting for my life. Right? Because yeah. Oh, when however you run away from Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who you run away from Allah to Allah agenda agenda, who because you revere him, you admire him, you glorify Him. So we call this Kashmir

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a fear that is mixed with reverence, and glorification, Taiba, all of something and that is, of course, exclusive to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So we asked the same question here, how do we foster this house?

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Because I want to come into my salah. Now, with the state of hope in Allah, Jen, Nigeria has an excitement. But also, I mustn't forget the other side of the spectrum. I fear my Lord.

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And here a quick footnote, someone may ask, Are these not contradictory?

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Can they coexist?

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Can I love and have hope in someone but also fear them?

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With the art? Of course, the answer is yes, it's possible. They're not mutually exclusive. They can coexist.

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And I'll give you an example. Imagine that you are in debt to someone financially.

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But the lender happens to be a merciful person, an individual with good characteristics. So on one hand, there is a apprehension, there is a fear, you acknowledge that you owe the money, there's no getting out of it has to be paid back.

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But on the same vein, there is hope.

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Because of his good traits, he will forgive you, he will pardon he will drop the debt. So it's possible they can coexist. Come into your Salah with Raja hoping Allah subhanaw taala with your heart and your mind and your hands spread out.

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But similarly, you come into your prayer recognizing whom it is that you are sharing a space with now, and that is Allah agenda. Generico and you you have Hashem of him, you fear him.

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How do we go about fostering discussion of Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu and we say the exact same thing we sent it out to Raja, that is by knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's why he said, I know Allah Almighty the most and I fear him the most. The Prophet Muhammad sighs and because it is knowledge, that is the vehicle that takes a person to the Hashi of Allah Allah and by knowing him knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so when you read a hadith Subhan, Allah and Eileen, which a Buddha would raise on your authority of jacker, that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, describing the physical properties of just one of the angels,

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carrying the Throne of Allah Jaya

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he said, OD Nelly and Hadith Anala Qin Minh mela Ekati homiletic

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permission has been given to me to describe to you Oh Muslims, one of the angels who is carrying the Throne of Allah Jalla Jalla Lago and how many are they? Well, you know how to shut up Vika homeodomain is in Santa Ana. There's eight of them.

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Permission has been given to me to describe the physical properties of just one of those angels.

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He said Medina Shama God, he is at Mercy euro to send me

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the distance between his earlobe and his shoulder. How much was that on mine? Bearing in mind, I've got a quite a above average neck, it's a little bit on the long side.

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It's not more than 10 centimeters or so.

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He said, the distance between the ear lobe of this angel and his shoulder is the distance of 700 years worth of travel.

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So if this is the distance

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between his earlobe to his shoulder, what then of the size, the full size of this angel?

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And if this is the size of one of those eight angels, what about all eight of those angels?

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And if this is the magnificant, magnificence and size and enormity of angels who are carrying the Throne of Allah, what then of the other, the might and the glory of the ash, the throne itself?

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And if it's if this is the enormity and the magnificence of the throne itself, what then do you make of the Lord of the Throne Allah Allah will

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you read a narration like this what happens instantly your heart is filled with awe, and reverence and glory and fear of this Lord subhanho wa Taala and a lot of might and Kibriya. Sovereignty is his kingdom is his supremacy is his ownership is his dominance is hails his wealth belongs to Allah kingdom belongs to Allah or authority belongs to Allah agenda Juliana who he is the law, Lord of sovereignty and dominion, and he is the Lord of unbreakable might. This is not a law to be disobeyed.

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You want to know about Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Whoa, look at how he dealt with some of those perished nations of the past, who went against the Lord and challenge their prophets and messengers.

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When you read about the story of the Prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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who spent about 1000 years giving Dawa to his people, in an act of mercy from Allah Almighty and patients from that Prophet, they mocked him, they violently opposed him, they challenged him. So he called upon Allah Almighty for help and Allah would not let him down. What was the outcome?

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An ancient apocalypse,

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a cataclysmic event the netlike of which this world has never seen what happened.

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For Diana, Abu Abbas, Eb, Muhammad, Allah said, we opened up the heavens as if they were a gate, bringing down torrents of rain

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with a gentleman carbona And we cause the earth to erupt with springs filter called Marinova decoder. Therefore the rain of the heavens would meet the rain of the earth, to carry out a matter that Allah has already decided.

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You had the remorseless floods reaching the peaks of mountains destroying every civilization. According to the majority of the scholars, it was a flood that engulfed the entire globe.

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And what was the outcome? I love more than COVID-19 Meaning Allah said away with the wrongdoing people says Hola, tengo janeiro says a lot to be challenged or disobey, Hannover worthy of Kashmir, come into your Salah with this mindset.

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Then, many years after the death of Prophet alayhi, Salatu was Salam, another civilization would rise to power.

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They were called the people of God.

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And they were powerful. They were people of physical prowess, and they knew it. And they would say, Man, I shall do me now who is more powerful than us?

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So Allah sent to them the Prophet of Allah who do to correct their crooked ways, and they mocked him and they laughed at him and they rejected him and violently oppose him. So he raised his hands to Allah al Malik, the sovereign, the King of kings and Allah who did not let that team down.

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And what was the outcome?

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The people have had

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the Atlantis of the sand dunes

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The people of the ACA as the Quran called them, who lived in a place between Hadramaut of Yemen and Oman, modern day Saudi.

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What was the outcome?

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Lm Tara KFR darbuka Allah asks, Have you not seen what your Lord did to the people of God? In Allah?

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What did Allah do to them?

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Well, I'm doing really cool, very high sorcerer in it. As for the people of the ad, we unleashed upon them a furious roaring howling wind. Sahara Ali Ahimsa Allah, but was set upon them for seven nights with Nia

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and eight days who sunnah continuously, non stop for Tyrell Cole Murphy Hazara so you see the people now lying dead

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unknown Jasmine Luckily in Ha we are looking like trunks of palm trees that have been uprooted from the land.

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For hotel Rolla, home member, so do you see any remnants of them today? Allah says,

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you read a story like that you realize this is a lot to be feared.

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That's a lot to be revered, glorified. And that is the Lord who you stand before when you say Allahu Akbar and you begin your Salah, fear that trepidation in your heart.

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And then many years after the perishing of the people of ADD, rose to power, another civilization.

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Their name was assembled.

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And the archaeologists differ as per where they actually lived. Some people they say in Petra in Jordan, others they say in parts of Saudi Arabia and others, they say it's a mix between both, with one capital being in one of those two cities.

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But what non Muslim archaeologists know for sure that it was a devastating natural event, as they call it that ended the civilization of the people of the moon. And they became arrogant. And so the Prophet of Allah saga was sent to them by Allah agenda, Julianne who to correct their crooked ways. And they mocked him, they said bring us a miracle. So he may do an A she camel was produced for them, they hamstrung hamstrung Vichy camel, and they challenged their Lord and they said bring us the punishment that you threaten us off. And so slightly he said to them,

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that McDow fee daddy Consolata Yan, enjoy your time in your homes for another three days. The Aliko Hiramatsu This is a promise of Allah that cannot be belied something is coming. And when those 72 hours passed by

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the heavens filled with thunderbolts, the earth beneath them began to quake. And there was a terrible scream screeching from the script from the sky. That took out the very last of them. And the outcome and burden later moved away with the people of ThermoWood. Allah said, that's the end of that civilization.

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So when you read something like this, what happens it fosters Hoshyar fear of Allah, gender judo, and you realize that this is not a law to be disobeyed.

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To travel the world, traveled the world, see the ruins of ancient civilizations and perish nations and you will come to the conclusion.

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Malika Allah Malika Illa Allah there is no king and owner but Allah, every one of them has been dethroned. Go to the city of Babylon, and the ruins of Babylon in Iraq. Go to the Parthenon of Greece, go to the Roman Colosseum of Italy go to the pyramid structures of Egypt and the sophisticated strode stone structures of Petra in Jordan and you will see one message one signature ingrained in all of those civilizations. And that signature says La vie de la there is no conquer but Allah there is no Victor but Allah agenda junagarh Every one of them dethroned and sent to their graves. This is a lot to be feared. Subhana wa Taala and he is not allowed to be disobeyed.

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So it is by knowing Allah Jalla chillagoe

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Knowing him through the universal signs that you see around you, looking into the heavens to know Allah,

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only Verona that is somehow it will. Allah said look at what is in the heavens and the earth. Allah said our LM young guru, female acoustician, our team on earth has not looked into the dominions of the heavens and the earth when kala kala hoomins che and all things that Allah has created you look at that at increases you in Love of Allah hoping Allah but it also increases you in fear and glory of Elijah.

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He is not a lot to me this

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that's why I say brothers really and sisters.

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On a quick side, don't hear

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Just because

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there is some silence and normality to your life after you've committed a particular sin, beware of thinking that Allah Almighty did not see it.

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And beware of thinking that this is a sign and an indication for you to continue because nothing is going to happen.

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And that is why I'll Mata not be one of the poets he said either Atanu been lazy berries and fell out of Hoonah in the later Yep, decimals.

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He said, If you see the canine teeth of a lion,

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presenting themselves to you beware of thinking that the lion is smiling at you.

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Not smiling, are you? Similarly, if your life post sin is silence, normality, and I don't see no Thunderbolt and I don't see no cancer developing in my body. I don't see no immediate punishment. Beware of misinterpreting this as a sign from Allah Almighty to say to you go ahead, continue. Everything is okay. No, everything is not okay.

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Because at the second in time, Allah is treating you with his Rama, with his forbearance with his home with his kindness, but should our behavior continue that may change our Lord is going to be feared Subhan Allah Allah. This is what I'm talking about Hashem, to know Allah, Allah and legendario to study about what will happen in the grave. And maybe some of you saw that video that went viral not too long ago. Some Australian Muslim brothers who took with them a pirate to a graveyard. Now I don't know if this is true, or if it is not that it looks very moving.

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And we know that all of creation here the punishment of the grave with the exception to human beings and the jinn.

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Everything else listens, they can hear what happens underground. That's why even though Tamia he said that whenever the donkeys used to have constipation, back in his days, they would take them to the graveyards of the kuffaar. And instantly they would have diarrhea

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because they would hear and that would bring everything out there Ilaha illa Allah so they bring this parrot to the to a graveyard of non Muslims, it seems, and it's its feathers are all perked up and it's singing and it looks very jolly and happy. And then the moment they bring it into the graveyard, all of its feathers come down. And there was a sense of Kosher actually upon it. Sakina it's just it's clearly disturbed. And then it begins to make the sounds as if mimicking what you can hear people who are screaming people who are in agony and pain.

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Anyway, the idea is to have Kashi of Allah Almighty and to realize he is a lot to be feared. So to know Allah Almighty, this is one way. The second way and I will conclude with this, of developing this hussy of Allah is to know people who have hussy of Allah

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or to at least mixed with their biographies and read about their lives, you will begin to feel something happening in your heart.

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And by the way, those who have Kashi of Allah are not just human beings, they are angels and they are stones and they are mountains they all fear Allah Danijela Allah Allah Almighty said about rocks

00:23:16 --> 00:23:31

so Sadhguru Bukom embody Dalek then your hearts became hard after that for here can hate out it oh I should do cashier for here can hijack it I should do customer then your hearts became like rocks or even harder.

00:23:32 --> 00:23:58

We're in nominal haidara dilemma. Yatta gentlemen, hold on ha. And there are some rocks that first opened with rivers were in them in Harlem Ayesha Kapoor via clergyman Hoonah and there are some rocks that split open and water come from them. Were in nemenhah Alana Yeah, happy to mean Hershey Attila and there are some rocks that fall from the cashier, the fear of Allah Subhana.

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And then Allah Almighty tells us about the mela EK, the angels, you have will not have the home info team. They fear the Lord who is above them. Allah said about the angels while whom in hacia T mosquito cone, they stand in awe and fear of Allah.

00:24:19 --> 00:24:41

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so Angel Jibreel who is the most magnificent and favorite and dignified angel of Allah Jalla Jalla Allah Who, who is of a beautiful creation 600 wings when he saw him in his true angelic form, each one of those wings, filling the horizons covering the open sky, as far as you can see, 600 of them

00:24:42 --> 00:25:00

and pearls and rubies falling out from the eight Wings of this angel, the magnificence of which only Allah Almighty knows that's what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when he saw Angel Jibreel in his true form. Yeah, that very Angel when he was with the pro

00:25:00 --> 00:25:05

fit Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ascending into the heavens making their way to the Lord.

00:25:07 --> 00:25:26

Our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam looks at Angel Jibreel as they were reaching the highest abode, And he said, What do you believe you can hence in Bali, because she Attila and Jibreel, he said look like a worn out saddlecloth from the fear of Elijah,

00:25:27 --> 00:25:45

white Angel look like a worn out saddlecloth from the fear and humbleness before Elijah and Metrolina. Angels had discussion of Allah and the rocks, they had this clarity of Allah. And as for our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi Hussain, who was the Imam of Kashmir.

00:25:46 --> 00:25:50

Never in his life was he seen laughing hysterically.

00:25:52 --> 00:26:17

Now, this may be different for you and I and it certainly was different to some of the companions they did who would fall on their backs, laughing hysterically, hey, we're human. But as for him, and he his Salatu was Salam itself. Our mother I Isha, she said, MER a to Rasul Allah, He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but he can muster Gmail, got to have the Tahara la Hawa to

00:26:19 --> 00:26:25

never in my life did I see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam laughing in a way whereby you could see his uvula.

00:26:26 --> 00:26:31

The uvula is the name of the fleshy structure at the back of the throat. You see a dangling?

00:26:32 --> 00:26:43

He said, Never did he laugh in a way where it could be seen. He never laughed hysterically. He would simply smile. And he was a man who is always smiling, but he did not laugh hysterically.

00:26:44 --> 00:26:45

She said.

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And whenever clouds or wind would blow in Medina, we would see fear in his face. And he would be in and out of the house in or out of the house. He was afraid. And our mother I Isha, she questioned him on this. She confronted him and said, How is it that when the wind blows and the clouds gather, we're all happy because we hope for rain, except you we see fear in your face.

00:27:15 --> 00:27:17

And he said to her, ya Isha to our ocean.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:26

Ma, you are Marinoni and you're gonna feed Jada? How can I be sure that there is not a punishment in that cloud?

00:27:27 --> 00:27:45

Or the hoodie back home on the rear, there was a nation before us who were destroyed with wind. Walker, the COVID model either for cold weather or your monthly runner and there was another nation who saw clouds forming and they said this is a cloud bringing us Ram

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was a punishment. What is this about Kashmir of Allah to invade your laddle? Some Allahu alayhi wasallam.

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And then I share with you some statements of our predecessors I read these statements in aberdonians book called and motorman mean, meaning those who made wishes. He basically claimed in his book statements of the self

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who made wishes they had hoped for things and I've picked out for you a few to show you their hashish of Allah agenda gelato

00:28:20 --> 00:28:22

you have the likes of Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu who said

00:28:24 --> 00:28:39

years later he shares Euro tune toe Babu Phatak I wish I was just a tree that would be cut down and people would use its word and that would be the end of it. I wish I was a tree

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and oh my god Allahu Anhu would say yeah late any hurry he did now. I wish I was this stick of hey, ya later on me lamp telling me I wish my mother never gave birth to me. You're late and you come to this young man see? Yeah, I wish I was something forgotten. You are late any lamp a cushy? I wish I was nothing.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:18

Why did they say these things because they know now that they are not nothing. Now that they are human beings. They have a soul it means they are created for eternity. If you're created for eternity, it means there is a resurrection and there is no guarantee of passing.

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We wish we were trees we wish we were hey we wish we were boulders. We wish we were an inanimate object so that there will be no standing before Allah had no and no accountability. Hashem of Allah. They had Subhan Allah and Omar he would say no and Lila I have the the hadn't left the day to be human Other than that,

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if I had the Earths fill of gold, I would use it to ransom myself from the punishment of Allah before I meet him.

00:29:48 --> 00:29:51

And these are the words coming from a man who was promised gender.

00:29:53 --> 00:30:00

And when he was passing away, his head was on the lap of his son Abdullah. He was breathing his last eye then he said to his son, place my head on the floor.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:25

or he said my father just keep it on my lap. He said place it on the floor he said my father, the floor on my lap the other thing he said just place my head on the floor. So that Allah who may see me with the eye of mercy and He placed his head on the floor and there his last words before he died Where were you leave Where were you me in them you're hungry or be Woe to me. And woe to my mother if Allah does not have mercy upon me

00:30:28 --> 00:30:36

and Abdullah he is old he would say yeah late any either me to a Neelam Oba I wish that if I die, I would not be resurrected.

00:30:37 --> 00:30:50

And I Abdullah Abraham double asked another companion, he would say yeah, late 20 Lemina minha nabina larly one I wish I was one of those rocks in the wall. Nothing for me, and nothing against

00:30:51 --> 00:31:07

Ebola will be Allahu Anhu mentioned Hadith. He tries to speak over Hadith of the first three people who will be thrown into * on the day of judgment. And he passes out three times before he gets to the end of the Hadith. What type of Asha of Allah Jalla Jalla. And who did they have?

00:31:09 --> 00:31:12

And the last statement I shared with you It belongs to Allah, you've got to be taught.

00:31:14 --> 00:31:19

One of his contemporaries by the name of Dr. Evil Nomura. He said I remember seeing it you've Nebuta

00:31:20 --> 00:31:24

sat all by himself in his place of Salah in the middle of the night,

00:31:25 --> 00:31:29

where the stars were dispersed, and the night had spread its wings.

00:31:31 --> 00:31:33

And Alia Rhodiola Allahu Anhu was grabbing on to his beard.

00:31:35 --> 00:31:39

And his body was twisted as if he had been stung by a snake in pain.

00:31:40 --> 00:31:43

And he was weeping like a bereaved woman.

00:31:44 --> 00:31:52

And I heard it say to himself, yeah, dunya Hurry, hurry, hurry dunya go and deceive someone else.

00:31:53 --> 00:32:26

Or beat our rugby. Are you trying to deceive me? I'm in a theater shall work. D Are you yearning for me? Hey, you had to have you had that can't happen. But Diane to Keith Ellison. I've divorced you three times. Now Rajat, if you can never come back to me for all Motoki, coffee, because your life is so short. Well hotter, okay, I see and your harm is so near. And then he would say him in kill that is all my provisions are so few

00:32:27 --> 00:32:33

Wabo does suffer and the journey is so long, why why should the body and how long is the path ahead?

00:32:35 --> 00:32:40

This is the type of Assia fear of Allah agenda, Janelle that he is deserving of.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:51

Now, as I said to you, I would mention in the end of this talk, dear brothers, their sisters, the hush do we have of Allah? Is that an empowering one? It's not a depressing one.

00:32:53 --> 00:33:08

It's a strengthening one. Because everything in life that you are afraid of you run away from it. You fear an armed robber, you run away from him, you fear a predatory animal, you run away from it with the exception to Allah during the Generico when you fear Him, you run towards him.

00:33:11 --> 00:33:50

Because you cannot outrun Allah and what are the refuge is there other than Allah, fulfill rule in Allah, Allah said Flee to Allah agenda, Gerardo. When you are afraid of something in dunya you want to widen the distance but when you are afraid of Allah Rahman Rahim, you want to close the distance, and you want to draw near to Him. And that is the place where safety and security is found. So this is the fourth layer. Come into Salah yes with hope with great expectations that Allah will fill your hands and Allah will give you more than you anticipate. Be excited and be greedy and ask for things that you think you don't deserve, but on the same

00:33:51 --> 00:34:15

the same time, come to your Salah, fearing your Lord. Knowing what he deserves and understanding he is not allowed to be disobeyed. This is a king who controls the makhani the affairs of the heavens and the earth and my life and afterlife and all of creation within His majestic hand Subhanallah and see how that will play a huge role in putting human eye upon a path to ensure

00:34:16 --> 00:34:27

two more layers we will share inshallah data next week if Allah gives us life until then, then we will slowly start inching towards the actual salah or some of our interview now Mohammed

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