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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah

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we're beginning with the ninth eye of sorts of shapes or the F Lucha menza kaha.

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Previously, in the same series of solos we've read called after the Hammond desica Carlos Mara V for Salah.

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A few words of reminder as far as vocabulary is concerned, the word cod in the Arabic language is used for two reasons one to illustrate a statement that has already the case. So for example, if you say hi Raja, it would mean he already left, he already left. So whatever is about to be stated is already the case. Another implication of the word cloud in the Arabic language is certitudes absolute certainty. So it's sort of like the function of in that many of you are familiar with certainly. So the two implications are there certainly. And already now, after

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after has translated, commonly he succeeded. He succeeded, but there are multiple words in the language and as are used in the Koran for success. There's faza f Lucha right? Naja also. So which word in since all of them get translated a success to sort of ambiguity between which one we actually want to appreciate it which occasion the word comes from if law and if law is a used word used in the Arabic language for relief for a farmer that is about to reap harvest. In other words, when the farmer you know, is tilling the soil and doing all this work, he has no idea if it's going to be a good year or a bad year. But at the end of all of that labor, when it's time for crop

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season, he's called fella. That's what the farmer is called. And that's what the word flower comes from. In other words, they've attained success. But the success didn't just come to them. It came after a long duration of labor. And usually when it is used, you're going to find some kind of effort mentioned after it, because you're not just going to find success doesn't just come just like that. There are some efforts that had to be made. So what are these efforts? Let's look forward in sha Allah. Because after how many is

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the one who engaged in purifying it thoroughly, has already attained success. What is it in purifying it? It is the stuff that's being talked about previously, when Allah says when fcms A waha for Alabama have fujimura Hava taqwa ha, God f la Harmon zakka ha. So the one engaged in purifying, getting cleansing, it has already attained success, the activity of cleansing oneself a law causes success, not the one who has pure knifes that may never happen. You may you and I may be engaged in the activity of trying to purify ourselves our entire lives. But we'll never get a fully pure enough. But the one sincerely engaged in this activity, a lot of calls that activity itself success.

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He calls that activity itself success. Then another nuance in this ayah that is a comparison between an ayah we saw before but after Hammond desica translation for that one would have been the one purifying himself would have are the one who cleanses cleanses himself has already attained success and this is a very similar to translation zakka but they're the word Pekka was used from afar Allah in Arabic does a key but here is zakka which comes from the Muslim test kiya it's from Baba Dufrene and these are two different patterns in Arabic morphology. And the benefit of the patterns is in English translation or in English grammar, at least we say transitive and intransitive. I know this

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sounds very technical and simplified in a second. When you say it does occur, it refers to yourself to cleanse yourself or exam for example, if I say I bathed, I bathed. Of course it means myself. Right? But if I say I helped, then it doesn't necessarily mean myself you're thinking I help someone else. So verbs in any language are transitive or intransitive. What that means is the verb seems to be affecting myself or the verb seems to be affecting somebody else. When it's affecting myself. It's called intransitive. When it affects somebody else. It's called transitive in Arabic. The the transitive of the one that affects others is called mother ID. And the one that affects yourself is

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called lesson loom with the ID in Arabic grammar, okay. Now the reason I mentioned this in the previous mentioned, of course, after Hammond does occur, there is loose zoom. It's intransitive, cleansed himself. But then here, it's transitive. He purified but it's not

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himself he purified it, he purified it. So the it the knifes is mentioned as an entity outside of yourself,

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it is not mentioned as you it has mentioned something almost as though it is outside of you and you have to think of your knifes separately from yourself. And this is a subtle reality that is alluded to in a number of places and no put on for example, for a moment half on Nakamura v one 100 nafsa and in our The one who feared standing before their Lord and forbade the knifes from desires, Allah didn't say when I had enough sahoo and in Hawaii, he forbade his knifes from desert desert forbade Venus as though it is not even a part of you. So when it came, when it comes to the corruption of the knifes, you take it as an enemy inside of you, that you have to fight so it's almost you've

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separated yourself from this enough SubhanAllah. It's a profound profound statement that has made the word zeca or teskey. a means to cleanse or purify. And obviously you don't clean something that's already clean, you clean something that is dirty. So the implication here is the human being realizes when Allah gave him a clear understanding and an inspiration to recognize for Judo Ha, ha ha, right the rebellion of it and the means to protect it. The human being realizes they haven't been entirely cleaned their whole life. So they have to engage in the act of cleansing themselves. So this concern with self purification, this concern of becoming a better human being a cleaner

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human being to cleanse your enough's from filth, and these fields, these are these are baltica. In other words, they're hidden problems. Maybe your problem is anger. Maybe your problem is jealousy. Maybe your problem is lying. Maybe your problem is cheating. Maybe you're homeless, you're obsessed with entertainment, maybe it's shamelessness you don't guard your eyes. Maybe it's your tongue. You don't you don't hold your tongue you just say whatever comes in your mouth. These are all means by which you're knifes gets dirtier and dirtier and dirtier. And the person now this the one who's attained success is the one who's engaged in the act of cleansing it. But of the human does, aka the

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one who engaged in this act has already attained true success. May Allah make us of them. On the other hand, is the opposite extreme disease that Allah mentions when he says but Allah who use a key Manisha on one place, rather, it is a law who cleanses whoever he wants. So her life saying we have to cleanse ourselves. And then he says He cleanses whoever he wants, what's the balance between these two things, the understanding we have is none of us, none of us can actually purify ourselves, all we can do is try to purify ourselves, when we make this sincere effort of trying, who will actually grant us the purity, it is a laws of nature, okay, it is a lot, but we have to take the

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first step and try that is the way we balance these two statements. On the other hand, also is the person who assumes they have already attained purity, they don't need to be purified, they are already pure. And this is a serious problem because in some at some, you know areas of the Muslim community, we assume that this one person has attained purity already. So we should go to them to make the art for us or to do whatever it is what religious council not because of their knowledge, because they are pure. They are pure, like I'm not pure, but they are. Allah azzawajal says and by the way, these people who call others to, you know, ask them they will somehow spiritually elevate

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them, etc. They considered themselves pure. They consider themselves fear. Rather, Allah says not to Zaku and fullcycle do not declare yourself as pure.

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He lets us know don't declare yourselves period don't this idea of self righteousness, or having attained a certain level of a man or whatever? Out of the question for us. We assume a man for each other. But we never assume a man for who? ourselves upon Allah. For anybody else. You don't say man, this guy's got such weak human you don't say that. You say this is the best thing man is better than I do. But for yourself, you never ever assume that you're you've cleansed yourself of you. You've attained certain kind of level. Allah does not give us that that stature, so Pinilla. So he says, you know, because of Lucha Mendoza, by the way, who is the best of the ones who purified himself.

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It's the Messenger of Allah sallallahu arnesson. The ideal was already mentioned in the previous solar power and the hidden behind the ballot. The reference to the most pure has already been mentioned in the previous solar. When the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to recite this ayah there are several narrations that he would make.

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I'm going to recite to you not all of the versions but the longest version of them Allahumma inni Ooo, coming to becoming COVID Nyasha. Allah I seek your refuge from a heart that refuses to fear that feels no fear, woman, neffs and Natasha, and I fear I seek a refuge from enough's a conscience that is never fulfilled. Meaning it's always running after more things. It's never called it's never tranquil. It's never satisfied. When in doubt what in law use taboola and I seek your refuge from a prayer that

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is not going to be answered. meaning you're asking a large soldier and it won't be answered Allahumma FC taqwa, O Allah grant my enough's that same thing my conscience granted its protection. You know for Alabama foodora Hawa taqwa and the messenger is asking some Allah Allah He was Adam. Grant my enough's. It's taqwa granted this gift of wanting to protect itself was a key her and cleanse it purified and hieromonk Zika You are the best, you're the one in the best position to cleanse it or to purify it. Now Hiraman Zika means you are the best but you're not the only entity involved who has to engage in this activity first. We are but you're in the best position to

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actually cleanse it. So I didn't just the Messenger of Allah Islam didn't just say you're the only one. But he said you're the best to cleanse it. In other words, he put responsibility on our side too. And when you have a molar how you are it's guarding, guarding us protective and protecting friend meaning you are the friend you err on the side of this knifes soprano law. Now, the parallel between the Sun and the knifes remember we talked about it in the beginning of the surah The sun is Allah gave it give the Nef such bright ability to cleanse itself he put that inclination inside of it but it can come to a point like night when it gets over covered with darkness and when the nuts

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when the cleanse is clean. It doesn't just benefit itself it's light goes to others what shamcey wa baja also it's like spreads out. And not only that in the darkest time, the sun can still benefit what the moon and the light still comes out. So even in the toughest time you will benefit especially in times of fitna and darkness you will benefit from a clean knifes because it will be that the moon that brights that shines bright even in the middle of darkness. That is the parallel that will be in Rahim Allah draws between the beginning oaths and the trials of the knifes and then he then we read the next profound statement. What are the hava Mandisa? haba in Arabic is really

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interesting word. It means when you are running after something and you failed to get it

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or you ran out you really really wanted to get something but when you got it, it was something other than what you wanted. Like you didn't get what you wanted, like your kids that either something right, they get it. And that's not what I wanted. It was something else. This is this is the word hava. It comes from the root letters. ha yeah. And that

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includes in the meeting, and its meaning disappointment, frustration, failure, right all of these meanings are introduced in the word haba. The Arabs have an expression what men have a harbor, whoever gets afraid is going to miss out and is going to be disappointed meaning if you're going to take the initiative, go for it. Don't hold back because if you do, you're going to be disappointed. Similarly, we find the Tafseer of ignore our best or the Allahumma hasi element of Allah hahahaha the one when he says the Quran says called haba Mendez have we haven't discussed the word the Sangha, that the one who throws it into the dust and covers it up and buries it in dust and

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completely disregards it what is it the knifes turnips, who completely completely disregards the good potential of the knifes the goodness that Allah gave them. The one who completely completely disregards it is setting himself up for major frustration for a major disappointment. They think they're running after something they want, when they get it, they're going to realize it's not what they wanted. Anyway, so that's the word haba with the word thus, now we find Hasidim and abala Hahahaha. The one who has misled it and diluted it and confused it has only given himself under loss or over the SIR a slew the Sasa the word the Sangha, this was an elephant the end in morphology is

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actually made from the roots that is seen and seen from a friend. So it's the Sasa you see suited sees, but because the cloud this repetition of syllables that says that you see the scenes twice, sometimes in Arabic morphology, you confuse them together or replace them with a Val. So the assessor becomes this. But when this replacement happens, what was created is what's called mobile law. In other words, it's hyperbolized. So it's the one who completely and utterly disregarded his knifes completely and utterly killed their conscience, if you will. In modern English, they did not listen to the inner voice of their conscience. They completely put it one with the dust and to put

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something in dust in Arabic is to have no value for it to have no value for it whatsoever. In the previous slide, we found How does a person put their enough's in the dust when we read Philip Hammond acaba de la cama la Cava, the one Why doesn't he and how come he didn't climb up the higher incline? How come he didn't go up to higher road? Remember the road we talked about? Coubertin, our tarmin film in a very similarly in the previous solo we found this knifes this disease knifes when he puts himself in the dust he doesn't think anybody else cares either.

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He doesn't care about his knifes, who else is going to ask him anyway? So as an alum, Yahoo I had access to data and he had in the previous sorta, does he assume nobody sees him does he see that nobody saw him that nobody has control over him or will have control over him. So cut off the hangman this. This is the state of the one who gets that imbalance. And the only concern in there enough is pleasures, and greed and wealth, just worldly things. And there's no concern of the other world that balances that us like like like night and day are balanced and sun and moon are balanced, that we were in the beginning of the solar and how the neffs itself was created in balance. It was

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created in balance, because the law says whenever seen woman, so but now this person has lost that balance altogether. Now that Allah has mentioned this imbalance of the nerves, and the one who's humiliated himself, the subject almost immediately switches. And it switches to a nation not a person but a nation. What we are learning here is nation, a corrupt nation is made up of what corrupt individuals. So when you say this nation has gone bad, what is the first step to fixing that nation, fixing the individuals, when you talk about the oma has so many problems, or this nation is has so many problems or has gotten so corrupt, then you can overwhelm yourself talking about the

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larger problems of society. And when somebody says, You know, I think the solution lies with individual change, change within our own family change within our own neighborhood. Man, you don't know what you're talking about. Let's talk about the big political picture. Right? So we get so obsessed with big problems that we forget sometimes that the root of the solution is in the individual, not in the collective, the work of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, from a political science point of view is amazing, unprecedented in human history. No one accomplished in the time of in that time life in that time, a kind of social, political, economic change, that the

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messenger calls socialism. But you know what the real change he brought is, is not politics. It's not sociology, it's not economics. It's the change he brought to individuals. And the insult will fit. When Allah guaranteed the victory of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. At the end, he didn't talk about the huge monuments or the expanse of the Muslim civilization, you know, what he talked about as the great accomplishment of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the Sahaba that are the plants that are you know, they're given the analogy of plants that are put in the ground and they come out and they become strong and firm, your tables around the world could fall off. That's

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the analogy of the Sahaba that they know it came out it was weak, then it became firm and it could stand on its own and finally it became mature. This is the maturity of the companions of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam under his training, so his real contribution is producing human beings that were that were concerned with cleansing themselves. The previous soldier found us reciting when Athena kuffaar will be at the home of Hubble Mashallah, I lay him now to Masada. That was at the conclusion of the previous solar. Those who lie against our miraculous signs will have this this the curse, right. They are the people of the ultimate curse and machinima. And they have this lid of a

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fire placed upon them so that Oh, subtle Bob covered it over. So they have fire and it's covered over them. But now we're gonna find what's going to happen in dystonia. What happened that's the punishment in the US Hello, this surah will be about the punishment in this dunya because the caffeine would have heard the previous line said I'll deal with it then. In the homie Allahu berita. They see it very far away. They see that very far away. So Allah mentions know that punishment will not just be over there, it will also be over here. So the solar goes on. cadabra thermo Lupita ha ha. So mood light against and now I'm going to leave a blank light against blank as a result of

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their rebellion. Some mood light against blank as a result of the rebellion. The words the blank here is Rasulullah home. Can sabot Samudra Sula Tomita, ha ha. The people of the mood, light against their messenger RNA Salaam Salahuddin salam, because of their rebellion, but Rasulullah hum is not mentioned. It is not mentioned because it's understood. It is understood because Allah has now turned towards the messenger sallallahu sallam, and is talking to him and saying they lied to when you talk to a messenger and you tell him they lied against. He understands they lied against a messenger. So this ayah in and of itself is a consolation to the messenger. Salallahu alaihe salam

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if this Qureshi are lying against you, this is not the first time the mood light against also light against meaning light against messengers also, why do they lie against the messenger? Because this is a key word in the surah remember the center of this surah is explaining when I've seen what Massawa the knifes the internet's and its inclinations. Allah says the reason they rebelled was because of their rebellion. Where does rebellion exist inside there. Now, inside their enough's so the reason

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they rebelled against the messenger. And the reason they refuse to obey was not because they were in doubt and they weren't sure if he's the messenger or there wasn't enough truth given to them. They didn't have enough information, information and knowledge all of that can be put aside if your enough's is corrupt, you can have all the knowledge in the world you'll still go astray if you're enough sis corrupt, so this nation went corrupt not because of a lack of knowledge, because they saw with their own eyes The she camel naka de la come out of the Boulder, they saw with their own eyes this one she came over drinking the entire water that takes their entire herd to drink. They saw

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this with their own eyes. So they clearly did see a miracle there was nothing missing in their conviction. But what was corrupt anyway. The knifes and that's why I thought why as mentioned, Allah doesn't just tell us they lied, they lied against or the login light against the messenger because of their rebellion because of their Tolkien, Taha yaku exceeding rebellion.

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Now, why thermowood, the previous ruler told us for our own

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for mood was mentioned to Iran artillery mad came up. Now, this time, just some wood, just some wood. And the reason for that is the closest and the most knowledgeable among the Arabs were most knowledgeable of samode. They knew the history of the mood more than they knew the history of anyone else. Actually, there are multiple, multiple ashad poetry, excerpts of poetry in Arabic literature that are talking about the mood even before Islam and how they were destroyed. And actually, when they would give the example of a corrupt leader in their poetry, they would make reference for example, I don't know why it Aquaman forgot badly. In another one of their poems, they said, the

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people who followed Kadar, the name of a leader

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for mood, the leader of the mood, his name was Peter. And they say people follow him like they used to follow Kadar, who led them to destruction, right? So they would make this kind of poetry often about kidada and the other leaders of the mood, because they knew that was a nation destroyed due to corruption due to corruption. So when even though Ally's talking to his messenger, salallahu alaihe salam, who's obviously the audience In addition, the kurush and the one the closest most recent, and the most well known example of punishment coming in this world, for them is some wood in some wood. So that's why the word sammut is the ordination of the Buddhist mentioned, even Bertha ashba you

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know, we already learned the one who puts his nuts in the dust is set up for frustration. The most unfortunate person who doesn't take advantage of this amazing knifes that it was balanced inside of him. Now that gives us an example of a horrible knifes in history. Who did this act. So Allah says, Even better, when the when he rose all on his own, meaning you took initiative, but I thought to rise in barasat, Arise all on your own. In fact, he did it he took initiative for himself I spa, the worst, the most unfortunate, the most wretched, the most wicked, the most corrupt of them when he got up on his own. In other words, they went to they went to the leader, their leaders. When

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Salahuddin Hassan said that the she camel, the Nakata law will have the drink one day you have the other day, it will be half, right. They said, We can't stand this, this is not going to work. So they went and complained to their leaders. But the leaders were kind of reluctant to take action. They were kind of afraid. But one of them gets up and he's like, I can handle it. And I'm going to take this on. So he gets up and some have given his name. His name is unnecessary, actually, his name should be forgotten, because Allah makes his name forgotten, right? Something like some of us who don't say, right, anyhow, so he gets up and he says, I'll take care of this problem. And he goes

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in from what we're gonna learn in the sutra is he had a little bit of a posse too, he had a following with him also. Anyway, he goes, and he slaughters or attempts to slaughter the she camel. And the way they slaughtered it is the word arcaro, which we're going to read a little bit later on. What that means is he didn't kill it right away. He killed it. So it dies a slow painful death. In other words, he was not only being rebellious, he was being rebellious in the worst, worst possible fashion. I'm making a statement, which is the word food in the beginning of the soul of Allah Maha foodora. What taqwa and since he is the worst of them, he did the worst possible thing. And notice,

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the one who will do this sort of thing obviously has no fear of consequence, right? What's going to happen? What are they going to do to me? Who's gonna stop me? That sort of attitude, which has already been highlighted in the previous slide, generally, when Allah says, I will enter the arena he has he assume no one will have control over him. So for call Allahumma Rasulullah he Nakata Allah then the Messenger of Allah said especially to them la whom is macadam? It's brought earlier so especially that means the ones who had the intention of attacking the she camel, the messenger and he said I'm sorry. Hi, Sam caught them in the accent. Watch out Don't do this. And how did he say to

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them? Nakata lie Nakata lie now a lot did not say solid right for Kala homestyler una de la he said for calella home Rasulullah he, why did he say Rasul Allah

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He because who's listening? The Qureshi are listening. They may not care about solid But who will they care about? What What message still resonates the phrase Rasulullah because it applied to solid then his son, but it applies to Mohammed Salah lahari so now we're learning here this is not just a story this is a message for now. They were destroyed, you're being threatened. They were destroyed and their destruction is a threat for you. Yeah, courage, okay. Now naka de la he the Fatah Nakata that Fatah makes it monsoon, the nossob stayed in Arabic grammar. And there are 16 reasons for which a noun and Islam can be consumed. One of them is at the, at the hill. What that means is, I'll give

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you an example that fatality and I'll put it in Simple English. If I say for example, you know, to my wife, make sure the house the doors are locked and the windows but I want to say make sure the doors are locked and don't forget the windows at all. I want to emphasize what the windows I will say Don't forget the windows up. I'll put a towel on it. Okay. In other words, I'm emphasizing it over everything else. Watch out. Watch out for that one thing. Okay. If for example, there's a car outside Yeah, there's a there's a car and there's a child running in the parking lot. I want to tell the child there's a car Watch out, watch out. You know what? I say Yara da look out for the car. I

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say yada yada. This is how it's using a hadith. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us about speaking in appropriately about the companions. He says Allah, Allah feels heavy.

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Watch out for Allah. Beware of Allah when it comes to talking about my companions. But how did he say it Allah, Allah see the fatality and it is a warning. Nakata la Watch out this is the she camel of Allah if Nakata love was being said he just said that she can will of Allah NACA de la be where the she camel of Allah Don't touch it. So he's going out of his way. So I'll have a Salaam to stop them to warn them. They don't realize the consequences of what they're going to do. Remember, the one who puts his knifes down is setting himself up for disappointment. Right? They're running after something, but when they get it, they're gonna realize that was a bad idea. That's what's being

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explained to us here with a practical example. So the general lesson was given now the example is being given so Nakata Allah He was so PA, the she camel have a lot and its place of drink, meaning it's time of drink and place of drink. Watch out don't violate either of these things. You better realize how serious this crime is going to be. But do we find that these people took that warning? Seriously? Forget the Boo hoo. Then they lie against him. Now the him has mentioned meaning Salahuddin ceram has mentioned guys in the back calm down before I come after you.

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I'm not a nice guy with kids. So okay, forget the Boo. So they lied against him. And he said them for alcohol. So two crimes. Two crimes here. Let me just say for arcaro ha, they slaughtered. Tara actually, the practice was to stab the camel a little or you know how the camel has two sets of knees to chop the bottom parts of its limbs off so it's immobile, and it's just bleeding away to death. That was the practice of ARCA. Okay. Also I'll calculate a core. The Arabic literature says that the dog that's ready to bite you to the point where you bleed is called

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aku. So the same word is used. Anyway, Allah did not just tell us that that's what their crime they did was that they attack the she camel. That was bad enough before that they said he said forget the boo boo. They lied against the messenger, the light against him and they attacked the camera. What the crusher being told is you're already criminals. This surah according to many of us, Iran suggests that Allah had pre knowledge already that they're ready to attack the messenger sallallahu sallam, they're going to attack soon. But before even attacking, have they already been criminals? Like that's not going to be their first crime. What's their first crime lying against the messenger

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on a total slob you're already engaged in a crime and you're going even worse off in your food you're in this crime. So if I get the blue for

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the light against him and therefore you know painfully and mercilessly slaughtered it, meaning the Campbell fadem de la hombre boom damdama in Arabic is to destroy but to pound something or someone into the ground so much that they become one with the ground that they become immersed in the ground. We we don't see that. We've never seen something like that. You see something like that? Maybe in cartoons, like when when a robot smashes something into the ground is a hole in the ground and it goes inside that's dumb, Dumber To crush until it becomes completely immersed into the ground sunk into the ground for Dum de Marana him. So that's what allows them did to them. He completely

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crushed them and pounded them. Their Lord, pounded

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Their master pounded them and the word allies not use LABOUM is used to suggest that he had control over them all along he was the rub all along, but he let them have the stretch to see if they would come back. And if not, then the punishment was always there for damdama Anambra boom then he says, Be them be him. Because of what they lied because of their rebellion, they got crushed completely, because of be them being them when Arabic means sin. But the Quran uses about 10 different words for sin. them specifically comes from venom, which is the tale of an animal, okay? until an animal isn't in and of itself isn't bad, but its consequences are bad, what comes out of it is bad, right. So

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that actually is used for any kind of sin. For example, it can be used for something very, very small. It can also be used for something very, very big. For example, with Musa alayhis salam ala Humala, jambon for half one afternoon, they have a crime against me, what was the crime that musasa had done? Killed, it's a big crime, right. But numbers used there. Also, dump is also used for something that will that should have made you ashamed, that led you to embarrassment, that's also them, because the tale is a place of embarrassment. Right? You know, there were there were entire tribes that were, you know, when they would make poetry about them, they would say we are like the

00:31:21--> 00:31:47

nose of the lion or the nose was a place of pride. And then the other tribe that wanted to diss them, they would say no, you're more like the tail. So that was the means of insulting them and humiliating them right. Now, the idea here is they did something that they themselves should have been ashamed of. That's what the zombies capturing here. Something that they're enough should have spotted already. Because of them you don't need fatwa for you can tell yourself it's a dump. Okay, now, be them be him first.

00:31:49--> 00:32:30

Then he made all of them and the town flat somewhat like knifes remember it was balanced and flat and evened out. So he made the town evened out. And the word here balance and harmony it's in appropriate it's appropriate because these corrupt people had created chaos and disorder in society and this is a LA's way of restoring order again, so for so he balanced and created harmony, and even them out again and literally also they were even one with the ground. You wouldn't even know there was a town here, flatland. There there even the you know, the remains of their bodies just immersed and sunk into the ground. The way allies xojo crushed them. So for Sahwa, you know, this is the By

00:32:30--> 00:33:05

the way, dum dum Ah, according to Eben minored in southern Ireland, he says this is a punishment from which there is lemma for Birmingham. There's no escape from it. There's no escape from it. Of course, this is a punishment and Daniela de leche talking about it's connected to the punishment Illa mentioned in the previous surah from which also there was no escape because Allah didn't just say, you know, Allah him not he said Allah him now on Masada that covers over them, there's no escape from it. So this is a punishment in dunya, from which there is no escape, and the previous solo had a punishment from aka from which there is no escape. And finally, Allah azza wa jal

00:33:05--> 00:33:44

mentions, while you're half wakaba, and he meaning Allah, that's the majority opinion. And Allah does not fear its consequence. The consequence of having destroyed them aucuba damdama A Aqua Dum da he does not fear its consequence. Let's appreciate this a little bit more in sha Allah tala, the surah has been talking about somebody who doesn't fear consequences. The person who is knifes becomes corrupt, he doesn't care about anything. And he can do something even as heinous as attempting to lie against messengers and kill the she camel, he could defy the miracle of a law that he's seen with his own eyes. Even that's not enough for him. Because he doesn't think anything's

00:33:44--> 00:34:20

gonna happen. Nothing's gonna happen. Unless there's no you're not the one who shouldn't be worried that who's gonna come after you the only one who has that free of worry is who? Allah himself when he does, there's no fear or concern, what are people going to say? What are they going to think? What if someday, 1000s of year later, years later, there'll be a philosophy class? And the professor will say, what kind of God is this that destroys nations? He doesn't fear it. He doesn't he's not afraid of your comments. He does, he executes justice. You know, we read of justifying God to the philosophy professor, or to the missionary who comes to our door and says, your God is a God of

00:34:20--> 00:34:45

punishment. Our God is a God of mercy. Right? He doesn't fear it, lay a half or Aqua he does not fear its consequences. In other words, in the words of the people, and neither does he fear its consequences. Meaning when you do something like that, somebody will retaliate against you, who's going to retaliate against the law, when I have a minority minority opinion about this ayah is that it's referring to an SD

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

card the worst person that he did not he does not fear its consequences, the consequence of the punishment, but because of the distance between that statement and this, that linguistically doesn't make sense. It doesn't add up. So that's why most of us alone, stuck with this stuff. See?

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

When I offer Aqua he does not fear its consequence. Finally, this a little bit about the word Aqua. The typical word is Atiba. When I have for Atiba Taha but Allah uses what I call foo Raka. No in other places uses it, but when ultimately Motrin and occupa for Aqua is the mobile of a form of akeeba. Even if there is an enormous consequence he's not afraid of the biggest worst consequence you can imagine is not enough to make Allah azza wa jal afraid of whatever punishment he's going to decide. And this last statement, as far as our enough's is concerned, we should remember you know, this little bit of advice in shallow tada and we close we start thinking, I'm not Allah is not going

00:35:46--> 00:35:49

to take me yet I have so much more to do and he knows that.

00:35:50--> 00:36:26

Right? You start thinking I've got time because you know, of course he knows I'm taking care of a family or I've got my degree left and I've got things unfinished business and he knows I'm a good person, I'm not going anytime yet. He does not fear when he takes your you're worried about consequences of what might happen. He's not and even the Muslim starts thinking the world will stop running when they go, who's gonna feed my family who's gonna take care of the bills? Who's gonna do this who's gonna do that? Right? And they try to the disbelievers try to scare you off that and say buy home insurance or buy buy life insurance right don't take care of your family that will take

00:36:26--> 00:36:33

care of your needs. But you know the believer realizes whatever your family's eating right now is not because of you

00:36:34--> 00:37:05

it's because he's providing and they will be provided for their risk has already been written and when you come in when you go has already been written when you're gone they'll be provided for the world will move on your name will might even maybe will get mentioned sometimes, but just life continues. life continues. So the one who acknowledges the humility of this knifes right and seeks to cleanse it, realize his true dependence on Allah azza wa jal and realizes the power of Allah that when he makes a plan, none of our plans matter when

00:37:06--> 00:37:21

this is the absolute planning of Allah azza wa jal May Allah azza wa jal show all of us mercy and make us of those who understand and practice what we learn from his book barakallahu li walakum feel Karina Hakeem, when I finally what year can be a Atletico hakima salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato