Angels In Their Presence S2 #22 – Khandaq & Hunayn Deafening Sounds

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a battle between the army of the Prophet's name and the army of the beast. The army of the beast is dis Pretty and is being punished by the army of the Prophet's name. The army of the beast is being punished by the army of the beast, and some of the army of the beast is being punished by the beast.
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While there is never another battle that has the amount of angels that the battle of bed that has, you have to realize that in all of the battles lost parents is pleased with the believers. But hood has an exception and that's the second half of it. Her name last hat I mentioned that some of the believers took it for granted because of the large size of their numbers. However, the way the monarchy could play a role in each one of these battles has to be known

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and so I want to actually talk about two incidents and what happens in between 100 and then her night 100 Of course was a time when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada was extremely pleased with the believers, right, they are putting everything on the line and they are surrounded from all directions. And they have you know, the external thing to worry about, which is the largest army they've ever heard of, and they have internal treason to worry about as well. And all the while they're being starved, they are going through a lot of difficulty and honey duck, and I show the aloud to Anna and her describes a scene of the Prophet SAW Selim that when he came home after the Battle of hunt duck, and he took a

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bath Gibreel Alayhis Salam came to the door. And the prophets lie Selim came to the door as well and the prophets lie some described Gibreel it has Salam in his full armor and his full angelic armor, whatever that would look like. And he was shaking the dust off of his head and he said, God will walk to sila wala Hema will like to let you have laid down your arms on Messenger of Allah. I have not laid them down meaning there's still something that has to happen here. And the prophets lie some said Isla aim were to for Ashada Isla Venu Pereda to be rerelease and I'm pointed towards Bernal Karela, where there was treason that was taking place. So, Djibouti and it snom is coming to

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the prophets lie Selim and saying we still have to proceed to this direction. And I saw the Allahu Taala Anholt describes them when the Prophet slicin comes out of his home. And he starts to make his way towards Bunnell Pereda. He says that I could see the dust and the sand just kicking up into the sky, because of the marching of Djibouti Radha, his salaams procession, when the Prophet sly Saddam was going out to pentacle. Reva so you could see in Benin was on a very particular area in Medina, just all of the earth kicking up because of Djibouti. And it has Salam and that mighty army of the angels, making their way towards Bentyl calleva. Now what's happening in other parts, there's a man

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by the name of Sati, dementia haymes, he was actually part of a tribe, from Motorola that was of those that had conspired to come from outside and assist on the inside to attack the profit slice and then with benoquin Veda, so he was a disbeliever at the time, and he says that they were coming from the inside, to harm the profit slice alone, they were conspiring. And as they were approaching, they heard an announcement to their army that said, oh, people, your families are under attack. And so all of them returns back. And while they were returning back, they realized that that voice that they heard, was not a human voice. So Subhanallah even the enemies were being told to go back, and

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your families are under attack. And that of course, deterred them from continuing inwards to harm the prophets lie Selim from the inside. There is another narration also from someone that was on the other side side that when ESL will be allowed to and home he relates, he said that I asked you as eat a banana, while the Allahu Anhu who at that time was again on the other side, he was fighting against the prophets, I saw them. I said, What was it like for you during the Battle of her name, when you were fighting against the Prophet slice and on what happened to you and to the disbelievers when you were fighting against us in the Battle of her name fighting against the messenger slice of

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them so he said what was the feeling? And he as he said, we felt fear. And he took some pebbles, how sought some some stones and he started to throw them into a platter. So he's he's basically shaking a bunch of stones on a platter. And he says, This is what our stomachs were like, couldn't imagine Doofy adrafinil Mr. hodda like we felt this in our stomachs because of what we were encountering. On the other side with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, another man by the same in the same position alphabet. Abdullah Hassan, he says that when we were fighting the prophets, I saw them on the day of her name. He said, as we were about to attack him, I remembered her name. If you go back

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and you read the details of that battle, I mean, even though it was a large number of people that went out because of the ambushes on the profit side, some of his army, it was only a few people that were left in the battlefield. It became a very dangerous situation because of

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All that had been prepared for them. So he says, as we were about to attack the prophets lie Selim, we saw these beautiful men that were huge. That came up to us and they said SHA had to jewel, they said, may your faces be disgraced photo God will go back. And he says, has him and daddy had Kalam, he said it was the the roar of those words from those huge handsome men that we had never seen before. That caused us to be defeated. So we turned back, and we were defeated. Debatable and multimodal, the allowed SATA annually says when we were with the Prophets lie, some of them in the Battle of her name, and the battle was was raging. He said, I looked up in the sky, and I saw what

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appeared to be a black blanket that was descending from the heavens. And we were all just staring up and looking as it was coming down. And it landed right between us and the enemies. And what came out of it a bunch of ants that scattered about, and he said that caused the enemy to panic. And he said, We had no doubt as the Muslims, that these were in fact the melodica that were being sent by Allah subhana wits and so you see incident after incident, where Allah subhanho wa Taala sends these angels sends these troops and no one knows the Junoon no one knows the armies of Allah, except for him and the angels are only one part of the assistance that Allah subhanaw taala sends to his

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