Mohammed Hijab – Reacting to Naked Saint

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a video he created to challenge the notion of religious and political modesty in Pakistan. He describes a man who is naked and being served by followers who are covered up fully, and claims that this behavior is inappropriate. He also talks about the importance of individuals building knowledge and starting with the five pillars of Islam to build a strong faith.
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Job 10 discount code for 10% discount on a wide range of products including premium Ethiopian black seed products. Somali Kamala has low here what I care to how you guys doing. This is a video which I actually wanted to make because I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is Pakistani, I am not familiar with the country, culture fully of Pakistan, I've never visited it. And they've been there, myself and Sharla one day I can go to that beautiful country, one of the strong nations of Islam, with one of the biggest populations of Muslims in the world, a beautiful country with fantastic food and culture. But there are some things in the culture which require challenging and

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this is one thing that I came across, I'm not saying this is specific to Pakistan, I'm sure it happens in other places. But I came across this video here, which you can see on the screen,

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which I found quite troubling. Let's take a look at the video. And let's have a commentary on it.

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How's it can see what this video

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this man who is meant to be appear? And this kind of religious figure

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surrounded by women who are scuffed wearing hijabs and kind of feeding him serving Him. And this man is naked.

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I have no idea In what world they think this isn't the appropriate kind of interaction.

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We in the East sometimes, or you know, excessively talk about modesty and the modesty of women and men and dress code and so on. And now we have a man who's naked, absolutely naked. And who is being served by these women who are covered up fully.

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And they're serving him, you know?

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What kind of thing is this? I mean, isn't this something that should be challenged where other religious figures to challenge this behavior? This is a clear,

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you know, violation of Islamic modesty and rules. And not just Islamic modesty and rules. This is something which wouldn't even be tolerated. Here in the West. Someone came and did that in the streets. We would be he he would be ridiculed, and maybe even the police will be called on him. So I don't know why and how and what paradigm this kind of behavior is appropriate.

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But once again, when you have the mantle of being a religious peer, the Hallam becomes Hillel. Even though the Prophet Mohammed Salim said in little halala begun in the hollow mobian that certainly Hillel is very clear. And certainly Haram is very clear and will be number one. And then between that gray areas, many people don't know those gray areas. But this is not a gray area. This is a very clear cut haram you're not allowed to show your private parts to the opposite gender.

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So why on earth is this man who is a fake

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religious figure? a fraudster or either that or an ignorant man? Why is he sitting there and all these women? He's sitting there naked and all these women are coming to him?

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What kind of thing is

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it's absolutely disgusting and despicable thing, which the religious authorities in that country should be making very clear. The second video I wanted to show you is something even more atrocious. Let's take a look at what's happening here.

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As you can see in this video, you have people coming over

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and prostrating to

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This religious figure, this religious fraud,

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and this religious fraud, who's accepting all these frustrations from people, you know, is clearly misguided is ignorant. And so are the followers of, of this fraud, who are also ignorant. They don't know what they're doing. Because prostration belongs to Allah alone. And a fact that I had, that effect might have been devil. One time he came to the Prophet Muhammad wa salam, and he wanted to prostrate to him, okay, who is one of this haba he wanted to go straight to him, because he saw the, you know, Archbishop's and the patriarchs of other nations doing the same to their leaders, and the Prophet explicitly forbade him from doing so. So with such clear cut and decisive evidence from the

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Sunnah itself,

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even an argument that says, Well, you know, Joseph Yusuf Alayhi, salaam, his parents frustrated to him. So what is the what is the man now what is the objection? would not be able to be made because Sharman koblin, or the Sherry of those who came before us is not it does not stand when there is a clear abrogation in the Sharia of Islam. As soon

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as we can see, with this, what we know now with this Hadith, therefore, in summation, I would say that these practices need to be filtered through the lens of the Quran and Sunnah, especially because they not only relate to jurisprudential issues, fapy law type issues, but they do also relate to creedal type issues, belief type issues, it's very important that when we want to worship Allah, we do so with basura with insight, and we do so with proper practice as per the Quran and Sunnah.

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And that is all I wanted to say to you. So does that come along? hydron for watching this video. One thing I would say is, it's important to arm yourself with knowledge and start basic start with the five pillars of Islam and the five pillars or oh six pillars of a man and then branch out from there was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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