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will not speak with you there is a soldiers. The soldiers Yes. What are they doing here? We are a prison here.

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They are keeping here and the soldiers is upstairs. We cannot move. We cannot speak with you. You can't leave the hell no. They told you that. Yes, I can't believe how long are they going to stay? I don't know. Are they paying you any money?

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You're kidding. He told us when the soldiers come they wake everybody up and herd them into a kitchen for hours while soldiers sleep in their bedrooms greetings a piece before I bring up my next guest former UFC MMA fight time world champion Jake shields. Let's have a look at this

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this is the day

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how much respect I have for the faith of Islam Show. Welcome to the dean show. The dean show

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how you doing brother? Doing pretty good. It's good to have you with us here. Thank you. Thank you. So

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five time world champion, veteran of the UFC. Tell us for our audience who is not too familiar with you a little bit about yourself. Yeah, I fought like I said for for 20 years professionally won five world titles to the UFC title multiple grappling championships as well. So that was my entire life completely focused for 20 years lately been you know, just kind of randomly started tweeting sort of blowing up they're starting to get a big following and politics by accident as well.

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Now, you know do multiple things. You know what's interesting was that you fought Sakuraba

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soccer, ifI soccer right massive star Yeah, yeah. When I was listening to speak so he was he was a big name. Yeah. And then you were just coming up Yeah. And you beat him yeah saying because they asked what was one of them Why would make meaningful fights that's not one that hardly any people really remember but that for me that was meaningful because I was completely unknown. They brought me to Japan they gave me two weeks notice they'll give you short notice because they want you to lose no time to do a camp. I went out there and pulled a massive upset beat the guy he was ranked number two in the world at the time and I was enraged. So that was a pretty cool to first time on a

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plane flying out to Japan another country a massive arena and pulling a huge upset. So you were made you were mainly with other organizations were mainly with UFC. I mean, I was all over the place with the UFC. I was with StrikeForce for a while they were fortunate they went under they were a massive show on Showtime and and CBS their UFC is big competitor for a while it's always with them UFC fight in Japan. And like Shooto pancreas used to be massive. Unfortunately, you know the fight in Japan has gotten smaller too but they had massive was bigger than us at the time. How did you become now so you you went from fighting and then being

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a veteran here and someone in the UFC and and in the sport, and you've become someone who I've been following for a while on the Twitter former Twitter acts? Yeah, and you've been you've been? I actually got this video that I just shared from from your page, the video that we just opened up the program. And what's your reaction to some of the words for the people that have had weren't able to see everything is pretty much Israeli children singing We will annihilate everyone in Gaza. autumn night falls over the beach of Gaza planes are bombing destruction, destruction. Look, the IDF is crossing the line to annihilate the SWAT this swastika bears in another year, there'll be nothing

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there and we will safely return to our homes within a year. We will annihilate everyone and we will return to plow the fields. At this point. I think it's not really surprising. It's kind of what after what we've seen in the last, you know, six weeks or so it's what you see the genocidal rhetoric that is not surprising at all. It's still disgusting, of course, but as we've seen so much of this the last you know, six weeks is not surprising to me. I think a lot of people at this point are kind of getting used to still a little weird have little kids you know, you know singing a song about massacring arrays of people but not surprising. I remember when this whole thing started and

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kicked off one of your first tweets regarding it you were kind of on the fence Yeah, I mean I knew the Palestinians were you know mistreated and stuff but also the you know that they pushed the massacre it's such a horrible thing. I can't condone that so I'm okay I'm just kind of staying out of this. I understand.

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You know, I understand the mistreated but that was not not okay. What they did. But you know, the more that bombing and the more stuff the more investigating I started doing

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more awful I thought Israel was but she now we're just talking about how the whole invasion stories looking not quite what they originally pushed out like, you know, they had warning it was coming they now just leaked out that Israel was bombing that killed at least 400 of their own people, not Hamas. The stories of the Domina beheaded children's obviously fake, no evidence of any rapes taking they put all the spawn of extremely fake narrative right away to freak people out. And now there's the truth coming out. That's quite different.

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Max Blumenthal, he actually he's an investigative journalist, award winning independent journalist you know, do you know Max, let me know that name. Yeah, I've seen his tweets on Twitter. Follow Murphy's pops up on my timeline. Yeah, he he's actually someone who's written on this. And then you also have hertz, I think is really magazine. They read they released. They adjusted the numbers now but so what you're talking about specifically is that they think they started coming out the report I read is

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I've seen this couple places now. And it seems like I think the Israeli government admits it. They come out there patchy Hello, Apache helicopters. So yeah, the Apache helicopter, they just started blasting people and they killed you know, hundreds of their own people because they couldn't tell which was which. And instead of like waiting, they just started spraying everyone. And I think that's a lot of the probably a lot of the civilians that died from the concert was from the Israeli military. Yeah, and then people getting burned up and stuff from the heavy artillery shells from the tanks. Also, you can see all these like cars and these videos that people like burnt to death. And I

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don't think I don't know for a fact but I don't think moss has any weaponry to do that. So that early on with suspicion in mind when you're seeing this row of cars just totally wiped out. It's like well, what what did Tomas allegedly do that with that was kind of an early sign that maybe it was something else like helicopters that came in and done it now it's now there are many helicopters came in and wiped him out. Yeah, I just want to make a disclaimer. I'm not I'm pretty sure you're not I'm not a card carrying member of any Hamas are. Definitely not everyone's caught me a terrorist sympathizer. And you know, I'm not supporting them by any means. But I'm about truth, justice. And

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it seems like that's what you're about. Yeah, I'm just trying to getting the truth. You know, I don't support any terrorist organization killing any civilian meaning. I prefer to find out what you know, what's really happening. And at the same time, I'm not somebody I'm sure you know that. So I'm a critical thinker, someone who is not blindly following the mainstream media. Yeah, I have a mind of my own. I want to investigate and seems like you're the same way. Ya know, I've been excited to start, you know, I've been digging and the more I dig, the more I see, just lies upon lies that Israel has been been saying for the years. And that's they've done a good job of including

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controlling media and they're kind of losing control with with Twitter. I think I'm not really on tick tock biggest tick tock too. So now they pulled all the all, most of the big advertisers canceled on Twitter, trying to get Elon Musk to censor us because they're calling to censor like me and some other big accounts that are that, you know, I've just been posting videos I see pushing articles and stuff like that things that are true. They're trying to cancel me, because they're not trying to cancel you for telling lies. It's for spreading truth. You actually sent the or responded to a tweet that Elon Musk he recently he tweeted, he said,

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he said this past week. So this is Elon Musk, saying this past week, there were hundreds of bogus media stories, claiming that I'm anti semitic, nothing could be further from the truth. And then you responded, the word anti semitic is completely meaningless. And at this point, it's not even worth addressing. When someone makes that because it's so this is you responding to that, too. So you're sending Yeah, it's it's sending a message to Elon Musk called anti semitic so many times this week, that is the joke the first couple of times, I will respond and you know, try to argue that not but then you realize it's a meaningless attack to try to, to try to shut you down. And of course, the

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campaign starts from before, you know, if the guy's leaving.

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And he's, because that's what we say is, and that's one thing you cannot walk.

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Now, it changed me as a job to tell you that.

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But that's the fact. And it's wrong, you know, I have plenty to do work. Luckily, my Jewish friends aren't these whiny little I see guys trying to get people fired and canceled. My Jewish friends are still my good friends I know falling out to them over this and they can have disagreements. I'm actually out here in Chicago. You know, doing business is one of my Jewish friends. But the funny part and there's no so I people need to make sure not to like turn that I've seen people start turning racist courses don't it's not it's not Jews, it's the Israeli government. Do we need to be very clear about that? It's like, you know, people are trying to blame Muslims for 911. That's

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completely wrong. You need to do the same with this. You can't blame all Jews for what the Zionists are doing over there. That's important, because same thing with my Israeli and Jewish friends that I've had on the program, and they are totally against what's happening. So Jewish rabbis, Orthodox Jewish rabbis, they're saying that the followers of Theodore Hertzfeld who made this whole movement Zionism that's who they're they're not following Moses, the teachings of true Judaism. They're following this whole Zionist Movement. Yeah. And they're against that also. Exact

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And as they're saying not in our name, you have many Jews saying not in our name. Exactly. It's not it's not the Jewish faith that's doing that. Exactly. It was designed as on the Theodore with a hertz or whatever. And that's, that's it's barely over 100 years old. Yeah. So I think this is really important. And usually what I tell people is me as a Muslim, I love Jesus. I love Moses, I love Jesus more than Mary, they were of that

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that ethnic group. So it's actually it's against Islam to be anti semitic, or to hate someone because there are certain ethnicity. So that's exactly I guess. Yeah, all racism is bad in between and going into all the religions, like all three, the religions are so similar. And that's why I think it's stupid when you see Christianity or Islam, or Judaism fight. And when it's all based off, that they all worship the same God. You know, what's interesting over there in Palestine, you have

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Palestinians who are Christian also, and they're being oppressed. Yeah, in this situation, same thing, they're, they're being displaced, same thing, and many people don't, they don't see that on the site. But I really recommend people to go to your Twitter or x handle now. Because you're one of the leading you. Where are you? Right? You're actually one of the leading people out there now. Pretty wild. I think it's like, my top 10 In the world of politics, which is you were planning that.

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Not a fun part. Because I'm not like a no consider myself a political commentator. Yeah, I just, you know, kind of tweet random thoughts in my head. But I think it's,

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I think it's just because the other people are so fake. I don't think maybe I realistically probably shouldn't be in the top 10. But people I'm against, they're just so fake their bot, I think it becomes obvious to people, they get sick of it. Yeah. So I always treat my real bots, not necessarily the most politically correct, I'll just, you know, tweet random things without any thought to it. You know, wake up send four or five tweets. And a lot of times they'll end up going viral versus these other guys are all trying to be think things through tried to write them perfect. They have like media teams, what they've done their whole life, it's just so obviously fake and and

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authentic. And they also a lot of these guys show their bot videos Israel thing, a lot of these guys holding their tongue and then you start seeing who who funds them. You know, guys like Charlie Kirk, you know, I asked him all of his tweets. You know, are you funded by any Israeli Jewish groups who responded back? I don't take money from the Israeli government? That wasn't my question, then. No, no reply. You know,

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you know what, I commend you. I mean, you have a lot of people who are courageous enough to jump in a cage to fight, you know, you've been doing for so long. But when it comes to standing for something, something important, you know, something as vital as this, I mean, you got innocent babies lives being how many now? It's almost like 5000 innocent kids. It's more than that. Now it's more, and that's not even shake. That's not even considering how many are not found under the rubble. He has it? Probably. Yeah, probably a couple 1000 More Exactly. Right. Did you see those? You saw all these? I mean, you know what touched me you see these kids who survived but then the

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little kids like, get my there was there was there was one I won't forget. It was amazing. You know, just like how they're pulling together. And the young brother, he's like, get my brother over there. He's with his sister. He's like getting my brother. And then little one, the little brother. He can't be like five or six. He's like, where's my mother? Where's my mother? So they survive but mother didn't survive father didn't survive. Yeah, no, it's so sad. You don't want some of those telegram channels and get the point where I can't watch too many of them because it's just sad. You know, these kids or parents losing their children just video after video just you see the you see

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the real suffering going on over there. And for me, you know, when I first you know, first this issue when I first started siding with the Palestinian people, my audience was more right wing and they were super mad trying to get me to go the other side, but I'll always speak what I believe to be true. You know, I don't care if I lose followers think initially I lost around 20,000 followers, but you know, now now I've gained more I would rather speak my mind and lose followers than be faked to keep followers. Yeah, and that's that's what I'm talking about is like people will know when it comes to standing for something like what you're standing for. People are scared, they're scared to

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get canceled or scared. And that's the real courage the courage that you're displaying. No, yeah, to be fair, you know, I do have a job where I'm a little more harder to fire and you have the map for me trying to cancel everything I do. You know, set up seminar tours there we're sending people letters trying to get them to cancel trying to get them all the guys that work with getting letters trying to make up false allegations of your anti semitism sandwich, you hitting Nazi. So they do have organized groups to try to get people fired. So that's, that's how, that's how they're able to spread to keep troops from spreading to keep an intimidation tactic.

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You know, you're following the footsteps of someone like because many fighters they'll come and go and they'll be forgotten. But people like you know, it's not just because Muhammad Ali, he was a great fighter, but it's what he did outside the ring. Yeah, he stood for something and he left a legacy and this is your you're following on the same way because you're speaking up and you're using your platform to speak for justice. It's not about being I don't say pro this or that it's about pro truth pro justice. You know, I'll always try to find what I think is truth. You know, I'm not gonna go and jump whatever side I think is popular at the time. And yeah, I said with my following, I want

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I decided they didn't want me to. But now, you know, but now I've got that you gain, you gain new followers, you lose some of the old ones. But now I'm gonna say what I think people don't know like with what I'm saying, I don't want them to follow me. Now I'm gonna take us to this next clip. And I want you to check it out. And it's more so. So for the people who are on the outside, and maybe they haven't had much exposure. I just want them to put themselves in this person's shoes. Just imagine this happening to you. And this is a day to day occurrence for men, for people who are living in the side of the world. We understand that Israeli soldiers came in this morning and without any notice,

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without any invitation. came into the apartment and have been there ever since.

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But not speak with you. There is the soldiers. The soldiers, yes. What are they doing here? We are a prison here.

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They are giving here and the soldiers upstairs. We cannot move. We cannot speak with you. You can't leave the house. Oh, they told you that? Yes. I can't believe they're going to stay. I don't know. Are they paying you any money?

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You're kidding. I'm kidding. I'm gonna see if no bank manager said he had to get to his bank to open the safe, but that soldiers won't let him go. He told us when the soldiers come, they wake everybody up and herd them into a kitchen for hours. While soldiers sleep in their bedrooms. They can't leave or use the phone or let us in. He sent us downstairs to see if his brother would open the door.

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So we could ask the soldiers, why they keep taking over this house. You want to come? Yes.

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Just open the door and then

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close the door.

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From the keys.

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They take the keys. So we left. And that night. So did the soldiers. But when we returned two days later, the soldiers were back for more surveillance. This time, we kept the women under house arrest, but let the men go to work and the children go to school. When the children returned, we caught a glimpse of two armed soldiers at the top of the stairs.

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Then more children came home.

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Because soldiers wouldn't open the door again. They say if you don't go back

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behind the wall, the children will not enter the house. But this is where the children live. Yeah, but you need to go away from the door so I can let the children come in. Okay, who are you?

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He's a commander here is the commander here. Yeah. Can we talk to you now? But we're talking to you now? Why don't you tell us what you're doing here?

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Have you lost your voice?

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Well, they close the door. Now they've closed the window. So I guess

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if the children are gonna get home, we have to, we have to leave. So that's what we'll do.

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An army spokesman told us the soldiers used in a safe house for important surveillance operations, then receives told us that soldiers usually stay for a day or two, always coming and going in the middle of the night, when they do go that deceives never know when they'll be occupied again. It could be tomorrow, next week or next month. The only certainty they say is that the soldiers will be back. Yeah, he does. It's a crazy. I think it's one of those things to be not surprised. Now, I think a lot of Americans don't know this is like that's all over that normal there. And they'll even kick you out of their homes for good. It is such goes on they just the way they treat them, that you

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start seeing this stuff like this can't be real. I think people are just like, refusing to believe they're doing that. But that's but that's the norm. It's like cognitive dissonance like they can't imagine but do you see like imagine they're coming? He was like, I can't breathe. It's almost like Is this a joke? Is this like a you know, a satirical one? No, this is actually his I believe it's a third amendment our constitution so soldiers can't come in your house like that. So you know, you get these. That's why I'm laughing these right wing American guys are constitutional. They claim they're defending this. It's like you're the same guy saying you use your Second Amendment right to

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shooting when it comes in your home and you're defending these terrorists coming in and kicking people out of their homes, bulldozing their homes it's it's kind of laughable these guys the hypocrisy of their own thinking. Wow, that's a good point. Look at that. So you you'll fight here for the Constitution that no sort of amendment certain third amendment soldiers can't come in and, and use your house like that, because that was a problem that used to happen 100 years ago, or soldiers come in and take people's homes. They literally wrote it in our Constitution. And the same guys they say they're constitutionalist or defending Israel. Also the second amendment we can bear

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arms, we can shoot people that come in our homes.

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Yeah, so and he's not just they're not they're coming in the home sleeping in his bed. Majan someone sleeping in your bed? Yeah, exactly. It's like comfort air and anytime they don't even know I've seen also some of your posts. You have the Saudis are even they have was it breaking the silence? He's a former IDF so they're coming out. Yeah. And we're getting stuff from them also, yes, you can store

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is an IDF saying how they were they're told to do they patrol these neighborhoods, they tell them to come in at night harass families wake them up to the home just talking about what a joke their job is. And this I believe is the West Bank, I believe which Hamas doesn't operate there. So everyone's like, Oh, it's the boss's fault. Tomas is fault Well, I'm asked isn't even in the West Bank. So how do they justify that? That's a good point, too. That's another side over here that they're not even there. Yeah, exactly. There's no There's no rationale to these people's logic. It's just been it's been spun by the media so well, it's they can't stop believing it and I think

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I think like most of my Jewish friends that the ones that are you know, hardcore Israel supporters, they don't believe this stuff, either. It's not I think the stuffs right, they just, they don't believe it's going on. They've been brainwashed as well. That's another good point. The brainwashing is also happening now the programming and hopefully if anyone's sincere to take a look, because that's what many people did you know, who got on the side of the truth is they got beyond the programming and they took a deeper dive. Yeah, Israel offers like what birthright where they pay for all Jewish people to come out there. They show him around, they preach all this propaganda to them.

00:21:06--> 00:21:30

So they try to put this program in their heads. A lot of them are believe it. They don't know. They don't they don't know this is going on themselves. Is that the actor James Wood actor James wool? Yeah. Is he is that actually his Twitter feed? Yeah, he's a famous actor, right? Yeah. I was surprised. And I saw him tweeting, no ceasefire, no compromise, no forgiveness and hashtag killed them all. Yeah, I was very shocked. I mean, I've watched some of his film. He's, like, I

00:21:32--> 00:22:06

was shocked. Yeah. Especially because Elon Musk said calls for genocide won't be allowed. And what's he talking about that as I guess, saying, from from what from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. They're trying to say that genocide, which that can mean like because that can mean so many different things to be free. It just means Israelis could move, but the Israeli is trying to say as a call for genocide, which seems a little ridiculous, so I think Elon caved and said he won't allow that on there. But he loves this. She can't save the river to the sea. Palestine will be free. But you can say kill all Palestinians. I've asked Yeah, that's ironic. I've asked posting what does

00:22:06--> 00:22:46

actually mean what are you trying to eradicate? You said say no. I mean, you had as you know, and when I suppose speak to people who know the history, this these are academics, they'll say that Jews and Christians and Muslims for over 1000 years were living there in peace till Zionism came about Jews, florist, as distinct to the religious Jewish communities. And they weren't massacred. On the contrary, they went to these Arab and Muslim lands, to escape persecution, from the Crusades, from the Inquisition, and from many other trials and tribulations and the and even World War Two, the Arab and Muslim lands, opened their hearts, opened the lands, and provided a safe haven and a

00:22:46--> 00:23:35

gracious hospitality for the Jewish people. Clearly, they we have different religion. And yet, we were we were accepted. In these Muslim Annapolis, we believe in one God and we were accepted, we have different ways of serving God. But yet, as they were respected, and even the Muslim religion requires of that of the the Muslim people to to provide protection and hospitality and they did carry that out. That's clear. Nobody could refute this fact that Jews and Muslims lived in peace for over 1000 years. And why is it suddenly now that the Muslims, these guys allegedly hate Jews, and suddenly want to kill them? Clearly, it's Zionism. That's the problem. It's not Islam. And it's not

00:23:35--> 00:24:13

Muslims against Jews. That's the main thing we have to it's a political thing. It's Israel. It's not the Jews. They were relatively living in peace. And you had now this movement that came, and you had the apartheid state. Now, it's an apartheid state open concentration camp. So when they say river to the sea, they want to be free of all, I just want their rights. That's all it is. Now they're banning the making it illegal to say that and multiple countries. I think Twitter has banned that saying, I think it's I think it's France and Germany made it where they can arrest you for saying that and put you in prison. Kind of wild, isn't it? Well, yeah. In France, you can have protests are

00:24:13--> 00:24:47

really shows you how much power the Israeli lobby has, you know, that's the thing I wasn't aware of either. You see, like every politician, the guys that were claiming their anti war, they all of a sudden jumped at war for Israel. Then I started saying this makes no sense. I started digging, you know, Apex by, by far the strongest lobby in the United States, which is a AIPAC, the pro Israel lobby, which all other foreign lobbies have to register as a foreign agent. For some reason. AIPAC doesn't. So they're able to raise massive amounts of money, which can be hard to track for the politicians. I think they're bragging with things like 97% of the candidates, they pick win their

00:24:47--> 00:24:52

elections. So they're pretty much rigging US elections, they can control our political system. Wow.

00:24:54--> 00:25:00

And no one will ban it because they control them all. So they're not going to pass a law making it illegal to to lobbyists actually

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

it'd be because they have all the politicians in there.

00:25:03--> 00:25:08

So they've created such a mass. It's gonna take a while to on to unwind it, but at least people are starting to wake up and starting to see it.

00:25:09--> 00:25:11

What do you think recently you had

00:25:12--> 00:25:25

you had Candace Owens, she had a tweet, and it was a pretty and I commend her really, she had a tweet that started off with saying, Blessed are the peacemakers.

00:25:26--> 00:25:46

And then she went on with the rest of it, and it was and then at the end, she said, You cannot serve both God and money. And then there was this back and forth with her and, and Ben Shapiro, did you see that clip with with Ben Shapiro? I saw them argue a little bit, but let me show you the clip and I'll get your your

00:25:49--> 00:25:50

behavior during this.

00:26:01--> 00:26:12

Think she's been absolutely disgraceful. I think that I think that her sophistication on these particular issues has been ridiculous. sophistication. It's ridiculous. Everybody can see the moves that she's making the things that she's saying.

00:26:13--> 00:26:37

Calling for peace. He's calling disgraceful seems ridiculous, because Candace Owens hasn't even said that much. But they just want to completely control everyone they can see, she's probably starting to lean towards that side. So they're trying to shut her down. Some other organization was like denouncing her today. So yeah, that's all she was doing. She was as, as a Christian. And I was wondering, like, you know, how are you going to be able to support something like that? And

00:26:38--> 00:27:13

now she's actually taking a stand. Suddenly, I mean, just, you know, softly Yeah. Not even hard. And then boom, he's like, attacking her and whatnot, cuz she's just calling her heart. I mean, you can't just help it like, you're These are human beings, but they want to paint everyone like their animals. See, and this is the same thing that was that was done to Jews at that time when Hitler was dealing with Nazis were doing painting them as rats and animals. But then it was like, we're gonna get another standard. They're doing the exact same thing. Yeah, Benjamin Netanyahu calling the Palestinians like human animals. And it's pretty wild. The exact same things they've always talked

00:27:13--> 00:27:23

about. They're doing. Yeah. And that's the ironic thing. So she came out. And then now he's, you know, saying what he's saying about her.

00:27:24--> 00:27:27

And he just seems like he's been really fueled up. He's like,

00:27:29--> 00:27:31

really excited about just

00:27:32--> 00:27:56

war. You know, he's like, really excited about just how much is enough for him? It doesn't seem like there's, there's a limit. Yeah, it seems like they want the complete annihilation of you know, of Gaza and probably the West Bank doesn't seem it's really trying to do any settling. They don't really seem like they want a two state solution. Seems like they just want to wipe them out. You know, there's been multiple people like Nikki Haley talking about oh, let's bring them into Europe and America.

00:27:58--> 00:28:31

It doesn't seem like you know, they said they obviously have so much control over our politicians, assuming they want to wipe them out and get them you know, take take what Brett last left of Palestine and take that land. Do you know a fighter he who's recently on the Joe Rogan podcast, Ted, Ted Kennedy? Tim Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, did you ever fight him? No, I know him but in our bottom Yeah. What what he had some comments recently, how did you I didn't watch the episode I think he's a little more like pro Israel, but didn't watch the episode. Yeah. Yeah. So you didn't watch that? No. Yeah.

00:28:32--> 00:28:46

Is so you have where do you see this going? Where do you see now with everything that you know, and everything you're becoming more and more educated? Where do you see this going? It's hard to say it's you know, it's

00:28:48--> 00:29:17

I don't see any good solution, unfortunately. Especially for the Palestinians are out there getting massacred their homes are all wiped out, you know, 10s of 1000s of acres around 20,000 have been killed now. It's up to 20,000 How many guys have like 19 written this morning? Not to mention that the missing one and then I think it was like more like two I think 75% of them are homeless now. So what's the solution? They have nothing to rebuild nowhere to go. So I don't really know what they're gonna try to do. Are they trying to push them out to Europe and America as refugees are they gonna let them rebuild it's

00:29:18--> 00:29:23

I don't really see is really offering anything. I don't unfortunate I don't see what good solution they can have.

00:29:24--> 00:29:59

It is, you know, we often had that slogan like never never again, and rightfully so. Yeah, rightfully so you had the evil holocaust that happened. And this is why we kept hearing this repeated never again to any that's not just for one people, for any people, but now we're seeing in 4k. And it's like I always I'm saying no, like okay, never again, but except for this group of people. Yeah, you know, I think the US Holocaust such an awful thing. I think they use that as leverage to silence people. So it allowed them to be pushing a genocide and if you mentioned that

00:30:00--> 00:30:18

they'd mentioned that they'd be like Holocaust holocaust. They've done a great job of weaponizing it because unfortunately, there's been a lot of awful genocides throughout history, but none other ones are pushed like the Holocaust, you know, there's been multiple cases, you know, 100 million people died through communism, but they don't push that. So that's their way of silencing their critics. And I think they were kind of keeping the secret what they were doing.

00:30:20--> 00:30:59

So do you see now when you talk to a lot of the people who are also in in the in the UFC and other veterans, that this topic doesn't come up? Because you have a lot of followers and what's there? Do you see more people wanting to speak up? Or what's their stance or what's the feeling in the MMA world UFC world the majority guys have talked to like either mostly agree with me or partially agree if you guys disagree I think a lot of guys just don't want to speak up which I understand it's like you're kind of trying to keep themselves out of politics especially seeing the power of these some of these groups have that are on the opposite side all the power and money is on the opposite side

00:30:59--> 00:31:14

unfortunately, yeah. Search for truth on our side but but the power of money is all no one's getting fired, you know, for for supporting Israel, despite them doing a genocide but lots of people are getting fired for supporting Palestine. There's a great saying that if you see the stand,

00:31:15--> 00:31:52

stand for something or you or you fall for anything. So those that's where you have you know, the true true men, true people of courage, you know, and that's that's, you know, what separates the real men from the boys you know, the ones who really have a heart not just to get in the cage but to stand up for things that will really make a difference in the world and you're trying to speak up to help have a ceasefire to help stop babies kids from from dying, you know, it's tough and sometimes like, Oh, is it worth this backlash? But then, you know, I get people all the time, you know, saying I had a bunch of counts saying they were on the fence and they changed their mind for my account and

00:31:52--> 00:32:23

then I get people thanking me wherever I go. People you know, have people who bring me gifts I'm like, Alright, I guess it is. It is worth putting putting myself on the line. You also had something that someone can interpret as like a threat on your life recently also, and it was someone who's I think he's like washed up. Yeah, many many me fighter. Yeah, bump of a fighter. I know the guy he was in New York when I was out there. Oh, you knew the guy didn't want to train with me because he was terrible. He was getting beat up by Gordon Ryan's little brother was like 13 At a time when he was like tapping him out with ease no way and when he went train with me but then he's out riding

00:32:23--> 00:32:56

missiles names of first he first he wrote a bunch of the Muslim fighters names on missiles and I said that's kind of ridiculous that he would do that then he like wrote my name on a missile and like Austin this to you so putting my name on missiles to go blow up little kids with it it's it's such a weird thing how they write names and missile they write like Tonsai missiles and I'll bring Israeli school children to go and write like to write a missiles and local bomb Palestinian children's with it. It's a such a such a sick thing they do. Yeah, I saw the name with Habib and then you had Hamza then you had Mohammed Blau. But then not too long ago, you got added on their

00:32:56--> 00:33:09

list. Yeah. Speaking out, say put me I was like, Yes, I got threat. You know, I have like direct direct threats in my life to Yeah, I think they're mostly you know, full of it. But it's still soft when you open your inbox people saying that it can kill you.

00:33:10--> 00:33:29

And because why? Because you're trying to have the you're trying to save the babies. Yeah, they don't think she's they don't want some of the truth expose? I think Israel only survived through a lie. You know, I think at this point, they've been there long enough for people to be happy if they did a real two state solution. But I think they want to continue taking all the all that land.

00:33:30--> 00:34:10

Yeah, that's what it seems like it just these things are used as a pretext to go ahead, just keep grabbing land. Just keep grabbing land. Yeah. And that was when you had a I don't know if you had a chance. I really recommend people to bring it back to Candace Owens. She brought on a person whose parents survived the Holocaust mother, father, and other family members were killed in the Holocaust. Norman Finkelstein is Jewish, academic 40 years He's dedicated his life to this. And those are the people those stories really fascinate me, people of Jewish descent and Israelis, historians IDT former IDF Breaking the Silence who come out you posted a lot of these also, who will

00:34:10--> 00:34:37

come out and they'll speak on the side of truth. Yeah. Why? For what because, you know, they have so much to lose, but they're coming out to let the world know. Yeah, because they just know they're on the wrong side. You know, it takes a lot to own up. But you know, especially your ID if you're fighting on the wrong side, or being Jewish. Everyone expects you to be on a certain side because you're raised but it's but truth should try and follow that truth should trample that. Yes, absolutely. Before all this started happening. We were talking about there was

00:34:39--> 00:34:54

things that were going on, and you were discussing, you are on top of these things. You had people coming into the sports arena, and they were taking first place because they were

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

they were biologically they were born as a man

00:35:00--> 00:35:30

but they were coming in competing as women. You were calling that out? Yeah, I think you were one of the few calling that out utterly absurd. And that shows absurdity of it. Because this is an issue that almost everyone agrees with. And now a lot of people are starting to speak against it. But when I first started speaking against this, I wasn't the only people doing it was like it was considered brave. Like, how was it brave to speak against men competing with women? Everyone can look at that and be like, This is insanity. But when I was first doing it, no one would retweet my stuff. They would like it, they would tell me secret like, Oh, I agree with you, but I can't say it. It's like,

00:35:30--> 00:36:02

what are you talking about? Everyone agrees? Like, you know, everyone, I talked to one on one who would agree with me, but then everyone was scared to say so you see things, shows you a lot of times with truth. Most people know it's true, but they're scared to speak it. And that went to me was was the most ridiculous because everyone knows a man and a woman are not the same physically. And people were just too scared to say it because they were told they're not supposed to. It just shows you how people will just go along with absurd allies just because they think they're supposed to. Yeah. And that's what helps you stand out from from from the rest, right? Because you're not somebody who's

00:36:03--> 00:36:04

not only scared to

00:36:06--> 00:36:39

come against, you know, all odds in the Octagon and a ring but also in real life. You're you stand for what you believe in if you go in the direction of truth. So you have not willing to pretend that that a woman is a man as a man as a woman, because I'm told that's what I'm supposed to believe in. I was shocked when people are going along with that. I think now not many people are going along with it. I think people are starting to no one ever believed it. But people were scared to say it before. It was weird. That was a controversial to say, extremely controversial to say that a year ago now people are starting to write this absurd. I'm not going along with it. Yeah, it's crazy.

00:36:39--> 00:37:17

Anything coming up now how is with you anything? So you're retired now? Yeah, you know, it's possible and hoppin for you know, one more if it was a it was like a big fight that made sense, you know, big name guy, but I'm not trying to win any more world titles. It's when it's right at that world championship level. You got to be laser focus, all you're doing all day just train train train some more on the business end to fighting you know, just finished up seminar tour with Nate Diaz. And now just kind of, you know, relaxing couple more days of work out here in Chicago, going back to Las Vegas. Getting a chance to meet Nate Diaz with you. I mean, he's really like down to earth guy

00:37:17--> 00:37:49

he was he was really cool just to real nice guy. Yeah. Nice. He's He's crossed into like mainstream celebrity so it's but it hasn't gotten to his dad he's still Super Down to Earth super chill. You know, still my best friends. Yeah, you think like you know, you get someone can get the wrong impression, but just give him a chance to spend some time with him. And you you just seem like nice guy. Yeah, exactly. I've been fortunate where I surround myself with good people. Yeah. How can people go ahead and reach your channel their or your your page that didn't go ahead and follow up on many of the things that you're sharing and how I got exposed to a lot of the things through through

00:37:49--> 00:38:25

your page, actually. Yeah, my Twitter is Jake shields, AJ J. My Instagram is just Jake shields. So those are probably the two best places to follow me. Yeah. All right. Thank you. And thank you. It's good. Good to have you on the program. Thanks for having me. Thank you. God bless. I cannot leave without giving you a gift. If you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen show.com We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you and if you still have some questions about Islam call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then. Peace be with you a Salaam

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