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Objectives of Jihaad & Training of the Army

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Baba.

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Today inshallah facilmente. Brothers, we're going to look at the following five objectives. Number one, the purpose of jihad.

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Why did the Lazarus prescribe it to this on that number two, the threat to El Medina. And number three that required the establishment of the Muslim army. So we still continuing with that, and the requirements of fighting. So if you wanted to fight, what did you need? And then we're going to look at the training that the profile so to Islam gave the Sahaba and that is of two types, physical and spiritual. In terms of the objectives of jihad, there are many, I'm going to mention six.

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What are the purposes of fighting?

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Number one? last lesson, by the way, we looked at the four stages of jihad. Yes. So the Jihad was four stages, the first it was

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Haram, not allowed, then permissible, then.

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Good, allowed in self defense, and then fourth, allowed in offense, good attacking. So you might ask, what's the purpose of fighting in offense attacking for those who aren't fighting you? That's great wisdom says we're going to see, number one.

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The wisdoms and objectives of jihad are many number one

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is that to enter people

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under the rule of Al Islam,

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not necessarily for them to accept Islam, but under the rule, in other words, so Islam can be the governing body, so it can rule the masses, why? To enter people into justice,

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to enter people into justice, and to avoid corruption and oppression. Then you find people living in countries that are not ruled under the rule of Islam, which almost the entire globe, how do people live in oppression, you have to do things that are against Islam, that you don't want to, but you're forced to do, for example, taking insurance not allowed. But just the fact that you're driving, you need to go through that compulsory insurance that you have to get and unfortunately, you can't avoid it. So you have to do things at time under duress. So it's to enter people under the rule of Islam.

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Not necessarily that they become Muslim, but no Islam is ruling them. And that's what no Medina who lived Jews, true, some non Muslims must record.

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Why, for the purpose,

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of justice, and to avoid oppression.

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So this is actually a mercy for the people if they only knew.

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Number two, among the objectives of jihad and fighting, so people, the masses can be exposed to the message of Islam.

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Why? Because it's now on authority. And when something is in authority, people will listen to generally the golfer that I want to listen to religion, why they caught up in their dunya their money, and that's what we're Rasulullah called the people to Islam. I will have came up with did he say? He says that but like I said early on, and he had a jamatkhana May you be cursed and perished? Is this where you gather us always making money? You distracted me. So the kuffar they're too busy in their dunya they don't want to hear anything about Dean. Even people who are weak that should document the shuttle philosophy. Please. You know, don't talk to me about religion man. I've got a

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lot of headaches, got a lot of bills to pay. The dunya takes people away. So now what Islam is an authority is taken seriously, people are gonna listen, as opposed to our brother standing on the street corner would run a new highway handing out pamphlets on Islam. People don't take him seriously. But when Islam is ruling, now you're going to listen Habibi. So they can be exposed to the message of Islam as we said not to force them not accept Islam or die. No, let it go. I have a dean. This is an eye I'm sure all of us know is Makoto cap for someone because among the conditions of the Shahada is an abode they have to accept it within the heart. Sure. So you can't force someone

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to accept Islam and he doesn't want it. He's Islam has rejected the laws really knows what's in the hearts. And that's what we know for 13 years in Mecca. How many Muslims were there? Very few are true. When did they increase when Islam became an authority became the governing body of and Medina, you find 1000s upon 1000s he Anna Medina they increase the number and then first body, fat Tameka by the time of Fattah hamaca 10,000 Muslims conquered and opened up Mecca. Why? Because it's an authority and then they feel will pilgrimage. 90,000 Muslims See how it's increasing. And then the janaza of the profile so to Sam was witnessed by 114,000 Muslims plus, because as we said, it's an

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authority and I was in 10 years, and they increased exponentially after the treatment for de beer.

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And that's why

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When Rasulullah saw to Samson letters to the kings of the world do they take it seriously? 100% they took it seriously. Abu sufian was there when Huracan the Roman King read the letter of the Prophet Mohammed. He said I saw him shaking and sweating due to that letter. He's reading it like that and he was sweating. Why? Due to the heaviness of those words of Rasulullah they took him seriously because now they are a threat. They are an authority someone they don't mess with you can listen to them they are taken seriously. But if that letter was sent to her record when he was in the opening stages of the Dow it was gonna listen. You see how it's to expose the people so Jihad comes to rule

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a country not to force individuals but so people now look now listen, Habibi. And you're going to see what happened in one of the first skirmishes this idea of Abdullah bin Josh, one of them one of them a non Muslim was captured and then when he was released go back to your people amongst the kofod he didn't want to go back honestly as a Muslim eyeshadow and he wanted to stay why cuz he heard the message. So it wasn't forced. So as you can see a great wisdom behind yet.

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Number three,

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from the wisdoms and objectives of jihad is to punish the wrongdoers.

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The oppressors

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as Allah says is sort of the doba God to whom you are the Bahama local big, fight them a level punish them with your hands. Now notice I said wrong do is oppressors I didn't say every single non Muslim, there's a big difference. It's those who are preventing the message from reaching the masses. It's them, we go to fight they come to fight Islam, those people.

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As we said, not every single non Muslim, in fact, from the purposes and wisdoms of jihad is that is a mercy to the kuffaar

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It's a mercy to the masses that the layman's way,

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in the earlier prophets

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in the time of the early prophets,

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what happened? If they disbelieved, belied and denied that that messenger would happen? They were all destroyed on mass how natural disaster allows you to punish them or whether it was the people of know what happened. The or flooded or the people involved in the mood.

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Rain when right literally they were all destroyed. Yes. So among the wisdoms of jihad is that a came as a mercy so only those people who are the oppressors, wrongdoers fighting Islam, they are killed, and not everyone else in our society, it's a mercy for them. And when those earlier nations of the profits, if punishment came, could they push it back? Could they avert it? No. Can they run away and flee? No. But in jihad, if the kuffaar go out too far, can they still retreat, they can see are still a mercy for them.

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They can see all the Muslims lined up ready to fall, I'm out of here. All right, they can run back they can still fly. But as you can see, the early nations first and foremost away Do you have this a mercy is that it doesn't come to destroy all of them. It only destroys those who are fighting the presses. And number two, that if they were to see the Muslims in jihad, they can still flee. But the early nations though, all of them are destroyed number one on mass. And number two, they can't push back and avert the punishment when it came. jihad is a mercy.

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Only they knew.

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Number five, to test the believers.

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A loss of dead wants to make evidence, those who are truthful and those who are liars and hypocrites.

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A lawsuit says what in a blue one necom hot lemon Mujahideen iminco masabi, we are surely going to test you until we make clean evident. Those were the Mujahideen those who strive in the path of Allah and those who are patient from those who are not. And that's what tests do. Yeah, they bring out your true nature. And that's why when the stars shine,

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in darkness, when all is dark and black, in other words, the stars of his own man will shine. When all these dark and black. In terms of fit and calamity, the stars of the oma will come out and now we shine the brightest. Therefore these are not times to be depressed, my dear brothers, because Allah sends the greatest of heroes in the darkest of times. That's what tests do true they bring out your true nature.

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And even allow like he mentioned the beautiful parable where he said, You don't know the capabilities of your PC and computer until you actually run a lot of rigorous hardware at the same time. What will happen after that overheat and shut down? True that's when you know it's true test and I heard this many years ago, and then actually happened to my computer one day. I was running Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and moviemaker all of these things at once and it got overheated and it just shut down. I realized that my computer is all show no go.

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It just looks good.

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But I realized his potential which was next to nothing true a test brings it out and that's what should have been mentioned on hunch time. Who are the first to crack those young brothers who have that no training the week the crack? Take me home Mama. They're the first to crack and had Amina right. sleeping under the stars. There's no five star accommodation anymore. So really a test that brings out who is up then who is not actual test do true even in class we have a test to determine the A plus student from the B plus unit from the student gets an F Yeah, you can How do you know with a test so Allah gel wants to determine amongst us and make evident. But also number six

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Not just to test the believers but to reward the believers as well.

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Great sailing and we became great, calm waters true. So when things are rough, things were tough. That's when you realize your greatness and you get a great reward from Alaska return. So it's to reward the believers and ignore him said something that should be written in gold. He said, Allah loves goodness so much he allowed the opposite of it to exist. Repeat. Allah loves goodness so much. He allows its opposite to exist. In other words, Allah azza wa jal loves Toba repentance so much he allowed sin to exist. Allah loves Tao so much in other kufr and sinful people to exist. Allah loves jihad, fibrillar and Shahada so much, he allowed war to exist, see that wisdom? Allah is goodness so

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much he allowed the opposites to exist its causes. So what causes Toba sins, what causes our kuffaar and evildoers even if they're Muslims, it can be easily given them down and I'll see how,

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what causes jihad, too far war literally. animosity, oppression, corruption, all those things. So it's to reward to give you a great reward. And that's what tests do.

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Allah loves goodness, so much he allowed their opposites and causes to exist.

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I am in alpha and the benefits is it is an amazing book word for word. You should read it one day. It's beautiful. Yeah, of course, the Arabic is always best English isn't as good. But look, it's still it's still beneficial. We did this as actually a 510 week course I believe you remember how many weeks went for, but we did it up with Mia, the first lectures online. It's called the biography of him. It's amazing biography hydrometer liner and a great scholar indeed. As you can see great wisdoms. Next time a person asks you why do Muslims have Jihad and the religion Firstly, it's even mentioned in the Bible with the Dalai Lama and others they fought as well. But as you can see great

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wisdom. So those are the objectives. Now let's look at the next and that is the threat to Medina.

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Now despite the Muslims having their own state,

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they were still threatened.

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The threats continued in Medina.

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They suffered a lot in Mecca, but they're also suffering in the Medina. It's mentioned in the sild necta provocative actions continued and correlation to Muslims notes threatening to put them to death in their own land. These were not words for the Prophet Allah to slam also received information from reliable sources that they wanted to assassinate him. So they wanted to assassinate the profile so to slim, and as it is mentioned, in this film, Nikita, one day the Prophet he couldn't sleep, because he's worried because of the threat to his nation to the state to himself. And then he he's weapons, the clanking of armor outside of his house. He says, Who is their

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oversight divinity will cause he said, I've come to God, stand guard and protect you or not yours Allah. The Prophet made a lot of drafting, and even hotjar mentioned some lessons we can derive from this incident. Number one, the fact that also law allowed for a god to protect him at night that shows us that you shouldn't be careless when there is a real threat. So don't be careless when care is needed. That's the first lesson we can grow sometimes some say now Don't worry a little protect us. Don't worry, don't put any preparation or protection in place. No. You have to be on guard as it also loaded he allowed Saudi maracas and others to protect him. Number two, it just said it teaches

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us to protect your leaders and scholars. If you have a shave, you have a scholar, you have a military commando soldier needs to be guard needs to be protected look after him. That's another lesson. And thirdly, the fact that also allowed for a guard to look after the to protect his household. He's too

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teaching us also what to do in the future. So it also will do things not because he needed it, but rather that as well but also to teach us and then this would continue for some nights until Allah revealed the ayah or La Jolla, similkameen. And us, Allah is going to protect you from the people in a Soma. Upon receiving this IoT do just one more night Your love please You know, still feel insecure, no full security confidence in your cleaning the laws are just a it is a colossal, he went outside, he said a lot from me to protect me. Therefore, the second law hadn't any there's no need for you to stand guard for me anymore. So the profile is so central the people to go back because

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Allah had already filled this out yet.

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Now the prophets life was not the only target, as we said, but also the Muslims. Therefore, due to this threat, there was a need to establish a Muslim army. Now when we say army, it's more of a militia. I believe we discussed that. Yes, army is organized military commanders, etc. They didn't really have that it was just civilians, trying to muster up as much strength as they could. So the army was established or as we said, more militia. How what were the requirements of fighting? There were five requirements. If you wanted to fight you needed these five things.

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If you're a Muslim

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In other words, if you're a cafe No.

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A cafe muesli came to the profile so to slum during the battles one of the skirmishes jasola I want to fight with you. He said, let us there No, no, I'm not going to seek the Idaho mushrik polytheist. He says go back. A while later he came back he said yes. I want to fight with you. He said no. I'm not going to get the third time. I'm I don't want to fight with you. No, I'm not going to get the help of almost.

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And then he came back. He said I'm not gonna fight with you.

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He wanted to fight with the Muslims. He must have saw them. These guys are hectic, bro. I want to join him. Surely you guys are on how? So? If you are a Muslim, then you were required. In other words, if you were a Muslim, no, you weren't allowed to fight. Also, you had you had attained the age of below puberty.

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rasuwa had to return back many young Sahaba like Abdullah bin Ahmad, and others returning back though to young, they wanted to fight Allahu Akbar regiment.

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So he had his toy gun with him, you know, to fight and then I go back heavy. This shows you at a young age there had that a man and that talk.

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Also, the person if they wanted to fight that to ensure they had Saturday afternoon?

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person was intoxicated, or he was considered much known crazy. No, because that person will hurt themselves. Right? They're not going to last and they could actually be determined to others. Because they know they're they could turn on their own people in the army, it could happen.

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Mama does number four, the fourth requirement or Salama millenary job free from defense

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for kind of defects, physical defects, like being blind, or disabled, handicapped.

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These will requirements not that it was legit. If you had these things, no, if you wanted to fly in any of these things, once again, that can actually cause more harm than good. True, because you're not going to last on the battlefield if you're blind or if you're handicapped or disabled. And you can actually hold back and prevent your own soldiers from fighting. They're just worried about you instead of fighting or if you get injured, they're trying to carry you trying to fight as well. So as you can see, it actually can create more harm.

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Yeah, perhaps

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perhaps later on. Perhaps later on. These were requirements that work maybe? Well, if he was given a role like that is just a standard perhaps.

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Yeah, there are always exceptions to every rule.

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Five financial ability.

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Why was that important?

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Because number one, Medina was still in its early stages, and they didn't have enough to sponsor as far as like a government would sponsor his army. True. A government a government would sponsor its army today, as you've seen even in Australia, literally the soldiers in the Australian Army Defence Force to actually get paid.

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as we said in Almudena was too early stages are also local and sponsor every single family so why would they need sponsorship? Or how would be if the majority is going to look after the wife and kids? So if you are financial, if you are financially stable, then yes, you are allowed to go This was among the requirements.

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So those were the requirements of fighting and jihad. Now let's look at the training. There were two types of training

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correct, physical and spiritual.

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that's focused on spiritual first.

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This is turning into the back of the head.

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This is important. This is why cielo is important because you learn these things.

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And in fact, Sierra was called Mojave. What's mahasi?

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Correct pedals because the zero was filled with a lot of battles.

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As for spiritual training, of course, a lot of it revealed, describing the reward of the fighters and the reward of those who get killed, Shahada, etc. So the rewards were mentioned and the of course the promise of gender were mentioned and the is for many for us to mention. I'm going to mention a few Hadith.

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This Hadith was found in Sohail Buhari, so now you know, it's authentic. Yeah. And now when you hear so he had Buhari Allahu Akbar, what is the reaction you get now? That's the importance of studying with Salahuddin your response your reaction and the way you view and Buhari now is different to the layman. And that's why it's important to study masala Hadith, along with Shira along with every other subject because as you can see, they're all intertwined and relate to each other. So this hadith is narrated by Abu huraira found in Sahih al Bukhari, a man came to the Messenger of Allah and he said Yasuda Look, dulany Allah amillennial jihad, a messenger of Allah guide me to an action

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that equals jihad. It's the same as you had the Prophet. I can't find any. It's upon Allah. The man was walking away. Then the profiler to Sam called him back. He said, Wait a minute. When the Mujahid goes out for the sake of Allah, can you enter the masjid and pray continuously without rest, and fast daily without breaking it? The man said who could do that and messenger of Allah, meaning the reward of the Medina is much greater than that. much greater than a person who is fasting daily and praying continuously as a part of one another Hadith the Prophet Allah Soto Islam This is a hadith mentioned in Bukhari and Muslim where the profile is sort of slim said while mo energen meta data

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analysis you know this that paradise lies beneath the shade beneath the shade of swords in other words a few one Jenna then fight disability.

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As for the reward of rebirth what sorry about

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one who stands God excellent, protecting the Muslims literally the word remote came from Roboto in Arabic what's Roboto Mr. boatman tight so you tie to your post you're tied to Iran God right You can't leave it and you can't have a five minute smoke go and fall asleep right no none of that like what security that Gods did today. So revert you try to post and you have to be on watch on guard literally. The profile is sort of slump said and this is a hadith found in Sahih Muslim once again so hey Muslim you understand now who Muslim is and because we took Salahuddin he said rebel to yo meanwhile Allah hi Roman Surya, Masha haramaki me

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rebuffed guarding the Muslim state for one day or one night is better than fasting and praying for an entire month.

00:23:13--> 00:23:48

When do you fast and pray for an entire month Ramadan? So you can imagine all that you do in Ramadan? You can imagine just doing rebirth for one day and one night. He didn't say God it's equal. He said higher better. It's better. Not that Ramadan is no we're not talking about Ramadan, the virtues of that month we're talking about what you can do in that month in terms of you can appreciate the fasting and the praying that you do. And finally another Hadith the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said just standing in the rank literally standing in the ranks before battle starts is better than 60 years of worship.

00:23:50--> 00:24:15

Standing in the ranks before battle you haven't even fought yet as better than 60 years of worship. This is a hadith mentioned in unhackable Why? Because that's terrifying. When you're standing there waiting you don't know what's coming next. It's like at night you hear something rustling in the bushes you're not sure what's what is it true that anticipation will kill you it's very you know you get anxious and you get terrified because you know what's coming or is it a lion or is it just a cat?

00:24:17--> 00:24:28

True so when you're in the ranks that's when people can flee they're not sure what's going to happen are they gonna get killed the next minute so like when you're actually fighting so great rewards for just standing and as you can see all these are these shows what

00:24:29--> 00:25:00

the physical Jihad the fighting on the battlefield is greater than Jihad enough's the Jihad of the soul literally other Muslims they say or do you have enough is far greater No it's not. It's not by him said jihad is a four types what are the number one Jihad of the knifes striving as your soul your Shahada desires overcoming them that you had enough number two, she had to share it on striving and fighting initiate on how because he whispers was well

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It's true, maybe doubts, etc, just warning them off. So this is number two, number three, Jihad the mafia thing, the Jihad of the hypocrites.

00:25:10--> 00:25:15

And number four, Jihad old careful in the Jihad of the kuffaar on the battlefield.

00:25:16--> 00:25:56

He didn't he summarize by saying, this false jihad, the Jihad of the quad is greater than all of them. Why? Because it encompasses all four types. When you go out and you fight on the battlefield, you've conquered Jihad enough, true, you've conquered your soul, your desires to stay home, and live a comfortable, relaxed life in luxury you've conquered. And you've also conquered the jihad or the West West, have you conquered the Jihad of the shaitaan. how you've defeated is was worse. Three, you have now fighting but fighting the Mana 15 by fighting the gravity in your fundamental feeling true. So when you further confirm you're finding them whenever you can, so because the monitor

00:25:56--> 00:26:07

cleaner confirm. So as you can see Jihad of the kuffar on the battlefield, you've actually conquered all those other forms that's greater actually includes all the other forms beautiful words by

00:26:11--> 00:26:18

so those were the spiritual training, spiritual forms of training, that the profile is what Islam

00:26:20--> 00:26:57

would give the Sahaba. Now after that spiritual training, you don't need physical, true. And that's why a lot of them who weren't up to physically they still went through sybilla. Even as we said, the young boys have to return the dirt. They're not physically fit. And many who were, as we said, blind and so forth. They wanted to fight. So that spiritual training was enough. And that's where the kuffar they focus a lot on the physical Yeah, the 22 inch biceps, and it looks like a tank. But when it comes to pressing that button, the guy can't even do it. Why? Because it's got no spiritual talk. coolala nothing. That's what a lot of them, a lot of them they commit suicide. The number of

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suicides that occur in the armies of America actually more than the number of the deaths that actually killed in war, they commit suicide they become depressed and suicidal, they've got no spiritual training whatsoever. It's all about physical

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and physical training now, there was no real need for us was to train the Sahaba physically why the earth physically fit already built like tanks about a kilowatt. That was the last of the battle back then. Naturally, that lifestyle provided that fitness. Why because of their work like farming, that's difficult. Anyone do farming? Or anyone done farming? It's very hard. Yes, very difficult. Have you I just had to pull out my weeds outside of my home in Preston's for one hour after that I was drenched in sweat and the next day or so. So it felt like I just did squats the other day. Because you know, when you're pulling out things from the ground, and you're getting those legs

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involved, and it was really tough. So they were doing that for an hour too impressed and happy that we're doing a really tough so their work naturally made them fit. So it wasn't logical for to Tilak opinion. After you finished a long day, you know, long day's hard work to say let's go for a jog. Why? So they wouldn't jog around and most of the number we imagine that was the hub of doing laps around the muscles the number like the soldiers do at Camp Yeah, no, no, there wasn't a need for that. However, rasuna would focus on where there was deficiency where they were lacking. So we were they're lacking for example, swimming, endurance.

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So they focused on swimming, archery and horse riding. Next lesson, we'll continue with some of the benefits of the sooner sports subsonic alone Mohammed ignatia one