Faith Starts In The Heart

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "bragging" during Islam's era, as some nomads were bragging about their faith. They also mention a prophecy that brought forth the belief that Muslims should be praised for their faith and commit themselves to Islam. The concept of "bragging" is explained in various ways, including expressing themselves in actions and speaking their language.
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group of people, some of the nomads

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who have not really committed themselves properly, wholeheartedly to Islam at the time, they came to the messenger salatu salam became to Medina and they were

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bragging, making a show about their faith.

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So we're bringing the concept of we are believers we have believed

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in conversations in the statements and so on and so forth. And in one at one point, they brought that to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and there was a hint of them.

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Sort of

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making the prophets Isilon feel as if they have,

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they have extended a favor to him, we have accepted your message, we have become, we have believed in you. So this is a reason that you should treat us differently. You should appreciate this. We have one over you here. So Allah subhanaw taala reveals violated Allah bless him and hold him to me know what I can follow as Lemna when a man, you the holy man of your holy will become

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some of those nomads. They said, We have believed

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we are people of faith, say to them or Mohammed

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say to them that they should say we have become Muslims.

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We have embraced Islam. We have committed ourselves to Islam.

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And the true Iman is yet to manifest in your heart is yet to take root in your inner dimension

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to the Prophet SAW southern here and fix the terminology for them. This Eman is a holistic state

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Eman starts in the heart. The root of Eman is in the heart.

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Then it translates itself. And when we say the heart, it's your inner dimension. It's who you are inside is the core of your being. And this manifests itself because humans are expressive creatures. This expresses itself in the form of speech. So you see the shahada shadow in La Ilaha illa Allah what a shadow no Mohammed and Abdullah solo.

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So when your heart submits, when your heart commence,

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your tongue is going to express this.

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So if you make it you declare the shahada and you make vicar you recite Quran you enjoin the good you forbid the evil, you you will recite the different of God and you, you invoke Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And then it expresses itself in the form of action, your heart expresses itself.

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Externally, you will pray. You obey Allah subhanaw taala you will fast. You're going to do charity. You're going to help those who are in need. You're going to be forgiving. You're going to be generous. You're going to be fair and just

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that's what Eman is