When you Say all Religions Speak Good Things then why do Muslims Asks me to Accept Islam

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other doctors at NASA? mera naam venkata. My, my ex Muslim ladies are the MLM keepassx regime consultancy Mira savall a 10 kV masa de la cheese Neva Tata galet kaam kar Nikolic Nikita are up. Kava J. de skiba. Say Islam kupilka Nicola bolt anta mama Muslim sister, that was the question that she lives with a Muslim for several years when I said that all the religions be good things, then why are the Muslims asked me to accept Islam? Point Number one, I say that all the religions, most of the things they say are good. But Islam besides picking good things, shows you a way how to achieve that goodness. And a give the example origin says don't drop it, Sam says the same. But

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Assam shows your way out to achieve a state in which people will not rob gives a cut, give charity after someone drops chop off the hand, there will be no robbery there'll be no crime. So in this way, I try to explain that Islam besides talking about good things, shows you a way how to achieve the state of goodness. Secondly,

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if I have to say being a student of compiled religion, if we have to follow your Hindu scripture, assuming you're a Hindu, if you have to follow your Hindu scriptures, if you have to be a good Hindu, your Hindu scriptures say there is one God. I quoted all these verses and materials answer one God, your Scripture says don't do it. worship. Bhagavad Gita chapter number seven, verse number 20. All those intelligence has been stolen my material desires, they worship demigods, they do idol worship, you have to believe in one God. I said in my lecture today that you have to believe in the anthem brushy. The Kalki Avatar was father's name will be Vishnu. Yosh Abdullah, mother's name shall

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be sumati Amina, who will be born in the village of sambala Makkah, who will be bonded the chief of the village of sambala, chief of Makkah, he will be a messenger for the whole of humankind. He will get enlightenment at night, in a cave, he will go northwards and come back he will be given eight qualities, he will be a messenger for the whole of humankind. He will ride a horse, he will have a sword in the right hand, he left for companions, he will be helped by the angels and they with us, on and on and on. Who is this person? If you're a good

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You have to believe in this anti brushy otherwise, you know the good Hindu.

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If you're a good Hindu, you have to believe in one God. You don't have to do it worship, Natasha Fatima, Asti of that God, there is no prathima there is no ID there is no image there is no photograph, there is no sculpture.

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And I have had dialogues with pundits of Hinduism, we Shankaracharya many.

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And I've quoted this. No Shankaracharya told me Brenda Zakaria wrong. No one

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had a dialogue with sushi Ravi Shankar on 21st of January, supposed to be the most popular spiritual guru out of living. I told him, the best book on art of living

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is the Glorious Quran.

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I asked him to join our club of art of living, we have 1.3 billion members 1.3 billion members, I gave him an invitation.

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If he follows the scriptures, is supposed to be a scholar of the Vedas, he should come to this. Similarly, sister, when I say that all the other scriptures even if you agree with the Word of God, by the passage of time they have been changed. Swami Vivekananda says that 99% of the Vedas have been lost, whatever 1% we have, we have to follow it strictly means believing that the machine also

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so if you follow it strictly, you will have to believe in masala solemn have to believe in the Quran. And I give you an invitation sister to come to this religion of peace so that you can come closer to Almighty God